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申请 OCAD 大学

Portfolio Requirements 作品集要求

Your portfolio is an important part of your application for admission to all studio-based programs.

For your application, most portfolios ask you to submit 8-10 pieces of finished work, alongside a sketchbook and statement of intent. Keep scrolling to find more details on each of these components, including program-specific guidelines.
对于您的申请,大多数作品集要求您提交 8-10 件已完成的作品,以及素描本和意向声明。继续滚动以查找有关每个组件的更多详细信息,包括特定于程序的指南。

This section outlines portfolio guidelines and the submission process. All applicants are required to submit a digital portfolio online through SlideRoom.
本节概述了作品集指南和提交流程。所有申请人都必须通过 SlideRoom 在线提交数字作品集。

You will be notified by email of further details, deadlines and instructions for submitting the portfolio after your application has been received and processed.

Apart from the information below, OCAD University offers many opportunities to further develop your portfolio for admission.
除了以下信息之外,OCAD 大学还提供许多机会来进一步完善您的入学作品集。

Studio and Non-Studio Based Degree Program Requirements

All offers of admission to OCAD U's studio-based degree programs, the Bachelor of Design (BDes) and the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) are based on the strength of the applicant’s portfolio and are conditional upon meeting the minimum academic requirements and supplying all required documentation as outlined below.
OCAD U 工作室学位课程、设计学士 (BDes) 和美术学士 (BFA) 的所有录取通知均基于申请人的作品集实力,并以满足最低学术要求并提供所有材料为条件。所需文件如下所述。

 After you apply, you will be notified by email of the details for submitting your portfolio for assessment.

Admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Critical Studies is based on a combination of a review of the written assignment and your academic records. Applicants to the BA in Visual and Critical Studies are required to submit the following to be considered for admission:

  • Statement of Intent
  • Original writing sample responding to an assigned topic provided by OCAD U
  • Official transcripts

After you apply you will be notified by email of the exact dates and deadlines for you to submit your supplemental application materials, the topic for the writing sample and when you will need to meet the academic entrance requirements.


First Year and Upper Year Entry Portfolio Guidelines

Your portfolio is a collection of work that represents your individual creative and technical experiences and accomplishments and should be a visual representation of who you are.

You need to demonstrate that you are a visual communicator and that you are well-equipped to succeed in the program you have applied to at OCAD U. This can include experimentation in both traditional and digital media or any combination.
您需要证明您是一名视觉传达者,并且您有能力在 OCAD U 所申请的项目中取得成功。这可以包括传统媒体和数字媒体或任何组合的实验。

Keep in mind that when it comes to your portfolio, some of the most important features we look for are skill, passion, curiosity and your ability to think creatively, shown in a diverse range of mediums. Your portfolio for admission should include:

Statement of Intent: 意向声明:

Your statement of intent should explain your specific interest in the program that you have applied to at OCAD U as well as what or who inspires and influences the work that you do.
您的意向声明应解释您对 OCAD U 申请的项目的具体兴趣,以及什么或谁激励和影响您所做的工作。

This is your opportunity to introduce yourself as an artist/designer/maker and provide context so we can better understand your work.

It needs to be maximum 300 words, talking about yourself and your specific interest in the program you apply to, as well as what you're looking to explore, what influences you, where your art has come from and where it is going.
最多需要 300 字,谈论你自己以及你对所申请项目的具体兴趣,以及你想要探索的内容、影响你的因素、你的艺术从何而来以及将走向何方。

Further details are available through SlideRoom and you will submit your statement as part of the SlideRoom submission process.
更多详细信息可通过 SlideRoom 获取,您将在 SlideRoom 提交过程中提交您的声明。

Process Work: Include your sketchbook, process and concept development skills as part of your portfolio submission. You can document your process work as a sketchbook, creative journal, concept/idea book or a digital document.

Your process work should demonstrate a routine of creative process, should link to several of the finished pieces included in the portfolio and include experimentation, photos of development, drawing, mark-making, writing, research and inspirations.

You may submit more than one sketchbook but must remember that each counts as one piece in the portfolio submission. Upload your process work to SlideRoom as a multiple page PDF or a brief video.
您可以提交多本素描本,但必须记住,每一本都算作提交的作品集中的一件作品。将您的流程工作以多页 PDF 或简短视频的形式上传到 SlideRoom。

Finished Work: Include 8 to 10 examples of your original finalized work that demonstrates a variety of your skills and approaches to art, design and media. Be sure to include examples of work that is directly related to the program that you are applying.
完成的作品:包括 8 到 10 个原始完成作品的示例,展示您在艺术、设计和媒体方面的各种技能和方法。请务必包含与您正在申请的项目直接相关的工作示例。

Also include explorations in traditional, digital, and experimental mediums or any combination. Show us who you are through your work and that you are well equipped to succeed in the program that you have applied to at OCAD U.
还包括对传统、数字和实验媒介或任何组合的探索。通过您的工作向我们展示您是谁,以及您有能力在 OCAD U 所申请的项目中取得成功。

Be sure to appropriately label your work in SlideRoom using the fields provided.
请务必使用提供的字段在 SlideRoom 中适当地标记您的作品。

Descriptions: Explain in 50 words per finished piece the process/making method/media/concept and purpose of each piece. Use the additional details field in SlideRoom as you upload your work.
描述:用每件成品 50 字解释每件作品的过程/制作方法/媒体/概念和目的。上传作品时,请使用 SlideRoom 中的其他详细信息字段。

Please note, there are additional guidelines for some of our programs available through our SlideRoom portal and at the following links:
请注意,我们的 SlideRoom 门户网站和以下链接提供了针对我们某些计划的附加指南:

Creative Writing Portfolio Guidelines

Digital Futures First Year Undergraduate Program Portfolio Guidelines

Faculty of Design Undergraduate Program Portfolio Guidelines


Direct entry to an Upper Year program and the year level placement is based on the strength of the applicant's portfolio and academic standing.

To qualify for upper year consideration you must have successfully completed at least one year of studies in a program equivalent to the program you are applying for at OCAD U. Further details about Upper Year entry can be found in Transfer Pathways.
要获得高年级考虑资格,您必须在与您在 OCAD U 申请的课程相当的课程中成功完成至少一年的学习。有关高年级入学的更多详细信息,请参阅转学途径。

A Statement of Intent of approximately 300 words is a required element of the portfolio. No portfolio will be reviewed without the written statement.
大约 300 字的意向声明是作品集的必要组成部分。如果没有书面声明,任何投资组合都不会被审查。

After your application has been received and processed, details will be emailed to you about dates, deadlines and SlideRoom access. Portfolio submissions for upper year applicants who apply by Update dates
收到并处理您的申请后,我们将通过电子邮件向您发送有关日期、截止日期和 SlideRoom 访问权限的详细信息。在更新日期之前申请的高年级申请人提交的作品集

Upper Year Entry Faculty of Art Portfolio (PDF)


Upper Year Entry Faculty of Design Portfolio (PDF)

Upper Year Entry Digital Futures Portfolio (PDF)

Important Reminder: We would like to remind you that plagiarism or misrepresenting the work of others as your own is an offense against intellectual property rights and is a serious breach of academic misconduct. The work you are presenting in your portfolio must be of your own creation.

SlideRoom Portfolio Submissions
SlideRoom 作品集提交

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that application information and all supporting documentation is truthful, complete and correct. OCAD University reserves the right to verify any information provided as part of the application. It is an act of serious academic misconduct to provide any false or misleading information (either by omission or commission) in an application. If it is proven, or if the University has reasonable grounds to conclude, that any information in the application, or in any of the material submitted in support of the application, is determined to be false or misleading, or written by a third party, the application may be invalidated at the absolute and sole discretion of OCAD University. This could result in immediate rejection of the application, or, in the revocation of an offer of admission, or, in the termination of registration at OCAD University. Any such information may be shared by OCAD University with other universities and colleges across Canada.

OCAD University reserves the right to be the sole arbiter of what it will accept on an academic and equivalency basis. Academic entrance requirements and portfolio requirements are subject to change.
OCAD 大学保留作为其在学术和同等基础上接受的内容的唯一仲裁者的权利。学术入学要求和作品集要求可能会发生变化。

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