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Animated figures with smiling faces.
Yunnuo Lui, BA (Hons) Animation, London College of Communication, UAL.
College 大学
London College of Communication
UCAS code UCAS 代码
Start date 开始日期
September 2024 2024 年 9 月
Course length 课程长度
3 years 3 年

BA (Hons) Animation is a practice-led course, enabling you to choose one of two specialist pathways: Experimental and Character. You’ll gain entrepreneurial skills, develop expertise across the production process, and learn how flexibility can help you deal with the challenges of being a professional animator.

Apply to start in September 2024 
申请在 2024 年 9 月开始

This course has places available. Read our Guide to applying for a course starting this September through UCAS Extra. For a full list of UAL courses open for 2024/25 entry, visit the Courses with places available page.
本课程还有名额。阅读我们的指南,了解如何通过 UCAS Extra 申请从今年九月开始的课程。要查看 2024/25 年入学的 UAL 课程完整列表,请访问有名额的课程页面。

Why choose this course at London College of Communication

  • You’ll learn core traditional skills and principles in animation to underpin your future specialism in areas such as 3D digital animation and modelling, or stop-motion animation, as well as 2D analogue and digital.
    您将学习动画中的核心传统技能和原则,为您未来在 3D 数字动画和建模、定格动画以及 2D 模拟和数字动画等领域的专业知识打下基础。
  • Drawing is taught as a key skill that informs all aspects of your subject knowledge and technical expertise, underpinning strong animation and design skills while enabling you to express your creative ideas with skill and dexterity.
  • Digital animation is taught intensively from Year 1 onwards, recognising the particular demands of this skillset and the levels of expertise expected of graduates by industry.
  • ‘Live’ projects and competitions are delivered in collaboration with external industry partners, giving you the opportunity to practice your skills in a professional context while building a professional portfolio of work. Previous partners  include: Channel 4, MTV, National Trust, All Saints Records, Marmite and The Royal Society.
    “现场”项目和比赛是与外部行业合作伙伴一起交付的,这为您提供了在专业环境中练习技能并建立专业作品集的机会。以往的合作伙伴包括:Channel 4、MTV、National Trust、All Saints Records、Marmite 和 The Royal Society。

Open Days 开放日

The next Open Day for this course will be on Tuesday 18 June. Book your place.
本课程的下一个开放日将于 6 月 18 日星期二举行。预订您的位置。

A recording of our latest Virtual Open Event for this course is available. Watch online.

Explore life at LCC with our interactive Virtual Open Day.
通过我们的互动虚拟开放日,探索 LCC 的生活。

Course accredited by: 课程认证机构:

Course overview 课程概述

BA (Hons) Animation encourages you to explore formats and outcomes beyond traditional modes. In Year 1 you’ll learn core creative skills in idea development, design, pre-production and production techniques all of which underpins the wide range of contemporary animation practices.

After discussion with tutors you will then choose a pathway that fits with your developing skills and specific creative interests and abilities.

The Experimental pathway will encourage you to experiment with design, technique, content and format. You can explore a range of approaches and processes beyond conventional formats such as performance, installation, interactive, projection mapping, stop-motion, short film or documentary form.

On the Character pathway, you’ll engage with a wide range of current and emerging technical skills and knowledge. Specialising in character animation, you will learn skills in 2D and stop-motion animation, character design, storyboarding, storytelling and creative writing while developing your understanding of the professional production pipeline.
在角色路径上,您将接触到各种当前和新兴的技术技能和知识。专攻角色动画,您将学习 2D 和定格动画、角色设计、分镜头、叙事和创意写作等技能,同时加深对专业制作流程的理解。

What to expect 期待什么

  • You’ll look at animation in a broad context and develop your expertise across the whole production process while working both individually and in teams.
  • You’ll be taught drawing as a key skill that informs your subject and technical knowledge, and learn how to deal with the challenges of being a professional creative practitioner, such as the importance of flexibility and the value of entrepreneurial skills.
  • An emphasis on developing your communication and presentation skills, giving you the confidence to share your ideas to colleagues and clients in professional contexts.

Industry experience and opportunities

The course is designed to ensure you’ll benefit from access to the specialist creative industries in London, as well as other Colleges within the University, a network of professionals, and key industry partners.

Industry-led and mentored ‘live’ projects and competitions are delivered in collaboration with external industry partners, giving you the opportunity to practice your skills in a professional context and to build a professional portfolio of work. Previous industry partners include: Channel 4, MTV, National Trust, All Saints Records, Marmite, The Royal Society, Tate, V&A Museum of Childhood, Westfield, British Library, Hostelworld, Child Poverty Action Group, and Horniman Museum and Gardens.
行业主导和指导的“实时”项目和比赛是与外部行业合作伙伴合作交付的,让您有机会在专业环境中练习技能,并建立专业作品集。以前的行业合作伙伴包括:Channel 4、MTV、National Trust、All Saints Records、Marmite、The Royal Society、Tate、V&A Museum of Childhood、Westfield、British Library、Hostelworld、Child Poverty Action Group 和 Horniman Museum and Gardens。

Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to undertake the Diploma in Professional Studies or the UAL Diploma in Creative Computing between Years 2 and 3 to enhance your learning experience and employability skills.
此外,您还将有机会在第 2 年和第 3 年之间修读专业研究文凭或 UAL 创意计算文凭,以增强您的学习经验和就业技能。

Mode of study 学习模式

BA (Hons) Animation runs for 93 weeks in full time mode. It is divided into 3 stages over 3 academic years. Each stage lasts 31 weeks.
BA(荣誉)动画课程为期 93 周,全日制。它分为 3 个阶段,跨越 3 个学年。每个阶段持续 31 周。

Course units 课程单元

In response to the Climate Emergency, UAL has embedded responsible practices within the curriculum. We shaped our courses around principles of social and racial justice, and environmental sustainability that ensure learning outcomes reflect the urgent need to equip you with the understanding, skills, and values for ethical practice and empower you to work towards an equitable future.
作为应对气候紧急情况的回应,UAL 已将负责任的实践融入课程中。我们围绕社会和种族正义以及环境可持续性的原则塑造了课程,确保学习成果反映了迫切需要为您提供理解、技能和价值观以进行道德实践,并赋予您为实现公平未来而努力的能力。

In common with all courses at University of the Arts London, this course is credit rated. The course is 3 years, levels 4-6. Each year requires you to achieve 120 credit points. To be awarded the BA (Hons) Animation qualification, you need to accumulate a total of 360 credits.
与伦敦艺术大学的所有课程一样,该课程是学分评定的。该课程为期 3 年,属于 4-6 级。每年需要获得 120 学分。要获得 BA(荣誉)动画学位,您需要累积总共 360 学分。

Year 1 第 1 年

All students take the same units in Year 1, although the projects will vary in the Visual Narrative unit focusing their proposed pathway specialism.

Introduction to Animation (20 credits)
动画简介(20 学分)

With a focus on theoretical, critical and practical skills development, you’ll be introduced to the course and its subject specialism, as well as effective learning at undergraduate level.

Production Principles (40 credits)
生产原理(40 学分)

This unit introduces you to the fundamental terminology, technology and craft skills that underpin all areas of animation across all pathways. You’ll work in 2D drawn animation (analogue and digital), 3D computer animation, and Visual Effects. The unit covers a range of key production areas including the principles of animation, observational drawing, design for animation, character design, storytelling, creative writing, sound and performance, and focuses on short projects developed through skills-based workshops.
本单元将向您介绍支撑各种动画领域的基本术语、技术和工艺技能。您将在 2D 手绘动画(模拟和数字)、3D 计算机动画和视觉效果方面进行工作。该单元涵盖了一系列关键的制作领域,包括动画原理、观察性绘画、动画设计、角色设计、叙事、创意写作、声音和表演,并侧重于通过基于技能的研讨会开发的短期项目。

Visual Narrative (40 credits)
视觉叙事(40 学分)

An extension of Production Principles, this unit will provide a deeper understanding of how narrative is constructed visually. You’ll attend workshops aligned to the 4 pathway options and have the opportunity to select your preferred area of specialism.
《制作原则》的延伸,本单元将深入探讨叙事如何在视觉上构建。您将参加与 4 个路径选项对齐的研讨会,并有机会选择您偏爱的专业领域。

Informed Practice 1 (20 credits)
通知实践 1(20 学分)

You’ll be introduced to histories, theories and debates in relation to animation and visual and material culture. Focusing on the development of creative ideas, you’ll explore the common themes and relationships between theory and culture. You will explore a broad knowledge base around contemporary discussions in relation to sustainability, social justice, inclusivity and ethics in animation.

Year 2 第二年

Both pathways will follow the same unit structure to enable collaboration across the pathways, however the content and delivery will be differentiated to reflect the specialisms.

Pathway Units – Principles (40 Credits)
路径单元 - 原则(40 学分)

Building on Year 1, you’ll advance your learning through the technical and practical skills of your specialism.

  • Principles of Experimental: If you follow the Experimental pathway, you’ll experiment with design, technique, content and format and have opportunities to explore a range of areas beyond conventional formats such as performance, installation, interactive, projection mapping, short film or documentary.
  • Principles of Character: If you follow the Character Pathway then you’ll focus on developing your understanding of the fundamentals of animation such as character design, storyboarding, storytelling and creative writing.

Professional Practices (20 credits)
专业实践(20 学分)

Focusing on work-based learning, this unit will help you to consider your future career goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them. You’ll also be introduced to essential tools for professional presentation through tutorials and workshops. If you’re interested in applying for the Diploma in Professional Studies, we’ll support you through the application process.

Exploratory Practice: Experimental/ Character (40 Credits)
探索性实践:实验/特性(40 学分)

Whichever pathway you take, you’ll explore the application of your skills through a selection of longer form projects. At this level, you’ll be encouraged to enquire about your own personal and unique approach to your subject area.

Technical skills workshops will continue on all pathways, these include:

  • Experimental: After Effects and other Adobe Suite software, Resolume, production design, puppet-making, and lighting and cinematography for stop-motion.
    实验:使用 After Effects 和其他 Adobe Suite 软件,Resolume,制作设计,木偶制作,以及为定格动画制作的灯光和摄影。
  • Character: Toon Boom Harmony, Storyboard Pro, After Effects and other Adobe Suite software, performance for animation, lip synch, and the animation production pipeline.
    角色:Toon Boom Harmony,Storyboard Pro,After Effects 和其他 Adobe Suite 软件,用于动画,嘴唇同步和动画制作流程的性能。

Informed Practice 2 (20 credits)
通知实践 2(20 学分)

Following on from Informed Practice 1, this unit is a shared unit across all pathways and will expand upon histories, theories and debates in relation to animation, games, visual effects and visual and material culture. Continuing to focus on the development of creative ideas, you’ll explore the common themes and relationships between theory and culture and your place within it.
继续上一节《知情实践 1》,本单元是所有路径共享的单元,将深入探讨动画、游戏、视觉效果以及视觉和物质文化的历史、理论和争论。继续专注于创意思想的发展,您将探索理论和文化之间的共同主题和关系,以及您在其中的位置。

Year 3 – (Year 4 for students returning from an additional Diploma year)
三年级 - (对于从额外的文凭年度返回的学生为四年级)

All pathways will follow the same unit structure to provide the opportunity for collaboration across the pathways; however, the content and delivery will be differentiated to reflect the specialisms.

Final Major Project: Experimental/ Character (60 credits)
最终主要项目:实验/角色(60 学分)

The Final Major Project is a collaborative project that will allow you to make a significant contribution to a major project in a specialist role within a small production team. Working with a carefully formed team based on your interests and specialisms, this is an opportunity for you to demonstrate the skills you've developed over the course.

Professional Futures (40 credits)
专业期货(40 学分)

This unit builds on the experiences gained through Year 2 Professional Practices. There’s a focus on tailoring skills towards a specific role within the industry, and on developing professional methods and tools of presentation such as CV and personal website. The unit will contribute towards your portfolio of work. This experience will give you the opportunity to make introductions to contacts in the animation and creative industries.

Informed Practice 3 (20 credits)
通知实践 3(20 学分)

This unit is a culmination of the ‘Informed Practice’ component of the course. The subject of your work will be based on a written proposal and research produced at the end of the second year, and can be directly linked to other Year 3 units.

Optional Diploma between Years 2 and 3
第 2 和第 3 年之间的可选文凭

Between Years 2 and 3 of the course, you’ll also have the opportunity to undertake one of the following additional UAL qualifications:
在课程的第 2 年和第 3 年之间,您还将有机会获得以下额外的 UAL 资格之一:

Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS) (Optional)

An optional, year-long learning opportunity which enables you to develop your professional skills by undertaking time out for industry experience. Supported throughout the year by academics, you’ll build on the knowledge gained on your course in a range of national or international locations, and graduate with an additional qualification of Diploma in Professional Studies.

Diploma in Creative Computing (Optional)

Between Years 2 and 3, you can undertake the year-long Diploma in Creative Computing. This will develop your skills in creative computing alongside your degree. After successfully completing the diploma and your undergraduate degree, you’ll graduate with an enhanced degree: BA (Hons) Animation (with Creative Computing).
在第 2 年和第 3 年之间,您可以修读为期一年的创意计算机文凭。这将在您的学位之外培养您的创意计算机技能。成功完成文凭和本科学位后,您将获得一个增强的学位:BA(荣誉)动画(创意计算机)。

Learning and teaching methods

  • Seminars 研讨会
  • Study visits 学习访问
  • Personal tutorials 个人教程
  • Group tutorials 小组辅导
  • Lectures 讲座
  • Guest lectures 客座讲座
  • Workshops 工作坊

UAL Showcase UAL 展示

Explore work by our recent students on the UAL Showcase
探索我们最近学生在 UAL Showcase 上的作品

Student work 学生作品


Ma’s Well Cooked  马氏烹饪

A chef working in the last restaurant in the world knows everyone by name until a stranger appears and threatens the peace.

Work by Alexandra Kostyuk, Joshua Brand, Francesca Agolli, Luxi Rong, Baisen Diao, Evangelos Markou, Fabian Wong and Shiran Shu.


Where the Orchids Grow

A woman named Vidnaka is tasked to protect her tribe in the forest, however, due to the corrupted nature of the forest she is left alone.

Work by Rahul Malik, Stephen Bunn and Irnadas Ait-Ferrah.
拉胡尔·马利克(Rahul Malik)、斯蒂芬·邦恩(Stephen Bunn)和伊尔纳达斯·艾特-费拉(Irnadas Ait-Ferrah)的作品。


Forge  锻造

A client-based group project in response to the Horniman Museum's Wonder of the World brief.

Work by Mohamed Awale, Rafael Hara, Mukky Masunthasuwan, Charlotte Dillon, Mitchell Davis and Hatije Kargin.
由 Mohamed Awale、Rafael Hara、Mukky Masunthasuwan、Charlotte Dillon、Mitchell Davis 和 Hatije Kargin 完成的工作。


Bloodline Black  血脉黑色

A project that explores the atrocities and exploitation of the mining trade in the Congo.

Work by Pip Branson.
Pip Branson 的作品。


George Crumb's 'Aries'  乔治·克伦姆的《白羊座》

This is a 2D digital audio-responsive animation in collaboration with Xiaowen Shang, a pianist from the Royal Academy of Music.
这是与来自皇家音乐学院的钢琴家尚晓雯合作的 2D 数字音频响应动画。

Work by Anouska Lee, Fabian Wong and Shenglin Wang.
Anouska Lee、Fabian Wong 和 Shenglin Wang 的作品。


Dan and Claire  丹和克莱尔

This is a test for 'Chopping Wood Chips', an animated short film entirely made in plywood (and a tiny bit of wine).

Work by Alize Sotelo and Rita Ataide Novais.
Alize Sotelo 和 Rita Ataide Novais 的作品。

Student voices 学生的声音


Martha Yuill & Elaine Wah

Martha and Elaine talk about their join project 'The last Grimm tale' a virtual reality interactive story based on the Grimm brothers.


Adam Shirvani  亚当·希尔瓦尼

Student Voices  学生的声音

Adam’s project Pyramids is an exploration of humanity using music and philosophy.

Course Stories 课程故事

Facilities 设施

  • A tutor in the process of producing a print.
    Image © Lewis Bush

    Printmaking  版画

    This workshop offers a wide-range of expertise in everything from etching to lithography.

  • Students using the computers in the Digital Space
    Student in Creative Technology Lab, 2020. London College of Communication, UAL. Photograph: Tim Boddy

    Creative Technology Lab  创意技术实验室

    A multi-purpose space that supports students with: Creative Coding, Physical Computing, Projection Mapping, Games, and Virtual Reality.

Staff 员工

Lecturers 讲师

Daniel Saul, Ben Hirt,  David McGowan,  Darren Doherty, Issy Barscsz, Chris Eales, Michael Leslie

Visiting Lecturers 访问讲师

Teaching on BA (Hons) Animation is also complemented by a number of guest lecturers from a range of industry professionals across the animation and wider media industries.

Fees and funding 费用和资金

Home fee 家庭费用

£9,250 per year  每年 9250 英镑

This fee is correct for entry in autumn 2024 and is subject to change for entry in autumn 2025.
此费用适用于 2024 年秋季入学,并可能会因 2025 年秋季入学而变动。

Tuition fees may increase in future years for new and continuing students.

Home fees are currently charged to UK nationals and UK residents who meet the rules. However, the rules are complex. Find out more about our tuition fees and determining your fee status.

International fee 国际费用

£28,570 per year  每年£28,570

This fee is correct for entry in autumn 2024 and is subject to change for entry in autumn 2025.
此费用适用于 2024 年秋季入学,并可能会因 2025 年秋季入学而变动。

Tuition fees for international students may increase by up to 5% in each future year of your course.
国际学生的学费可能在您的课程未来每年增加高达 5%。

Students from countries outside of the UK will generally be charged international fees. The rules are complex so read more about tuition fees and determining your fee status.

Scholarship search 奖学金搜索

Or view all

Entry requirements 入境要求

The course team welcomes applicants from a broad range of backgrounds from all over the world. The course attracts students who apply direct from A-level (or equivalent) or from Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, or other art or design courses, as well as mature students who may have previously worked in industry.
课程团队欢迎来自世界各地各种背景的申请者。该课程吸引了直接从 A-level(或等同)或艺术与设计基础文凭,或其他艺术或设计课程申请的学生,以及可能之前在行业工作过的成年学生。

The standard entry requirements for this course are as follows:

96 UCAS tariff points which can be made up of one or a combination of the following accepted full level 3 qualifications:
96 UCAS 积分,可以由以下接受的完整 3 级资格中的一个或组合组成:

  • A Levels at grade C or above (preferred subjects include: English; History; Media; Business; Art and Design, or other subjects within Social Sciences).
    A Levels 成绩为 C 级或以上(优选科目包括:英语;历史;媒体;商业;艺术与设计,或其他社会科学类科目)。
  • Pass at Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (Level 3 or 4).
    在艺术与设计基础文凭(3 级或 4 级)中通过。
  • Merit, Merit, Merit at BTEC Extended Diploma (preferred subjects: Art and Design, IT & Computing).
    在 BTEC 高级文凭中的优点,优点,优点(首选科目:艺术与设计,IT 和计算)。
  • Merit at UAL Extended Diploma.
    UAL 延伸文凭的优点。
  • Access to Higher Education Diploma (preferred subject: Digital and Creative Media, Film and Production, Computing).
  • OR equivalent EU/International qualifications, such as International Baccalaureate Diploma at 24 points minimum