The opening European Championship tournament of the 2020s was unlike an other before it. Firstly it was delayed by a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Secondly it had no set host nation(s), instead seeing matches played across the continent in 11 different European countries.
2020 年欧洲锦标赛的开幕式与以往不同。首先,由于 "Covid-19 "大流行,比赛推迟了一年举行。其次,它没有固定的主办国,而是在整个欧洲大陆的 11 个不同的欧洲国家进行比赛。

Italy prevailed following a penalty shootout win over England in the final at Wembley Stadium to pick up their second European Championship title. It was their first in 53 years (also 1968), which is the longest-ever gap between championships in the tournament by a single nation, surpassing Spain’s 44-year wait from 1964 to 2008.
在温布利大球场举行的决赛中,意大利队通过点球大战战胜英格兰队,第二次夺得欧洲杯冠军。这是意大利 53 年来(也是 1968 年)首次夺得欧洲杯冠军,也是有史以来单个国家间隔时间最长的欧洲杯冠军,超过了西班牙从 1964 年到 2008 年长达 44 年的等待。

Here, we look back over the tournament through its key data themes and stories.

Goals, Goals, Goals 目标、目标、目标

Regardless of your team persuasion, Euro 2020 was objectively fun. Many thought that a gruelling domestic season combined with matches being played all over Europe would lead to dire, turgid matches with sides almost too tired to commit to any form of high energy, exciting play. But Euro 2020 said ‘think again’.
无论你支持哪支球队,2020 年欧洲杯客观上都很有趣。许多人认为,艰苦的国内赛季加上在欧洲各地进行的比赛,会导致球队疲惫不堪,无法投入任何形式的高能量、激动人心的比赛。但 2020 年欧洲杯说 "再想想"。

The 2.78 goals per game ratio is the highest of any European Championship since 1980, and we were blessed with some truly spectacular matches.
每场比赛 2.78 个进球的进球率是自 1980 年以来欧洲锦标赛中最高的。

Without a doubt, 28 June 2021 will go down in history as one of the all-time great knockout days, with Spain defeating Croatia 5-3 in extra-time, before Switzerland knocked out favourites France on penalties after a pulsating 3-3 draw.
毫无疑问,2021 年 6 月 28 日将作为历史上最伟大的淘汰赛日之一载入史册,西班牙队在加时赛中以 5 比 3 击败克罗地亚队,瑞士队在点球大战中以 3 比 3 的悬殊比分淘汰了夺冠热门法国队。

European Championship Goals per Game

The refereeing also felt good. There was clearly a directive from UEFA for referees to encourage the game to flow, being more lenient on ‘smaller’ fouls, as well as a fairly no-nonsense attitude to simulation. This led to Euro 2020 producing the fewest fouls per game of any tournament since 1980, and fewer stoppages in play have enabled games to flow freely.
裁判的判罚也让人感觉良好。欧足联明确指示裁判员鼓励比赛流畅进行,对 "较小 "的犯规更加宽容,并对模拟犯规采取相当严厉的态度。这使得 2020 年欧洲杯成为自 1980 年以来每场比赛犯规次数最少的一届赛事,比赛中停顿的次数也减少了,比赛得以自由流畅地进行。

European Championships Fouls per Game

The Youngsters Who Came of Age

Euro 2020 saw the emergence (in some cases) and confirmation (in plenty of others) of some of the world’s most talented youngsters. None more so than Pedri. Plucked from second-tier club Las Palmas, the midfielder became an integral part of Barcelona’s midfield in 2020-21 and made his Spain debut in March this year in a World Cup qualifying match against Greece.
在 2020 年欧洲杯上,世界上一些最有天赋的年轻人崭露头角(在某些情况下),并得到了肯定(在很多其他情况下)。佩德里就是其中之一。这位从二线俱乐部拉斯帕尔马斯(Las Palmas)挖来的中场球员在 2020-21 年成为巴塞罗那(Barcelona)中场不可或缺的一员,并在今年 3 月世界杯预选赛对阵希腊的比赛中首次亮相西班牙队。

The fact he made his international debut just three months before these finals and had only played four matches prior to the tournament showed everyone how talented he is. Pedri played 629 out of a possible 630 minutes for Spain at Euro 2020. For an 18-year-old in a major tournament, Luis Enrique put some serious trust in him.
事实上,他在决赛前三个月才首次亮相国际赛场,而且赛前只参加了四场比赛,这让所有人都看到了他的天赋。在 2020 年欧洲杯上,佩德里代表西班牙队出场 630 分钟,打满 629 分钟。对于一名参加重大赛事的 18 岁球员来说,路易斯-恩里克对他给予了极大的信任。

The Barça star showed composure on the ball that belied his 18 years of age. Against Italy in the semi-final he completed every single one of his passes in regulation time.
这位巴萨球星表现出了与他 18 岁的年龄不相符的冷静。在半决赛对阵意大利的比赛中,他在补时阶段完成了每一次传球。

The years since this tournament haven’t been kind to Pedri, with numerous injuries seeing him play just six competitive games in three years post-Euro 2020, but he’ll hope those woes are behind him ahead of Euro 2024.
自 2020 年欧洲杯后的三年里,佩德里多次受伤,只参加了六场比赛,但他希望在 2024 年欧洲杯之前,这些问题都已过去。

Pedri Euro 2020

His importance to Spain at Euro 2020 didn’t always show up in traditional metrics like assists, or even in chances created because he doesn’t always play the final pass. But his involvement in Spain’s attacking build-up to shots is second to none. Only the Italian duo of Lorenzo Insigne and Jorginho – who both played an extra game – were involved in more shot-ending sequences than the Spaniard’s 37, who won the Young Player of the Tournament award.
在 2020 年欧洲杯上,他对西班牙队的重要性并不总是体现在助攻等传统指标上,甚至也不总是体现在创造机会上,因为他并不总能完成最后一传。但他在西班牙队进攻中的参与度是首屈一指的。只有意大利二人组洛伦佐-因西涅和约吉尼奥(他们都多打了一场比赛)参与的射门次数比西班牙人的 37 次多,而西班牙人则获得了大赛最佳年轻球员奖。

History was broken elsewhere too. Against Spain, Poland’s Kacper Kozlowski (17 years and 246 days) became the youngest ever player to make an appearance at the European Championship while Jude Bellingham came on against Croatia to become the youngest ever English player to play in any major tournament.
历史也在其他地方被打破。在对阵西班牙队的比赛中,波兰队的卡茨佩尔-科兹洛夫斯基(17 岁零 246 天)成为欧洲锦标赛历史上最年轻的出场球员,而在对阵克罗地亚队的比赛中,裘德-贝林厄姆(Jude Bellingham)上场,成为英格兰队历史上参加任何重大赛事的最年轻球员。

Ronaldo’s Records 罗纳尔多的记录

Not only is Cristiano Ronaldo the only player in history to play in five different European Championship tournaments, he’s scored in every single one of them since 2004.
克里斯蒂亚诺-罗纳尔多不仅是历史上唯一一位参加过五届欧洲锦标赛的球员,而且自 2004 年以来,他在每一届欧洲锦标赛中都有进球。

Euro 2020 was no different, with the Portuguese picking up the Golden Boot despite exiting the tournament in the last 16. Ronaldo netted five times – the same tally as Patrik Schick – but with an assist to his name, it was enough to beat the Czech forward to the award.
2020 年欧洲杯也不例外,尽管葡萄牙人在 16 强赛中出局,但还是摘得了金靴奖。罗纳尔多五次进球,与帕特里克-希克(Patrik Schick)的进球数相同,但加上一次助攻,他足以击败捷克前锋获得该奖项。

The five goals he scored in this tournament were the most he’s netted in a single European Championships and it brought his total competition tally to 14 goals – five clear of next best Michel Platini (nine).
他在本届比赛中打入的 5 个进球是他在单届欧洲锦标赛中打入的最多进球,这也使他的总进球数达到 14 个,比第二名米歇尔-普拉蒂尼(9 个)多出 5 个。

Cristiano Ronaldo European Championship Goals

His 14 goals in European Championship history have come from 137 shots overall – 95 shots more than any other player since his first tournament in 2004.
在欧洲杯历史上,他的 14 个进球来自 137 次射门,比 2004 年首次参加欧洲杯以来的任何其他球员都多 95 次。

Three Lions’ Pride 三狮荣耀

England just fell short in their quest to win their first major men’s title in 55 years, and it came in the most English fashion of all – penalty shootout disappointment. Despite this, Gareth Southgate and his side could hold their heads high at their best tournament appearance since that 1966 World Cup victory.
英格兰队在 55 年来首次夺得男子重大赛事冠军的征程中铩羽而归,而且是以最英式的方式--点球大战的失望而告终。尽管如此,加雷斯-索斯盖特(Gareth Southgate)和他的球队仍能昂首挺胸,这是自 1966 年世界杯夺冠以来他们在大赛中取得的最好成绩。

With an average starting XI age of 26 years and 54 days at Euro 2020, England were the youngest at the tournament. In the 0-0 draw with Scotland in the group stage, their starting selection was the youngest-ever by an English men’s team at a major international tournament (25y 31d).
在 2020 年欧洲杯上,英格兰队的平均首发年龄为 26 岁零 54 天,是本届欧洲杯上最年轻的球队。在小组赛 0-0 战平苏格兰的比赛中,他们的首发阵容是英格兰男队在大型国际赛事中最年轻的(25 岁 31 天)。

Their journey to the final was predominantly built on a solid defence. England became the first team to keep a clean sheet in each of their first five games at a single edition of the European Championship, while their seven straight clean sheets in all competitions broke new ground for the Three Lions.

Goalkeeper Jordan Pickford set a new record for an England goalkeeper for most minutes without conceding, overtaking the legendary Gordon Banks’ 720 minutes set between May/July 1966 (725 mins in total).
门将乔丹-皮克福德创造了英格兰门将不失球时间的新纪录,超过了传奇人物戈登-班克斯在 1966 年 5 月/7 月间创造的 720 分钟(总计 725 分钟)。

Italy vs England Euro 2020 Final

Across the whole tournament, no side restricted their opposition more than England did (0.70 xG faced per 90) but their emphasis on defence over attack came unstuck in the final against the second-best defensive team in Italy (0.75 xG faced per 90).
在整届比赛中,没有任何球队能比英格兰队更有效地限制对手(每 90 分钟面对 0.70 次射门),但在决赛中面对防守第二好的意大利队(每 90 分钟面对 0.75 次射门)时,英格兰队重守轻攻的策略却失灵了。

Star striker Harry Kane failed to touch the ball in the opposition box over the 120 minutes and England posted their lowest xG total (0.57) in a competitive game since their 2018 World Cup defeat to Croatia (0.55) exactly three years earlier.
在 120 分钟的比赛中,明星前锋哈里-凯恩未能在对方禁区内触球,英格兰队的 xG 值(0.57)创下了自三年前在 2018 年世界杯上负于克罗地亚队(0.55)以来的最低纪录。

Missed Penalties 漏判

Remember when Gareth Bale blasted the ball into orbit against Turkey? Or when Gerard Moreno and Alvaro Morata conspired to increase Spain’s penalty curse to five missed spot kicks in a row? They were not alone. Just nine of the 17 penalties (53%) were scored at Euro 2020, making it the second-worst for conversion rate in the history of the competition.
还记得加雷斯-贝尔在对阵土耳其队时将皮球射入轨道吗?还记得杰拉德-莫雷诺和阿尔瓦罗-莫拉塔合谋将西班牙的点球魔咒扩大到连续五次射失点球吗?他们并非孤军奋战。在 2020 年欧洲杯上,17 个点球中仅有 9 个(53%)罚进,成为欧洲杯历史上转化率第二低的赛事。

Euro 2020 Penalties

A Glut of Own Goals

If own goals were categorised as a player, they’d have scored the most goals in a single tournament of any player (11 – beating the next highest figure of Michel Platini’s nine in 1984).
如果将自摆乌龙也归入球员类别,他们将成为在单届赛事中进球最多的球员(11 球,超过了米歇尔-普拉蒂尼在 1984 年的 9 球)。

For some unknown reason – and you can theorise all you want – there were loads of own goals this tournament. In fact, there were more own goals scored in Euro 2020 alone than there had been in the entire history of the competition.
出于某种未知的原因--你可以尽情推测--本届比赛出现了大量的自摆乌龙。事实上,仅在 2020 年欧洲杯上,自摆乌龙的次数就超过了该项赛事的历史总和。

Unsurprisingly that means we saw a host of own goal records fall:

  • Merih Demiral’s own goal in Turkey vs Italy was the first time ever the first goal at a European Championship tournament had been an own goal.
    在土耳其对阵意大利的比赛中,梅里赫-德米拉尔(Merih Demiral)自摆乌龙,这也是欧洲锦标赛有史以来第一个自摆乌龙的进球。
  • Against Slovakia, Poland’s Wojciech Szczesny became the first ever goalkeeper to score an own-goal at the European Championship finals.
    在对斯洛伐克队的比赛中,波兰队的沃伊切赫-什琴斯尼(Wojciech Szczesny)成为历史上第一位在欧洲杯决赛中打入自家球的门将。
  • Pedri’s own-goal against Croatia was Spain’s first-ever in the European Championship and came at a distance of 49 yards, the first own goal ever scored from outside the box in European Championship history.
    佩德里在对阵克罗地亚队时的自摆乌龙是西班牙队在欧洲杯上的首个自摆乌龙,距离为 49 码,这也是欧洲杯历史上首个在禁区外的自摆乌龙。
  • In their 4-2 defeat to Germany, Portugal became the first reigning champions in European Championship history to concede four goals in a single match in the competition. In this game, Portugal became the first European side to concede two own goals in a single match at a major tournament.
    在 4-2 输给德国队的比赛中,葡萄牙队成为欧洲锦标赛历史上第一支在单场比赛中丢掉四个球的卫冕冠军。在这场比赛中,葡萄牙队成为欧洲第一支在重大赛事中单场丢掉两个球的球队。

The Wonderful Weirdness of Game State

England saw hopes of Euro 2020 glory crushed with their penalty shootout defeat in the final versus Italy, but can find an ounce of comfort in the fact that they only trailed for a tournament-low 1% of match time.
英格兰队在决赛中点球大战不敌意大利队,2020 年欧洲杯的希望破灭,但他们在比赛中仅有 1%的时间处于落后,这让他们感到一丝安慰。

Southgate’s side only fell behind once during the entire tournament – for eight minutes and 53 seconds in the semi-final against Denmark.
索斯盖特的球队在整个比赛中只落后过一次,即在对阵丹麦的半决赛中落后了 8 分 53 秒。

The Netherlands’ led for the highest proportion of game time at Euro 2020 (50%), but it didn’t do them any good in the last 16 when they came unstuck against Czech Republic. There were four teams who didn’t lead at any point in the tournament: North Macedonia, Poland, Scotland and Turkey.
荷兰队是 2020 年欧洲杯上领先时间比例最高的球队(50%),但在 16 强对阵捷克队的比赛中,荷兰队未能取得好成绩。有四支球队在比赛中没有领先过:北马其顿、波兰、苏格兰和土耳其。

Spare a thought for Hungary. In the toughest group against giants Germany, France and Portugal, they trailed for only 4% of time at the finals – the second-best ratio.
请为匈牙利着想。在与德国、法国和葡萄牙等豪强同组的最艰难小组中,他们在决赛中仅有 4% 的时间处于落后状态,这是第二好的比例。

They were just six minutes from knockout qualification before Leon Goretzka’s goal for Germany levelled the scores at 2-2 in Munich on the final day of Group F action, but as brave as their performances were, they couldn’t seal a shock last 16 spot.
在 F 组比赛的最后一天,德国队在慕尼黑以 2-2 将比分扳平,在莱昂-戈雷茨卡(Leon Goretzka)的进球之前,他们距离淘汰赛资格仅有 6 分钟的差距。

Euro 2020 Game States

Forza Italia 意大利力量党

Since the nadir of 2017, Italy’s redemption under Roberto Mancini was quick and decisive. The Azzurri’s unbeaten streak stood at 34 matches after beating England in a penalty shootout England in the final to win their second European Championship title. That run eventually stretched to 37 games before it was ended in a 2-1 loss to Spain in the UEFA Nations League semi-finals in Milan in October 2021.
自2017年跌入低谷以来,意大利队在曼奇尼的带领下迅速而果断地完成了救赎。在决赛中通过点球大战击败英格兰队,第二次夺得欧锦赛冠军后,意大利队的不败纪录达到了34场。2021 年 10 月,在米兰举行的欧洲国家联赛半决赛中,阿祖里队以 2-1 的比分负于西班牙队,不败纪录被终结。

When Luke Shaw scored to put England ahead in the final, Italy found themselves trailing in a game for the first time at Euro 2020, while overall they spent 65 minutes behind against England in the final, 21 more minutes than they had been behind in their 33-game unbeaten run coming into the final (44).
当卢克-肖(Luke Shaw)的进球让英格兰队在决赛中领先时,意大利队发现自己在 2020 年欧洲杯上首次在一场比赛中落后,而他们在决赛中对阵英格兰队时总共落后了 65 分钟,比他们在决赛前 33 场不败(44 分钟)中落后的时间多了 21 分钟。

This was the hot summer of Chiellini and Bonucci, the old guard who had their last hurrah: Bonucci now the oldest player ever to score in a European Championship final, Chiellini the oldest outfield player to captain his side in a major final. The pair were at the heart of Italy’s defence and at the heart of what it means to be Italian.

It was also a great tournament for Marco Verratti who, despite missing the first match of the tournament, created a total of 14 chances, more than any other player.
马尔科-维拉蒂(Marco Verratti)也在这场比赛中表现出色,尽管他缺席了第一场比赛,但他总共创造了 14 次机会,比其他任何球员都多。

In the final, the midfielder’s controlling influence on the game was apparent and laid bare one of England’s biggest deficiencies. He made 133 touches, which – at the time of his substitution in extra-time – was a record in a Euro final.
在决赛中,这名中场球员对比赛的控制力显而易见,也暴露了英格兰队最大的缺陷之一。他全场触球 133 次,在加时赛中被换下时,这创下了欧洲杯决赛的纪录。

Marco Verratti Euro 2020

Only Spain had a better differential between their expected goals and expected goals against. Italy were undoubtedly a worthy tournament winner.

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