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Where to stay in Bangkok | For Culture – Shopping – Nightlife
曼谷之旅住哪里 |文化 – 购物 – 夜生活

Ready to find out where to stay in Bangkok and book your dream hotel?

You’re in the right place because we’ve visited Bangkok so many times that we’ve lost count. And each time we stayed in Bangkok for weeks, sometimes months living in different Bangkok neighborhoods and most convenient places to stay in Bangkok.

One thing we can say for sure is that choosing the best area to stay in Bangkok is an important decision. We also know that if you’re visiting for the first time, choosing the best location in Bangkok to stay can be quite confusing. It’s a very big city with popular areas stretching out in all directions so finding the perfect hotel that’s in a convenient location and also that is in line with your travel style can often feel like a daunting task.

A driver standing next to his tuk tuk

I hope you keep reading because this guide will answer the very common ‘Bangkok where to stay’ question. And also describe the different areas and what to expect in each one followed by Bangkok hotel recommendations in each area. This information will help you book your hotel with ease.

About: this guide was created after visiting Bangkok numerous times and while we were living in Bangkok for over 4 months between the end of 2023 and the first 3 months of 2024.
关于: 本指南是在多次访问曼谷后创建的,当时我们在 2023 年底和 2024 年前 3 个月在曼谷生活了 4 个多月。

Where to stay in Bangkok – Planning
曼谷住宿地点 – 规划

Whether you’re searching for the best place to stay in Bangkok for 3 days or for 24 hours, it doesn’t make sense to make a decision before knowing what you want to do while you’re there. ‘Unless, of course, you just want the very best hotel to get pampered and be treated like royalty which would beThe Standard or →The Okura Prestige.
无论您是在曼谷寻找 3 天还是 24 小时的最佳住宿地点,在知道自己想在那里做什么之前做出决定都是没有意义的。“当然,除非你只是想让最好的酒店得到呵护,并像皇室一样受到对待,这将是标准酒店或→大仓声望酒店→。

The saying “location, location, location” couldn’t be more true when it comes to choosing a place to stay in Bangkok. Don’t make the mistake purely based on a high review score. Because I think we can all agree that your hotel (and the location) must also be in line with your travel plan.

A hotel room with floor to ceiling window and a temple outside
ARUN Riverside Bangkok → ARUN Riverside 曼谷

So my suggestion would be to do some research before booking a hotel and have an idea of what your days in Bangkok will look like (at least at a high level). Also, know how much you want to spend per day on a hotel. As a result, your travel plan will narrow down the best areas in Bangkok to base yourself and your budget will dictate which are those hotels that have a price range you’re comfortable spending.

‘This article is divided into sections. The first section is a quick overview of Bangkok. Then I break down each area into neighborhoods

Bangkok Areas Overview 曼谷地区概况

While Bangkok is indeed a big city, it can be divided into 2 different sections. The modern Bangkok and the old and historic part of the city. Below is an overview of these 2 very distinct areas.

Old Bangkok 老曼谷

most convenient places to stay in Bangkok. Khaosan road a street in old Bangkok with a cluster of signboards attached to the buildings
Old Bangkok is sort of low key organized chaos that is really fun to watch

Old Bangkok is the cultural and historic side of the city. It’s a charming part of the city with quiet neighborhoods, old buildings, stilted riverside houses and an absurd amount of really cheap and good local cuisine. This part of the city incorporates the majority of Bangkok’s cultural attractions including the Royal Palace, Wat Arun, Wat Pho (reclining Buddha) and various other sites.

Khaosan road is within the Old City confines but isn’t a good place to stay. Instead consider soi Rambuttri or the nearby local neighborhoods. Riverfront boutique hotels are a favorite with couples and offer a calm and romantic atmosphere. Yaowarat and the larger Chinatown area is a foodies haven within old Bangkok. The old part of Bangkok is relatively compact which makes it easy and hassle free if you’re visiting Bangkok for the first time.
考山路位于老城区范围内,但不是一个好地方。相反,请考虑 soi Rambuttri 或附近的当地社区。河滨精品酒店是情侣们的最爱,提供平静而浪漫的氛围。耀华叻和更大的唐人街地区是曼谷老城区的美食天堂。曼谷的老城区相对紧凑,如果您是第一次访问曼谷,那么它很容易和无忧无虑。

Top 3 recommended hotels:
前 3 名推荐酒店:

BudgetBed Station Hostel →Bed Station Hostel(床站旅舍)$228.6/10
Mid-RangeCasa Vimaya Riverside →Casa Vimaya Riverside(维玛雅河畔之家酒店)$538.5/10
High-EndRiva Arun Bangkok → Riva Arun 曼谷$1029.1/10

All select hotels are convenient and within a 5 to 10 minute walk of restaurants, bars and Khaosan road. Cultural sites are also within walking distance. Prices are based on 1 night stay for 2 people for standard option and may change depending on seasonality.
所有精选酒店都很方便,步行 5 到 10 分钟即可到达餐厅、酒吧和考山路。文化遗址也在步行距离之内。价格基于标准选项的2人1晚住宿,并可能根据季节而变化。

Modern Bangkok 现代曼谷

A view of Bangkok skyline with towering skyscrapers
Bangkok skyline with the pixelated Mahanakhon building

The modern part of Bangkok is where all the towering skyscrapers, glitzy malls, luxury hotels and fancy restaurants are located. And all this mixed with local culture such as street food vendors on every corner, night time pop-up markets, tuk-tuks zig-zagging through traffic, and the skytrain cruising above all the chaos and connecting all the different neighborhoods together.

Sukhumvit is often referred to as the best area to stay in modern Bangkok. This is quite inaccurate because Sukhumvit is a massive road that crosses through Bangkok and incorporates various popular neighborhoods along a 10 km stretch. Ekkamai, Thonglor, Asoke, On Nut, Siam and even the red light district area Nana are all part of Sukhumvit. Along Sukhumvit are loads of restaurants, bars, pubs, malls, hotels which also spill into the sidestreets (called soi in Thai) that branch off Sukhumvit. While this is a big area, it doesn’t feel so because the skytrain makes moving around effortless.
素坤逸路通常被称为现代曼谷最好的住宿地区。这是非常不准确的,因为素坤逸路是一条横跨曼谷的巨大道路,沿着 10 公里的路段融合了各种受欢迎的街区。Ekkamai、Thonglor、Asoke、On Nut、Siam,甚至红灯区Nana都是素坤逸的一部分。素坤逸路沿线有大量的餐馆、酒吧、酒馆、商场、酒店,这些餐厅也延伸到素坤逸路分支的小巷(泰语称为soi)。虽然这是一个很大的区域,但感觉并非如此,因为轻轨使移动变得毫不费力。

Silom and Sathon is the business district of Bangkok. Located south of Sukhumvit this part of the city is connected via the Silom BTS line (skytrain). This is the posh and fancy part of the city which consequentially is also expensive. Here you’ll find exclusive and high end hotels such as Banyan tree Bangkok and The Sukhothai. Lumpini, the greenest area and biggest park in Bangkok is in this part of the city.

Top 3 recommended hotels (Sukhumvit)

BudgetMiami Hotel Bangkok → 曼谷迈阿密酒店Asok$428.5/10
Mid-RangeNovotel → 诺富特酒店Phloen Chit Phloen Chit(弗洛恩奇特酒店)$778.5/10
High-EndThe Okura Prestige →大仓声望酒店Phloen Chit Phloen Chit(弗洛恩奇特酒店)$1459.1/10

Every selected hotel is within a 5 to 10 minute walk to the skytrain station. And is in a prime location for restaurants, bars and amenities. Prices are based on 1 night stay for 2 people for the standard option and may change depending on seasonality.
每家选定的酒店距离轻轨站均有 5 至 10 分钟的步行路程。酒店地理位置优越,是餐厅、酒吧和便利设施的理想场所。价格基于标准选项的2人1晚住宿,并可能根据季节而变化。

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Where to stay in Bangkok – Neighborhoods
曼谷住宿地点 – 街区

Below is a reflection of the places we have stayed in Bangkok. After deciding on the neighborhood, we always do a lot of research about the actual hotel. Above all, the hotel must be in a convenient location and within a short walk to various dining options and lounges/bars or some sort of evening entertainment. But also in a quiet area so we get a good sleep. Open air courtyards are always a plus. And if we’re staying in modern Bangkok, the hotel must be within a short walk of the skytrain. This allows us to move around the city easily.

An infographic Bangkok map made with google
The different areas in Bangkok

We aren’t too picky about hotel amenities but it obviously must be clean, have comfortable beds and be fairly modern. We do splurge sometimes and look for things like pool (maybe even a rooftop one) onsite restaurants and a nice lounge area.

All hotel recommendations listed below are our personal favorites and all meet the requirements listed above. But don’t just take our word for it because they all have an excellent review rating by loads of other previous guests.

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Where to stay in Old Bangkok

Khaosan Area – for Culture
考山地区 – 文化

Wat Arun. View of temple in Bangkok next to a river
Wat Arun at sunset

When I say Khaosan area I am not necessarily referring to the infamous backpacker street. It’s a fun place for a wild night out but not to actually stay in unless you just want a place to crash after getting hammered.

I am referring to the areas and neighborhoods wrapping around Khaosan. Just parallel with Khaosan is Soi Rambuttri it’s a nice area with dozens of restaurants and lounges. Personally I think Rambuttri is one of the best places to stay if you want to be within walking distance to the temples and also have lots of nearby amenities.
我指的是考山周围的地区和社区。与Khaosan平行的是Soi Rambuttri,这是一个拥有数十家餐厅和休息室的好地方。就我个人而言,我认为Rambuttri是最好的住宿地点之一,如果你想步行即可到达寺庙,并且附近还有很多设施。

Walking 5 minutes north from Rambuttri there is a number of boutique hotels facing a river. It’s a really gorgeous neighborhood that offers a local feel. Over the last few years this area and surrounding neighborhood have turned into a hip and trendy area of sorts. There’s old local wooden buildings turned into guesthouses and various restaurants and local eateries.

Things to do 要做的事

Where to stay near Khaosan

Below is a list of the best places to stay in the charming neighborhoods surrounding Khaosan. None of the places are directly in Khaosan road. It’s a relatively small and compact area and everything is within a 5 to 10 minute walk. The base prices are for 2 people for 1 night. Please use prices as a guideline as they may change depending on seasonality.

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Chinatown – for Food
唐人街 – 美食

Chinatown Bangkok. A street with crowded
Yaowarat road 耀华力路

One part of Bangkok that we really love is Chinatown. It’s an old quarters where most Chinese immigrants first settled in Bangkok. As the rest of Bangkok, the side streets that branch off the busier mainroad is where the local neighborhoods are and you’ll find old Chinese wooden houses converted into nice boutiques. Soi Nana has recently popped up as a hip and trendy side alley. Chic cocktail bars and restaurants are dotted along this few hundred meters road.
我们真正喜欢的曼谷的一部分是唐人街。这是一个古老的街区,大多数中国移民最初在曼谷定居。与曼谷的其他地方一样,从繁忙的主干道分叉出来的小巷是当地社区的所在地,您会发现古老的中国木屋被改造成漂亮的精品店。Soi Nana 最近突然成为一条时髦时尚的小巷。别致的鸡尾酒吧和餐馆点缀在这条几百米长的道路上。

But it’s the absurd amount of local food and eateries that stands out in Chinatown. Walk down Yaowarat road at night, this road is lit up with neon lights and lots of good and cheap local eateries.

Things to do 要做的事

Where to stay in Chinatown

The Chinatown area isn’t that big but neither small. In the list below I have included the best places to stay that are close to the main food scene and also walking distance to Soi Nana where you’ll find trendy cocktail lounges.
唐人街地区不大,但也不小。在下面的列表中,我列出了靠近主要美食场所的最佳住宿地点,并且步行即可到达 Soi Nana,在那里您可以找到时尚的鸡尾酒酒廊。

The base prices shown in the table below are for 2 people for 1 night. Please use prices as a guideline as they may change depending on seasonality.

→click any property to view prices for your dates ⤵

Riverside – for Scenery
河滨 – 风景

Bangkok riverfront with a skyline of towering skyscrapers
Bangkok riverfront is scenic

Bangkok riverside refers to the properties dotted along the waters edge along the Chao Phraya river. The options here are rather distinct as river front hotels stretch from the Old Bangkok limits all the way down the river spilling into the modern parts near Silom.

As you can imagine, staying here is very scenic. It isn’t just relaxing to sit in the terrace and watch the boats passing by, but you’ll also get amazing sunset views of the city skyline from afar.

If you plan staying riverfront, I would recommend staying close to the old part of Bangkok. Views are particularly scenic as you’ll be directly facing Wat Arun. It’s mostly smaller boutique hotels there that have a more cosy and traditional feel. You’ll also be close to cultural sites such as temples and the Grand Palace. Also the famous streetfood in Yaowarat is within reach.

Further down near the Silom area are some of the most exclusive properties of big international brands. Views are equally stunning from this part of the river front. You’ll also be close to some of the finest dining options in Bangkok. And visiting a rooftop bar or pool is a must. In most cases these amenities will probably be part of the riverfront hotel you stay in.

Bangkok’s riverfront is popular with couples and families.

Things to do 要做的事

  • Take the ferry to Wat Arun
  • Visit the Grand Palace
  • Temple of the Emerald Buddha
  • Discover Bangkok’s temples by boat
    → 乘船探索曼谷的寺庙
  • Icon Siam by ferry
    Icon Siam渡轮
  • Asiatique also by ferry
  • Enjoy a luxury sunset river cruise
    → 享受豪华的日落河游船

Where to stay Riverside

Below are 6 recommended places to stay by the river in Bangkok. I have divided them to reflect in which part they are located. Old Bangkok will be close to temples, the Grand Palace and Rambuttri and Khaosan. Silom/Sathon is a business district and upscale neighborhood boasting fine dining restaurants, rooftop lounges and chic cocktail bars.
以下是曼谷河边的 6 个推荐住宿地点。我将它们分开以反映它们位于哪个部分。曼谷老城将靠近寺庙、大皇宫、Rambuttri和Khaosan。是隆/沙吞是一个商业区和高档社区,拥有高级餐厅、屋顶酒廊和别致的鸡尾酒吧。

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Where to stay in Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit is often mistaken as an area. Actually, Sukhumvit is a main artery that crosses through Bangkok and incorporates various other areas that are popular places to stay in Bangkok. The best hotels are often along a side street branching off Sukhumvit. Regardless of where you decide to base yourself in Sukhumvit, it is very easy (and fast) to move around by BTS.

As always, all the recommended places to stay are in a prime location and close to dining, drinking and entertainment options. And most importantly all are within no more than 10 minutes walk to the skytrain (BTS) station.

Ekkamai and Thonglor – Hip and Trendy
Ekkamai 和 Thonglor – 时髦和时尚

I’ve grouped these 2 places together because they’re just 500 meters apart and have a similar atmosphere. Ekkamai and Thonglor are side streets that branch off Sukhumvit road. Known as the hip and trendy area of Bangkok here you’ll find cool hangout spots, chic lounges, upper scale restaurants and fancy hotels such as the Marriot.
我把这两个地方放在一起,因为它们相距仅 500 米,气氛相似。Ekkamai 和 Thonglor 是素坤逸路的分支小街。这里被称为曼谷时髦时尚的地区,这里有很酷的聚会场所、别致的休息室、高档餐厅和万豪酒店等高档酒店。

The main distinction is that Thonglor feels a bit more fancy. There’s a number of posh Japanese restaurants and chic lounges. This also makes this neighborhood more expensive both for amenities and even accommodation. Ekkamai is more laid back offering a wider range of dining options and accommodation for different budgets.
主要区别在于 Thonglor 感觉更花哨一些。这里有许多豪华的日本餐厅和别致的休息室。这也使得这个社区的便利设施甚至住宿都更加昂贵。Ekkamai 更悠闲,为不同预算的人提供更多的餐饮选择和住宿。

Things to do 要做的事

Where to stay in Thonglor and Ekkamai
Thonglor and Ekkamai之旅住哪里

Thonglo is rather upscale and accommodation prices start from around $50 a night. In the table below, the cheaper options are all located in Ekkamai. Prices or for a standard room for 1 night for 2 persons and may change due to seasonality. Use prices as a guideline.
Thonglo相当高档,住宿价格从每晚50美元左右起。在下表中,更便宜的选择都位于 Ekkamai。价格或2人1晚的标准间,可能会因季节性而变化。以价格为指导。

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Phra Khanong – Up and Coming
Phra Khanong – 崭露头角

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit area that is cheap, has a decent amount of amenities, has easy access to the BTS skytrain and isn’t very touristic, then definitely consider Phra Khanong. Ekkamai and Thonglo are the next stops on the BTS line so very easy and fast to move between these 2 areas..
如果您正在曼谷素坤逸路地区寻找价格便宜、设施齐全、乘坐 BTS 轻轨且旅游胜地不多的最佳住宿地点,那么一定要考虑 Phra Khanong。Ekkamai 和 Thonglo 是 BTS 线路的下一站,因此在这两个区域之间移动非常方便快捷。

We actually lived in Phra Khanong for an entire month and loved it for various reasons. Besides cheaper accommodation prices, Phra Khanong offers a local and western type of mixed atmosphere. As is the case with other BTS stops, just outside the terminal is a lively atmosphere with lots of dining options, some outdoor bars and even cafes.