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A smart city is an urban area using technology and data, such as Information and Communication Technologies (信息与通信技术) and the Internet of Things (物联网), to enhance quality of life, sustainability, and operational efficiency. City operations crucially impacted by smart technologies include transportation, energy, and infrastructure. As cities incorporate these advancements, they evolve into smarter entities. However, defining which cities truly qualify as "smart" remains a debated matter.
智慧城市是指利用信息与通信技术(Information and Communication Technologies)和物联网(Internet of Things)等技术和数据来提高生活质量、可持续性和运营效率的城市区域。受智能技术影响最大的城市运营领域包括交通、能源和基础设施。随着城市融入这些先进技术,它们将发展成为更智能的实体。然而,如何界定哪些城市真正符合 "智能 "标准仍是一个有争议的问题。

The concept of smart cities traces back to the 1960s when Los Angeles officials used data and computer programs to identify impoverished neighborhoods. The term gained prominence in the 1990s, evolving to include engagement from residents. Today, smart city solutions address challenges arising from population growth, with two-thirds of the world's population projected to live in cities by 2050.
智慧城市的概念可追溯到 20 世纪 60 年代,当时洛杉矶官员利用数据和计算机程序来识别贫困社区。20 世纪 90 年代,这一术语逐渐受到重视,并逐渐发展为包括居民参与在内的概念。如今,智慧城市解决方案可应对人口增长带来的挑战,预计到 2050 年,全球三分之二的人口将居住在城市。

Smart cities are powered by a convergence of key technologies that drive innovation and efficiency in urban living. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) forms the backbone, encompassing data-related technologies for capturing, storing, processing, and transferring information seamlessly (流畅地). The Internet of Things (IoT) establishes a network of physical devices embedded with sensors and connectivity, fostering the collection and sharing of valuable data. Automation plays a crucial role in minimizing human input, enabling cities to respond dynamically to real-time data transmitted by IoT-connected devices. Moreover, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) combines computer science with robust datasets, empowering cities to manage infrastructure efficiently and adopt sustainable practices. Together, these technologies create an ecosystem, propelling smart cities into the future.

In smart transportation, IoT, AI, and geolocation (地理定位) enhance real-time data collection to improve public transportation, reduce traffic congestion, and lower carbon emissions. Smart energy management, powered by AI, analyzes data from connected devices to forecast energy consumption, supporting renewable energy integration and mitigating climate change. Smart infrastructure, covering transportation, energy, and utilities like water, employs sensors and connected devices for proactive issue identification. This not only enhances efficiency but also improves residents quality of life.

By embracing these technologies, smart cities become hubs of innovation, addressing contemporary challenges while promoting sustainability and a better urban lifestyle. As technology continues to advance, the landscape of smart cities will likely shape the future of urban living.

11. What is the primary purpose of implementing smart city technologies?

A. Enhancing historical preservation.

B. Addressing population growth challenges.

C. Reducing access to public transportation.

D. Promoting rural development.



2. What is the main function of IoT in smart cities?

A. To ensure privacy and security in data usage.

B. To establish a communication network for residents.

C. To automatically make decisions about city governance.

D. To connect physical devices for data collection and sharing.



3. What is the role of smart energy management?

A. To forecast energy consumption.

B. To reduce productive efficiency.

C. To raise residents' salaries.

D. To reduce traffic congestion.



4. What does the underlined word "proactive" refer to?
4.划线词 "积极主动 "指的是什么?

A. Making things change rather than reacting to events.

B. Responding to external power.

C. Showing a lack of interest or concern.

D. Allowing what happens without active resistance.



5. According to the passage, what is the relationship between smart cities and sustainability?

A. Smart cities promote sustainability and a better urban lifestyle.

B. Smart cities prioritize economic growth over sustainable development.

C. Smart cities address contemporary challenges but not sustainability.

D. Smart cities have no impact on sustainability.



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No cash? Your smartphone will do nicely. Chinese consumers who are used to spending their cash on technology are increasingly relying on a tech solution to pay for just about anything, from breakfast to booking a vacation.

To see how far I could go in Beijing without a wallet, I spent a day armed only with my smartphone.

A beautiful day started with a great breakfast. I paid for a local delicacy called jianbing at a food stall (摊位) with my smartphone. By scanning a QR code, I transferred six yuan to the stall owner.
美好的一天从一顿丰盛的早餐开始。我在一个小吃摊(摊位)上用智能手机支付了当地美食 "尖兵 "的费用。通过扫描二维码,我给摊主转了六元钱。

I then passed a small supermarket each checkout counter carried a sign that proclaimed: Welcome to use mobile payment!
然后我经过一家小超市 - 每个收银台都挂着一个牌子,上面写着:"欢迎使用移动支付!"

When it comes to transportation around the capital, you can order a cab or a private car through ride-hailing services. Mobile payment is accepted. If you dont fancy waiting in traffic, there are also bikes for rent.

Many shops have incentives to use mobile payment services because this way they can engage customers better. After I paid for a sandwich and a cup of coffee at a restaurant with my smartphone, the waitress asked me to follow their public account so they could send me coupons (优惠券) and a virtual membership card. On the door of a nearby fashion boutique (时装店), there was another sign: Welcome to use mobile payment! Shops also accept credit cards, but not using mobile payment may be considered backward.
许多商店都鼓励使用移动支付服务,因为这样可以更好地吸引顾客。我在一家餐厅用智能手机支付了一份三明治和一杯咖啡的费用后,服务员让我 "关注 "他们的公共账户,这样他们就可以给我发送优惠券和虚拟会员卡。在附近一家时装店的门上,还有一个标志:"欢迎使用移动支付!"商店也接受信用卡,但不使用移动支付可能会被视为落后。

Mobile payment goes beyond daily purchases. You can also pay utility bills and credit card bills, or invest in money market funds.

From food stalls to shopping malls, almost every place I stopped by in this corner of Beijing accepted mobile payment. When making a purchase, all I needed to do is tap on the phone, scan the QR code, and make the payment in a second or two. Mobile payment has really changed the way of life in China. Chinese shoppers nowadays do not have to carry cash around; they just need to carry their phones around. Cash really is becoming a thing of the past.

Question:What is this passage mainly about?

How to Get Coupons

Smart life with A Smartphone

How to Attract More Customers

How to Use Your Smartphone

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Jane Austen was born in 1775 in Hampshire, England. Her family was close-knit, and she shared a particularly strong bond with her elder sister, Cassandra.
简-奥斯汀于 1775 年出生于英格兰汉普郡。她的家庭关系密切,她与姐姐卡桑德拉的感情尤其深厚。

When she was young, Jane Austen received a good education and enjoyed reading books by various authors. She began writing stories when she was about 14 years old for her own amusement. These early writings were clearly where she found her voice. They were little experiments in the art of novel writing, and full of clues about what was to come.
简-奥斯汀年轻时接受了良好的教育,喜欢阅读不同作家的书籍。大约 14 岁时,她开始写故事自娱自乐。这些早期作品显然是她找到自己声音的地方。这些作品是对小说写作艺术的小小尝试,充满了未来的线索。

In December 1800, Jane's father retired and moved the family to Bath. There Jane attended balls and concerts. In 1805, Jane's father died suddenly, leaving his wife and two daughters with a much-reduced income. These were unsettled times. Eventually, Jane settled in Chawton Cottage. This move sparked a productive period in Jane's writing career. Her novel Sense and Sensibility was originally published in 1811 and brought her financial success. It was followed by Pride and Prejudice in 1813, which enjoyed even greater acclaim and success. Her novels gained favorable reviews and were popular among readers.
1800 年 12 月,简的父亲退休,举家搬到了巴斯。在那里,简经常参加舞会和音乐会。1805 年,简的父亲突然去世,留下妻子和两个女儿,收入锐减。那是一段动荡不安的时期。最终,简定居在了查顿别墅。这次搬迁为简的写作生涯带来了一个高产期。她的小说《理智与情感》最初于 1811 年出版,为她带来了经济上的成功。随后,《傲慢与偏见》于 1813 年出版,获得了更大的赞誉和成功。她的小说获得了好评,深受读者欢迎。

Jane Austens novels are set in rural England during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. They explore themes such as love, morality, family relationships, and gender roles. Jane Austen's characters are often complex and flawed human beings who struggle with their emotions and choices in a changing society. She used humor, irony, and satire to create realistic and engaging stories that reflect her own views on life and society.
简-奥斯汀的小说以 18 世纪末 19 世纪初的英国乡村为背景。这些小说探讨了爱情、道德、家庭关系和性别角色等主题。简-奥斯汀笔下的人物往往是复杂而有缺陷的人,他们在不断变化的社会中与自己的情感和选择作斗争。她用幽默、讽刺和挖苦的手法创作出真实而引人入胜的故事,反映了她自己对生活和社会的看法。

Jane Austen's novels also received criticism during her lifetime. They were considered too long-winded or too moralistic by some readers who preferred more sensational or romantic stories. Some might also think that Jane Austen's novels were overshadowed by the popularity of Gothic fiction which featured elements such as horror and mystery.

In her final years, Janes health declined. She continued to write, beginning Sanditon in 1817 but never completed it. She died on July 18, 1817. A few months later, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion were published under the supervision of her brother Henry.
晚年,简的健康状况每况愈下。她继续写作,1817 年开始写《桑迪顿》,但从未完成。她于 1817 年 7 月 18 日去世。几个月后,《诺桑觉寺》和《劝导》在她弟弟亨利的监督下出版。

Jane Austen's novels have influenced many writers and artists across a variety of genres and cultures. Her legacy is still alive today as millions of people enjoy reading her novels or watching adaptations into TV series and movies. Her novels offer insights into human nature that are relevant even today, challenging us to think critically and compassionately about ourselves.

1. What did Jane Austen's early writings indicate about her future work?

A. They suggested she would become a playwright.

B. They were experiments that hinted at her future as a novelist.

C. They showed she would not enjoy a successful writing career.

D. They indicated she would focus on writing poetry.



2. According to the passage, how did Jane Austen's move to Chawton Cottage affect her writing career?

A. It enabled her to write more novels.

B. It led to financial success.

C. It introduced her to influential people.

D. It allowed her to gain new experiences through travel.



3. How did Jane Austen approach the storytelling in her novels?

A . By depicting idealized heroes without flaws or struggles.
A .通过描绘理想化的英雄人物,让他们没有缺点或挣扎。

B. By focusing exclusively on romantic relationships with fairy-tale endings.

C. By utilizing humor and irony to create realistic and engaging narratives.

D. By concentrating on the supernatural and the fantastical elements of the era.



4. What does the underlined word "moralistic" mean?
4.划线词 "道貌岸然 "是什么意思?

A. Focusing on teaching a lesson about morality or virtue.

B. Involving complex and intricate plot developments.

C. Featuring an overemphasis on horror and mystery.

D. Revolving around fanciful and highly imaginative themes.



5. What happened after Jane Austen's death?

A. Persuasion remained unpublished for decades.

B. Sanditon became more popular than her previous works.

C. Her novels quickly became outdated.

D. Her books were turned into TV series and movies.



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Virtual reality technology has recently taken the world by storm, with VR headsets becoming a widely welcomed consumer product. While home adoption has largely been driven by the gaming industry, those within other fields, including the travel industry, are increasingly realizing and exploring the technology’s potential, especially as a marketing tool.

Businesses operating within the travel industry have been especially quick to adopt virtual reality technology and for good reason. Typically, their customers are looking to purchase experiences, rather than products, and virtual reality offers an effective way for marketers to give them a taste of what they can expect.

Travel customers usually require lots of information before they book a hotel room. For instance, they need to read descriptions, view images, watch videos, look at customer reviews, or seek opinions on social media. However, this process can be shortened significantly through the intelligent use of virtual reality. One of the best examples of virtual reality in action within the travel industry is using it to provide virtual tours of hotels and hotel rooms. The key benefit is that it allows potential customers to experience what the hotel looks like before they arrive, offering more transparency than words and images.

Virtual reality is also offering hotels, travel agents, and other businesses within the tourism industry the opportunity to provide prospective customers with a virtual travel experience. This means that users will be able to sample some of the main attractions that are likely to draw them to a location in the first place. For instance, a hotel in Paris may provide a virtual experience of what it is like at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Similarly, a hotel near a theme park may be able to provide a virtual roller-coaster experience. The primary benefit of this is to sell rooms, flights, and travel products more effectively by focusing on the experiences they can provide.

Some companies have taken a step further, using VR to enhance the entire booking process. This innovation allows travelers to visit a destination, search for flights, walk through a plane to select their seats, check out different hotels, and pay for their entire trip – all within a VR environment. These advancements in VR technology offer a more immersive and interactive experience compared to traditional methods.
有些公司则更进一步,利用 VR 来改进整个预订流程。这种创新让旅行者可以在 VR 环境中访问目的地、搜索航班、在飞机上选择座位、查看不同的酒店并支付整个旅行的费用。与传统方法相比,VR 技术的这些进步提供了更加身临其境的互动体验。

While many exciting developments are happening in virtual reality and the travel and tourism industry, it’s essential to approach this technology with a critical eye and use it responsibly. By doing so, we can create a world in which travel is more accessible, more sustainable, and more enriching for all.

1. How has virtual reality technology impacted the travel industry?

A. It has made travel experiences more expensive.

B. It has completely replaced traditional hotel booking methods.

C. It has provided a new marketing tool for businesses.

D. It has made travel more sustainable.



2. Why have businesses in the travel industry been quick to adopt virtual reality technology?

A. Because of the desire to reduce travel spending.

B. Because of the customers' preference for experiences over products.

C. Because of the pressure from the gaming industry.

D. Because of the need for more transparency in the booking process.



3. What is the primary benefit of offering a virtual travel experience?

A. Reduction in the need for customer reviews.

B. Replacement of the traditional computer mouse.

C. Enhanced ability to sell rooms and travel products.

D. Increased reliance on descriptions and videos.



4. How does VR technology affect the travel booking experience according to the passage?
4.根据这段文字,VR 技术如何影响旅行预订体验?

A. It allows travelers to physically visit destinations before booking.

B. It makes the booking process less imaginative and more tiresome.

C. It offers a more immersive and interactive booking experience.

D. It simplifies payment methods and offers suggestions for activities.



5. According to the author, what is essential when approaching virtual reality in the travel industry?

A. A critical eye and responsible use.

B. Increasing reliance on social media.

C. Quick adoption by various industries.

D. Integration with traditional booking methods.



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Located in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, Daqing Oilfield serves as the largest oilfield in China. Since its discovery in 1959, Daqing Oilfield has played an important role in transforming China's oil industry from a state of underdevelopment to a significant contributor to the country’s industrial growth.
大庆油田位于中国黑龙江省东北部,是中国最大的油田。自 1959 年发现以来,大庆油田在将中国石油工业从欠发达状态转变为中国工业增长的重要贡献者方面发挥了重要作用。

In addition to natural resources such as oil and gas, Daqing Oilfield is also known for a profound spirit, the “Iron Man” spirit (铁人精神). It manifests the patriotism, devotion, and perseverance of Chinese oil workers. This spirit is exemplified by Wang Jinxi (王进喜), who was fondly known as the “Iron Man” by his peers and the local community.
除了石油、天然气等自然资源,大庆油田还有一种深厚的精神--"铁人精神"。它体现了中国石油工人的爱国主义、奉献精神和坚忍不拔的毅力。王进喜就是这种精神的典型代表,他被同行和当地人亲切地称为 "铁人"。

Wang Jinxi, born into a rural family in 1923, became one of the pioneering oil rig workers of the People's Republic of China after passing an operation examination in 1950. At that time, China faced a shortage of crude oil that caused great economic difficulty and hindered national defense. Wang Jinxi and his team at Daqing Oilfield worked through fatigue in temperatures as low as -30°C before finally striking oil. In 1960 Wang ignored his leg injury and jumped into a mud pit to suppress a blowout with his body. Just a few years later, Daqing reached an annual capacity of over five million tons of oil, making the country basically self-sufficient. Because of his dedication and unyielding spirit to conquer extreme fatigue and physical limits, Wang Jinxi was given the nickname “Iron Man”. His spirit has been a source of inspiration for the oilfield and its workers over the years.
王进喜,1923 年出生于一个农村家庭,1950 年通过操作考试,成为中华人民共和国最早的石油钻井工人之一。当时,中国面临原油短缺,经济十分困难,国防建设也受到阻碍。王进喜和他在大庆油田的团队在零下 30 摄氏度的低温条件下疲劳作业,最终打出了石油。1960 年,王进喜不顾腿伤,跳入泥坑,用身体压住井喷。短短几年后,大庆油田就达到了年产 500 多万吨石油的规模,基本实现了自给自足。由于王进喜敢于战胜极度疲劳和身体极限的奉献精神和不屈精神,被人们誉为 "铁人"。多年来,他的精神一直激励着油田和油田工人。

Nowadays, the “Iron Man” spirit continues to motivate new generations of oil workers. From 1976 to 2002, Daqing consistently produced over 50 million tons of crude oil annually, creating a miracle in the history of oilfield development. Since 2003, in pursuit of sustainable development, Daqing has enhanced its on-site management and improved production control with the help of new technology. It has also emerged as a global leader in oil recovery technology. Currently, Daqing is involved in various energy projects worldwide, including oil and gas fields, pipelines, and power stations. As Daqing stretches its capabilities across the world and embraces technological advancements, the “Iron Man” spirit stands as a proud reminder of what dedication and perseverance can achieve.
如今,"铁人 "精神仍在激励着新一代石油工人。从 1976 年到 2002 年,大庆连续年产原油 5000 多万吨,创造了油田开发史上的奇迹。2003 年以来,为了追求可持续发展,大庆借助新技术加强现场管理,提高生产控制能力。在采油技术方面,大庆也已成为全球领先企业。目前,大庆参与了全球多个能源项目,包括油气田、管道和发电站。随着大庆的实力在全球范围内不断扩大,技术也在不断进步,"钢铁侠 "的精神也在不断提醒着人们,奉献和坚持能够取得怎样的成就。

1. What is the passage mainly about?

A. The career stories of Wang Jinxi.

The transformation of Chinas oil industry.

The international influence of Daqing Oilfield.

The past and present of the Iron Man spirit.
钢铁侠 "精神的前世今生。



2. What does the Iron Man spirit symbolize?
2.钢铁侠 "精神象征着什么?

A.The commitment to maintaining healthy and strong.

B.The patriotic and persevering spirit of Chinese oil workers.

C.The use of modern technology by Chinese oil workers.

D.The wisdom of discovering oil in China. 



3. What was the main reason for Wang Jinxi and his team to work tirelessly in extreme conditions?

A. To overcome the shortage of crude oil in China.

B. To earn a higher salary.

C. To produce a national defense strategy.

D. To show that they were very strong and healthy.



4. How did Wang Jinxi earn the nickname Iron Man?
4.王进喜是如何获得 "铁人 "绰号的?

A. He showed unyielding spirit and dedication.

B. He was the first man who discovered Daqing Oilfield.

He wore a suit made of iron while working.

He invented a machine to increase oil production.



5. Which of the following measures has Daqing NOT taken in pursuit of sustainable development since 2003?
5.自 2003 年以来,大庆市在追求可持续发展方面没有采取以下哪项措施?

A. Stretching its capabilities across the world.

Embracing new technology.

Focusing solely on oil recovery technology.

Improving production control.




Years ago, when I started looking for my first job, my advisers urged, “Come on, be enthusiastic! Enthusiasm will take you further than any amount of experience.” How right they were. Enthusiastic people can turn a boring drive into an adventure, extra work into opportunity and strangers into friends.

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm,” wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. It is the inner voice that whispers, “I can do it!” when others shout, “No, you can’t.” It took years and years for the early work of Barbara McClintock, a geneticist who won the 1983 Nobel Prize in Medicine, to be generally accepted. Yet she didn’t let up on her experiments. Work was such a deep pleasure for her that she never thought of stopping.
"拉尔夫-沃尔多-爱默生写道:"没有热情,就没有伟大的成就。当别人大喊 "不,你做不到 "时,内心的声音却在低语:"我能做到!"这就是热情。获得 1983 年诺贝尔医学奖的遗传学家芭芭拉-麦克林托克(Barbara McClintock)的早期研究成果历经多年才被普遍接受。然而,她并没有放弃她的实验。工作对她来说是一种深深的乐趣,以至于她从未想过停止。

We are all born with enthusiasm, and anyone who has ever seen an infant’s delight at the jingle of keys or the scurrying of a beetle knows about it. It is this passion that gives enthusiastic people such a youthful air, no matter how old they are. How do you rediscover the enthusiasm of your childhood? The answer, I believe, lies in the word itself. “Enthusiasm” comes from the Greek and means “God within”. And what is God within is an abiding sense of loveproper love of oneself and, from that, love of others. Enthusiastic people also love what they do, regardless of money or title or power. If we cannot do what we love as a full-time career, we can as a part-time avocation (业余爱好), like the head of state who paints, the nun who runs marathons, the executive who handcrafts furniture. Elizabeth Layton of Wellsville, Kansas, was 68 before she began to draw. This activity ended depression that had plagued her for at least 30 years, and the quality of her work led one critic to say, “I am tempted to call Layton a genius.” Elizabeth has rediscovered her enthusiasm.
我们与生俱来就充满热情,看过婴儿听到钥匙叮当声或甲虫窜动时的喜悦的人都知道这一点。正是这种热情让热情的人无论多大年纪都充满青春活力。如何重新找回童年的热情?我认为答案就在这个词本身。"热情 "来自希腊语,意思是 "内心的上帝"。而内在的上帝是一种持久的爱--对自己的爱,以及由此产生的对他人的爱。热情的人也热爱他们所做的事情,无论金钱、头衔或权力如何。如果我们不能把自己喜欢的事情作为全职工作来做,我们可以把它作为兼职的业余爱好(avocation),就像国家元首画画、修女跑马拉松、高管手工制作家具一样。堪萨斯州韦尔斯维尔的伊丽莎白-雷顿 68 岁时才开始画画。这项活动结束了困扰她至少 30 年的抑郁症,她作品的质量让一位评论家说:"我很想称莱顿为天才"。伊丽莎白重新找回了自己的热情。

We can’t afford to waste tears on “might-have-beens”. We need to turn the tears into sweat as we go after “what-can-be”. We need to live each moment wholeheartedly, with all our senses finding pleasure in the fragrance of a back-yard garden, the crayoned picture of a six-year-old, and the charming beauty of a rainbow. It is such enthusiastic love of life that puts a sparkle in our eyes, a lilt(轻快的节奏) in our steps and removes the wrinkles from our souls.
我们不能把眼泪浪费在 "可能有的 "上。我们需要将泪水化为汗水,去追求 "可能的"。我们需要全心全意地生活在每一刻,用我们所有的感官--在后院花园的芬芳中、在六岁孩子的蜡笔画中、在彩虹的迷人美景中寻找快乐。正是这种对生活的热爱让我们的眼睛熠熠生辉,让我们的脚步充满轻快的节奏,让我们的心灵不再有皱纹。

1. Barbara McClintock _____when others have doubts about her work.
1.当别人对她的工作产生怀疑时,芭芭拉-麦克林托克(Barbara McClintock)_____。

A. kept her enthusiasm for work
A. 保持工作热情

B. doubted her original plan
B. 怀疑她原来的计划

C. hasted to change her goal
C. 急于改变目标

D. felt worried and anxious
D. 感到担忧和焦虑



2. The phrase “let up” probably means ____.
2.Let up "的意思可能是 ____。

A. to give up
A. 放弃

B. to keep one’s dream
B. 坚守梦想

C. to turn to other fields
C. 转向其他领域

D. to look for pleasure
D. 寻找快乐


3. Which of the following is true about an enthusiastic person?

A. Whether one loves the job, there is something that he/ she really loves.

B. The person does something different in spare time.

C. The person has strong religious beliefs in mind.

D. The person is curious and easily attracted by sparkling items.



4. What does the example of Elizabeth Layton tell us?

A. Enthusiasm can be found in a part-time job.

B. Enthusiasm can be started by oneself.

C. Enthusiasm can be helpful for getting rid of depression.

D. Enthusiasm is the key to treat patients of depression.



5. What does the author want to tell us?

A. Enthusiasm can improve our life and work.

B. Enthusiasm should be developed early.

C. Enthusiasm should be kept to our work.

D. Enthusiasm can be found from painting.




As the pace of life continues to increase, we are fast losing the art of relaxation. Once you are in the habit of rushing through life, being on the go from morning till night, it is hard to slow down. But relaxation is essential for a healthy mind and body.

Stress is a natural part of everyday life and there is no way to avoid it. In fact, it is not the bad thing it is often supposed to be. A certain amount of stress is vital to provide motivation and give purpose to life. It is only when the stress gets out of control that it can lead to poor performance and ill health.

The amount of stress a person can withstand depends very much on the individual. Some people are not afraid of stress, and such characters are obviously prime material for managers. Others lose heart at the first signs of unusual difficulties. When exposed to stress, in whatever form, we react both chemically and physically. In fact we make choice between fight and flight and in more primitive days the choice made the difference between life or death. The crises we meet today are unlikely to be so extreme, but however little the stress, it involves the same response. It is when such a reaction lasts long, through continued exposure to stress, that health becomes endangered. Such serious conditions as high blood pressure and heart disease have established links with stress. Since we cannot remove stress from our lives (it would be unwise to do so even if we could), we need to find ways to deal with it.
一个人能承受多大的压力在很大程度上取决于个人。有些人不怕压力,这样的人显然是管理者的最佳人选。而另一些人一遇到不寻常的困难就会失去信心。事实上,我们会在 "战斗 "和 "逃跑 "之间做出选择,在更原始的时代,这种选择决定了生死。我们今天遇到的危机不太可能如此极端,但无论压力有多小,我们都会做出同样的反应。当这种反应持续很长时间,持续暴露在压力之下时,健康就会受到威胁。高血压和心脏病等严重疾病都与压力有关。既然我们无法从生活中消除压力(即使可以,这样做也是不明智的),我们就需要找到应对压力的方法。

1. In Paragraph 3, flight refers to _______.
1.在第 3 段中,"飞行 "指 _______。

A. making a choice
A. 作出选择

B. losing heart at the signs of difficulties
B. 面对困难失去信心

C. responding to crises bravely
C. 勇敢地应对危机

D. never giving up in reaction to stress
D. 面对压力永不放弃



2. In the last sentence of the passage, do so refers to _______.
2.在这段话的最后一句中,"这样做 "指的是 _______。

A. get involved in stress
A. 卷入压力

B. find ways to deal with stress
B. 找到应对压力的方法

C. remove stress from our lives
C. 消除我们生活中的压力

D. fall ill because of stress
D. 因压力而生病



II. Text Translation:B3U1-B3U4

Unit 1首段

On a quiet Saturday afternoon, Paul and his wife Maria are sitting at home reading their favorite books. Opposite to where they sit are their two sons: 15-year-old Jason and 12-year-old Jack, absorbed in playing chess. What's the scenario here? The family calls it their "offline day". From Friday night through Sunday evening, there are no video games, no computers, and no cell phones. 
在一个宁静的周六下午,保罗和妻子玛丽亚正坐在家里阅读他们最喜欢的书籍。坐在他们对面的是他们的两个儿子:15 岁的杰森和 12 岁的杰克正在全神贯注地下棋。这是什么情景?这个家庭称之为 "离线日"。从周五晚上到周日晚上,没有电子游戏,没有电脑,也没有手机。


Unit 1尾段

Although an offline day may be unbearable for tech enthusiasts who need to alter their habits, experts say it is beneficial to assess both the merit and burden of digital technology. Let's take some time away from the beeps and rings to evaluate our relationship with technology. Try to make some changes. At the beginning, it might be hard, but after a few months when a habit forms, we'll begin to realize we have already gained a lot from it. So, look up, look at one another, and let's start a conversation. 
虽然 "离线日 "对于需要改变生活习惯的技术爱好者来说可能难以忍受,但专家们表示,评估数字技术的优点和负担是有益的。让我们花点时间远离嘟嘟声和铃声,评估一下我们与技术的关系。尝试做出一些改变。刚开始可能很难,但几个月后,当习惯养成后,我们就会开始意识到自己已经从中收获了很多。所以,抬起头来,互相看看,让我们开始对话吧。


Unit 2首段

In 1999, an American journalist reported a surprising encounter on a tiny African island called Pate, just off the coast of Kenya. There, in a village of stone huts set amongst dense trees, the journalist met a number of elderly men who told him that they were descendants of Chinese sailors, shipwrecked on Pate several centuries ago. Their ancestors had traded with the local Africans, who had given them giraffes to take back to China; then their boat was driven onto the nearby reef. He noted many clues that seemed to confirm the islanders' tale, including their vaguely Asian appearance, the antique porcelain heirlooms in their homes, and the porcelain shards on the beaches. Evidently, this remote African village retains an echo of one of history's most astonishing episodes of maritime exploration. 
1999 年,一名美国记者报道了他在肯尼亚海岸附近一个名叫帕特的非洲小岛上的一次奇遇。在一个树木茂密的石屋村里,记者遇到了几位老人,他们告诉记者,他们是几个世纪前在帕特遇难的中国水手的后代。他们的祖先曾与当地的非洲人进行贸易,非洲人给了他们长颈鹿,让他们带回中国。他注意到许多线索似乎证实了岛民们的说法,包括他们依稀的亚洲外貌、家中的古董瓷器传家宝以及海滩上的瓷器碎片。显然,这个偏远的非洲村庄保留着历史上最令人震惊的海上探险事件之一的回声。


Unit 2尾段

Today, whether people view Zheng He as an emblem of Chinese diplomacy or as a symbol of the country's spirit of adventure and bravery, one thing is for certain: Zheng He remains one of the greatest explorers in world history, and the voyages he led stand among the great wonders in the history of ocean navigation, contributing significantly to the progress of human civilization. 


Unit 3首段

Its 4:15 in the morning, and my alarm clock has just stolen away a lovely dream. I almost go back to sleep before my eye catches my packed suitcase and I groan, remembering that I'm going to the airport. The taxi is late and then lost, and I'm getting increasingly nervous that I'll miss my flight. I run in when we arrive, stagger through security, and finally get to my gate. After all the trouble of this morning, my flight is canceled and I'm stuck in this terminal for the next 218 minutes, and my only consolation is a cup of complimentary airport coffee. This is traveling, a burdensome series of running and waiting, and after countless hours, finally getting there. 
现在是凌晨 4 点 15 分,闹钟刚刚偷走了我的美梦。我几乎又要睡过去了,然后我的眼睛看到了我打包好的行李箱,我呻吟了一声,想起了我要去机场。出租车晚点了,然后又迷路了,我越来越紧张,生怕错过航班。到了机场,我赶紧跑进去,踉踉跄跄地过了安检,终于到了登机口。经过今早的一番折腾,我的航班被取消了,接下来的 218 分钟我都被困在这个航站楼里,唯一的安慰就是喝上一杯免费的机场咖啡。这就是旅行,一连串繁重的奔波和等待,经过无数个小时,终于到达目的地。


Unit 3尾段

So, let's not pretend that travel doesn't have its drawbacks, or that we endure jet lag for pleasure. We don't spend 10 hours lost in the Louvre because we like it, and the view from the top of Machu Picchu probably doesn't make up for the trouble of lost luggage. (More often than not, I need a vacation after my vacation.) We travel because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret cornerstones of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has been changed, and that changes everything. 
所以,我们不要假装旅行没有缺点,也不要假装我们忍受时差是为了享受旅行。我们不会因为喜欢而在卢浮宫迷失 10 个小时,马丘比丘山顶的美景可能也无法弥补行李丢失带来的麻烦。(我们旅行是因为我们需要旅行,因为距离和差异是创造力的秘密基石。当我们回到家时,家还是原来的家。但我们心中的某些东西已经改变,而这改变了一切。


Unit 4首段

To be truly happy, a person must feel both free and important. People are never happy if they feel compelled to do work they do not enjoy, or if what they do enjoy is ignored as having no value or importance. In a society where slavery in the strict sense has been abolished, the social indications around work, the value of work, and the salary, have degraded many laborers into modern slaves – wage slaves


Unit 4尾段

Eventually, everyone has to find a job and earn a living. Laborers are slaving away at a job they don't enjoy for a monetary reward, waiting all day until they go home and play. But while laborers are counting down the hours, workers are energized and focused, taking optimum pleasure in the task at hand. By choosing a job that is both useful to society and personally fulfilling, workers maintain a simultaneous sense of purpose and enthusiasm that improves their whole lives. So in the end, whatever job you choose, you must contend with this essential question: Will you be a laborer or a worker? 


III. C-E Translation:B3U1-U4 Section C
III.C-E 翻译:B3U1-U4 C 节

B3U1近年来,随着互联网技术的迅猛发展,互联网经济已成为一个热门话题。以电子商务为代表的互联网经济已成为中国经济发展的重要引擎(driving force)。我国政府提出了“互联网+”的概念,以推动互联网与医疗、交通、教育、金融、公共服务等领域的结合。这将为互联网经济的发展提供更多发展机遇和更广阔的发展空间。

In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet technology, the Internet economy has become a popular topic. Represented by e-commerce, the Internet economy has become a strong driving force for the development of the Chinese economy. Our government proposes the concept of "Internet Plus", aiming to push for the integration of the Internet with other industries, such as health care, transportation, education, finance, and public services. This will create more opportunities and broader prospects for the development of the Internet economy.
近年来,随着互联网技术的迅猛发展,互联网经济成为热门话题。以电子商务为代表的互联网经济已成为中国经济发展的强劲动力。我国政府提出 "互联网+"概念,旨在推动互联网与医疗、交通、教育、金融、公共服务等其他行业的融合。这将为互联网经济的发展创造更多的机遇和更广阔的前景。

B3U2中央电视台春节联欢晚会(Spring Festival Gala)自1983年举办以来,已成为中国人生活中不可缺少的文化消费品和一个重要的文化符号。虽然众口难调,但必须承认的是,“春晚”已成为一项“新民俗”。它不仅是一台晚会,更是一种仪式与象征,一种文化与标签,一种情感与寄托。随着新媒体的出现,“春晚”也在与时俱进,以满足大众日渐多样化的需求。

The CCTV Spring Festival Gala, since it started in 1983, has become an indispensable cultural consumer product and a prominent cultural symbol in the lives of Chinese people. Although it’s hard to satisfy everyone’s taste, it should be admitted that the Spring Festival Gala has become a “new folk custom”. It is more than a gala; it is a ritual and a symbol, a culture and a label, and an emotion and an event which people entrust their hearts to. With the emerging of new media, the Spring Festival Gala is also advancing with the times to satisfy the increasingly diversified demands of the people.
央视春晚自1983年开办以来,已经成为中国人生活中不可或缺的文化消费品和显著的文化符号。虽然很难满足所有人的口味,但应该承认,春晚已经成为一种 "新民俗"。它不仅仅是一台晚会,更是一种仪式、一种符号,一种文化、一种标签,一种人们寄托于内心的情感和事件。随着新媒体的兴起,春晚也在与时俱进,满足人们日益多元化的需求。

B3U3丽江古城坐落在玉龙雪山(Yulong Snow Mountain)脚下,是一座风景秀丽的历史文化名城,也是我国保存完好的少数民族古城之一。随着丽江旅游业的发展,到丽江古城观光游览的中外游客日益增多。1997年12月,丽江古城申报世界文化遗产(World Cultural Heritage Site)获得成功,成为中国第一批被列入世界文化遗产名录的历史文化名城。
The Old Town of Lijiang, located at the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain, is a town of scenic beauty, known for its history and culture. It is also one of China's well-preserved old towns of ethnic minority groups. With the boom in Lijiang's tourism, the Old Town of Lijiang is receiving a growing number of tourists from home and abroad. In December 1997, the Old Town succeeded in applying to be recognized as a World Cultural Heritage Site, becoming one of the first noted historical and cultural cities in China to be included on the World Cultural Heritage List.
丽江古城位于玉龙雪山脚下,是一座风景秀丽、历史文化悠久的古城。它也是中国保存完好的少数民族古镇之一。随着丽江旅游业的蓬勃发展,丽江古城接待了越来越多的国内外游客。1997 年 12 月,丽江古城成功申报世界文化遗产,成为中国首批列入世界文化遗产名录的著名历史文化名城之一。


In recent years, the social development and changes in employment have posed higher requirements for college students. Instead of confining themselves to learning from books, more and more college students are taking an active part in social practice in their spare time. Through social practice, they can improve their analytical and problem-solving abilities, gain a deeper understanding of society, and increase their sense of social responsibility. Meanwhile, taking part in social practice can also help them recognize their own shortcomings and gain a clear idea about where they should be headed in the future.