Harness the power of PDF
利用 PDF 的力量

Generate & Manipulate PDFs Effortlessly
轻松生成和操作 PDF

The preferred PDF technology, by developers for developers.
首选 PDF 技术,受开发者欢迎,为开发者服务。

For small Enterprises, large Corporations, and Government Institutions.

iText pdf library for Java and .Net.
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Users Worldwide  全球用户
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Discover iText PDF 探索 iText PDF

Our PDF toolkit offers you one of the best-documented and most versatile PDF engines in the world (written in Java and .NET), which allows you to not only integrate PDF functionalities into your workflow, but also in your applications, processes or products.
我们的 PDF 工具包为您提供世界上记录最齐全、功能最丰富的 PDF 引擎之一(用 Java 和 .NET 编写),它不仅允许您将 PDF 功能集成到您的工作流程中,还可以集成到您的应用程序、流程或产品中。

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iText Core iText 核心

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Want to generate and manipulate your PDFs with an open source (AGPL) or commercially licensed PDF library and SDK? Get started with iText today!
想要使用开源 (AGPL) 或商业许可的 PDF 库和 SDK 生成和操作 PDF?立即开始使用 iText!
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iText Suite iText 套件

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A full PDF functionality and software development platform in Java & .NET, to integrate PDF functionalities within your applications, processes and products.
采用 Java 和 .NET 的完整 PDF 功能和软件开发平台,可将 PDF 功能集成到您的应用程序、流程和产品中。
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iText Community Support  ITEXT 社区支持

Supported by our ever growing community

We have an active community of partners, customers, and contributors, that help us every day to improve our products, documentation and support. We see them as part of our iText family, and hope you will join our family too.
我们拥有一个由合作伙伴、客户和贡献者组成的活跃社区,他们每天帮助我们改进我们的产品、文档和支持。我们将它们视为 iText 大家庭的一部分,并希望您也加入我们的大家庭。

iText Community Support for the open source  iText pdf library

Satisfied Customers 满意的客户

We chose iText to power the PDF signing part of AIS due to its ease of use and flexibility. Thanks to its provision of an abstraction layer for PDF, it enables our customers to produce digitally signed PDFs without having to know about the PDF specifications.
我们选择 iText 来支持 AIS 的 PDF 签名部分,因为它易于使用且灵活。由于它为 PDF 提供了抽象层,它使我们的客户能够生成数字签名的 PDF,而无需了解 PDF 规范。
By using iText 7 for Smart Certificate 2.0, it enables us to mass generate PDF documents and sign them with GlobalSign certificates.
通过使用 iText 7 for Smart Certificate 2.0,它使我们能够批量生成 PDF 文档并使用 GlobalSign 证书对其进行签名。
Using the iText DITO Editor to develop our report templates is a huge time saver. I can now do in just 45 minutes what would have taken over two weeks to do in code using other PDF libraries!
使用 iText DITO 编辑器开发报告模板可以节省大量时间。现在,我只需 45 分钟即可完成使用其他 PDF 库在代码中需要两周多才能完成的工作!

Convert from HTML to PDF

Create professionally formatted, smart PDF documents with pdfHTML. Convert HTML into standards compliant, accessible, and searchable PDFs.

Multiple language and writing systems support

pdfCalligraph enables multiple language support. Automatically detect writing systems and make intelligent glyph substitutions using script and font information.

Redact PDF content

Safely and securely redact content in PDFs using pdfSweep. Automate the redaction process, to eliminate manual document processing and data leaks.

Flatten XFA forms

pdfXFA enables dynamic PDF generation and flattening of dynamic PDF forms. Use XFA templates to render XML data to PDF, and preprocess XFA forms for PDF workflows.

The ability to apply and validate secure PDF digital signatures has long been a particular strength of the open-source iText Core library. We’ve kept pace with advances such as support for PAdES and PDF 2.0, and so we’re proud to present a guest blog detailing iText 8’s support for the latest ISO extension standards for digital signing.

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