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Dear Owner,

Good Day.

We appreciate your prompt responses and the effort you have put into solving the issues. However, it is our duty to clarify the facts and provide a comprehensive view of the situation from our perspective.

Off Hire Due to A/E Trouble
因 A/E(工程设计)问题而停聘

It is surprising to see the owner reintroduces an issue that has already been resolved. The A/E trouble was a reflection of poor maintenance, as evidenced by the consistent problems reported throughout the voyage. It is remarkable how the owner seeks to shift the blame for their own operational shortcomings.
令人吃惊的是,船主再次提出了一个已经解决的问题。从整个航程中不断报告的问题可以看出,A/E 故障是维护不善的反映。令人吃惊的是,船东试图将责任推卸到自己的操作缺陷上。

Your aggressive stance and threats have been noted. We remain committed to an amicable resolution, despite such unprofessional posturing.

Crane Operations at Tianjin Port Affecting Discharge Rate

The assertion that safety concerns precluded the use of an additional vessel crane is perplexing, given that similar vessels have operated without incident. There is substantial evidence that multiple vessels were operated at Tianjin with all ship cranes, along with an additional shore crane, working in tandem without any safety incidents.

The owner should be grateful that we have not pursued further claims for the inefficiencies caused by the ship crane breakdown, which clearly fall within the responsibility of the owner under the CP terms
船东应该感到庆幸的是,我们没有就船舶起重机故障造成的效率低下提出进一步索赔,而根据 CP 条款,这显然属于船东的责任范围。

Allegations of Unsafe Port and Ship Crane Breakdown at Yangon Port

The repeated A/E issues at Yangon and the subsequent power outages for the ship cranes are unacceptable. The assertion that "muddy water" is the cause is imaginative but lacks corroborating evidence. We are awaiting the P&I and CLASS reports with great interest and some reservations.
在仰光一再出现的 A/E 问题以及随后出现的船用起重机停电都是不可接受的。关于 "浑水 "是原因的说法很有想象力,但缺乏确凿的证据。我们正怀着极大的兴趣和一些保留意见等待 P&I 和 CLASS 的报告。

The claim that Yangon is an unsafe port is baseless, particularly given that it is a designated discharge port as per the CP. The suggestion that we are deviating from the matter by requesting these reports is absurd. We seek transparency and accountability, values that appear to be lacking in the owner's approach.

Stop Discharge:

The owner has unilaterally stopped the discharge operations despite our compliance with the payment time allowed in the CP, which was extended due to off-hire periods resulting from owner's failures. Such actions constitute a serious breach of the CP. We reserve the right to claim all costs associated with this incident, including but not limited to cancellation fees and stevedore idling costs.
尽管我们遵守了 CP 规定的付款时间,但业主单方面停止了卸货作业。这种行为严重违反了 CP。我们保留索赔与此事件相关的所有费用的权利,包括但不限于取消费用和装卸工人空转费用。

The insistence on stopping the discharge operations is inconsiderate of the terms that were agreed upon and is an obvious attempt to exert undue pressure on our operations.

Next Voyage Lost Claims:
下一个 "航行损失索赔":

It is not feasible to substantiate a claim for loss in respect of the owner's business with the next charterer. Such a claim appears to be driven by an attempt to transfer accountability for operational failure. We previously issued re-delivery notices based on the assumption that the vessel would be in a satisfactory working condition. However, upon actual inspection, it became evident that this was not the case.

Such allegations serve only to reinforce the owner's intent to disguise their defaults behind the shield of baseless charges against the charterers

It is disappointing to see such levels of unprofessional-ism and attempts to manipulate facts. It is expected that the owner will demonstrate greater respect for the contractual obligations and focus on resolving the underlying issues rather than responding with threatening and baseless accusations

We are eagerly awaiting a prompt resolution so that we may proceed in a manner befitting professional and honorable entities.

Best Regards,

[Your Name]