"They've gone full mask off: do not ever trust OpenAI or its products."

"You've Been Warned" "你已被警告"

Last week, ChatGPT creator OpenAI announced that it had appointed retired US Army General and former National Security Administration (NSA) Director Paul Nakasone, who also helmed the military's cybersecurity-focused Cyber Command unit, to its board.
上週,ChatGPT 的創造者 OpenAI 宣布任命了退役美國陸軍將軍、前國家安全局(NSA)局長 Paul Nakasone 擔任其董事會成員,他也曾領導著軍方專注於網絡安全的 Cyber Command 單位。

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"General Nakasone's unparalleled experience in areas like cybersecurity," OpenAI board chair Bret Taylor said in a statement, "will help guide OpenAI in achieving its mission of ensuring artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity."
OpenAI 董事長布雷特·泰勒在一份聲明中表示:“中曲崎將軍在領域中無與倫比的經驗,如網絡安全,將有助於指導 OpenAI 實現其確保人工通用智能造福全人類的使命。”

But not everyone is thrilled about Nakasone's new role at the AI firm, which will also see the former general seated at OpenAI's Safety and Security Committee. The NSA has long been associated with surveillance of US citizens, and AI-embedded technologies are already renewing and escalating existing surveillance concerns. With that in mind, it might be unsurprising that former NSA employee and famed whistleblower Edward Snowden is among the OpenAI appointment's outspoken detractors.
但並非所有人都對中曽根在 AI 公司的新角色感到興奮,這也將使這位前將軍坐在 OpenAI 的安全和安全委員會上。NSA 長期以來一直與監視美國公民有關,而 AI 嵌入式技術已經在更新和升級現有的監視問題。考慮到這一點,也許不足為奇的是,前 NSA 員工和著名告密者愛德華·斯諾登是 OpenAI 任命的公開反對者之一。

"They've gone full mask off: do not ever trust OpenAI or its products," Snowden — emphasis his — wrote in a Friday post to X-formerly-Twitter, adding that "there's only one reason for appointing" an NSA director "to your board."
他們已經完全露出真面目:永遠不要相信 OpenAI 或其產品,"斯諾登在週五的一篇帖子中寫道,強調他,並補充說"任命一位 NSA 主任到你的董事會只有一個原因。"

"This is a willful, calculated betrayal of the rights of every person on earth," he continued. "You've been warned."

Transparency Worries 透明度擔憂

Snowden wasn't the only prominent cybersecurity figure to raise an eyebrow at the OpenAI news.
斯諾登並不是唯一一位對 OpenAI 新聞感到驚訝的知名網絡安全專家。

"I do think that the biggest application of AI is going to be mass population surveillance," Johns Hopkins University cryptography professor Matthew Green tweeted, "so bringing the former head of the NSA into OpenAI has some solid logic behind it."
「我認為人工智慧最大的應用將是大規模人口監控,」約翰霍普金斯大學密碼學教授馬修·格林在推特上寫道,「因此,將前國家安全局局長引入 OpenAI 是有一定合理性的。」

Nakasone's installation comes after a series of high-profile OpenAI departures that included prominent safety researchers, in addition to the total dissolution of OpenAI's now-defunct "Superalignment" safety team. OpenAI's replacement for that team, the Safety and Security Committee, is now helmed by company CEO Sam Altman, who has come under fire in recent weeks for business practices that involved silencing former employees. It's also worth noting that OpenAI has routinely drawn criticism for — again — its lack of transparency regarding the data used to train its many AI models.
中崎的任命是在一系列引人注目的 OpenAI 離職事件之後,其中包括知名的安全研究人員,以及 OpenAI 現已解散的“超對齊”安全團隊。OpenAI 為該團隊的替代品,即安全與保安委員會,現由公司 CEO Sam Altman 領導,最近幾周他因涉及壓制前員工的商業行為而受到批評。值得一提的是,OpenAI 經常因其缺乏透明度而受到批評,這涉及用於訓練其眾多 AI 模型的數據。

But at the same time, per Axios, many on Capitol Hill see Nakasone's OpenAI assensure as a security win. And Nakasone, for his part, said in a statement that OpenAI's "dedication to its mission aligns closely with my own values and experience in public service."
但與此同時,根據 Axios 的報導,國會山莊的許多人認為中曽根的 OpenAI 協助是一個安全勝利。而中曽根本人在一份聲明中表示,OpenAI 對其使命的奉獻與他自己在公共服務方面的價值觀和經驗密切相符。

"I look forward to contributing to OpenAI's efforts," he added, "to ensure artificial general intelligence is safe and beneficial to people around the world."
「我期待為 OpenAI 的努力做出貢獻,以確保人工通用智能對全球人民是安全且有益的。」

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