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Toolbar 工具栏
Auto-Optimize 自动优化 1 Restart Process 1 重新启动进程 Free RAM now! 立即释放 RAM! Cleanup 清理 भिभthor Memory Diagnostic
भिभthor 内存诊断
Report 报告 8 I. 5 About 我。5 关于

Auto-Optimize  自动优化

Auto-Optimize will examine your system and apply automatically best settings and system tweaks in order to improve performance.

Restart Process 重新启动进程

With this button you restart the select process. It's useful when a program is not responding anymore.

Free RAM now 立即释放 RAM

Cacheman will recover unused memory from all running processes. Clicking the arrow to the right of this button will offer you more tools.
Cacheman 将从所有运行中的进程中恢复未使用的内存。单击此按钮右侧的箭头将为您提供更多工具。

Cleanup 清理

A new window will popup with options to clean up temporary and unused files

Memory Diagnostic 内存诊断

Your system memory (RAM) will be diagnosed for errors. It can be a lengthy process.
Report 报告
Cacheman will collects and save system information like CPU, RAM and Process information to a text file.
Cacheman 将收集和保存系统信息,如 CPU、RAM 和进程信息到文本文件中。

Unlock 解锁

Use this button to activate all Cacheman functionality after purchasing.
使用此按钮在购买后激活所有 Cacheman 功能。
Help 帮助
Launches this Help File.
About 关于
Displays Cacheman version, serial and translation information.
显示 Cacheman 版本、序列号和翻译信息。

Auto-Optimize 自动优化

Before using this Cacheman function please make sure you have the latest version of the program installed.
在使用此 Cacheman 功能之前,请确保您已安装了最新版本的程序。
If you click on the Optimize button Cacheman will scan your system and calculate best values for every setting and system tweak.
如果您点击“优化”按钮,Cacheman 将扫描您的系统并计算每个设置和系统调整的最佳值。
After completion a dialog will appear informing you that a reboot is needed for the changes to become effective, you get the choice to let Cacheman reboot your system or to reboot later manually.
完成后,将出现一个对话框,通知您需要重新启动才能使更改生效,您可以选择让 Cacheman 重新启动系统,或者稍后手动重新启动。

Tray Icons 托盘图标

Cacheman displays upto five (you can disable any of them) icons in the Windows Tray Area
Cacheman 在 Windows 托盘区域显示最多五个图标(您可以禁用其中任何一个)
Here you can see two Tray Icons displaying the CPU Usage of both CPU cores as a graph ...
在这里,您可以看到两个托盘图标显示了两个 CPU 核心的 CPU 使用率图表...
... and as numeric values.
Tips 提示
Single clicking any of the Icons can set the display to alternate mode. This way you can configure every Tray Icon twice, and switch the display quickly. To enable alternate mode switching (disabled by default) turn on the alternate checkbox on the options tab of the main window.
You can also configure the tray icon display and set a Hotkey to show the Cacheman control window on the Options tab.
您还可以在“选项”选项卡上配置托盘图标显示并设置热键以显示 Cacheman 控制窗口。

Information 信息

On this page you can see some important system data like CPU and RAM usage and manipulate running processes.
在这个页面上,您可以查看一些重要的系统数据,如 CPU 和 RAM 使用情况,并操纵运行中的进程。
Cacheman displays a list of loaded Windows processes (Applications and System Services) along with the RAM Usage. If a process consumes more than CPU Time the process name is displayed in blue color, if a process consumes more than of CPU Time the process name is displayed in red.
Cacheman 显示了加载的 Windows 进程(应用程序和系统服务)列表以及 RAM 使用情况。如果一个进程消耗超过 CPU 时间,则进程名称显示为蓝色,如果一个进程消耗超过 的 CPU 时间,则进程名称显示为红色。
Above the column headers you can see the two most active processes. You can sort the process list by clicking on any of the column headers. You can also change the display order by drag & dropping column headers.
If a process has a window, the icon of this window is displayed on the left side of the process name. If you doubleclick on such an item Cacheman will bring the window of this process to front.
如果一个进程有一个窗口,那么这个窗口的图标将显示在进程名称的左侧。如果您双击这样的项目,Cacheman 将把该进程的窗口置于前台。

Process List functions 处理列表功能

The most important Cacheman process features are Restart Process and Kill Process.
Cacheman 进程的最重要特性是重新启动进程和终止进程。
What are these functions for?
From time to time a Windows program can crash and become non responding. It completely stops to react to user input. In bad cases it can slow down your whole system and even stop other programs from working
有时候 Windows 程序可能会崩溃并变得无响应。它完全停止对用户输入做出反应。在糟糕的情况下,它可能会减慢整个系统的运行速度,甚至导致其他程序停止工作。
When this happens, you usually show the Task Manager and try to end it.
Unfortunately, it does not always work. A program can crash very badly and ignore even the Task Manager. You select End Process over and over, but nothing happens.
In this case the Cacheman process management function should help you.
在这种情况下,Cacheman 的进程管理功能应该会帮助您。
It will remove (and optionally restart) the selected program from memory even if it does not play along nicely and refuses to respond. Since this feature should only be used as a last resort, you will be asked whether you really want to kill the process. The security dialog can be disabled on the options tab.

All process functions explained

Restart Process | Service
重新启动进程 | 服务

end or kills the selected process or service, followed by a restart of the selected process or service

- End Process - 结束流程

closes the main window of the selected application (normal exit)

- Kill Process - 结束进程

eliminates the selected process from memory, use only on crashed applications that do not respond
  • Properties.. 属性。
displays the properties dialog of the selected process executable
  • Show window 展示窗口
brings the main window of the selected process to front (same as double click)
  • Open folder 打开文件夹
opens the folder of the process executable with Explorer

- Rename Title - 重命名标题

- Look up entry on Internet
- 在互联网上查找条目

opens your default web browser and looks up information about the selected process

- Upload for Anti Virus check
- 上传进行防病毒检查

opens your default web browser with a website where you can upload a file and check it with several Anti Virus programs within a minute

- Lower RAM usage
- 降低内存使用量

moves non active parts of the selected process from RAM to Paging File
将所选进程的非活动部分从 RAM 移动到分页文件

- Set Priority - 设置优先级

sets the level of CPU Priority of the selected process, processes with higher Priority will get more CPU time and run faster, but slow down reaction times of other processes
设置所选进程的 CPU 优先级,具有更高优先级的进程将获得更多的 CPU 时间并运行更快,但会降低其他进程的响应时间

- Set Priority (sticky)

Set Priority with the difference that the priority will survive a computer reboot or a program restart. This setting also changes IO priority (unlike Set Priority),
使用不同的优先级设置,该优先级将在计算机重新启动或程序重新启动后保留。此设置还会更改 IO 优先级(与设置优先级不同),
Tips 提示
You can click on a column header to sort the process list.
You can drag & drop columns headers to change the display order.
To disable a column reduce it's width to 0 pixels.
禁用列时,将其宽度减小为 0 像素。
To reset the column display use the corresponding function in the Process List sub menu
Doubleclicking a process with a window, will bring the window to front.
The CPU Ticks column represents the CPU Usage of a process, since your computer has been started.
CPU 滴答声列代表了一个进程的 CPU 使用情况,自从您的计算机启动以来。
If you want to use Cacheman as a Task Manager replacement make sure the Tray Icon is loaded on Windows startup (default). You can also configure a Hotkey to show the Cacheman settings window. Both settings can be configured in the Options tab.
如果您想将 Cacheman 用作任务管理器替代品,请确保托盘图标在 Windows 启动时加载(默认)。您还可以配置一个热键来显示 Cacheman 设置窗口。这两个设置都可以在“选项”选项卡中配置。

Memory Management 内存管理

Cacheman can take over memory control from Windows to ensure optimal performance and ram usage.
Cacheman 可以接管 Windows 的内存控制,以确保最佳性能和内存使用。
You can define which applications have the most importance to you. When your system runs out of RAM Cacheman will take it away from non essential programs and give it to the important ones
您可以定义对您最重要的应用程序。当您的系统的 RAM 用尽时,Cacheman 将从非必要的程序中收回 RAM,并分配给重要的程序。
Select a process from the list and assign importance in the combobox.
You can also limit the maximum RAM a process can get. This can be useful for application that are constantly loosing (leaking) memory, but you want to use them anyway. A memory leak will probably result in slow system performance and instability.
您还可以限制进程可以获取的最大 RAM。这对于那些不断丢失(泄漏)内存的应用程序可能很有用,但您仍然想使用它们。内存泄漏可能会导致系统性能下降和不稳定。

Dynamic Priority 动态优先级

Background applications:
Cacheman will dynamically lower the priority of background applications that use a lot of processing power and IO bandwidth. The application that is active will run faster this way. You can exempt a specific application from this feature by configuring a Sticky Priority.
Cacheman 将动态降低使用大量处理能力和 IO 带宽的后台应用程序的优先级。这样,处于活动状态的应用程序将运行得更快。您可以通过配置“粘性优先级”来豁免特定应用程序免受此功能的影响。
Fullscreen applications 全屏应用
Cacheman will change the process priority of applications that run in fullscreen mode (covering the whole monitor area).
Cacheman 将更改全屏模式下运行的应用程序的进程优先级(覆盖整个监视器区域)。
High priority will help reduce lag caused by background processes when playing a 3D computer game. Low priority makes sense on a server computer, where background tasks are more importan
高优先级将有助于减少在玩 3D 电脑游戏时由后台进程引起的延迟。低优先级在服务器计算机上更有意义,因为后台任务更重要。
Sticky Priority always takes precedence over Dynamic Priority.

Sticky Priority 粘性优先

You can configure process CPU and IO priorities which will survive a reboot or a program restart.
您可以配置进程的 CPU 和 IO 优先级,这些设置将在重启或程序重新启动后保留。
Select a process from the list and assign a priority in the combobox. You can do the same on the information tab, by right clicking a process and selecting the Set Priority (sticky) function. Sticky Priority always takes precedence over Dynamic Priority.

Sticky Core Affinity 粘性核亲和力

Here you can tie processes to specific CPU cores. This setting will survive a reboot or a program restart.
在这里,您可以将进程绑定到特定的 CPU 核心。此设置将在重启或程序重新启动后保留。
Note to AMD Ryzen 7 users
致 AMD Ryzen 7 用户
The AMD Ryzen CPU consists of 16 CPU cores - 8 physical and 8 virtual (emulated) cores. The physical cores are placed onm the CPU die in two groups of 4 cores each, the so called CCX (CPU Complex). The two groups are interconnected with with a 256 -bit wide bi-directional crossbar. The speed of the crossbar is linked to the speed of your system memory (RAM). Within a CCX group CPU cores can communicate very quickly with each other. Communication between cores that sit on two separate CCX groups is significantly slower (by the factor of 2 and more).
AMD Ryzen CPU 由 16 个 CPU 核心组成-8 个物理核心和 8 个虚拟(模拟)核心。物理核心分布在 CPU 芯片上,每组 4 个核心,即所谓的 CCX(CPU 复合体)。这两个组通过一条 256 位宽的双向交叉连接。交叉连接的速度与系统内存(RAM)的速度相关联。在 CCX 组内,CPU 核心之间可以非常快速地进行通信。坐落在两个独立 CCX 组上的核心之间的通信速度明显较慢(因子为 2 或更多)。
Windows 10 appears to not be aware that the Ryzen CPU consists of two individual CPU core groups. Switching program threads from one CCX group to another can cause performance degradation on an otherwise very fast CPU. During our tests in the Outertech lab we have discovered that tying some Windows applications to the first CCX group ( 4 physical +4 virtua cores) can increase the performance by a significant factor, as thread switching between two CCX groups is avoided. This will work well only with application that do not make full use of al 16 cpu cores, particularly computer games.
Windows 10 似乎不知道 Ryzen CPU 由两个独立的 CPU 核心组成。将程序线程从一个 CCX 组切换到另一个可能会导致性能下降,否则非常快的 CPU。在 Outertech 实验室的测试中,我们发现将一些 Windows 应用程序绑定到第一个 CCX 组(4 个物理+4 个虚拟核心)可以显著提高性能,因为避免了在两个 CCX 组之间切换线程。这只适用于不充分利用所有 16 个 CPU 核心的应用程序,特别是电脑游戏。
Since we are expecting a fix from Microsoft on this issue we have decided against an automatic Cacheman optimization at this time. Users can manually try this optimization. Here is an example for the game Witcher 3
由于我们期待微软解决此问题,我们决定暂时不进行自动 Cacheman 优化。用户可以尝试手动进行此优化。这里是《巫师 3》游戏的一个示例。
  1. Start the computer game you want to optimize, in this example Witcher 3 .
    启动您想要优化的电脑游戏,在本例中是《巫师 3》。
  2. Switch to desktop (alt + tab hotkey)
    切换到桌面(alt + tab 快捷键)
  3. Launch Cacheman 启动 Cacheman
  4. Go to the Sticky Core Affinity ta
    前往粘性核亲和力 ta
  5. In the process list select witcher3 exe
    在进程列表中选择 witcher3 exe
Presets button and select Core 1-8
预设按钮并选择核心 1-8
  1. The Core Affinity will change from default to 1111111100000000
    核心亲和性将从默认更改为 1111111100000000
  2. Restart Witcher 3 重新启动巫师 3
To optimize other games just look for the correct process name in the core affinity list.
Cacheman will remember this tweak and apply it automatically each time you start the game.
Cacheman 将记住这个调整,并在每次启动游戏时自动应用它。
We will continue monitoring this issue, and if Microsoft doen't fix it with an update we will release a new Cacheman version with automatic Core Affinity optimization.
我们将继续监视这个问题,如果微软不通过更新修复它,我们将发布一个新的 Cacheman 版本,其中包含自动核心亲和力优化。
Cache 缓存
After selecting a new value or enabling/disabling a checkbox the change is written immediately to the system registry. Make sure to create a backup of your settings before doing any

modifications. All tweaks need a system reboot in order to become effective. After closing the Cacheman settings window you will get an option to reboot immediately.
修改。所有调整都需要系统重新启动才能生效。在关闭 Cacheman 设置窗口后,您将获得立即重新启动的选项。
Auto-Optimize can tweak all these settings automatically.
Windows controlled Windows 受控
With this setting enabled Cacheman does not change the File Cache
启用此设置后,Cacheman 不会更改文件缓存
Cacheman controlled Cacheman 受控
Cacheman will detect a low memory situation and try to prevent Paging File swapping by trimming the File Cache faster than Windows usually does.
Cacheman 将检测低内存情况,并尝试通过比 Windows 通常更快地修剪文件缓存来防止页面文件交换。
Manual 手册
With this option you can set the File Cache not to grow above this value.
Large System Cache 大型系统缓存
Establishes a large system cache working set that can expand to physical memory, minus 4 MBytes.
建立一个大型系统缓存工作集,可以扩展到物理内存,减去 4 兆字节。
Thumbnail Cache 缩略图缓存
Windows has a feature for graphic and video files that creates a "Thumbnail" of the image or first frame of the video and makes it into an oversized icon for the file. There are two ways that Explorer can do this, it can create them fresh each time the folder is accessed or it can load them from a Thumbnail Cache.
Windows 具有一个用于图形和视频文件的功能,它会创建图像或视频的“缩略图”,并将其制作成文件的超大图标。资源管理器可以通过两种方式来实现这一点,它可以在每次访问文件夹时重新创建它们,也可以从缩略图缓存中加载它们。
Network Cache 网络缓存
Handles Offline Files, responds to user logon and logoff events, implements the internals of the public API, and dispatches events to those interested in Offline Files activities and changes in cache state.
处理离线文件,响应用户登录和注销事件,实现公共 API 的内部,并将事件分派给对离线文件活动和缓存状态变化感兴趣的人。
Icon Cache 图标缓存
Executable files have icons associated with it. Every time the shell displays a folder full of files it needs to obtain icons for each of those items. By saving icons that it has already retrieved into a cache, the shell is relieved of the need to constantly retrieve icons from executable files and icon libraries. This can make a vast difference to system performance, especially when accessing network drives. If you modify this setting the next reboot will take longer since Windows will rebuild the Icon Cache.
可执行文件有与之关联的图标。每当 shell 显示一个文件夹中充满文件时,它需要为每个项目获取图标。通过将已经检索到的图标保存到缓存中,shell 无需不断从可执行文件和图标库中检索图标。这可以极大地提高系统性能,特别是在访问网络驱动器时。如果您修改此设置,下次重启将需要更长的时间,因为 Windows 将重新构建图标缓存。
Dormant File Limit 休眠文件限制
Determines how many files on each share can remain open in the redirector's cache after an application has closed them. If the number of open cached files on a share exceeds the value of this entry, the system begins to close the cached files.
Unused File Cache 未使用的文件缓存
This number represents the percent of pool that can be consumed by unused segments. 5 is most aggressive and 40 is least aggressive setting.
这个数字代表了未使用的段可以消耗的池的百分比。 5 是最激进的设置,40 是最不激进的设置。

Cache File Timeout 缓存文件超时

Determines how long a file can remain in the cache after it is closed. If the file is not reopened before the time indicated by the value of this entry expires, it is flushed from the Cache.

DNS Negative Cache DNS 负缓存

Determines how long a negative answer entry remains in the DNS cache.
确定负答案条目在 DNS 缓存中保留多长时间。

DNS Net Failure Cache
DNS 网络故障缓存

Determines the query timeout for the DNS client when suspecting a network failure
确定 DNS 客户端在怀疑网络故障时的查询超时

DNS Negative SOA Cach
DNS 负 SOA 缓存

Determines how long a negative DNS query SOA (Start of Authority) entry stays in the cache.
确定负 DNS 查询 SOA(权威起始)条目在缓存中保留的时间。
DNS Cache [IE] DNS 缓存[IE]
This value represents the maximum number of rows in the hash table used by the DNS caching resolver service.
此值表示 DNS 缓存解析器服务中哈希表中的最大行数。
Note: Only prime numbers are allowed!
Internet Explorer Cache Internet Explorer 缓存
This is the space Internet Explorer can use for temporary Internet files that are stored on your Hard Drive.
这是 Internet Explorer 可以用于存储在您的硬盘驱动器上的临时互联网文件的空间。
Share Cache Timeout 共享缓存超时
Determines the number of idle minutes until Windows disconnects a network share from a client
确定空闲分钟数,直到 Windows 从客户端断开网络共享
DNS Adapter Timeout Cache
DNS 适配器超时缓存
Determines how long the DNS client avoids an unresponsive network adapter.
确定 DNS 客户端避免无响应网络适配器的时间长度。
Max Parked Cores 最大停放核心
Maximum amount of processor cores Windows is allowed to park in order to save energy
Windows 允许停放的处理器核心数量的最大值,以节省能源
Firefox Cache [RAM] Firefox 缓存[RAM]
This is the space Firefox can use for temporary Internet files that are stored in your RAM
这是 Firefox 可以用于存储在您的 RAM 中的临时互联网文件的空间
Firefox Cache [Disk] Firefox 缓存[磁盘]
This is the space Firefox can use for temporary Internet files that are stored on your Hard Drive
这是 Firefox 可以用于存储在您的硬盘上的临时互联网文件的空间
DNS Cache [Firefox] DNS 缓存[火狐]
This value represents the maximum number of rows in the hash table used by the Firefox DNS caching resolver service.
此值表示 Firefox DNS 缓存解析器服务中哈希表中的最大行数。

Performance Tweaks 性能调整

This page allows expert computer users to fine tune their system. Novice and intermediate users should use Auto-Optimize instead

Tweaks explained 调整解释

After selecting a new value or enabling/disabling a checkbox the change is written immediately to the system registry. Make sure to create a backup of your settings before doing any modifications. All tweaks need a system reboot in order to become effective. If you close the Cacheman control window you will get an option to reboot immediately.
在选择新值或启用/禁用复选框后,更改会立即写入系统注册表。在进行任何修改之前,请确保备份您的设置。所有调整需要系统重启才能生效。如果您关闭 Cacheman 控制窗口,您将获得立即重启的选项。
Creation of short filenames
If disabled Windows file system will stop generating an 8.3 filename for each new file created on the volume. If you don't use 16 Bit (Windows ) applications, turning off this checkbox can speed up file system operations. Please keep in mind that even some modern applications (e.g. installers from Norton Systemworks or ATI Catalyst drivers) are still 16 bit and will not work with this option turned off.
如果禁用 Windows 文件系统,将停止为卷上创建的每个新文件生成 8.3 文件名。如果您不使用 16 位(Windows )应用程序,关闭此复选框可以加快文件系统操作速度。请记住,即使一些现代应用程序(例如来自 Norton Systemworks 或 ATI Catalyst 驱动程序的安装程序)仍然是 16 位,并且将无法在关闭此选项时使用。
Defragment hard disk when idle
If enabled Windows will defragment the hard disk in times of low activity.
如果启用,Windows 将在低活动时段对硬盘进行碎片整理。
Indexing 索引
Windows keeps a record of all files on the Hard Drive so when you do a search it is faster. There is a downside to this - it will slow down normal file commands like open and close.
Windows 会记录硬盘上的所有文件,因此当您进行搜索时速度更快。但这也有一个缺点 - 它会减慢正常的文件打开和关闭命令。

NTFS last access update
NTFS 最后访问更新

By disabling this option, Windows file system will not record the last time a file was accessed. This can speed up disk operations if applications read or write many small files very frequently.
通过禁用此选项,Windows 文件系统将不会记录文件上次访问的时间。如果应用程序频繁读取或写入许多小文件,这可以加快磁盘操作速度。
Reserve more space for the master file table
The Windows file system contains a file called the master file table or "MFT". There is at least one entry in the MFT for every file on an NTFS volume, including the MFT itself. Because to keep the MFT as contiguous as possible as it grows. With this, setting enabled NTFS will reserve a larger space for this file. Enable this setting only if you have a huge amount of files Works best when activated before files are copied to a volume.
Windows 文件系统包含一个名为主文件表或"MFT"的文件。在 NTFS 卷上,MFT 中至少有一个条目,包括 MFT 本身。为了尽可能保持 MFT 连续,随着其增长。启用此设置后,NTFS 将为此文件保留更大的空间。仅在拥有大量文件时启用此设置,最好在将文件复制到卷之前激活。
ReadyBoot ReadyBoot ReadyBoot
If active Windows will optimize the boot process by pre-loading files in the beginning.
如果活动的 Windows 将通过在开始时预加载文件来优化启动过程。
Prefetch / Superfetch 预取/超级取
When enabled Windows will pre-load files into RAM, so they can be accessed faster at a later time.
启用时,Windows 将文件预加载到 RAM 中,以便稍后更快地访问。

Explorer network crawling

With this tweak active and if there are less than 10 systems on the network, your Windows Explorer will search the network to locate all network shares (in the background), which are then displayed directly under Network or "My Network Places".
启用此调整后,如果网络上的系统少于 10 个,您的 Windows 资源管理器将搜索网络以定位所有网络共享(在后台),然后直接显示在“网络”或“我的网络位置”下。
When you attempt to view the computer share list on a Microsoft Windows 98/ME-based computer from a Windows XP/Vista/7/8-based computer, you may experience a delay of up to 30 seconds. This problem noccur when your Windows XP/Vista/7/8-based computer is checking to determine if scheduled tasks are enabled on the Windows ME-based computer. You can disable the Scheduled Tasks search by unchecking this tweak.
当您尝试从基于 Microsoft Windows 98/ME 的计算机查看计算机共享列表时,从基于 Windows XP/Vista/7/8 的计算机,您可能会遇到长达 30 秒的延迟。当您的基于 Windows XP/Vista/7/8 的计算机正在检查 Windows ME 计算机上是否启用了计划任务时,可能会出现此问题。您可以通过取消选中此调整来禁用计划任务搜索。
Track network shortcuts 跟踪网络快捷方式
If disabled Windows will not track Shell shortcuts during network roaming.
如果禁用,Windows 将在网络漫游期间不跟踪 Shell 快捷方式。
Limit reserved bandwidth
This setting determines the percentage of connection bandwidth that Windows can reserve for QoS (Quality of Service) traffic. If you don't use QoS applications lowering this value will increase network bandwidth.
此设置确定 Windows 可为 QoS(服务质量)流量保留的连接带宽百分比。如果您不使用 QoS 应用程序,降低此值将增加网络带宽。

Max IE connections per server
每个服务器的最大 IE 连接数

When you try to download more than two files at the same time, the "Save This Program To Disk" option may not appear until one or more of the previous downloads is finished. This behavior can occur because Internet Explorer strictly adheres to the specifications for HTP 1.1, which state that clients must not create more than two simultaneous connections per server. You can increase the value to force IE to ignore this limitation
当您尝试同时下载两个以上的文件时,“将此程序保存到磁盘”选项可能直到一个或多个先前的下载完成后才会出现。这种行为可能是因为 Internet Explorer 严格遵守 HTP 1.1 的规范,规定客户端不得在每个服务器上创建超过两个同时连接。您可以增加该值以强制 IE 忽略此限制。
Network Throttling Index
This setting determines the appropriate balance between network performance and audio/video playback quality.

AVI scanning AVI 扫描

Windows can run slowly when attempting to access a folder that contains a large number of AVI media files. By disabling this checkbox you can speed up the process by stopping Windows from extracting file information from AVIs.
当尝试访问包含大量 AVI 媒体文件的文件夹时,Windows 可能运行缓慢。通过禁用此复选框,您可以加快速度,阻止 Windows 从 AVI 文件中提取文件信息。
Windows Experience Index
Windows 经验指数
This service starts a weekly benchmark to measure your computers performance.
Show menu delay 显示菜单延迟
Decreasing this value makes the Start Menu cascading menus appear more quickly

Executive paging 执行分页

Parts of system code and device drivers can be swapped out to paging file when the system needs more RAM. The system slows down when it needs that code or drivers since it must load them from the paging file. Windows stops while the required code is swapped in or out of RAM dependent on very long Hard Drive access times. If you have more than sufficient RAM disabling Executive paging should improve performance
系统代码的部分和设备驱动程序可以在系统需要更多 RAM 时交换到分页文件。当系统需要该代码或驱动程序时,系统会变慢,因为它必须从分页文件中加载它们。当所需代码根据非常长的硬盘访问时间从 RAM 中交换进或出时,Windows 会停止。如果您拥有足够的 RAM,禁用执行分页应该会提高性能。
Run startup scripts asynchronously
Use this option to optimize the startup/logon processes so users can logon before startup scripts have finished
WMI logging WMI 日志记录
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is a component of the Windows operating system and is the MS implementation of Web-Based Enterprise Management. The log files created by WMI and various providers record events, trace or diagnostic data, errors, and various activities. Turning WMI logging off can decrease disk activity and improve performance.
Windows 管理工具(WMI)是 Windows 操作系统的一个组件,是微软对基于 Web 的企业管理的实现。由 WMI 和各种提供程序创建的日志文件记录事件、跟踪或诊断数据、错误和各种活动。关闭 WMI 日志记录可以减少磁盘活动并提高性能。
Additional critical | delayed worker threads
A computer that's placed under heavy load conditions quite often may benefit from having more system worker threads, which perform things like clean-up after a process quits running System Responsiveness
Determines how much CPU time is reserved for background tasks.
确定为后台任务保留多少 CPU 时间。
Time stamp interval 时间戳间隔
A "last alive" time stamp is written to the registry at a default interval of 5 minutes. Changing this value can result in slightly less disk activity. Auto-Optimize disables writing the time stamp at intervals. Instead only the boot and normal shutdown stamps will be written
“最后活动”时间戳以默认间隔 5 分钟写入注册表。更改此值可能导致稍微减少磁盘活动。自动优化会禁用在间隔时间写入时间戳。而只会写入启动和正常关机时间戳。
WMI Backup Interval WMI 备份间隔
The Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) repository backup occurs every 30 minutes on a Windows Server. You can increase the value to improve performance slightly,
Windows Server 上的 Windows 管理仪器 (WMI) 存储库备份每 30 分钟发生一次。您可以增加该值以稍微提高性能。

Usability Tweaks 可用性调整

This page allows expert computer users to fine tune their system. Novice and intermediate users should use Auto-Optimize instead.

Tweaks explained 调整解释

After selecting a new value or enabling/disabling a checkbox the change is written immediately to the system registry. Make sure to create a backup of your settings before doing any

modifications. All tweaks need a system reboot in order to become effective. If you close the Cacheman control window you will get an option to reboot immediately.
修改。所有调整都需要系统重新启动才能生效。如果您关闭 Cacheman 控制窗口,您将获得立即重新启动的选项。
Balloon tips 气球提示
Balloon tips can be convenient, but they are far from necessary for the power user. Some of these tips, like the balloon urging you to sign up for a .NET passport account, give up after a while and stop coming out, others, like the baloon reminding you to download and install the latest Windows Updates do never leave you By disabling this checkbox you can get rid of al of them.
气球提示可能很方便,但对于高级用户来说并非必需。其中一些提示,比如提示您注册.NET 通行证帐户的气球,一段时间后就会放弃并停止弹出,而另一些提示,比如提醒您下载并安装最新的 Windows 更新的气球则永远不会离开您。通过禁用此复选框,您可以摆脱所有这些提示。
Group similar taskbar buttons
This tweak controls whether similar items are grouped together as a single item or displayed as individual buttons on the taskbar.
Shortcuts arrows 快捷键箭头
Determines whether Desktop Shortcut Icons should display an arrow symbol or not.
Shortcuts text 快捷方式文本
Determines whether Desktop Shortcut Icons should display a "Shortcut to" text.


A quick way to resize open windows, simply by dragging them to the edges of your screen.
Font smoothing (ClearType)
Font smoothing works by adding intermediate colored pixels to the corners, curves and diagonals of characters in order to make them appear smoother and less jagged than they would otherwise. This greatly increases readability and clarity in such applications as your web browser and word processor. ClearType is an evolved form of the standard method of font smoothing which utilizes anti-aliasing.
字体平滑通过在字符的角落、曲线和对角线上添加中间颜色像素来使它们看起来更加平滑,比起原本更少出现锯齿。这极大地提高了在诸如您的网络浏览器和文字处理器等应用程序中的可读性和清晰度。ClearType 是字体平滑的一种进化形式,它利用了抗锯齿的标准方法。
Desktop Cleanup Wizard 桌面清理向导
The Desktop Cleanup Wizard runs every 60 days and helps you to remove unwanted desktop shortcuts. If you prefer to clean up your desktop manually, disable it here.
桌面清理向导每 60 天运行一次,帮助您删除不需要的桌面快捷方式。如果您更喜欢手动清理桌面,请在此处禁用它。
IE search box IE 搜索框
With this setting you can toggle the search box in the top right corner of Internet Explorer.
使用此设置,您可以切换 Internet Explorer 右上角的搜索框。
Low disk space checks
Windows popups warning messages when a partition of your Hard Drive runs out of space. But maybe you already know your disk is almost full, and don't want to keep seeing that message. By disabling this checkbox the messages will stop annoying you.
Windows 在您的硬盘分区空间不足时会弹出警告消息。但也许您已经知道您的磁盘几乎满了,并且不想继续看到那个消息。通过禁用此复选框,消息将停止打扰您。

Messenger 信使

The Windows Messenger Service was designed to be used by application who need to send an alert to the user of the system and by system managers to send messages to everyone in a domain. However, spammers can take advantage of the Windows messaging service to send harmless but annoying advertisements straight to your desktop. You can disable this service to prevent these messages from appearing.
Windows Messenger 服务是为需要向系统用户发送警报的应用程序和系统管理员向域中的所有人发送消息而设计的。然而,垃圾邮件发送者可以利用 Windows 消息服务向您的桌面发送无害但令人讨厌的广告。您可以禁用此服务以防止这些消息出现。
Beep on errors 错误时蜂鸣声
If unchecked, Windows will stop using the PC speaker to produce annoying beep sounds on errors.
如果不加以检查,Windows 将停止使用 PC 扬声器在错误时产生刺耳的蜂鸣声。
Filename completion 文件名完成
Filename completion is a popular feature of many UNIX shells that saves keystrokes. With this tweak enabled, if you type the first few letters of a filename in a shell console window and then press the tab key, a matching filename will appear on the command line.
文件名自动补全是许多 UNIX shell 的流行功能,可以节省按键次数。启用此调整后,如果您在 shell 控制台窗口中键入文件名的前几个字母,然后按下 Tab 键,匹配的文件名将出现在命令行上。

Windows Key Windows 键

With this checkbox you can enable/disable the Windows key (between your Ctrl and Alt keys). If you play a fullscreen game and press it unintentionally Windows returns back to the Desktop, which at times can be very annoying.
使用此复选框,您可以启用/禁用 Windows 键(位于 Ctrl 和 Alt 键之间)。如果您在全屏游戏中不小心按下它,Windows 将返回到桌面,有时会非常恼人。

WMI events WMI 事件

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is a component of the Windows operating system and is the MS implementation of Web-Based Enterprise Management. The log files created by WMI and various providers record events, trace or diagnostic data, errors, and various activities. Turning off WMI events can decrease disk activity and improve performance.
Windows 管理工具(WMI)是 Windows 操作系统的一个组件,是微软对基于 Web 的企业管理的实现。由 WMI 和各种提供程序创建的日志文件记录事件、跟踪或诊断数据、错误和各种活动。关闭 WMI 事件可以减少磁盘活动并提高性能。
Move mouse pointer to default dialog button
If turned on the mouse will be automatically moved to the default button of popup dialogs.
Mouse Sensitivity 鼠标灵敏度
Determines mouse pointer speed
Autoplay 自动播放
Autoplay or autorun is the ability to automatically take some action upon the inserting of removable media such as a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or flash media like USB-Sticks. This is not desired for all users and degrades computer security
自动播放或自动运行是在插入可移动媒体,如 CD-ROM、DVD-ROM 或闪存媒体(如 USB 闪存驱动器)时自动执行某些操作的能力。这并非所有用户都希望,并且会降低计算机安全性。
Don't restart automatically after update installations (Windows XP only)
更新安装后不要自动重新启动(仅适用于 Windows XP)
If enabled Windows will not restart automatically after installing updates.
如果启用,Windows 将不会在安装更新后自动重新启动。
Don't show Automatic Updates restart dialog (WindowsXP only)
不显示自动更新重新启动对话框(仅适用于 WindowsXP)
If enabled the Restart dialog will be hidden when installing updates.
Tame UAC 驯服 UAC
If enabled UAC dialogs will be displayed less frequently if you are logged in as an administrator.
如果启用了 UAC 对话框,如果您以管理员身份登录,则将更少地显示。
User Account Control 用户账户控制
User Account Control (UAC) is a security infrastructure introduced with Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system. It aims to improve the security of Microsoft Windows by limiting application software to standard user privileges until an administrator authorizes an increase in privilege level. One part of this systems is the "Are you sure" dialogs. By disabling this checkbox these dialogs will not appear anymore. It can drastically improve the work-flow at the cost of some security.
用户账户控制(UAC)是 Microsoft 的 Windows Vista 操作系统引入的安全基础设施。它旨在通过将应用程序软件限制为标准用户权限,直到管理员授权提高权限级别来提高 Microsoft Windows 的安全性。该系统的一部分是“您确定吗”对话框。通过禁用此复选框,这些对话框将不再出现。这可以大大提高工作流程,但会牺牲一些安全性。
Windows Defender
Windows Defender, formerly known as Microsoft AntiSpyware, is a software product from Microsoft to prevent, remove and quarantine spyware in Microsoft Windows.
Windows Defender,以前被称为 Microsoft AntiSpyware,是微软的一款软件产品,用于防止、移除和隔离 Microsoft Windows 中的间谍软件。
Show hidden and system file
If enabled Explorer will display all files including hidden and system protected Windows files.
如果启用,资源管理器将显示所有文件,包括隐藏和受系统保护的 Windows 文件。
Hide extensions for known file type
If enabled (Windows default) Explorer will display readme.txt as readme. This can cause a high security risk because readme.txt.exe will be displayed as readme.txt.
如果启用(Windows 默认),资源管理器将 readme.txt 显示为 readme。这可能会导致高安全风险,因为 readme.txt.exe 将显示为 readme.txt。
Here you can configure if a user needs to enter a password to login into Windows.
在这里,您可以配置用户是否需要输入密码才能登录 Windows。
Boot to Desktop (Windows 8 and 8.1 only)
启动到桌面(仅适用于 Windows 8 和 8.1)
If enabled Windows will boot directly to desktop instead of displaying the metro start screen.
如果启用,Windows 将直接启动到桌面,而不是显示 Metro 开始屏幕。
Autoend tasks 自动结束任务
Processes do not end automatically. The system waits until the process ends, and, if the process takes more time than the value of the Hung application timeout entry, then the End Task
Create Last Known Good configuration after bootup
This tweak allows you to toggle the creation of the Last Known Good configuration, which stores a copy of the registry after each successful bootup.
Run folder windows as separate process
This setting controls whether each folder window is launched as a separate Explorer task. The benefit of this method is that if one window has an error and crashes the others should be not affected. The disadvantage is that it takes more system resources for each folder.

Run Taskbar as separate pros

By default Windows creates one multi-threaded Explorer process which contains the Desktop, Taskbar and all other Explorer instances. If one of these instances fails, all instances will fail. When enabled, this setting causes Windows to create separate processes insulating them from other failures
默认情况下,Windows 创建一个多线程的资源管理器进程,其中包含桌面、任务栏和所有其他资源管理器实例。如果其中一个实例失败,所有实例都将失败。启用此设置后,Windows 将创建单独的进程,使它们与其他故障隔离开来。

Hung application timeout

Windows waits by default a long time to finally acknowledge that a particular program is "Not responding", and only after that allowing you to shut it down by clicking the End Task button. You can configure the waiting period here
Windows 默认会等待很长时间才最终确认特定程序"未响应",之后才允许您通过单击"结束任务"按钮来关闭它。您可以在这里配置等待时间。
Wait to kill application timeout
This value sets the timeout until Windows shuts down/restarts, while trying to end open programs.
此值设置了在尝试结束打开的程序时,Windows 关闭/重新启动之前的超时时间。
Wait to kill service timeout
This value sets the timeout until Windows shuts down/restarts, while trying to end open services.
此值设置了在尝试结束打开服务时,Windows 关闭/重新启动之前的超时时间。

Backups 备份

Save all settings into a backup file before modifying them. This way you will always be able to revert to your old settings if anything goes wrong
Cacheman creates automatically a backup file for every user on first program start, so you can always bring your system state back. If you decide to uninstall Cacheman the first backup will be restored automatically.
Cacheman 在第一次启动程序时会自动为每个用户创建一个备份文件,因此您可以随时恢复系统状态。如果您决定卸载 Cacheman,第一个备份将会自动恢复。
Additionally to setting backups, you can also create System Restore Points from here.
System Restore is a very handy application. It creates periodic snapshots of your critical system files (like the registry files, COM+ database, user profiles) and stores them as a "restore point." If something important gets corrupted, you can revert the computer to the state it was in at a restore point.
Options 选项
Here you can configure the Tray Icon display of the Cacheman, set a system wide hotkey and some miscellaneous options.
在这里,您可以配置 Cacheman 的托盘图标显示,设置系统范围的热键以及一些其他选项。
To switch between main and alternate display click once on the Tray Icon. If you want the settings window to stay always in front of other applications enable the corresponding checkbox The Start with Realtime priority option will be useful if you utilize Cacheman as a Task Manager replacement, it will give more CPU Time to the Cacheman Control window. The Update performance and are enabled on any Windows installation by default. If you disable Performance Counters outside of the program (there is no reason to!!), Cacheman will reactivate them, performance and are enabled on any Windows installation by default. If you disable Performance Counters outside of the program (there is no reason to!.),
要在主显示和备用显示之间切换,请在托盘图标上单击一次。如果您希望设置窗口始终保持在其他应用程序前面,请启用相应的复选框。如果您将 Cacheman 用作任务管理器替代品,则“以实时优先级启动”选项将非常有用,它将为 Cacheman 控制窗口提供更多的 CPU 时间。默认情况下,性能更新已在任何 Windows 安装中启用。如果您在程序之外禁用性能计数器(没有理由这样做!),Cacheman 将重新激活它们,性能更新已在任何 Windows 安装中启用。如果您在程序之外禁用性能计数器(没有理由这样做!)。

unless you check this options. In this case Cacheman will go into a fallback mode and you will get less reliable performance information (like CPU Usage).
除非您检查这些选项。在这种情况下,Cacheman 将进入回退模式,您将获得不太可靠的性能信息(如 CPU 使用率)。
You can also change the language of the Cacheman GUI.
您还可以更改 Cacheman GUI 的语言。
Additionally you can how Cacheman looks by selecting an alternate Skin.
此外,您可以通过选择另一种皮肤来查看 Cacheman 的外观。
Tips 提示
Double-click on one of the Tray Icons to show the Cacheman settings window.
双击托盘图标之一,以显示 Cacheman 设置窗口。
Single clicking any of the Icons can set the display to alternate mode. This way you can configure every Tray Icon twice, and switch the display quickly. To enable alternate mode switching (disabled by default) turn on the alternate checkbox on the options tab of the main window.

Hotkeys 快捷键

Main window hotkeys: 主窗口快捷键:
F2 Shows/Hides CPU | Ram usage section of the Information tab
F2 显示/隐藏信息选项卡的 CPU | Ram 使用部分
F3 Shows/Hides Paging file usage section of the Information tab
F3 显示/隐藏信息选项卡的分页文件使用部分
Global Hotkeys: 全局快捷键:
End Shows Cacheman control window
结束显示 Cacheman 控制窗口
The global hotkeys can be configured in the Options tab.