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Extraterrestrial Message (Taygeta-Pleiades) We are Living in the Matrix 3D (4)
外星資訊(Taygeta-Pleiades)我們生活在矩陣 3D 中 (4)

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Cosmic Agency, Gosia 戈西亞宇宙機構
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September 30, 2018 2018 年 9 月 30 日

Extraterrestrial Message (Taygeta-Pleiades) We are Living in the Matrix 3D (4)
外星資訊(Taygeta-Pleiades)我們生活在矩陣 3D 中 (4)

Originally in English 原文為英文

Swaruu (9): Everything… nearly everything, 99.999% of the Milky way at least, is in 5D. In the same way the Earth was and still is 5D. The 3D Matrix is an imposed or super imposed computerized hologram over the 5D Earth, and your 5 senses can only see the hologram, not the rest, which is also there, but in 5D. It all affects you, but you can only be aware of what your limited senses can detect.
Swaruu (9):一切…幾乎一切,至少銀河系的 99.999% 都是 5D 的。同樣,地球過去是、現在仍然是 5D。 3D 矩陣是 5D 地球上強加或疊加的電腦全像圖,你的 5 種感官只能看到全息圖,而看不到其餘部分,其餘部分也在那裡,但以 5D 形式呈現。這一切都會影響你,但你只能意識到你有限的感官所能察覺到的東西。

The computer system was imposed there from the Lunar Space Station 12,500 years ago as a means to contain the Reptilian souls by Federation forces. This at the end of the Tiamat and Mars wars. The 3D Matrix is connected to and using the Original Matrix system of operation through the Law of Attraction: what you truly ask for will come to you (although there are some aspects of this which are not fully known to humans yet).
電腦系統是 12,500 年前從月球太空站強加到那裡的,作為聯邦軍隊遏制爬蟲人靈魂的手段。這是在提亞馬特和火星戰爭結束時。 3D 矩陣透過吸引力法則連結並使用原始矩陣作業系統:你真正要求的東西將會到來(儘管其中的某些方面尚不為人類所完全了解)。

The Matrix computers will read your thoughts and emotions and matching frequencies will come together. It's programmed that way! So control what the people believe in and you control what the Matrix is manifesting as a collective reality.

Gosia: Ok, step by step… so the 3D system was placed over the 5D by the Federation from the Moon. You said earlier you didn´t mean for it to be so hard.
戈西亞:好吧,一步一步……所以聯邦從月球將 3D 系統置於 5D 之上。你之前說過你並不是故意要讓事情變得如此困難。

Swaruu (9): That's right. But placing the Matrix as a control grid also made it easy to "hack" by the Reptilian forces, especially those that had access to the computers in the Moon later on. Transforming a normal 3D world into the hell hole it is today (for most).
斯瓦魯 (9):沒錯。但將矩陣作為控制網格也使得爬蟲族勢力很容易“黑客攻擊”,尤其是那些後來能夠訪問月球計算機的勢力。將普通的 3D 世界變成了今天的地獄(對大多數人來說)。

Gosia: Why did the Federation want to lock Reptiles in 3D?
戈西亞:聯邦為什麼要把爬蟲類鎖定在 3D 模式下?

Swaruu (9): The Federation did it to keep the inside the etheric fence, because they were too wasted, depleted and tired to continue with the pursuit of Reptiles on Earth as they are doing now. That´s why they implemented the stargate, the Van Allen belts that limit 3D, to keep the bad Reptiles in until they can return. They were very weakened at the time.
斯瓦魯(9):聯邦這樣做是為了保持以太圍欄內部,因為他們太浪費、耗盡和疲憊,無法像現在這樣繼續追捕地球上的爬行動物。這就是為什麼他們實施了星際之門,即限制 3D 的範艾倫傳送帶,以將壞的爬行動物留在裡面,直到它們返回。他們當時的實力非常弱。

Also, the entire Solar System was a complete mess of debris and the ships couldn't operate properly, it was too dangerous, this because of the destruction of Tiamat planet. And it was destroyed because the Naga Reptiles were being persecuted there. The whole fight was against them.

Gosia: So now, with Reptilians residing on Earth, instead of destroying the planet just like they did with Tiamat, they decided to set up the 3D belts, yes?
戈西亞:所以現在,爬蟲人住在地球上,他們沒有像提亞瑪特那樣毀滅地球,而是決定建立 3D 傳送帶,是嗎?

Swaruu (9): Yes. Because their last action brought the destruction of an entire planet, although there wasn´t any civilization there at the time. It was a water planet so it would have been a good spot to set a base camp there by the Reptiles.

Gosia: Can you tell me a bit more about that time and the wars? It will give us a perspective behind setting up 3D belts around Earth after it.
戈西亞:你能告訴我更多關於那段時期和戰爭的事嗎?它將為我們提供在它之後圍繞地球建立 3D 帶的視角。

Swaruu (9): When the Reptiles arrived on Earth about 40,000, some say 50,000 years ago (Sumerian tablets say 250,000 years, but they are wrong), the Reptiles placed a dummy base in Tiamat to emit all kinds of dummy electromagnetic radiation, so when the Federation came after them, they could lure them into a trap, in an ambush style.
斯瓦魯(9):當爬蟲類在大約40,000 年,有人說是50,000 年前到達地球時(蘇美爾石板說是250,000 年,但他們是錯誤的),爬蟲類在提亞馬特放置了一個虛擬基地來發射各種虛擬電磁輻射,所以當聯邦追擊他們時,他們可以用伏擊的方式引誘他們落入陷阱。

The Federation pursuing the Reptiles arrived at Tiamat to investigate the electromagnetic transmissions from there, and they were ambushed by the Reptiles. It was a very horrible and bloody war. The Federation was desperate to end the conflict which involved the use of nuclear and Zero Point energy devices that led to the destruction of the planet.

Now, the Andromeda Council, a part of the larger Federation, insists that Taygetans and the other races involved in the destruction of Tiamat be the ones who liberate Earth, for karmic reasons. This is then another reason why we, Taygetans, have always been involved in Earth affairs. Trying to clean the mess.

Gosia: Yes. I have always sensed that there was a deeper reason to the story and even to why you are here. And, in a way, all this makes you look even more human. People, our families, who also struggle in their lives, even commit mistakes (even though I tend to believe there are no mistakes), it makes you less so “New Agy”, sweet and all loving. It makes you real.
戈西亞:是的。我一直感覺到這個故事,甚至你為什麼在這裡,有更深層的原因。而且,在某種程度上,這一切讓你看起來更人性化。人們,我們的家庭,也在生活中掙扎,甚至犯錯(儘管我傾向於相信沒有錯誤),這讓你不那麼“New Agy”,甜蜜和充滿愛。它讓你變得真實。

Swaruu (9): Yes, the deeper reason is also to pay off that karma, as some say, although I beg to differ on the concept of karma with them, something we can go into at a later time. And yes, we do make mistakes.
Swaruu (9):是的,更深層的原因也是為了償還業力,正如有些人所說,儘管我請求與他們在業力概念上有所不同,我們可以稍後討論。是的,我們確實會犯錯。

Gosia: It also makes you more real, because as I see you differ among yourselves. We truly are one big family. Trying to understand this existence. And doing our best with what we have and what we understand. But please, continue with the story.

Swaruu (9): After the Tiamat and Mars wars, both sides, the Reptilians and the Federation, had taken a very hard beating, many losses. The Federation was damaged and weak. It could not continue fighting, but knowing that the Reptilians were on Earth, they enclosed them there with the 3D Matrix with the intention of sorting it out later. This Matrix is a computer program designed as a hologram that is projected on to 5D Earth with a large and powerful hologram projector - the Moon. It's all a program. And the system is primitive-digital. It's a caricature of 5D reality.
斯瓦魯(9):在提亞馬特和火星戰爭之後,爬蟲人和聯邦雙方都遭受了慘重的打擊,損失慘重。聯邦受損且虛弱。它無法繼續戰鬥,但知道爬蟲人在地球上,他們用 3D 矩陣將他們封閉在那裡,打算稍後將其解決。該矩陣是一個設計為全息圖的電腦程序,透過大型且強大的全息圖投影機(月球)投射到 5D 地球上。這都是一個程式。而且該系統是原始數位化的。這是 5D 現實的漫畫。

Gosia: Why can´t you just shut it off?

Swaruu (9): We can, but people there will have a very hard time adjusting and it goes against their own free will as it is said that souls go in there now for the thrill. And even if we did just shut it off, the 5D and all its attributes would suddenly start working and that means that strange inter-dimensional animals, that are all there anyway, would be seen running in the streets terrorizing little old ladies who still go to church! UFOs (most of them), ghosts, monsters, and all things paranormal are the 5D part of Earth filtering through the holes in the 3D Matrix program.
Swaruu (9):我們可以,但那裡的人們將很難適應,這違背了他們自己的自由意志,因為據說靈魂現在進入那裡是為了尋求刺激。即使我們只是將其關閉,5D 及其所有屬性也會突然開始工作,這意味著無論如何都存在的奇怪的跨維度動物,我們會看到在街上奔跑,恐嚇仍在行走的小老太太。去教堂! UFO(其中大多數)、鬼魂、怪物和所有超自然現像都是地球透過 3D 矩陣程式中的孔過濾的 5D 部分。

Gosia: How did projecting a 3D trap the Reptilians exactly?
Gosia:3D 投影究竟是如何困住爬蟲人的?

Swaruu (9): Because holograms are not just light. When powerful enough they are great electromagnetic energy, a force field. That force field is the Van Allen belts that surround the Earth. That's the limit of the 3D, a wall. You cannot go through that wall without technology that can control frequencies.
Swaruu (9):因為全像圖不只是光。當足夠強大時,它們是巨大的電磁能,即力場。這個力場就是環繞地球的範艾倫帶。這就是 3D 的極限,一道牆。如果沒有可以控制頻率的技術,你就無法穿過那堵牆。

As a soul, if your vibration isn't high enough, you cannot go through either. You need to ascend, to work on yourself, to have a high vibration enough to escape the fence. The souls not evolved enough will reincarnate there again. The evolved ones will escape. That's also why the negative ones don't want this information out. They don't want people escaping because they lose their slaves.

Gosia: Was the civilization and were there humans on Earth at the time of 3D installment?
戈西亞:在 3D 版本的時候,地球上有文明嗎?

Swaruu (9): There was and there were evolved humans on Earth. Lyrians, for example, from whom we all descend.

Gosia: So, they got trapped too.

Swaruu (9): That's sad, but it looks like that's true. The Federation "expected" to go back to Earth to finish the job "soon" and, for many complicated reasons, that is now 12,500 years long.
Swaruu (9):這很悲傷,但看起來確實如此。聯邦「期望」返回地球「很快」完成這項工作,由於許多複雜的原因,現在已經有 12,500 年之久了。

Gosia: Ok. So, please tell me how the 3D was programmed. Before it was hacked by the Reptilians imposing the limiting beliefs.
戈西亞:好的。那麼,請告訴我 3D 是如何編程的。在它被爬蟲人入侵並施加限制性信仰之前。

Swaruu (9): The very same way you program a video game with interactive capability. You design a virtual world in your imagination using CGI graphics. You also create it not with a mouse and screen, but with thought to computer interface. The computer goes reading what you want and where you want anything. You move it with your hands and thought. It's creative. The rules didn't include making you a slave. Or anyone else twisting the program to fit their needs.
Swaruu (9):與編寫具有互動功能的電玩遊戲的方式完全相同。您可以使用 CGI 圖形在您的想像中設計一個虛擬世界。您也可以不使用滑鼠和螢幕來創建它,而是使用電腦介面來創建它。計算機會讀取您想要的內容以及您想要的任何內容。你用你的雙手和思想來移動它。很有創意。規則不包括讓你成為奴隸。或其他任何人扭曲該程序以滿足他們的需求。

The system was flawed, it got intervened and hacked. Things like aging fast, for example. They are not part of the Matrix directly, but programmed from the inside after it was installed, using belief patterns of, and from, the people.

It was done using the Original Matrix itself and its rules, as they could not get to the computer itself, that was, and still is, in the Moon. The rules such as the Law of Attraction. What you want, you get. They made the people think they were limited in order for them to age, make them believe that they had only some 85 years to live.

The harshness of the environment and the world, also created by them, also helps to create that belief in aging, but it's all mind not genetic manipulation. Earth's scientists insist that they found the gene that controls aging. And they are right, but what they don't see or understand is what Bruce Lipton does, that it's consciousness that turns the genes on and off, even creates new ones. So, the Reptiles manipulated the people into manifesting a shorter lifespan. The Reptiles hacked the system using mind control over the people manifesting the Matrix.

Gosia: You mean the Law of Attraction is not part of this 3D Matrix but of an Original Matrix, correct?
Gosia:你的意思是吸引力法則不是這個 3D 矩陣的一部分,而是原始矩陣的一部分,對嗎?

Swaruu (9): Yes, the Law of Attraction is also working here in this initial Matrix. In fact, it's a lot stronger here. All the other rules come from that one and there are so many of them. With that first Law of Attraction, each being immersed in it will create its own particular or personal set of rules while there. And If things look the same for all individuals, it´s because people on Earth have been guided to manifest the same things using mind control to create a hive mind in order to exploit them energetically (and other) as best as possible. Creating a farm in benefit of the Reptilians.
Swaruu (9):是的,吸引力法則也在這個初始矩陣中運作。事實上,這裡的實力強很多。所有其他規則都來自該規則,而且規則有很多。有了第一個吸引力法則,每個沉浸在其中的人都會在那裡創造自己的特定或個人規則。如果所有個體的情況看起來都一樣,那是因為地球上的人們被引導使用精神控制來顯化相同的事物,以創建蜂巢思維,以便盡可能地積極地利用它們(和其他)。創造一個有利於爬蟲人的農場。

Gosia: Got it. So, what are the differences in 3D an 5D reality? I’m not talking about the Reptiles changing it. Just a pure 3D holographic world versus 5D one. I guess I’m trying to determine what, from the things here, is real... still exists in the 5D... and which things are holographically inserted.
戈西亞:明白了。那麼,3D 和 5D 現實有什麼差別呢?我不是說爬行動物改變它。只是一個純粹的 3D 全息世界與 5D 全息世界。我想我正試圖從這裡的事物中確定什麼是真實的……仍然存在於 5D 中……以及哪些事物是全息插入的。

Swaruu (9): The hologram at a higher level superimposes images yes, but it works mainly this way: It locks people's perceptions into a set bandwidth of perception, and that's white light bandwidth. So, even if all the rest of the 5 components of Earth are still there, you cannot be aware of them with your 5 senses.
Swaruu (9):更高層次的全像圖確實會疊加影像,但它主要是這樣運作的:它將人們的感知鎖定在一定的感知頻寬內,這就是白光頻寬。因此,即使地球的其餘 5 個組成部分仍然存在,你也無法用你的 5 種感官意識到它們。

Take a ruler, for example. 1 is a low frequency, 10 is the higher. It's all a frequency gradient from low to high. If your eyes cannot see past 3, then 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are not existing for you.
以一把尺為例。 1是低頻,10是高頻。這都是從低到高的頻率梯度。如果你的眼睛看不到超過3的東西,那麼4、5、6、7、8、9和10對你來說就不存在。

Gosia: Ok. So, it´s mostly limiting the perception. Not inserting false images. Just limiting the perception of these images?

Swaruu (9): Both, sometime imposing an image, but mostly restricting what you can see. From 5D, you can see everything in the frequency range of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 but not 6 and above. So, there in 3D you cannot see 4 and 5.
Swaruu (9):兩者都有,有時會強加圖像,但主要限制你能看到的內容。從 5D 中,您可以看到 1、2、3、4 和 5 頻率範圍內的所有內容,但看不到 6 及以上頻率範圍。所以,在 3D 中你看不到 4 和 5。

Gosia: How does the 3D differ from 5D? It´s still the same objects, yes? Chair is a chair? Shoe is still a shoe?
Gosia:3D 與 5D 有何不同?它仍然是相同的對象,是嗎?椅子是椅子嗎?鞋還是鞋嗎?

Swaruu (9): Yes. Shoe is a shoe because they are both an Original Matrix. A chair is a chair here in 5D, and it's the same in 3D because 3D Matrix was created as a copy of 5D Matrix.
斯瓦魯(9):是的。鞋子之所以是鞋子,是因為它們都是原始矩陣。椅子在 5D 中是一張椅子,在 3D 中也是一樣,因為 3D 矩陣是作為 5D 矩陣的副本創建的。

Gosia: And a tree? 戈西亞:還有一棵樹?

Swaruu (9): A tree is a tree, but it's a higher vibration. Now, what's that "vibration" thing exactly? A vibration, or a density, are the oscillations per second of manifested matter.
Swaruu (9):樹就是樹,但它的振動更高。現在,「振動」到底是什麼?振動或密度是所顯現物質每秒的振動。

Look at a fan. When it's stopped, you can see the blades. But when on and going fast, the blades are a blur. Go faster, they will disappear from your sight entirely, but they are still there. So, in order to stop someone from seeing past 3D, they must keep them suppressed in a lower frequency state.
看一個風扇。當它停止時,你可以看到刀片。但當快速行駛時,刀片會變得模糊。走快點,它們會完全從你的視線中消失,但它們仍然存在。因此,為了阻止某人看到過去的 3D,他們必須將其抑制在較低的頻率狀態。

We also have the original 5D Matrix imposing things on the people of Earth, things that, as they are suppressed, they cannot see, but still are there to affect you.
我們還有原始的 5D 矩陣,將一些東西強加給地球上的人們,這些東西,當他們被壓制時,他們看不到,但仍然在那裡影響著你們。

Gosia: I have always felt deep frustration of being trapped to perceive objects only in the way my brain decodes them here. And I always knew deep inside they also exist in another way, in that higher oscillatory rate as you described! I touch the wood and it’s just very limiting 3D wood. I have always sensed that there was something wrong... and that this is not the only way things exist!
戈西亞:我一直感到深深的沮喪,因為我只能按照我的大腦解碼它們的方式來感知物體。我一直都知道它們在內心深處也以另一種方式存在,就像你所描述的那樣以更高的振盪率存在!我觸摸了木頭,發現它只是非常有限的 3D 木頭。我總覺得有些不對勁……而且這並不是事物存在的唯一方式!

Swaruu (9): What you describe does mean you miss what you remember and know you are limited now. Things feel a lot more "real" in 5D. Colors are stronger and there are more of them. You feel more in touch with your surroundings and with everything, not only living things.
Swaruu (9):你所描述的確實意味著你懷念你所記得的事情,並且知道你現在是有限的。 5D 中的事物感覺更「真實」。顏色更濃,數量也更多。你感覺與周圍環境和一切事物的聯繫更加緊密,而不僅僅是生物。

Now, how does the suppression in 3D work? The moon transmits a frequency that suppresses your capacity to see certain frequencies. When you have a frequency, let's say 7.62mh, how do you suppress it?

Gosia: You tell me!

Swaruu (9): To suppress it you transmit another frequency that matches it, but at the opposite, -7.62 mh. 7.62+-7.62=0. That's how the Moon cancels out the frequencies they don't want you to see and perceive. It's called destructive interference.

Gosia: That´s deep science for me there.

Swaruu (9): That frequency suppression using destructive interference will limit people's perception to 3D, or only in the frequency range ruler of 1, 2, 3. Ghosts and other things are in 4. Lower astral. So, some things do leak into 3D. The suppression is not perfect.

Gosia: I always knew something is wrong with this reality. I´m walking within the shadow of myself. Virtual reality avatar of myself.

Swaruu (9): Exactly! When deep in that state, people get so disconnected from their "higher self", their source, only acting out the program from the Matrix making them do the same things over and over, day after day, that they literately can lose their souls. The "higher self" loses interest in being in these individuals.

Gosia: Oh wow… we will need to get into that more too in the future. So now, the lunar computers... are they really computers, or I imagine it is something vastly more advanced from what we can imagine, right?

Swaruu (9): They are literal digital computers using a primitive binary system. They are controlled by very old and dangerous nuclear reactors based on uranium and they are toxic (ionizing radiation). The computers control the electromagnetic generators. They dictate the exact frequency they emit, when and where, because the Matrix is not uniformly set, it's different for each region.

Gosia: Why is it different for each region? And which region has the most and the least Matrix?

Swaruu (9): Most Matrix: USA and Europe. Least Matrix: Regions of Africa, Brazil and Asia. Mostly where there is a lot of nature. That's where it receives less electromagnetic influence.

Gosia: But why was it designed to emit more Matrix in some regions?

Swaruu (9): It was not designed that way. The system is failing so they are conserving and managing energy. The system initially consisted of 12 nuclear reactors (uranium) but 8 of them are disabled now, now only 4 remain online. They are old and may fail suddenly creating a problem.

Dislientiplex (Arcturian) technicians are now on the problem and how to feed the system with an alternate source of power. So, the system is weak. It's 12,500 years old, it's failing! And people down there are experiencing many glitches!

Gosia: Ok. Now, can we get out of the 3D Matrix perception using only our mind… since it is installed through some kind of technology?

Swaruu (9): Yes, when the consciousness level is high enough, it will in itself automatically adjust the Matrix to 5D, with this liberating the people to the original 5D "natural" Matrix. As the wants of the people manifest what the Matrix gives them, it will automatically manifest 5D for them, if that's what they want! If we turn it off manually now, then all we will have is chaos, as most of the people are not ready for 5D.

Gosia: Ok so, from what I understand, we are multidimensional... and as with the ruler example, we already are in the 5D... it’s just our range of perception that has been shut off. All the other numbers are there already... 4, 5, 6, etc. In a way, we already are there, right? We do exist in our 5th dimensional state (and higher). It’s just a matter of widening the perception to include that, right?

Swaruu (9): Right! It's what you want to perceive that counts, and so, as I said before, and it is vital to understand, people are not limited artificially, they are only limited by their own beliefs. They are in a prison for their minds, as Morpheus said in the brilliant movie, "The Matrix".

Gosia: So, even if it is maintained technologically, the 3D installment, our consciousness can bypass it, correct?

Swaruu (9): Consciousness is not in the body, it works through the body. You are not there, you are only perceiving there now. So, it cannot be contained! That's why the only thing that limits humans is the idea that they are limited! And that´s the part done by the Reptilians hacking the system.

Gosia: If we are descendants of Lyrians, and they were here at the moment of 3D installment, how come that they forgot who they are, we are? And they, the Reptile, somehow even managed to use the Matrix against them? They were supposed to be trapped in their perception too.

Swaruu (9): Because they are the ones that are hacking the system, and they never were lied to about reality. Their consciousness wasn't given the idea of being limited. The 3D trap was meant for the Reptiles, the limited exploiting ideas then were set by the Reptiles to exploit the Lyrian people. That´s the hack. The 3D frequency and the ideas limit the memory. Trapped in a memory loss perception... that´s all part of the idea of being limited. All your past life's memory is still within you now. Because it's not stored in the body.

Gosia: Ok... trying to wrap my head around this. Why do the Reptiles want to keep us generating the Matrix if they want to escape it too?

Swaruu (9): Because the Matrix is working in great percentage to their favor. And they do want to escape so they can be free as they have been imprisoned there for 12,500 years! They have been hard at work for the last 12,500 years.

Gosia: Why not let us go? I mean... if they could let us go, raise our frequency, we could get out.

Swaruu (9): Many are doing precisely that! The Reptilians are now split into two factions. The ones that want to cooperate and the ones that want to fight until the bitter end!

Gosia: Ok. Changing the subject, if we go beyond the Van Allen belts, could we access the 5D automatically?

Swaruu (9): Yes. As you go beyond Van Allen belts, you are automatically in 5D. The trick is… get out! But yes, as you go out, you find yourself in 5D. Then, you remember it all and it all makes sense.

Gosia: You said the trick is how to get out. So how did the Reptiles manage to get out if they were trapped, portals?

Swaruu (9): Yes! Although they are mostly stopped from using portals now, they still do in a limited way. Spaceflight, on the other hand, is forbidden for them.

Gosia: How did they reach the portal technology? Because they were 3D trapped, left with nothing, no resources, and managed to somehow grow back to power.

Swaruu (9): They took 12,500 years to find and develop enough technology to get out. Even the Nazis and their obsession with antiquities and the esoteric, what they always wanted was to find the old and hidden artefacts and technology buried since long ago, technology lost since Atlantis was destroyed!

Gosia: Ok. Do you know, or can you foresee, when the 3D installment will be off completely? Any forecast timewise?

Swaruu (9): No forecast possible. Because the real nature of space time doesn't permit a clear forecast. But I can say that in 10 years or less the world will be unrecognizable in the good way!

Gosia: Ok. Now… the last question, perhaps a little indiscreet if I may. Aren´t you perhaps turning off the 3D Matrix little by little from up there? Like turning it up... 3D... then 3.1., 3,2., etc.? I mean, time is speeding up. People waking up. Something is going on.

Swaruu (9): We are turning the "knob" slowly turning 3D off!

Gosia: I knew it! Can I tell people? They will be happy.

Swaruu (9): Yes, it's ok to tell them!

Gosia: And at what grade are we now? 3.2., 3.5D?

Swaruu (9): You are all in average at the border with what you call 4th density. Our team is slowly increasing the frequency, and this besides the fact that the whole quadrant is ascending to the 5th density anyway. Literately moving a dial on a console. That's why so many people are awakening and so many people are seeing strange creatures and strange things are happening all over the place, because 3D is now overlapping with 4D lower astral.

Gosia: But then... I understand it´s important to make it clear also that it´s not all in the hands of technology! The cooperation of our mind is as important, if not more! It´s the effort from both sides. Our consciousness is key, right?

Swaruu (9): Yes, yes. They, the people, must be the change. The people mustn't sit and wait. They must be 5D now. You must be the new world, not wait for it to happen. The people are the Event they are waiting for. Their mind is the key.

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