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Poetry about food
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Chapter 007 Night Owl Snow Owl5

  A piece of egg-yellow pudding in a wooden dish, with a dark caramel-like top.

  Soaked in jam made from rum and wild berries, it looks beautiful under the light of the campfire.

  [Black pudding monster flavor pudding: one star. Pudding made with black pudding gel as coagulant, eggs and milk, has a unique tasteQBouncy and unique flavor. Your jumping ability is temporarily increased and you can jump from higher places (small)]9

  "What a unique additional attribute."

  Yeats thought:

  "Geralt will be less likely to fall to death after eating it."17

  In "Phantom Wings", there is a wind-based first-level spell called 'Featherfall', which can provide multiple team members with the benefit of reducing falling damage at the same time.11

  According to the game settings, the Snow Owl can learn this spell, but only if it has someone to learn from.

  If you rely solely on yourself to understand it, it depends on the talent of the individual demon pet.

  Yeats turned to look back.

  Gray was seen squatting on the ground, watching the snowy owl eating, with a cute expression on his face.1

  The snowy owl was obviously hungry and ate the entire teppanyaki portion in one go. His yellow eyes slowly opened wide, as if he was surprised.2

  Yeats: "..."

  I dont know about my talent yet, but I am definitely a foodie!

  "You two, come and see my new dessert." Yeats greeted the two of them.

  Gray and Fokas came over from both sides and stared at the pudding in his hand with solemn eyes.

  "Which one of you wants to taste it first?" Yeats looked around.

  Gray shook his head wildly.

  What a joke.

  No matter how good it looks, it is still a pudding made of black slime.

  Just thinking about it makes me feel terrible!

  "Master, if you definitely want to take the risk, let me try the dishes for you first!" Fokas showed a determined look.

  "You... forget it, I'll do it myself."

  Yeats had no choice but to scoop up a spoonful of black pudding and put it into his mouth.

  Gray was shocked: "You, you, you really ate the black pudding monster!"

  "Master, are you okay? The antidote is here!" Forkas was also very nervous.

  Yeats ignored them and carefully appreciated the characteristics of this dessert, with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

  "I didn't expect that the black pudding monster pudding would taste like this."

  "Which flavor?" Gray asked involuntarily.

  Yeats slowly smiled with white teeth and handed a new piece of pudding to Gray.

  "Don't you know if you taste it yourself?"

  Cold sweat broke out on Gray's forehead. He held the plate in his hand and swallowed hard.

  Calm down, curiosity killed the cat...3

  On the other side.

  Phokas particularly trusted Yeats. He took the pudding from Yeats's hand, with faith in his eyes, scooped out a large piece of black custard and put it into his mouth.

  "Oh?" Fokas was also stunned, "Why does it taste like this?"

  "It should be the flavor given by the black pudding monster." Yeats said, "Some people will find it difficult to accept, but some people will like it very much."4

  "I think it's very good. It's a delicious dessert." Fokas said with a smile.

  Gray listened intently, with strong curiosity on her face.

  Seeing Yeats and Furkas chatting happily, Gray decided to join the conversation.

  She took a deep breath, scooped up a spoonful of pudding, and put it into her mouth with trembling hands.

  When it was only one centimeter away from her lips, the scene of a black pudding monster digesting a petrified sheep suddenly flashed in Gray's mind, and her face turned pale.

  It's too late.

  Hands are faster than brains, and the flavor of pudding has already bloomed on the taste buds. A unique slightly salty taste reflects the sweetness of milk and eggs.

  Gray was stunned for a moment.

  Immediately, Gray said in surprise: "This pudding is actually salty?"14

  Yeats nodded and said, "This was also done in Roland's court, so it's called salty pudding."

  "How should I put's so strange, but I really want to take a bite." Gray said vaguely, holding the spoon in his mouth.

  "Didn't someone say -" Yeats crossed his arms and said jokingly, "Didn't he never eat food cooked by Warcraft again?"

  "This... this is a dessert, not even a dish."8

  Gray blushed, and as she spoke, she took another big spoonful of pudding and stuffed it into her mouth angrily.

  Yeats crossed his arms and smiled.

  His mouth is so tough, harder than the iron plate of a petrified sheep.7

  Yeats just deliberately ignored the snowy owl.

  at this time.

  You can clearly feel that there are a pair of eyes watching you silently from behind.1

  Yeats brought the portion of pudding meant for the snowy owl in front of it.

  "I know you want to taste it too."

  Yeats said: "Don't move, I will let you out."

  Of course the snowy owl didn't understand this.

  However, the snowy owl is somewhat humane, and he just enjoyed another Teppanyaki meal of petrified sheep.

  Its hostility became less intense, and it made no warning movements. It just stared silently at Yeats as he placed the pudding in front of it.

  Later, Yeats stretched out his hand to hold the snowy owl's round head and help it untie the fishing net wrapped around its body. The snowy owl struggled a little at first, but felt that Yeats was helping it and gradually became docile.

  Yeats couldn't help but touch the owl's soft, snow-white feathers.

  Hiss...what a great feel!

  After regaining his freedom, the Snowy Owl seemed a little uncomfortable. It shook its neck and feathers, took a few steps on the ground, and then stopped and glanced at Yeats.

  Those yellow eyes are sharp.

  Yeats thought for a moment and nodded.

  Then, the snowy owl spread its wings and flew away.

  Seeing the magic pet in his hand fly away like this, Phokas was a little disappointed and turned to comfort him.

  "Master, even if a hunter wants to tame a demon pet, it is very difficult. Master, you don't have to be too sad -"

  Phokas punched the tree trunk with a sad face: "Oh, you really don't have to be sad at all!"4

  Yeats: "..."

  Who is feeling sad?

  One thing to say.

  Yeats felt that to conquer a demon pet, one must pay attention to fate and providence.

  Looking at the snowy owl disappearing in the distance, I heard the sound of flapping wings getting closer and closer in the darkness.

  The corners of Yeats's lips slowly turned into a smile.

  You kid, this is a hard-to-get strategy!2

  "Hey, it actually flew back again." Gray said in surprise.

  "My holy light, it's true!" Phokas's eyes shone and he regained his energy.

  The snowy owl flew several times in the jungle, then turned back and landed on the ground, close to the pudding in the saucer.

  First, he moved his head from side to side and looked at the pudding carefully. Then he stretched out his beak and took a tentative peck.

  The snowy owl's expression was stunned, and it took another bite. Its yellow eyes widened with wisdom.7

Comment userThis...this is!

  "It should be saying that this taste is very special." Gray tried to identify the cry of the snowy owl.

  Yeats was surprised: "You know the [Animal Talk] spell? Why didn't you tell me earlier?"1

  "Not a spell."

  Gray tapped his temples and said with a proud smile: "I relied on the intuition of the Dragonborn and translated it by feeling."

  Yeats: "..."

  It’s time to get started with your Beast Tongue book!11

  After a hearty meal, the snowy owl simply stayed in the camp and stayed on a tree next to the camp, showing an air of alertness around it, like a qualified sentinel.

  +1 for team member reservation!

  Yeats thought.

  He is also an ice magician who brings his own food to refrigerate and keep it fresh!7

  "By the way Yeats, if you can tame the snowy owl, there will be another great benefit!"

  Gray said excitedly: "If you can tame this owl, you can let it help keep watch!"

  Yeats: "But the snowy owl is active during the day."

  "Ah? Isn't it an owl? How can there be an owl active during the day?" Gray was puzzled.

  "The snowy owl is a strange species among owls, active during the day and resting at night." Yeats said.3

  "But you see it is so energetic, how can it have any intention of resting?" Gray pointed.

  The snowy owl stood in the night, its eyes as wide as bells.1

  Yeats: "..."

  After a long silence, Yeats said in a deep voice: "I know the reason."

  "Oh?" Gray listened intently.

  "there is only one truth--"1

  Yeats affirmed: "This snowy owl is a night owl."

  "So it's sleepy during the day and energetic at night!"6

  Gray:? ? ?

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Chapter 008 Lemon Creeping Claws10

  Since they were spending the night in the wild, Forkas and Gray took turns keeping watch, with the bonfire crackling and burning.

  When Yeats woke up the next day, he found that the snowy owl was still standing on the treetop. His eyelids slowly closed, and when he was about to close them, he suddenly opened them.

  "It seems that you really hit the mark..." Gray looked puzzled, "The biological clock of this snowy owl is really different from that of its kind!"2

  Yeats couldn't help but sigh.

  This bird is destined to me.2

  They all like to stay up late!

  "By the way, I want to catch some game before we leave. Is that okay?" Gray asked.

  After eating World of Warcraft for two days in a row, it tastes good.

  But Gray decided to take matters into her own hands and change the situation!

  To this end, she borrowed Phokas's one-handed sword and whittled out a long-handled wooden spear to replace the damaged one-handed ax as a weapon.

  "But the game here is all the forest products of the local lords, right?" Yeats said, "Don't provoke the noble knights."

  In this medieval fantasy world, meat sources are in short supply.2

  All game in the forest products belonged to the lord, and poaching was a serious crime.

  "I checked it with the map. Between the hills and the lord's fiefdom, there is a small area of ​​forest that is not included in the legal scope. It should be deliberately designed by the lord in order to refuse the work of clearing away the monsters."

  Gray said proudly: "As long as I hunt there, or lure the prey there and then hunt, everything will be fine!"1

  You know the code too thoroughly!2

  "...Fokas, you go with her and keep an eye on her."

  "As ordered, Master, please stay in the camp and pay attention to your safety."

  After the two left, Yeats glanced at the sleepy snowy owl on the treetops.

  The snowy owl's eyelids have been closed, its eyes are narrowed into a slit, and its head is shrunk among the fluffy white feathers.2

  Yeats smiled slightly.

  What Gray said is true. Raising an owl can shoulder the burden of keeping vigil.

  The reason why I chose to camp here yesterday was because there were fresh water sources and wild fruit bushes near the campground.

  The wild fruit bushes are mainly wild lemons. The berries have been eaten by passing birds and animals, but the lemons have grown big and round.3

  Yeats harvested many wild lemons.

  Immediately, Yeats washed and sliced ​​the lemons, boiled a pot of black tea over fire, and put the lemon slices into the black tea.

  [Wild lemon hot black tea: one star. Made with wild lemon and high-quality black tea as raw materials, it is warm and sweet, and will restore the refreshing value after consumption (small)]5

  As the autumn chill grew stronger, Yeats held hot tea in his hand and sipped it slowly.

  The fragrance of tea spreads.

  The snowy owl's sleep was disturbed. It flapped its wings and flew over, standing beside Yeats curiously.

  "You want to drink tea too?" Yeats was surprised.

  "Gu!" The snowy owl shook its head in circles, very cute.3

  Yeats poured a cup of hot tea for it and placed it on the ground.

  The snowy owl tilted its head at ninety degrees, watching Yeats drinking tea, and followed his example by blowing away the heat.


  A cold breath came out of the Snow Owl's mouth.

  The tea suddenly turned into lemon iced tea.9

  Yeats was stunned for a moment and covered his face silently.

  I'm sorry...I miss you.35

Comment userKids, this isn't funny.

  What can I say.6

  Bring your own ice-making skills, a magical skill in the wild!

  One person and one bird just drink tea leisurely.

  Soon after, the team members returned, and Gray was carrying the long ears of a snowshoe rabbit.

  "Not so lucky, I just caught a snow rabbit." Gray sighed.

  Yeats nodded and said, "Thank you for your hard work. Save it for extra dinner tonight. We'll have snow rabbit soup tonight."1

  "That's great!" Gray almost cried with joy.

  "Master, where did this bag of lemons on the carriage come from?"

  "You were not here just now, so I picked some wild fruits."1

  "It's obviously more than a little bit..."1

  Set off again.

  The snowy owl flapped its wings and flew with the galloping carriage.

  Yeats leaned out of the car window, his heart moved, and he stretched out his arms.

  Snow Owl looked down at Yeats' outstretched arm.


  The snowy owl descended slowly and put its paw on Yeats' arm.2

  The snowy owl gradually retracted its wings and stood still, looking around at the rapidly retreating scenery, its eyes filled with wonder.

  Gray watched the interaction between the noble boy and the snow owl with a smile on his face.1

  The closer to the border, the lower the control of the nobles, and the greater the probability of encountering danger.

  It was nearly dusk.

  Passing by an abandoned slaughterhouse.

  A group of sheep-shaped skeletons standing on four legs blocked the way.2

  "Phocas, speed up and rush over and smash them directly!" Yeats said loudly.4

  "Master, the wheel seems to be stuck on something!"

  “Something is crawling on the car——”

  Gray took a wooden spear, stabbed down the severed hand that had climbed onto the car body, and shouted:

  "The Creeping Claw is such a disgusting monster!"

  Yeats looked down and hissed.

  Four or five bloody severed hands, with a bone exposed at the base of the palm, moved on the ground with sharp claws, and even tried to climb onto the car to catch Gray.2

  The creeping claw is a low-level undead creature made by the necromancer from severed hands. It can do some simple tasks or attack enemies in a small area.

  "Phocas, untie the radish and let it deal with the skeleton!"

  "Understood!" Forkas untied the noose.

  Without the restraints of the carriage, Carrot showed off his majesty as a pure-blood war horse, looking up to the sky and neighing.

  The name of Roland Knight resounds throughout the continent, and a Roland war horse is at least a starting point.

  Therefore, Carrot's combat capabilities are quite terrifying! In a flash of lightning, several skeletons were knocked to pieces by carrots!1

  "So your carrots are so powerful..."

  Gray was stunned.

  "Nonsense, it mainly depends on its output!" Yeats said, "Kill the Creeping Claw first!"7

  The carriage stopped, and three more creeping claws approached from the corner. Phokas drew out his one-handed sword and joined the battle.

  Yeats suddenly had an idea and shouted to the snowy owl standing on the roof of the carriage watching the excitement:

  "Kill these monsters and I'll cook for you!"

  Gray: "Can it understand human speech?"

  Snowy Owl: "Gu!"

  Yeats: "I guess it said it understood!"

  As soon as he finished speaking, the snow owl flapped its wings and flew up, blowing out a gust of biting icy wind.3

  A first-level spell, the wind of frost!

  The crawling claws affected by the frost wind were covered with a layer of frost, and their movements became sluggish.

  The pressure on Forkas and Gray suddenly eased, and they in turn killed the creeping claws one by one, and then cooperated with Carrot to knock all the skeletons into pieces.

  Crisis resolved.

  Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and looked around the slaughterhouse where corpses lay everywhere.

  "This is clearly a safe zone on the map, so why are there so many undead creatures?" Gray asked.

  Phokas said solemnly: "After the necromancer carries out the massacre, he will make the severed hands of the deceased into crawling claws to exercise his abilities. I am afraid that we have been attacked by the necromancer here."

  Hearing this, Gray shuddered and felt that the surroundings became more and more gloomy.

  Yeats was thoughtful and reached out to touch the snowy owl's head. It narrowed its eyes in relief.

  "Just now, this owl was very useful." Gray cast a look.

  "After all, it is a creature that can master magic." Phokas sighed.

  "Gather the creeping claws."

  Yeats ordered: "Let's get out of here."

  "Yes." Phokas said hesitantly, "But as a material, the Creeping Claw is not worth a few copper coins?"

  "Who said it was for sale?" Yeats said, "I plan to use it for cooking tonight."4

  Gray and Fokas were stunned on the spot, sweating profusely.

  "Eat tonight... a severed hand that will crawl?!"5

  "Look, this severed hand has four toes and claws. When combined with the location, what do you think of?"

  "The deceased only had four fingers when he was alive?"

  "To be precise," Yeats said calmly, "These are chicken feet."7


  Yeats still remembers that in the early days of the game, there was a unique necromancer merchant who sold chicken, mutton and other ingredients.

  According to the conversation, we learned that the Necromancer is just a hobby of the businessman, and his main business is actually running a slaughterhouse.2

  Yeats had purchased ingredients from him and was deeply impressed by this NPC. Based on the location, he could confirm that it was here.

  But that NPC got the short end of the stick during a plot.

  Yeats never saw him again.

  I don’t know if I won the resurrection match later.7

  "Although the chicken feet are made into the crawling claws of monsters, they are still edible in nature. They just need some processing."

  Yeats smiled slightly: "Don't worry, I promise to handle the creeping claws properly!"

  Phokas touched his pocket and his face suddenly stiffened.1

  Eating undead creatures seems to be of no use to drinking the antidote?

  Gray's face turned pale and she smiled reluctantly.

  Can the crawling claw be eaten? !

  That night.

  Yeats served carefully marinated dishes.

  The ripe creeping claws are soaked in lemon juice sprinkled with spices. After being refrigerated by the Snow Owl's magic "Frost Wind", they are cool and the flavor is even more pure.

  "Lemon Creeping Claw, you're done!"8

  Gray: (ʘдʘ╬)

  It actually looks delicious? !3

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