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Negotiations / Meetings role play
谈判/会议 — 角色扮演

This is group work. The score will be shared by all contributing members.

Negotiations: In most cases, negotiations do not proceed smoothly. Problems arise from conflict of interests or misunderstanding of intentions. To smooth away the obstacles, each party needs to make some concessions, or clarify their real intentions. The negotiation might take quite some time before a final agreement is reached. or before complete breakdownNot all negotiations come to fruition, some end up in failure.

Meetings: In a company or some other organization, important matters are typically decided at a meeting, where heated argument is likely to occur.


Devise a scenario of negotiation with complaints, claims, offers, counteroffers, bids, counter-bids, compromises, concessions, and final agreement (or breakdown).


Arrange a mock meeting, complete with a chairperson, a debatable subject, and lively discussions about a certain proposal, some being in favor of it, some others being strongly against it, each presenting their reasons for agreeing or disagreeing. After some discussion and bargaining, a resolution is finally reached.


Each team member plays a certain role (say, chief negotiator, sales manager, sales representative; chairperson etc), and contribute in some way.

The negotiation can take many forms. For example, you might have ordered some item online, and what you received does not answer the descriptions in terms of the specifications, color, quality, or it had been damaged before it reached you. Then you will contact the seller, or the shipping company, such as ZTO Express (中通), SF (顺丰), and DHL-SINOTRANS (中外运敦豪), for settlement.
谈判可以采取多种形式。例如,您可能在网上订购了某些商品,但您收到的商品在规格、颜色、质量方面没有回答描述,或者在到达您手中之前已经损坏。然后,您将联系卖家或运输公司,例如中通(ZTO Express),顺丰(SF)和DHL-SINOTRANS(中外运敦豪),进行结算。

You can also pretend to be a representative of some services company, and you are responsible for handling customer complaints. One customer has bought some faulty product from your company.

Or, more realistically, you can pretend to be the president of your class, and you are meeting with your counterpart of another class to talk over a (basketball / volleyball / ping pong / football) competition between the two classes. You have to make sure that all team members are available at the time of the competition. And you will, together, contact the PE Department to reserve the venue (basketball court, volleyball court, ping pong table, football field) for a few hours.

Send me your draft for approval.

After all the details are hammered out, each group member will play a role. Try to remember your part of the script, then rehearse it often enough so that each member feels natural.

Finally, role-play it and have it videotaped using your mobile (or a video camera).

Identify yourself in some way (orally or with a name card) so I can reward you both as a group and an individual.

Give your work a title.

The video and the script shall both be submitted. Name the video and the script in the same way, like this:

Group____Title____ members (in Chinese)

Submit your group assignment via email, at


This assignment is due on June 30.
此作业将于 6 月 30 日到期。

PS: I will further explain it in class.