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Simon’s Story, ORTV’s Story4

Flourish with you and with me Gospel 5

Altar 7

Play 9

Preface: Remembrance of each day 10

Prologue – The Life of the Futon 11

Part I, Society for the Spread of Salvation 12

第一章 暗中帶領12
Chapter 1: Leading in the Shadows 12

The eldest brother of the military village 12

Drama Beginner 13

See angel 16

第二章 加入救世傳播協會16
Chapter 2 Joining the Society for the Spread of Salvation 16

There is no need to envy 16

Bai Jingrui's invitation 18

Night Night Day 19

第三章 大傳服事與呼召20
Chapter 3: The Great Mission, the Ministry and the Calling 20

Arts Fellowship 20

Universal Room 21

Gospel Movie 22

Stage play 24

Flowers of the Wild 24

Sleepland and Children's Audiovisual Stories 26

Television Transmission 27

Stewards of the Part II Institution 30

第一章 零售代理專業化30
Chapter 1 Specialization of Retail Agents 30

Group buying starts 31

Marketing 31

The Meaning Behind Performance 31

第二章 空英定位與雜誌分割32
Chapter 2 Positioning of the Empty English and the Segmentation of the Magazine 32

Significance of the Pyramid 32

A Friend for Life34

It's business and it's siblings 35

第三章 傳播工具多元使用35
Chapter III Diversified Use of Communication Tools 35

Globe Hall 35 in pounds

Rescue Mission Office Building 37

第四章 廣播到電視38
Chapter 4 Radio to Television 38

第五章 荒年預備與祝福40
Chapter 5 Preparation and Blessing in the Famine Year 40

第六章 傳承41
Chapter VI Inheritance 41

Chiefs of the Kingdom Horizons 43

第一章 跨機構連結43
Chapter I: Interagency Links 43

I found 43

Christian Salvation 44

第二章 跨地域的視野45
Chapter 2 Cross-Geographical Perspectives 45

First Continental Trip 45

Arbor and North American Ministries 46

An Unexpected Journey 49

第三章 走出去51
Chapter 3 Going Out 51

Singapore Branch and Malaysia Branch 51

London Branch 54

Beijing Office 54

Expansion of the Tabernacle 58

第一章 藝人之家58
Chapter 1 The Artist's House 58

第二章 葛理翰與葛福臨團隊60
Chapter 2 Graham and Graham Frank's Team 60

第三章 華語有聲戲劇聖經62
Chapter 3 The Bible of Chinese Audio Drama 62

第四章 論壇報63
Chapter IV, Tribune 63

第五章 伯大尼兒少家園65

第六章 海角十字架68

Fathers and Limbs 70

第一章 父老們70
Chapter 1 Fathers 70

Uncle Sun 70

Brother Lee 71

Zhou Dad 72

Pastor Statchon 74

第二章 手足75

Kou Brothers 75

Wu Huan 77

第三章 跑場中79

Moments of the Continent 84

第一章 爸爸84
Chapter 1: Daddy 84

第二章 還不完的戒指87
Chapter 2: The Ring That Doesn't Finish 87

第三章 二妹與手足89
Chapter 3: The Second Sister and the Siblings 89

第四章 洪嫂與女兒們91
Chapter 4 Sister-in-law Hong and Her Daughters 91

第五章 政大企家班與永越健檢93
Chapter 5 The National Government University Entrepreneur Class and Yongyue Health Examination 93

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Simon’s Story, ORTV’s Story

Dr. Doris Brougham

Founder, ORTV

I first met Simon Hung in 1972 when we lent him our studio to film a movie. Simon was young, passionate about theater, directed plays and acted in movies. He had the skills we needed to expand ORTV from print and radio to TV and films. I invited him to join our team in 1974 and was happy he said yes. For the past 50 years, Simon has been my trusted ministry partner, my right hand, and together with our team, we have built ORTV into a multimedia media and music ministry that has made impact around the world. I am thankful God placed Simon in my life, and highly recommend this book, which tells of God’s miraculous leading in his life and that of ORTV.

In 1972, I rented the premises of the Salvation Communication Association for the filming of a movie, and I met the young Hong Shanqun. He had just graduated from school and was passionate about theatre, teaching at the school, directing and acting in films.

I felt that he was trained to be the person needed by Rescue Messenger from radio and magazine to TV and film at that time, so I invited him to join our team. When he said yes, I was overjoyed.

Over the past 50 years, Hung Shanqun has been my trusted working partner and right-hand man. Together, we led the ministry of saving and spreading into multimedia, and Tianyun's team and works have also become a blessing for Chinese people around the world.

Thank God for bringing Hong Shanqun into my life. I wholeheartedly recommend this biography, which tells the wonderful leadership of God along the way, not only in him, but also intertwined with the growth history of salvation.

Flourish the gospel with you and with me

Lin Zhiping

The first time I met Shanqun was the year when Xiaofeng's drama "He's Wall" was staged.

In order to play the jade picker Bian He, who had his feet cut off, Shanqun had to lower his tall figure and perform in a crawling posture for two-thirds of the time on stage; At the end of the play, he cried blood for seven days under Jing Mountain, but he was still willing to rely on his head, just because of his insistence on "True Jade".

The performance was well received, but Seonqun has since retired to the background and has been serving as an assistant director at the annual performances of the Arts Fellowship for several years. During that period of time, there were performances every year, and Shanqun became a regular visitor to our house. Before the performance, the director wanted to add a narration of a boy's voice, so he decided that Shanqun and his seven-year-old dog would do it the next day. But the child was already asleep at the time, and the parents did not have time to explain the task to him. The next morning, the sleepy-eyed boy was woken up by "Uncle Hong" and told him that he had asked for leave from school, and his parents told him that they would go with him to "do something", and the child obediently followed Uncle Hong to the recording studio to record the narration. In retrospect, we must have regarded Shanqun as a family back then, so that this scene could be staged like an "acquaintance kidnapping"!

在藝術團契的那段日子,善群面臨了重大的人生抉擇:是要當名導的副手出國拍片,還是要在救世傳播協會繼續領二十分之一的薪水。就在他要向救世傳播協會提出辭呈前夕,神藉著一次藝術團契排演前我主講的培靈,讓他重新面對「專業」與「事奉」的挑戰,因著這一次我已經不太記得內容的分享,善群決定留在救傳打拼,直到今日。而我與彭蒙惠(Doris Marie Brougham)教士成了善群口中「影響他最深的兩個人」。能與彭教士並列已是榮幸,為神的國度留下了善群,看到他事奉的帳幕不斷擴張,更是我莫大的喜樂。正如保羅所讚嘆的:我栽種了,Doris 澆灌了,唯有耶和華讓善群生長
During his time in the Art Fellowship, Shanqun faced a major life decision: whether to become a deputy to a famous director to go abroad to make films, or to continue to receive one-twentieth of his salary at the Salvation Communication Association. On the eve of his resignation from the Salvation Communication Association, God asked him to face the challenges of "professionalism" and "ministry" again through a rehearsal of the art fellowship I gave to the training of the soul. And Priest Doris Marie Brougham and I became two of the most influential people in the mouth of the Shan Qun. It has been a privilege to be side by side with Priest Peng, who has left a legacy for the kingdom of God, and it is a great joy to see the tabernacle of his ministry expand. As Paul praised: I planted, Doris watered, and Jehovah allowed the good to grow.

在往後的五十年裡,善群成為一位忠心的文化藝術宣教士。在那個保守的基督徒還不願意進電影院的時代,他就在 ORTV製作了基督教的電影;早在敬拜讚美之風吹起之先,他帶著天韻合唱團用《野地的花》
Over the next 50 years, Shanqun became a faithful missionary of culture and the arts. At a time when conservative Christians were still reluctant to go to the cinema, he made Christian films at ORTV; Long before the wind of worship and praise blew, he led the Tianyun Choir to use "Flowers in the Wild"

Let the church hear the beauty of original Chinese poetry; From the Tribune, the Artist's Home, to the Huafu Club, there are beautiful footprints of his service. He has many things and a wide vision; However, it is not an exaggeration to say that his ministry experience is a microcosm of the development of the gospel ministry of the church in Taiwan in the past few decades.

當年那個我提攜提醒,叫我林哥的年輕人,如今自己也成了「洪哥」。他更是我事奉的忠實夥伴,只要我開口,他都使命必達。在宇宙光的董事會,他大力支持事工,而且不論如何忙碌,總是排除萬難來開會。幾年前又接續我出任伯大尼兒少家園的董事長,讓這個由傳奇宣教士艾偉德(Gladys Aylward)創立的孤兒之家在新世代繼續發光。這樣無役不與的拼命三郎,有一回身體微恙住院,我聽說後便前往探視,誰知到了病房,看到竟是空床,原來他老兄不顧惜自己的身體,跟醫生請假出去開會了,我也就留個開玩笑的字條說:「病人豈能開溜,莫非是假裝?」
The young man I reminded me to call Brother Lin back then has now become "Brother Hong" himself. He is a faithful partner in my ministry, and as long as I open my mouth, he will fulfill his mission. On the board of directors of Cosmic Light, he is a strong supporter of the ministry and always comes to meetings against all odds, no matter how busy he is. A few years ago, I succeeded me as Chairman of Bethany Children's Home, and the orphanage home, founded by legendary missionary Gladys Aylward, continues to shine in the new generation. I heard about it and went to visit, who knew that when I arrived at the ward, I saw that it was an empty bed, and it turned out that his brother didn't care about his body, and asked the doctor for leave to go out for a meeting, so I left a joking note and said, "How can the patient slip away, is it pretending?"

When my memoir "A Fool I" was published half a year ago, Shanqun Kang wrote the preface, and now his autobiography "Use My Life" is about to be published. Think about the fact that we have known each other for half a century, and now we are both old. We were all once rebellious youths in the military village, and our names were all burdened with the ideals of the Confucian tradition (I am Zhiping, he is Shanqun), but neither of us was able to save ourselves. But thanks to the Lord, we also wore the sign of Jesus' disciples (I am Peter, and he is Simon) and received heavenly grace and vision together, so that we too became fools and did a lot of foolish things in this generation that thought they were wise. I was stupid first, and he was stupid after him. And in this series of foolish things, the riches and wisdom of Christ are even more revealed.

"Use My Life" is the story of Shanqun desperately trying to share the benefits of the gospel with others, just like Bian He, who sacrificed his life to Baoyu back then.



Zhang Maosong

"Elder Hong" is a year older than me, and they are all children who grew up in military villages, and they all once dreamed of joining the military and applying for military schools. Yet I was called to be a "pastor," and he was called to stand on the altar of "drama" and never look back. Maybe because we were born from the same background, every time we meet, we are very close to each other, and there are not many opportunities to serve together, but we are friends who cherish each other.

For 50 years, he has been serving in the "Society for the Spread of Salvation", an organization that will never leave and be faithful to the end! He has experienced the most wonderful years of the "Salvation Communication Association", and his youth and years have been given to the "Salvation Communication Association". He continued to serve like a soldier all his life, but not "the army of Taiwan" but "the army of Jehovah"!

He is one of the "Founding Fathers" of Taiwan's gospel dramas, from "stage plays", "TV series" and even "movies", there are his footprints; He was not just a theatrical worker, but a living sacrifice standing on the altar!!

What particularly impressed me was his early gospel skits every Saturday at the "Youth Evening", which were only 5-10 minutes long, but they were very exciting. I remember a skit about a level crossing caretaker, who was accused to the court because of a train accident. The judge asked the driver of the car, "Why did you get into the accident?" The driver replied, "I don't see any lights at the level crossing." The judge asked the warden, "Didn't you shake the lamp?" The warden said, "I have shaken, and I have shaken, and I have shaken, and I have shaken," and the witness testified, "He has shaken, and he really has shaken!" So the judge acquitted him. Walking out of the courtroom, the lawyer asked the guard, "You have worked hard to shake it, why did you still get into a car accident?" He replied, "There is no oil in my lamp." What a thought-provoking ending?!

戲劇感人至深,比一篇信息有力多了,但是可惜,今天台灣好的劇本不多,好的福音劇本更是少之又少;希望後繼有人,再多寫一些動人的劇本。 一年之中有「春、夏、秋、冬」,人生也有四季,我們都是「中秋」的人了;秋天是五穀豐收的時候,也是紅葉滿山坡,景緻最美的時光。祝福「善群長老用他的人生,繼續寫一篇又一篇感人的故事!
The drama is deeply moving, much more powerful than a piece of information, but unfortunately, there are not many good scripts in Taiwan today, and there are even fewer good gospel scripts; I hope that there will be successors who will write more moving scripts. There are "spring, summer, autumn and winter" in a year, and there are four seasons in life, and we are all "Mid-Autumn Festival" people; Autumn is the time of harvest and the most beautiful scenery when the autumn leaves are all over the hillside. I wish Elder Shan Qun to continue to write touching stories with his life!



Life is like a play, everyone has their own life play, in the respective lives of Brother Hong and me, there are several scenes, performed on the same stage!

When I met Brother Hong, I had just entered college, and I arranged a stage play, and I went to "Rescue Biography" to participate in the competition, and Brother Hong was the judge; Later, he participated in the 'Yiqi' performance class, and Brother Hong was the teacher; began to preach on the drama of "Tianyi", and Brother Hong was the director; To save the mission, Brother Hong is the president; hosted the 'Welcome', Brother Hong is the producer; Serving in the artist's home, Brother Hong is an elder; "National Prayer Society" Brother Hong is the CEO of the ......, and there are so many rivalries!

Brother Hong is a drama major, with the innocence and enthusiasm of an artist, and when he talks about "drama", his eyes are shining, which is the DNA that God has placed in his blood; But on the other hand, he has the ability of 'emotional management' and 'administrative management' that is rare for ordinary art workers!

Leadership and management is not only to do 'things', but also to deal with 'people', I have known Brother Hong for more than 40 years, I don't remember seeing who he blushed with and talked loudly, on the contrary, he always reconciled the relationship like 'salt', made peacemakers, and sometimes provoked a lot of anger, he also smiled, EQ first-class!

"Blessed are the peacemakers! for they shall be called sons of God. Matthew 5:9

In fact, there are not many people who love drama and like to engage in personnel and management, if he is allowed to choose, I guess, Hong Ke would rather soak in the theater and sway freely! Therefore, no matter how busy you are, you have to fly to the Philippines and Singapore...... It's good to engage in a drama and have a good time, even if you go to the movie to make a cameo for five minutes!

However, in response to God's call, Brother Hong let go of his dreams, entered God's destiny, fulfilled God's call, and embarked on the "road of the cross", which is also the "road of grace", and it is the most valuable road! Thank you for Brother Hong!

Life is full of choices, Brother Hong chose his life, his play, one day, we all have to stand in front of the table of Christ, may the Lord be pleased with our choice!

"For we have become a play for the world and the angels to see...... 1 Corinthians 4:9


Preface: Remembrance of each day

In the summer of 2011, Jeremy Lin, a basketball player in the United States, volunteered to come to Taiwan to participate in the basketball summer camp for high school students. I specially took the time to visit Teacher Peng Menghui with my parents: because before going abroad to study, they were all students of "Kongying". At that meeting, "Kong Ying" quickly recorded a three-day special, and Jeremy Lin became the cover character of "Kong Ying" in February 2012; Unexpectedly, in February, Jeremy Lin became famous in the NBA, setting off a frenzy of "Lin Lai Crazy", and the magazine of the month was sold out...... I also quickly learned his signature move: no matter when he got off the court or threw a basketball, when the audience shouted and applauded wildly, he always pointed to it: All glory be to God.

This action has a great resonance for directors who specialize in interpreting dramas. I thought to myself that if it were not for God's election, I would be nothing, unworthy of nothing; It is likely that he has been pursuing his dream of directing all his life. But after so many years of service, I have come to know more and more that He is the potter, that we are the clay, and that we are the work of His hands.

Prologue - The life story of the futon

He was only two years old when he left the mainland, or the verb "to leave" was not used so appropriately. I just learned to walk, but I was busy rushing outside, and my whole body was covered in mud. The elders all called me "Little Wai", and many people who were older and younger than me called me "Grandma". Dad has been away with the army for many years, and when he brought the news that he was going to retreat to Taiwan, Mom hurriedly packed up the urgent things and prepared to go out. Grandpa is a big landowner in Anhui, "good iron does not nail, good men are not soldiers", and he was reluctant to let his son join the Whampoa Military Academy in response to the anti-Japanese resistance earlier; But he can't twist his son, not to mention that the matter is a foregone conclusion, and at the moment it is most important to protect his life and family, coupled with the preference for sons over daughters, the first reaction is to shout that he wants to take the "little foreigner" out; The eldest sister said that she wanted to go to the countryside to find her grandmother. It's good, the outside is unstable, and the countryside is always safer than the city, anyway, it should be right to go to grandma's house to play for a while, so an acquaintance sent it over. My younger sister, who was just half a year old, was afraid that it would be inconvenient to take care of her on the road, so she also stayed with Jealous. Grandpa took care of the family and the property by himself.

In this way, the family was divided into three ways, and I followed my mother and a herald, with a few small cloth bags and other things, and crossed the ocean to Taiwan with my father, who had been guarding the army. As for how bumpy the road was, I can't remember it anymore.

Bumpy and bumpy, the military village is the first place to settle down. From Chiayi, Changhua, Neili to the woods and Zhonghe in New Taipei City, with the transfer of duties, the whole family moved around; Every time I moved, I would inevitably throw away some of the things of Laoshzi as usual, only a bedding brought from Anhui to shake off the yellow dust of my hometown, which was originally used to cover it, and later became a quilt ....... With the eldest sister Ruiyun, the second sister Qingyun, the third sister Cuiyun, the fourth sister Caiyun, and the younger brother who is 12 years old before me...... Born one by one, the quilt or cover or cushion, I don't know how to use it like this, and I used it for a long time...... Maybe it also symbolizes the lingering nostalgia.

The houses in the military village are narrow and small, and every time an extra baby is born, they try to expand a little more space, and use bamboo poles to build a difficult bunk bed, babbling, and even turning around has a sound; Outside the house, clinging to the wall, find a way to put up an extra bench .......

The first part, the Society for the Spread of Salvation

第一章 暗中帶領
Chapter 1: Leading in the Dark

The eldest brother of the military village

After arriving in Taiwan, my father still joined the army, guarding Kinmen all the year round, and once served as the commander of the commander of the sophomore battalion in the 823 artillery battle. The mother supports a family by herself, and it takes half a day just to make bags of flour into steamed buns, so how can she have time to take care of the children? In addition, the space in the military village is limited, and the front yard of each family is next to the backyard, and the children are strong in blood and energy, and they will be in a mess when they have nothing to do. I am the eldest in the family, and I have developed the ability to "self-cooked" because I move at every turn, and I have a large group of younger brothers and sisters who are ready-made minions, and the neighbors can get together casually and quite large-scale. Therefore, before college, I was completely a local military village brother, and I brought a group of brothers to and fro every day. When I was in high school, I also had the title of "Four King Kongs" in Shulin Middle School.

On weekdays, I am happy and resentful, and I have a headache every time I get to the entrance exam. In particular, the acceptance rate of the university entrance examination is only 26.3%, which is completely elite. Dad saw that if he fooled around again, he would be doomed, so he dragged me to the army to read day and night every summer vacation.

At that time, "Warriors" was the most popular TV series, and it worshipped heroes and soldiers to death. When I blushed and excitedly took the application for escort to the military academy home and stamped it; Mom suddenly burst into tears: "In our family, it's enough to have your father and a soldier..." At that moment, the pain of running a family like a "similar single parent" that is not easily revealed on weekdays was revealed.

I also suddenly felt that although I was in the cattle herding class, I had to face the university entrance examination after all, and I had to be on the list. The problem is: there is only one semester left, I can't concentrate on my studies at home, and I have to move out and live near the school.

"I don't believe you can read outside and not at home." Dad said angrily, his finger almost touching my forehead, "Okay, I'll give you 500 yuan a month, only these 6 months, I'll see what you do in the exam."

From that day on, I told my classmates that they were not allowed to go home after school in the afternoon, and that they all stayed. Assign a history teacher who is good at history; If you are good at geography, you will be a local science teacher; Those who are good at Mandarin, English, and mathematics are assigned tasks one by one...... Then go to the class tutor, tell him about our classmate's decision, and ask him to accompany him. The instructor has been leading cattle herding classes for many years, and when I heard it, my eyes lit up.

I shared a room with another classmate, and I struggled for half the night, and he fought for the second half of the night, taking turns sleeping in a bed. Half a year has passed, and nearly 10 of our cattle herding class have been admitted to junior college, and their performance is not inferior to the promotion class, which makes our tutor happy. And I scored 362 points. Where will this score fall?

Before the joint entrance examination, you must fill in the application first. As soon as the volunteer form opened, I was sorted from the highest to the bottom according to the score, and the last square hat was "Drama Department of Cultural University".

Fortunately, I also went to the political work cadre school. The political work cadre school first filled in the volunteers, the journalism department, the military justice department, but also the drama department.

I especially remember that the drama department of the military academy has to take an oral examination, and I, a very young man, don't know what the performance is; Before the examiner could position, the performance was over. When I heard the professor of the drama department ask, "What books do you usually read?" I talked endlessly about all the novels I rented in the bookstore, and finally Professor Wang Weicheng looked at me with interest. But I knew he must have given me a high score. Because it didn't take long for the military school to release the results, I was admitted to the drama department.

The original intention of the drama

In order to grab students, the military academy deliberately set the registration time the day before the release of the university joint entrance examination results.

I've been admitted to a military school, but are you really going to go? To make such a big decision in a hurry, I can't help but feel guilty in my heart.

Luckily, I met at Bread of Life in Taipei when I was in my third year of junior high school, and the pastor at that time was Kou Shiyuan. I made up my mind the first time I went, and I joined the Youth Fellowship one after another. But the high school entrance examination failed, and I went to study in Grove High School in a gray way. I felt ashamed and refused to go to church again. The point is that the seed of the gospel is always there. I know it's time to pray.

Do you want to report immediately? Or wait? The day when you don't report to the military academy as scheduled, it's completely like a year, so you can only wait for the list to be released. That night, I stayed in front of the radio and listened to the leaderboard, so quiet that I could only hear the sound of breathing. When one school after another finished reporting, when the three words "Hong Shanqun" appeared in the ranks of the Cultural University, the whole family screamed. I was so happy that I wanted to fly into the sky. Oh no, wait, it's the drama department again, how can this be?

"Did you get into college?"

"Got in."

"Where do you get in?"

"Culture." I won't say more later, what can I do after graduating from the drama department? I made up my mind to change departments. The journalism department, the history department, and the law department of the Culture University are all running well.

As soon as the semester started, I tried my best to go to other departments to audit, and all kinds of activities in the undergraduate department were completely declined. In the second semester of my freshman year, I calculated the time for transferring departments, and immediately ran to apply. "Remember to report to the journalism department." The teachers of the department are particularly admonished.

The transfer order has been successfully received. Banzai. This time my mind has finally settled. You can rest assured to go to the rehearsal of the performance of the senior seniors.

The graduation performances of the Department of Drama of the Cultural University will all perform the classic works of Shakespeare, the master of British drama. It was King Lear who performed that year. On the afternoon of April, when the graduation season was approaching, I rushed directly into the Nanhai Road Art Booth and sat in the audience with a dodge. I saw King Lear on stage playing against his 3 daughters

When King Lear is old, he will divide the land among his three daughters: if only they tell how they love their father. The eldest daughter said, and the second daughter continued...... Ah, but he only wants to leave the best land to his favorite little daughter, the one on the tip of his heart. But the youngest daughter said: Before getting married, her father was the most loved in her life; But when I get married, my husband will become the one I love the most. King Lear was disappointed and angry. But I still refuse to give my little daughter another chance, think about it, think about it.

Unexpectedly, the younger daughter's answer remained the same, and King Lear was furious and divided the last piece of land among the eldest and second daughters. After his two daughters came to power, Lear was exiled. When he was found by his youngest daughter in the wilderness, he was already delirious, but his younger daughter was killed by his sisters...... Lear was holding the body of his little daughter, cold and unresponsive; I couldn't help but shout to the sky, "Blow, wind! Blow it!" Remorse, pain, everything is irretrievable.

This is the tears of the tragic hero and the cry of life, how shocking.

Sitting in the audience, I couldn't hold back at all, and my tears kept flowing. I watched it for 9 days in a row, and I was in tears every day. By the 10th day, you won't cry anymore, will you? Even when the light came in and when the wind would start to blow, they were all familiar, but when it came to the last scene, they were still crying, and they simply rushed to the head of the department to draw back the transfer list. Don't turn anymore.

"Why don't you turn around? If you want to stay, you really have to be interested; Not interested, I advise you not to stay. You can't achieve anything without madness in drama."

從那一天起我才認真正視戲劇系的課程;二年級我主修導演,副修編劇,不管技術方面或者表演我都學習,整天泡在劇場裡;大三時正式登上舞台,演出西哈諾、鼻子情聖;大四時演出哈姆雷特,演的是那個壞國王登台之外,還寫戲劇評論。那時離文化大學最近的電影院,是陽明山腳下士林的陽明戲院。我買一張電影票進去,等電影結束了,就先躲到廁所,等下一場開始再偷偷溜出來繼續看。有一部電影英文名字叫 Man and Women,中文名字翻成「男歡女愛」,導演人身兼編劇、攝影、剪接、還客串演員,非常個人的作品,我連看了34次。邊看邊拿著手電筒做筆記。
From that day on, I took the curriculum of the Drama Department seriously; In my second year, I majored in directing and minored in playwriting, and I studied both technical and acting, and spent all day in the theater. In his junior year, he officially appeared on the stage and performed Sihano and Big Nose Love Saint; In his senior year, he played Hamlet, playing the bad king...... In addition to going on stage, he also writes drama reviews. At that time, the closest cinema to Culture University was the Yangming Cinema in Shilin at the foot of Yangming Mountain. I bought a movie ticket and went in, and when the movie was over, I hid in the toilet first, and then sneaked out to continue watching it when the next show started. There is a movie called Man and Women in English, the Chinese name is translated as "Men and Women Love", the director is also a screenwriter, photographer, editor, and guest actor, a very personal work, I watched it 3 or 4 times in a row. Take notes with a flashlight while watching.

Theatre is the art of the moment. The art of curtain curtain and curtain end when the curtain falls, and it is also the art of group creation. Once I went to Juguang Building in Yangmingshan with my seniors, and there was a dance section "Chinese Historical Costume Performance" in the evening, and we were responsible for setting up the stage lights, and when the lights were ready, a group of people ate bento boxes and chatted behind the stage. Let me look at the equipment, but I didn't expect the show to start, and the seniors didn't know where to run, so I had to press the stage lights and find a way to make some changes according to the rhythm. Anyway, the audience can't figure it out.

So crazy and hard-working, I got a scholarship for Shaw Brothers films in Hong Kong in my junior year, and 3,000 yuan was a month's salary at that time, and I was the only winner of the award at Culture University. In my senior year, I tried to write a screenplay, but I didn't expect to win an award in the Ministry of Education's screenplay competition. When he was serving in the Air Force, he won the Bronze Eagle Award in the Air Force Literary and Art Golden Eagle Award Competition with his script, focusing on the lack of Golden Eagle and Silver Eagle...... Every bit of it is like cheering me on, making me run more and more towards drama movies, full of "directorial dreams".

See angels

In 1971, I was 24 years old. After graduating from university and waiting for military service, he participated in the first film shot by the Information Bureau, which happened to be a three-day scene, and the film company rented the global hall of the Taipei Dazhi Salvation Association. The architecture of the Globe Hall is very special, it is a small theater with a steel frame in the form of a liba, and there is a large grass area next to it, with a small tennis court. After lunch, you can hear the melodious singing sound coming from the small room - it is like two worlds with the endless traffic in the city. There was also a foreigner who came over to say hello at a trot every now and then. Everyone called Priest Peng according to the name of the missionary. In the sun, her blonde hair is particularly shiny, her eyes are blue, and she smiles: she is simply an angel on a Christmas card. With singing, angels, and theaters, isn't this like heaven?

"If you can work here, it's like going to a paradise, right?" I said enviously to Wu Ruoling, who was in charge of the field at the time, and another young field clerk, while eating a lunch.

After saying that, the film was finished, and it didn't take long for him to be drafted into the army, and the words he said were casually thrown into his mind, but God collected and wrapped these inadvertent expressions of his heart one by one.

第二章 加入救世傳播協會
Chapter 2 Join the Society for the Spread of Salvation

There is no need to be envious

Before I was discharged from the army, I received a letter from Wu Ruoling, the field reporter: she used to call me "Xiaohong".

"You didn't expect to work in the broadcasting department of the Salvation Communication Association right now, did you? Come and see me when you're free."

Is that a place like heaven? So good.

After completing my military service, I went straight back to school as a teaching assistant, and I was very busy, and I also found several students to support me as an actor. responded to what Wu Ruoling said on the phone: "The students are doing very well, but why has your teaching assistant never come to see them?"

Coupled with a good impression of the Universal Hall, I was busy making an appointment to watch the youth music evening in Dazhi, Taipei, on Saturday. Wow, it was completely different from the stage performance in Taiwan at that time, it was really a completely American show, relaxed, lively, and mingling on and off stage.

"The performance is so good, I envy you so much."

"You don't have to be envious, you can come." My good friend turned around, and behind him stood Priest Peng Menghui—the same angel I saw a few years ago. "Priest Peng, there's a director here, and he says he envies us."

I received an absolutely warm embrace from the angel and agreed to talk about it again and again the following week.

After only half an hour of conversation on Monday, Priest Peng said quickly, "I'll come tomorrow."

It's impossible, I still have a letter of appointment in my hand, and it will take at least 3 months to get to the summer vacation, so it's impossible for the department to release people halfway.

"We pray, and God will lead." Priest Peng nodded and concluded.

As soon as I returned to the school and entered the department, I met the head of the department, who was my teacher, and also a well-known playwright and director in China: Professor Wang Shengshan. The friendship between teachers and students is the relationship between the chief and his subordinates, and I have no reason not to tell them at the first time, so I said a little hesitantly: I may have to leave the school and join the church's communication organization. When Mr. Wang heard it: Because of his cultivation and kindness all the way, why did he finally become a teaching assistant and turn around to go to the institution? I couldn't help but feel a little angry, waved my hand and shouted, "You don't have to wait until the summer vacation, you can leave at any time."

Two weeks later, on May 15, 1974, I joined the Society for the Salvation Communication.

The first job was as a choreographer in the broadcasting department, and the salary was reduced by one-eighth of the original one; In the next month, the accountant simply said to me: Can you take it later? It turned out that the salary could not be paid. As soon as I got home, my father frowned and looked at me: "When people change jobs, the higher the salary, the lower your salary, and you still can't get your salary in the first month, are you mistaken?"

"People make mistakes, but God can't make mistakes." I replied.

Bai Jingrui's invitation

In the third year of the Salvation Church (1977), he still served as a choreographer and began to participate in some gospel drama performances. But the heart is still up and down. One afternoon, while I was still sitting at my desk, pondering the radio script; The phone rang, and as soon as I picked it up, I heard the voice of director Bai Jingrui in my ears. At that time, Director Bai was famous all over Asia, equivalent to today's Wong Kar-wai and Zhang Yimou, how could he name me? And asking me for coffee, it was unbelievable. When they met, he frankly stated that China Film Company invited him to go to Europe to make films, and his Bai Company also wanted to make a film at the same time, and needed a strong assistant director, and many people recommended the same person to him: Hong Shanqun (oh my God), I couldn't believe what I heard. Before the end, Director Bai happily said to the staff next to him: This is our new assistant director, who will go to Europe with us in 3 months, and the salary - I am not very good at math, but I know that it is at least 20 times the salary at that time.

Drama has always had an irresistible charm for me; Cinema is my profession again, and with the fact that I have been able to follow the great directors and be vigilant and seize the opportunity immediately, I have finally taken another step closer to my dream of directing.

In addition to becoming famous and becoming a famous director, he can also be a witness, and even easily raise funds to shoot a gospel movie...... Isn't this what is called "professional ministry"? The whole head nodded desperately.

Of course, for the sake of solemnity, I also share it with my family and friends; Everyone was happy to hear that there was such a great opportunity.

When I walked into the Cosmic Light Magazine, the president of the Cosmic Light Magazine and also the counselor of the Art Fellowship, Lin Zhiping Lingo, had already started the pre-meeting devotional, and just talked about John 21, after the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus, the disciples scattered, and the eldest disciple Simon Peter said, "I'll go fishing." They said, "We will go with you."

"And they went out and got into the boat, and there was nothing to fight that night. When it was about to dawn, Jesus stood on the shore...... Jesus said to them, "Cast your nets on the right side of the boat, and you will find them: and they cast their nets, but they could not pull them up, for the fish are plentiful." To this day I remember Ringo's conclusion: "Peter was the most professional fisherman, but by his profession he was busy all night without catching any fish, and he followed the voice of Jesus, and caught more fish than he could have asked for."

I don't know why Brother Ringo inadvertently pointed at me and said, "Although you are professional, if it weren't for God, you wouldn't be able to catch a fish..."

It poured a large basin of cold water on my head.

That night, I kept asking myself, who the hell am I going to be? "Simon", who relied on professional fishing, or "Peter", who obeyed Jesus?

Question after inquiry came to mind: Do you love me more than that?

"Who is the master in your life? It's you? Or me?"

After thinking about that night, I finally submitted.

I truly understand that salvation is the workshop that God has called me to and that I must devote myself to it.

Night and night and day and day

從那一天開始,我在救傳服事的態度,不再是Eight to five day and night我每天問神:哪裡是水深之處?救傳還有什麼工作?什麼機會?什麼方法?可以把福音傳開。
From that day on, my attitude in the ministry of salvation was no longer eight to five but day and night, and I asked God every day: Where is the depth of the water? What else does Rescue Chuan do? What chances? What method? You can spread the gospel.

First of all, such a good magazine as "Air English Classroom" has already sold 20,000 copies, how can it not have any advertising? I don't understand.

Okay , Simon ! You go ahead to do it.」彭老師總是充滿鼓勵。
「Okay , Simon ! You go ahead to do it Ms. Peng is always full of encouragement.

The boss gave him a chance, and of course he had to try to perform. So a lot of connections are used, but the company or trading company can sell face at most and support it for a month. How easy is it to have a steady stream of advertisers? I can only pray desperately.

When I prayed, God showed me the Tribune. Yes, the people who will be published in the Tribune are probably Christian businesses, but when you open the Tribune, you will see that many of the advertisements are cured.

So I went directly to the switchboard and found the general manager. On the phone, he talked about how good and good the air English classroom was, and the general manager never squeaked. When I finished speaking, I replied directly: Okay. When are you free?

When I got to the appointed time, I went to visit, and I signed 3 advertisements in one go: 1 is Baifu Ning and Sujijian, and the other is the green field shampoo of hair products, all of which must be cured, and I signed it for 1 year as soon as I signed it.

Later, their deputy general manager said, "My child reads your air English classroom every day."

Next, the electrical appliances are looking for Sony, and they are also signed for 1 year. I read your magazines in college, the manager replied bluntly. Later these advertisements lasted for 10 years.

第三章 大傳服事與呼召
Chapter 3: The Great Mission, the Ministry and the Calling

Arts Fellowship

Enter the first year of salvation: 1974. I first worked as a director in the radio department, and in order to produce radio programs, I read almost all kinds of church literature and reference books. It was also in that year that I went to the Tabernacle to meet. Meet Pastor Lee Sau-chuen and Pastor Khoo Chi-kin. followed the art fellowship of Lin Zhiping and Zhang Xiaofeng. He has performed "Painting", "The Fifth Wall" and "Wuling People", which are very sensational in Taiwanese theaters, and the plays and performances at the end of the year by the Art Fellowship have become the major events of the year in Taiwanese theaters. It was also in that year that I learned that the art fellowship was preparing to perform "He's Bi", and was selecting candidates for jade craftsman Bian He.

Producer Lin Zhiping, director Huang Yigong, and screenwriter Zhang Xiaofeng all wanted me to perform, and discussed with Ms. Peng, and she also encouraged her, saying, "As long as it is evangelism, she supports it."

So I played the role of Bian He. The venue for the performance is at the National Museum of Art near Nankai Gakuen. There were two weeks of performances, plus rehearsals, for a total of three weeks.

Bian He is a native of Chu during the Warring States Period, born as a jade craftsman, and picks jade in the mountains and fields all day long, and finally finds He's bi, looking forward to dedicating such a rare treasure to the king. But at that time, all the ministers thought that it was just a rotten stone, and Bian He was accused of bullying the king. Once or twice, both left and right feet were killed. My Act 1 appearance is on two legs; In Act 2, after meeting King Chu Li, there is only one leg left. In Act 3, he gritted his teeth and went to King Chu Wu again, but both legs were cut off...... After acting, the whole person's physical strength is exhausted. But it really ignited his love for drama in an all-round way. Since "He's Bi", I have been involved in art fellowship. Together with Wu Qi, he assisted Huang Yigong as the deputy director of the fellowship.

Universal Hall

With a different attitude towards serving, there is an impulse to be unwilling to accept the status quo about things, and it seems that the brain is flexible. "Tianyun Singing" is the oldest TV program in Salvation, which has been on the air for 15 years, and even the wife of the former president, Ms. Chiang Soong Meiling, is a loyal viewer. Later, he transferred to China Television and changed his name to "Tianyun Heart". In 1976, we started planning a new TV program, and I was involved in the preparatory meeting for the program as a director in the broadcasting department. In view of the successful precedent of "The Singing of Tianyun", everyone tends to follow the old system of the previous dynasty, and still use the Tianyun choir as the main axis. My newborn calf came up with different ideas.

"Rescue Chuan has the most audience, and the most popular is the Sky English Classroom. Although the rhyme is good. But if you want to preach the gospel. It may be a call to use Kongying as a call. There are also a lot of non-Christians, so of course Tianyun is naturally included in the show."

I have a special feeling for the youth music evening, which has been around for many years. Such a good show, a weekly rehearsal, but only performed once in the Universal Hall, although the audience has come from Keelung and Taoyuan - but in terms of efficiency, the more it can face the people of Taiwan, the better?

"If you put the youth music evening every Saturday on TV. And when it's performed in our Globe Hall, it's even more distinctive." I said, frowning. "And the name can be called the Globe Hall."

The question is how does the show work? At that time, the whole group of Tianyun brought it to China Television or Guangqi Society for recording, so it was impossible to even move the global hall there.

彭老師才不管執行面的問題,興勃勃得很。「Okay , Simon ! You go ahead to do it.」於是跟著當時的總幹事陳人昌,跑去找中視節目部談。沒想到中視剛剛好買了新的轉播車,也就是俗稱的OB Car,可以到攝影棚外面去錄製節目。真是水到渠成,錄影的問題給解決了。於是就把青年音樂晚會的節目,預先排了3個月。每兩周錄1影,一次兩集。就這樣錄了13集。「環球廳」節目推出,空英的學員便是基本觀眾。他們原先只能夠從廣播節目裡面聽見聲音,沒想到彭老師竟然會出現在電視節目裡,還有其他外籍老師,都這麼活潑、這麼談笑風生。天韻也在唱詩歌,於是學員便把詩歌連同信息一股腦兒照單全收。
Mr. Peng didn't care about the implementation of the problem, and he was very interested. 「Okay , Simon ! You go ahead to do it." So I followed the then director general Chen Renchang and went to talk to the program department of China Television. Unexpectedly, ZOSE just bought a new OB truck, which is commonly known as OB Car, which can go outside the studio to record programs. It was really a matter of course, and the problem of video recording was solved. So the program of the youth music evening was scheduled for 3 months in advance. Recorded once every two weeks, two episodes at a time. 13 episodes were recorded like this. As soon as the "Globe Hall" program was launched, the trainees of Kongying were the basic audience. Originally, they could only hear voices from the radio program, but they didn't expect Teacher Peng to appear on the TV program, and other foreign teachers were so lively and laughing. Tianyun was also singing poetry, so the students took the poetry and the information in one go.

The "Globe Hall" TV program is equivalent to expanding the youth music evening every Saturday to the screen, and the audience may increase by 10 times, 100 times, or even 1,000 times. However, the cost of the OB truck is too high. Coupled with the workload of recording two episodes every two weeks, it also tired the co-workers who had always been familiar with broadcasting. After considering the manpower and cost, the "Universal Hall" had to call a stop, but we found that the combination of "Kong Ying" and Tianyun was the best combination to save the transmission; It turns out that we can boldly try different models, and making good use of the big media can allow us to go into the society and meet the crowd, which can be said to be a pre-training move for God to use electronic media to preach the gospel in the early days of salvation.

Gospel Films

As you know, I am a background in drama, and I have promoted the work of drama gospel at every opportunity. The 1st Drama Skit Competition was held. The House of Christ church came up with a script and won first place.

After Ye Weixin and I adapted this script, it was "Two Brothers" launched in 1979; This first gospel film for the Chinese caused a great response. There are pastors in Taiwan and East Malaysia who preach everywhere with this movie, and now many God's re-used servants, such as Pastor Wang Zuxiang in West Malaysia, watched the two brothers come to faith when they were young. Pastor Wang's brother made his decision because of the theme song: "Give Me One More Chance". The summer camp of the campus fellowship is also constantly screened, and the decision rate of the call is more than 50%.

In "Two Brothers", the reason why the new song "Give Me Another Chance" was written because I didn't think I should give too much information at once in the movie.

At the end of the movie. The elder brother rushed directly to push the younger brother away without thinking, and sacrificed his life to replace the younger brother. And so the poetry sounded. The audience was shocked, but they couldn't come back to their senses, and the plot stopped abruptly.

In the midst of regret, I often remind the audience: If the film stops at the moment when my brother rushes up and pushes my brother away, and my brother is given 5 minutes to think about it, will he still rush up? The elder brother has advised the younger brother many times, but the younger brother is stubborn and refuses to listen? His love is a subconscious and natural reaction, but once he thinks about it, maybe his brother won't do it. But the Bible is a thick book, but it only says one word, which is "love", because this is God's plan of redemption, he was born for the world, died for the world, and rose again for the world, which is "God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

The poem "Give Me One More Chance" became the prayer of my brother and the response of the audience.

The performance is so good, and then the influx of questions is, when will the second part be filmed? But the budget for making a movie is too high, and only Mr. Peng has the confidence to support it; Another question is whether there is a suitable theme? After 4 or 5 years, I heard a message from Pastor Jiao Yuanlian, who said: God created human beings with three aspects of soul and body, spirit, soul and body? Bingo! It was under this concept that the prototype of the script appeared, which was the second gospel film planned and launched in 1984: "Traffic Light". In this film, we describe three characters, each representing the needs of the spirit, soul, and body. But no matter how much I write it, it's still too serious. He was hesitant to travel to the United States to attend the National Prayer Breakfast. Along the way, there were pastor Zhou Shenzhu and several church leaders around him, but Zhou Meide's laughter suddenly emerged: hearty and uninhibited, and very powerful. I secretly listened to every joke she told, recorded her personality and characteristics, and immediately rewrote the script when I returned to the stage to add a licorice character called "Aman". Virtue, just perform Aman.

Stage plays

At the same time as the filming of two gospel films, I also returned to the field of stage plays. First, in 1979, he went to the Philippines to assist Elder Shangguan Shizhang and Huang Zhenmao in compiling the "Chinese Soul" directed by Huang Yigong; In 1984, he was invited to the Philippines to direct Wen Tianxiang. Both operas later toured Taiwan. In particular, Wen Tianxiang's costume was placed in the props room of the Globe Hall for a long time. It's like a memory that I can't bear to leave.

Then Kou Shaoen and Kou Shaohan of the House of Christ established the Tianyi Theatre Troupe in 1982. I immediately responded to the role of director. At that time, I was already working as the president of the Salvation Mission, and every time I came to the company's meeting, my whole heart was still full of joy on the way back and forth. In fact, until the "Love in April" and other evangelistic performances of the Artists' House Church, I always try my best to integrate the church, the organization, and even the Christian artists, so that everyone has the opportunity to use drama and stage to preach the gospel.

Wonderful and wonderful. When I was admitted to university, I walked into drama and fell in love with drama; I have studied directing, playwriting, acting, and stage, but I only took two credits in theater management. Unexpectedly, in the service of rescue, management is the most useful profession that I have been doing for the longest time. But how can God do wasteful things? Through the training of theater, I am extremely sensitive to human nature and even emotions. Able to quickly grasp the main point of some information. Bring out the needs of people.

Flowers of the wilderness

由於彭老師極愛音樂的緣故,天韻像是她的孩子。是救傳最早發展出來的福音事工。前期的音樂,演唱的曲目大多是彭老師和另一位創辦人李恩祺Leland Haggerty先生從美國帶進來的。優美、和諧而平易近人,把人帶到至高者的面前。當年天韻男女混聲的演唱方式,促使救傳提案的「天韻歌聲」,成為台灣電視台第一個正式播映的宗教節目。
Because of Ms. Peng's love for music, Tianyun is like her child. It was the earliest gospel ministry to be developed. In the early stage of music, most of the repertoire sung was brought in from the United States by Mr. Peng and another founder, Mr. Leland Haggerty. Beautiful, harmonious and approachable, it brings people to the presence of the Most High. At that time, the mixed singing method of Tianyun men and women prompted the rescue proposal "Tianyun Song" to become the first religious program officially broadcast on Taiwan TV.

In the 80s, there was a trend of campus folk songs in Taiwan, and young people picked up guitars to play and sing to themselves. Several new members of Tianyun also tried to write some songs, and the flowers in the wild created by Ye Weixin and Wu Wendong are one of them, which is fresh, simple and catchy; Then Tang Zhihong made a slide video of "The Man Who Cast the Net", echoing the highly industrialized and busy life of Taiwanese society, accompanied by the lyrics written by Tang Ailan, "Do you know that God loves you?" Directly capture the deepest cry of the human heart. In the script of "Two Brothers" co-written by Ye Weixin and I, I also wrote a theme song in the style of folk songs: "Give Me Another Chance".

In retrospect, it all fell into place. God Himself prepares His institutions for the great tide of the gospel. And so one gospel folk song after another appeared. Each one is precisely pointed to share the faith with the unbelievers. At the same time, these gospel songs have been surprisingly popular among the youth of the church. It has become the indiscriminate creation of Chinese people. After I had written more than a dozen songs, I suggested that there should be a new song sharing evangelistic meeting. To this day, I still firmly remember the eyes in the audience when the new song was shared, shining and joyful, and the Chinese finally sang their own beliefs and had their own poems. Everyone seemed to open their arms and ready to welcome a new chapter in history.

Soon, the second album "Good News" was released. After that, an album will be released every one or two years, and new songs will be shared around the island, which has become a routine gospel action. In order to connect the poems, I made up shadow plays and short plays, and interacted with each other on and off stage...... The stage, theater, and dance also come in handy. The launch of new songs by Tianyun is naturally based on the creation of Tianyun: the Chinese society is changing, and we have a dialogue with the Chinese people through poetry, and we also try to make the new song presentation evangelistic a platform to introduce Christian creation, such as Wang Zhilei, the queen of the song "The Sky of Taipei", the painter Huang Meilian who returned to Taiwan from the United States, the erhu Guoshou Shuhan, and the "Leave Love" to organize the works of Xinglinzi Liu Xia, all of whom participated in the exhibition to make the presentation richer and more diverse.

In the evening, the students happily followed the foreign teachers to interact on and off the stage, and everyone sang classic Christmas songs together, and in the program design, a Christian drama story was used as the main axis. Every year, it is a big event for the students and Kongying, many students come to line up early in the morning on the day of the party, there are too many students who can not enter for 1 year, and they refuse to leave, Mr. Peng personally held a miniature meeting with them outside the venue, and it was really beautiful to think about it. On average, about 30,000 students participate every year—in 2 or 30 years, the number of participants should reach millions, and the number of people who can be reached after the live webcast is even more global, and it is difficult to estimate at all, but this is the cultural innovation that Salvation Mission, as an organization with a mission to spread the Christian faith, is engaged in. The core goal of the concert is to get the students in the audience to be interested in the faith and to know that Christ is connected to their own lives, which is the work of sowing seeds, maybe 1 or 2 years...... When the time is up, the students go into the church one after another to receive shepherding.

After a while, Christians will have a tacit understanding to invite unbelievers to come to the church, and some will also send the invitation list to the Salvation Mission Department, so that everyone can pray for the unbelievers. or as a companion volunteer at concerts; In the concert, those who make up their minds will be sent to the nearest church by the missionary section, and the local church will follow up.

Whether it is Tianyun New Song or the Air English Classroom, it is like a net of gospel sprinkled with salvation as the core, which is built around the island and connects the churches and brothers and sisters. It was a time of great enthusiasm for evangelism.

Sleep and children's audio-visual stories

Jiang Huilan, the sister of Huilan in the children's bedside story "Sleepland", met Tianyun when she was touring in Hualien. That time, Whelan happened to be in charge of hosting, and when he smiled, he blushed and tom, and the typhoon was lively, steady, and clear...... When Teacher Peng saw it, she was excited to love talents and immediately invited her to participate in the service. It didn't take long for Whelan to come to Taipei, join Salvation, and become a member of the small choir of the Art Fellowship.

First in the broadcasting department, and later in the Tianyin Choir - in the 70s, Tianyun's service was booming. So the co-workers automatically set up a second group, the Tianyin Choir, to stay behind and fight on their behalf.

But sitting in the cowshed for a long time is not always the solution. Whelan has not been able to join Tianyun. One day she came to me and said she wanted to leave.

"Actually, you have many different gifts. I like children, and I like broadcasting and recording. And the music......" I desperately encouraged her.

Hey, why not make gospel products for children?

"Can you do it?" Whelan's eyes lit up.

"Yes, the Bible has many stories, and there are many inexhaustible stories. You can."

At that time, on the market, Dachuan products were no longer straight through to the end, and began to automatically classify the ages according to the needs of the market, and audio-visual products made for children began to appear. Twenty-four filial piety and Journey to the West are all there. Why not use sound effects to tell the Bible story in a dramatic way?

This is the recording and publication of Sleepland. Whelan was living in a dormitory on the second floor of the Globe Hall, and the clatter of her heels on the floor was particularly loud when it was quiet. "Sleepland" completely stimulates her creativity and passion.

Sleepland emphasizes bedside storytelling. Accompany children to listen before bedtime, and encourage parents to listen together. It had a profound impact on Christian families in the 80s and 90s. I was very impressed by Mr. Wu Xianzhang, who taught at the Chung Hwa Evangelical Theological Seminary. When I first came back from the United States, I was especially grateful to Rescue Chuan, because their children grew up listening to "Sleepland". On another occasion, Mr. Peng received a family of Western missionaries from Xinjiang, two children aged 7 or 8. Always follow your parents quietly; When I first met, I politely greeted them, but the children immediately screamed. He said, "You're Daddy Ashan." There's nothing wrong with that. In my sleep, I once recorded the story of Ah Shan's father. There were a hundred sheep, and the mischievous little snowball ran away, but Dad refused to give up, desperately screaming until he found the lost one.

Television transmission

我們不只早在藝術團契時就認識。都學戲劇還同時踏入職場。1971年,他從政工幹校(今已更名為「國防大學政戰學院」)畢業。我則踏出文化大學,戲劇系大三時我演「大鼻子情聖 西哈諾」,畢業公演時,我演出莎翁名劇「哈姆雷特」,他特別前來觀賞。甚至後來我們都參加了藝術團契,我演「和氏璧」卞和,雖然還是不太熟,但是接下來他協助黃以功導演,擔任副導,我們彼此惺惺相惜。
Wu Qi didn't just know him as early as the Art Fellowship. I studied drama and entered the workplace at the same time. In 1971, he graduated from the Political Engineering Cadre School (now renamed the Political and War College of the National Defense University). In my third year of drama, I played "Saint Sijuano" in the Drama Department, and when I performed Shakespeare's famous play "Hamlet" in my graduation performance, he came to see it. Even later, we all participated in the art fellowship, and I played the role of "He's Bi" Bian He, although I still didn't know each other well, but then he assisted Huang Yigong as the director and served as an assistant director, and we cherished each other.

In 1984, the Television Department was established.

Before the recording of "Tianyun Singing", all the people had to be mobilized to go to the TV station to record or entrust Guangqi Society. If the equipment can be improved, can't you have your own studio? But that's not all, the establishment of an independent department, in addition to being able to undertake the inherent recording work, should also have the ability to produce programs - that was the heyday of Taiwan's electronic communication, not only talent is precious, but equipment is also expensive. Be cautious. In prayer, the name Wu Qi appears repeatedly.

At that time, he was the captain of the art brigade, and he was a neighbor near Dazhi, Taipei. So I went to him for dinner and asked him if he wanted to. Wu Qi carefully considered the words of his speech, and one word fell first and then another.

He said he was getting orders to go to training. At this time, it is difficult to apply for retirement. But because of the sincerity of my invitation, he promised to try to mention it.

I know that Wu Qi's words are not an exaggeration. In addition to his beliefs and character, he has won several awards, and there is no reason why the military art industry should not let him come out. He will be arranged to receive advanced training, which also means that he is a talent actively cultivated by the commander.

At that time, the executive officer in Wu Qi's army was General Wu Shi Song. He is also Wu Qi's teacher. As soon as he received Wu Qi's retirement application, he hurriedly found him. Angrily dropped it: "Don't even think about it." Four words. After dealing with this important matter, Mr. Wu hurried to the south on a business trip.

Unexpectedly, the acting executive officer saw the official document of the retirement application, and immediately asked Wu Qi: Has Mr. Wu looked for you?

"Found it." Wu Qi replied. I didn't mention being scolded.

The executive officer knew about the relationship between Mr. Wu and Wu Qi, and without thinking too much, he signed it for approval.

The document was published shortly afterwards.

The military order is like a mountain, how can it be changed if it has been announced?

Mr. Wu was angry when he came back, but there was no way to get it back.

So Wu Qi was inexplicably retired.

As soon as he called me, I immediately replied that it was no problem: "There is only one photographer now. Here you come. And then slowly build up the department." It was 1985, and Wu Qi joined.

Unexpectedly, one year later, Mr. Wu Shisong was transferred to China Television as the general manager. After taking office, he made a phone call to Wu Qi.

"How are you doing at that church organization?"

"That's good—"

Because of Mr. Wu's tenure at China Television, the TV department of Rescue has the opportunity to cooperate with China Television. For example, in the news album "Good Morning Today", I was given a period of 1 year to broadcast 5 minutes of English every day. Later, he cooperated with the project of the 8 o'clock series "No Regrets in This Life". Wu Qi and I were in charge of the production, and the famous director Wu Huan was the director. In the old Radio 3 era, the channel was king. The production of a show not only costs money, but also has to have a "chance" before it can be released.

Thanks to Mr. Wu, the TV program produced by Salvation has the opportunity to be broadcast on China Television, and little by little, we try to put the gospel in it.

"Wu Qi—" I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Wu, and he thundered and said, "I can't snatch you."

"Not me. It's God." Every co-worker who is called is also found by God Himself.

Under the leadership of Wu Qi, the rescue TV department started as a co-worker. When you go out on location, the machine carries it by yourself and lights it up. At that time, the camera had to be dialogue, and the color would be "positive", and sometimes the male photographer simply twisted his shoulders and used his white underwear to directly dialogue. Later, the television department developed into a large department with more than 20 co-workers. The production of "Orientation" is the first locally produced gospel television program with Christian testimony as the main theme. Then make MTV of Tianyun poetry...... She also asked the famous screenwriter Xia Meihua to write the script of the drama "Autumn Tide to the Evening Sky", which was packaged to share the Christian family outlook and outlook on life. The drama was broadcast on CCTV in Beijing. The role of the church and the pastor also appears in the play, which is very rare in the continent that marks "godless". Looking back on all this, we can only say that we are working hard and using all kinds of wisdom to let the TV channels follow the message of Christianity when Taiwan is going globalized in the 80s and 90s.


Steward of the Part II Agency

第一章 零售代理專業化
Chapter 1 Specialization of retail agents

Theatre is art, and it is an art that seeks the greatest possibilities for dialogue. If there is no audience, then the existence of the theatre is meaningless. How to market, how to understand the market, and how to present, transmit and mobilize more effectively in the whole production process have become important items in theater management. I only took two credits in college, but I was used to the fullest in the management of the English classroom in the air.

Not long after I started to be in charge of the business, my first suggestion was to ask the staff to stop calling me "Priest Peng" and change it to "Teacher Peng". Because Priest Peng is only within the walls of the church, and the Chinese have always respected teachers, Teacher Peng can go into the crowd, and today Teacher Peng is already an English teacher among Chinese people around the world. The daughter of former President Ma Ying-jeou learned English with Teacher Peng; Ke P also said: This is my English teacher. The impact of her life is deeply felt in every student she has taught.

When I started to take on business, I found that at the end of each month, many book and newspaper companies would come to the main office of Dazhi on tricycles or small trucks to approve books. The price given is 20% off the list price. The problem is that tricycles and small trucks are naturally sold in Taipei City; If we could promote the magazine to the whole of Taiwan, wouldn't it be able to sell more and have a better circulation? So I started looking for agents. At the beginning, I contacted the Taiwanese English Magazine, and they were the first publishing agent at that time; But Taiwanese English-language magazines are not interested; So I looked for the second place Dawn Press; He was waved and sent away. I had to bite the bullet and go to find it, and it was the turn of the third place Yuchen Book and Newspaper Agency, and finally got a relatively positive response, and at the end of the month, the proprietress Jiang Lizhu also ran to save the wholesale situation. When we are formalizing our cooperation, we will also express our goodwill. The only thing they ask for is a 7% discount for the agency.

Oh, how can this be done? It's a loser at all. We take 20% off ourselves, so why find someone to act as an agent? Earn a lot of money for nothing......

However, I believe that in order to expand the circulation, it is necessary to move towards specialization rather than a family-based wholesale model. As expected, after 3 months, the issuance increased by 1 times, and by 3 months and by 1 time. And with the spread throughout Taiwan, the circulation continues to increase.

Group buying starts

雨辰代理主要是零售方面。那麼在書店、書報攤之外,還可以怎麼刺激銷售呢?相對於零售,那就是團購啊,什麼地方會需要團購呢?學校整班學英語,會進行集體團購,而且有把握能夠增加市場的佔有率跟影響力。一開始先聯絡大學,大學都有語言中心,何況學好英文對大學生很重要。接著慢慢發現到不只是大學,高中、國中也都可以推廣,做為指標科目英文的活用已經越來越被重視。這樣的市場趨勢,顯示成立專業的團購業務的需要。就在這樣的思維下,救傳開始成立分社。從高雄到台中、台南;接著新竹、嘉義......專門用來提供團體訂購的相關服務。市場也反映出團購銷量得極快。到 2000 年時,「空英3本雜誌的印刷量,已經將近60萬本。總體來說從九年代到 2005年左右,是「空中英語教室」發行量的高峰期。在擴大出版量與營業量同時,我們也知曉每本雜誌背後便是一個靈魂這也成為了我們前往校園進行品格教育最頻繁的時刻。
Yuchen agents are mainly on the retail side. So what else can be done to stimulate sales in addition to bookstores and newsstands? Compared with retail, that is group buying, where will group buying be needed? The school learns English as a whole class, and will carry out group buying, and is sure to increase market share and influence. At the beginning, contact the university, the university has a language center, not to mention that learning English well is very important for college students. Then I gradually realized that it can be promoted not only in universities, but also in high schools and junior high schools, and the use of English as an indicator subject has become more and more important. Such market trends show the need to set up a professional group buying business. It was with this in mind that Salvation began to set up a branch. from Kaohsiung to Taichung and Tainan; Then Hsinchu, Chiayi...... Services specifically designed to provide group subscriptions. The market also reflects the rapid rush of group buying sales. By 2000, nearly 600,000 copies of the three magazines had been printed. Generally speaking, from the 90s to around 2005, it was the peak period for the distribution of English classrooms in the air. While expanding our publication and sales, we also know that behind each magazine is a soul, which has become the most frequent time for us to go to campus for character education.


As the business of the English Classroom in the Air grows, I have repeatedly stressed that an organization is spiritually and professionally like two legs, and without one it may be difficult to act. Therefore, keep praying to find the right Christians to build a business team and professionalize the business. In addition to retail and group buying, a marketing department was set up to focus on strategic planning, stimulating subscribers, and expanding the market. When I set up the planning department, I specially trained Chen Shushen, who used to be my secretary, and later took over as the staff in charge of the Los Angeles branch in North America.

The meaning behind the performance

Since the 90s, we have been holding retreats for the business department every year, where the staff members pray, seek together, and learn and grow together. For business staff, while seeking to meet performance standards, they need to be reminded of who they are fighting for. Therefore, in the retreat, the business goals for the next year will be set, and at the same time, the values of faith that individuals have experienced in the course of their business will be shared. I firmly believe that behind every magazine, there is a soul; Every opportunity is a life.

This group of elite soldiers of Christ not only achieved great results, but also made the evangelistic activities of salvation very popular in the world. From the youth music evening in the Globe Hall every Saturday to the later entry into the school, there are nearly dozens or even nearly 100 school activities every year. On the surface, it is not possible to preach the gospel directly, but the program design of every event contains character education, and who cares more than God about the wisdom and good character of young people? Along with the school activities, it has been expanded to the annual Christmas concert around the island, encouraging business staff to bring the children from the school. Let Christmas be the season of spiritual harvest and give the best to the bespoke King, the Lord Christ. From the south to the north and even the whole of Taiwan, we lit the torch of faith, united with the churches everywhere, handed over the list of harvest calls to the churches, and let the churches continue to shepherd - it was a great incentive for the co-workers, who joined the salvation mission to preach the gospel.

For nearly 10 years, about 3 to 4,000 people decided to come to the Christmas party every year, and there were people who wanted to know the Lord Jesus more, and every list was introduced to the church.

Chapter 2 Empty English Positioning and Magazine Segmentation

The meaning of the pyramid

The first stage of the "Air English Classroom" was a two-page mimeographed handout, which was available to listeners of radio programmes by sending a stamped envelope. By the time I joined Salvation, it had grown into a thick magazine, and when I opened the table of contents, each article would mark a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. Readers choose to read according to their needs.

行之有年了,大家都習慣了。從來也沒有人提過意見。可是等到開始有了市場行銷,代理制度也發展出來後,我就忍不住想著:從讀者的角度來看,花了錢買這麼大一本,難道就只會覺得便宜大碗、CP 值高嗎?難道不會覺得如果只買我需要的,反倒更伐算嗎?何況英語學習本來就有程度深淺之別,根本無法進。讀初級的讀者,哪會沒事去讀高級的課文?對高級的學習者來說,則其他文章純屬多餘的,換句話說,有別於一般休閒式雜誌眼睛掃過便算數的閱覽型態,讀者讀「空英」是深具目的性的,是為了增進英文程度,對於符合自己程度的課文,他們便會反覆的聽、 讀。反之,則不會多花時間。
It's been a long time, and everyone is used to it. No one ever gave an opinion. But when marketing began to be introduced and the agency system was developed, I couldn't help but think: from the reader's point of view, if you spend money to buy such a large book, will you only feel that it is cheap and the CP value is high? Don't you think it's better to buy only what I need? What's more, there is a difference in the level of English learning, and it is impossible to be aggressive. How can a beginner reader have nothing to do with advanced texts? For advanced learners, other texts are superfluous, in other words, unlike the usual casual magazines, readers read "empty English" with a deep purpose, in order to improve their English proficiency, and they will listen and read texts that meet their own level. Otherwise, it won't take much time.

I slowly put forward these ideas to Mr. Peng. For a missionary who has money or not, she doesn't care how much she sells, but what impresses her the most is the needs of the readers.

According to the English learning market, Taiwan's English learning population presents the shape of a golden triangle, and the bottom of the golden triangle is beginners, and this group of readers must be the most. Therefore, it is necessary to separate the elementary articles first, so that they can be exposed to pure and beautiful English, and lay a good foundation first, so as to avoid the English learning mode of most people who give up halfway. Professor Wu Bingzhong, Mr. Peng's teaching partner, frequently nodded yes when he heard my thoughts.

After the primary articles came into their own, it became the magazine "Everyone Speaks English". For a long time, especially when there was a trend of learning English for all, everyone spoke English and had the most subscribers among the three magazines.

The next step is to edit the high-level articles into Peng Menghui English, which has a high degree of professionalism and a deep grammatical structure, and of course the readership will be relatively small; It is foreseeable that the issuance will not be high. However, this group of readers will also be the elite of English-speaking people in Taiwan, and the recognition of this group of top readers will help expand the influence of "Kongying".

So that students at all levels can follow the company of the magazine and gradually learn English. To shine in the workplace and in the academic process is Mr. Peng's heart and the heart of salvation. At the same time, after three times, the market expanded; Readers don't feel like they're at a loss. Some readers will also happily tell the customer service staff that he can be upgraded and will be subscribed to "Kongying" magazine from "everyone". There are also readers who order no matter how many issues they have subscribed to, as long as there is a promotion, they will follow the order, completely fulfilling the true meaning of "lifelong friend".

A Friend for Life

如何借力使力,在雜誌行銷當中有許多要學習的地方。「空英」曽經舉辦過百萬抽獎活動。我們邀請廣告商參與,不用付錢,只要給出廣告版面;也與廠商接洽,廠商提供產品,換得曝光的機會。很快的百萬抽獎的獎品便有了,在讀者群中帶出很大的迴響。也讓廠商們發現英語學習人口的消費潛力──當每讀者認真的打開雜誌,跟著錄音帶或電視學習時,又怎麼會無視課文中置放的廣告? 光是從視覺停留的效益來說,便是其他雜誌所不能及的。
There is a lot to learn in magazine marketing. "Kong Ying" has held a lottery for more than one million. We invite advertisers to participate, no need to pay, just give the advertising layout; It also contacts with manufacturers, and manufacturers provide products in exchange for exposure opportunities. Soon the prize of the million-dollar raffle was available, which brought a great response among the readership. It also allows manufacturers to discover the consumption potential of the English-learning population – how can every reader ignore the advertisements placed in the texts when they seriously open the magazine and follow along with the tapes or television? In terms of the benefits of visual retention alone, it is beyond the reach of other magazines.

究諸事實,廣告也應該像代理行銷一樣專業化,因此我們就與最強的廣告公司:台灣奧美廣告合作。奧美廣告的董事長白崇亮向來以對市場的敏銳度著稱,廣告專業更是無庸置疑。有1年,他們的廣告企劃提出了一個廣告文案:study with the best;因為空中英語教室 is the best。簡易有力又具有說服力,也的確符合「空中英語教室」的企業形象。獨獨彭老師不以為然。基督徒要謙卑,怎麼可以說自己是 the best,她猛搖頭。
In fact, advertising should also be as professional as agency marketing, so we worked with the strongest advertising agency: Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan. Bai Chongliang, the chairman of Ogilvy Advertising, has always been known for his market acumen, and his advertising expertise is beyond doubt. For 1 year, their advertising campaign came up with an ad copy: study with the best; Because Air English Classroom is the best. Simple, powerful and persuasive, it is indeed in line with the corporate image of the English Classroom in the Air. Teacher Dudu Peng disagreed. Christians should be humble, how can they say that they are the best, she shook her head violently.

If this doesn't fit, you can't just shake your head. We're going to have to come up with one too.

「好,你給我一天。」結果第2天彭老師就提出來了。A Friend for Life。一生的朋友。空中英語教室是一生的朋友,耶穌基督更是一生的朋友。
"Okay, you give me a day." As a result, on the second day, Mr. Peng brought it up. A Friend for Life。 A lifelong friend. The English classroom in the air is a lifelong friend, and Jesus Christ is a lifelong friend.

We were completely convinced. This is also the original intention of saving the mission.

All that I have done is for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in the gospel with others.

就此「A Friend for Life──一生的朋友」成為「空中英語教 室」代名詞,也是主要訴求。的確,我們的學員有讀10年、20年的,更有即或從職場退休,都還在讀的。英語為他們打開了世界之窗,得以與世界溝通。期待有一天也能讓他們看到生命的光,找到一條回到天父懷抱的路。
In this regard, "A Friend for Life" has become synonymous with "English Classroom in the Sky", and it is also the main appeal. Indeed, some of our students have been studying for 10 or 20 years, and some are still studying even after retiring from the workplace. English has opened a window on the world for them to communicate with the world. I look forward to the day when they can also see the light of life and find a way back to the arms of our Heavenly Father.

It's business and it's siblings

基督徒在台灣算少數,但很奇妙,「空英」的廣告或業務伙伴,卻經常遇到基督徒,或者合作下來,看到才華洋溢的他們,如何被主的愛所折服,而後成為基督徒。優秀的廣告企劃人黃文博,我們 幾乎一有廣告的需要,便會找他。後來他自己跳出來創業,公司名稱乾脆以「救世傳播協會」的諧音,成立「就是」廣告。在一場大病之後,黃文博接受耶穌基督為主。那麼聰明的人,腦子動得比誰都快,想來,也與耶穌基督有極深刻並高效率的對話吧?
Christians are a minority in Taiwan, but it's amazing that the advertising or business partners of "Kong Ying" often meet Christians, or cooperate with them, and see how they are so talented that they are impressed by the love of the Lord and then become Christians. Huang Wenbo, an excellent advertising planner, we will come to him almost whenever we need advertising. Later, he jumped out to start his own business, and the name of the company simply used the homonym of "Salvation Communication Association" to set up a "is" advertisement. After a serious illness, Huang Wenbo accepted Jesus Christ as Lord. Such a wise person, whose brain moves faster than anyone else, thinks about it, also has a very deep and efficient dialogue with Jesus Christ, right?

The other is Yan Lixing, the general manager of Huawei who single-handedly pushed Kongying to TV. He was a Catholic when we first met. In the same way, because of his illness, he seriously reflected on his faith. His name has been in our prayers, and we know that He is getting closer and closer to Christ.

Jiang Lizhu, the proprietress of Yuchen Books and Newspapers, not only actively cooperated with us when "Kong Ying" was not yet in season, but also the result of many years of contact, and finally she came to the Taipei Artists' Home Church where I served to decide to become a Christian. When Pastor Lin Huijun of the Artist's Home went to Moscow to preach, Jiang Lizhu went to Moscow for a short mission. She was the same before, at the end of the month, she came to see the magazine to approve the book, and by the way, she helped deliver things. The zeal has not changed, but the warmth has turned in Christ.

第三章 傳播工具多元使用
Chapter III: Diversified Use of Communication Tools

A global hall that counts in pounds

When I joined Salvation, it was in 1974; At that time, Salvation had already entered a period of relative stability from the first stage of radio programs based on faith. The first stage was to rent a house in Liutiaotong on Zhongshan North Road in Taipei City, live together, and use everything in common, like the first church. Because of faith, he bought a piece of land in Dazhi, Zhongshan District. At that time, Dazhi was a rice field, and there was a road that resembled a field stalk in the rice field. Another missionary who co-founded Salvation with Mr. Peng, Li Enqi, we all call him, Mr. Li, who was an engineer in the United States earlier, saw that after the first Taipei City Commercial Exhibition, the Liba steel frame that was originally used to build the exhibition hall was ready to be sold at the price of scrap iron. Hurry up and buy it.

買來以後,李先生自己畫圖,再從台中找來一位相熟的木匠協 助,竟然兩人七手八腳的便把環球廳給搭建起來。如今看來,一切是這麼的不可思議,但是當時建築法令相對寬鬆加上「憑信心」所形成的動力,竟然就促成了環球廳的誕生。
After buying it, Mr. Li drew the drawings himself, and then hired a familiar carpenter from Taichung to help, and the two of them actually built the Globe Hall with all their hands. It may seem incredible now, but the relatively relaxed building laws and the impetus of "faith" at the time led to the creation of the Universal Hall.

環球廳裡有個小劇場,旁邊是辦公室,還有製作廣播節目的錄音間,加上一個有基本電視設備的電視攝影棚。從規劃與設計,便 可見救傳事工的雛型。
There is a small theater in the Globe Hall, next to the office, a recording studio for the production of radio programs, and a television studio with basic television equipment. From the planning and design, we can see the prototype of the rescue ministry.

The Global Hall was built, and Mr. Peng hurried back to the United States to raise funds "with confidence".

那段草創時期,開支票怕跳票,跑銀行 3 點半,伴隨著大直購地加上環球廳的搭建。
During that period of grass-roots creation, I was afraid of bouncing cheques when I wrote checks, so I ran to the bank at 3:30, accompanied by the construction of a large direct purchase and the global hall.

When the construction of the Salvation Globe Hall was completed, nearly 18 hours of gospel programs were chartered on the Revival Radio.

It was not until Fuxing Radio received an official letter from the Ministry of Education encouraging it to produce programs with educational functions.

Then you don't have foreigners, why don't you come and do an English program? Renaissance Radio inquired about the salvation of the messenger.

This spurred the birth of the English classroom in the sky. In addition to English teaching, together with Hong Kong's Far East Broadcasting Corporation's gospel broadcast to China, and even transferred to CTV's "Tianyun Heart" TV program...... It is not an exaggeration to say that it is necessary to fill up the gas day and night and urge it with all its might.

「空中英語教室」的英文教學符合時代需求,又經由廣播掀起 了另類的英語教育宣教大軍,每一個禮拜六讓想來認識老外英語老師的 Yuth Rally 青年音樂晚會,節目設計每3月呼召一次,3晩上再有一個聚焦於聖經的英文查經班。用論斤買來由廢鐡所蓋的環球廳,呼召了一個又一個同工,集結成為宣教大軍。
Every Saturday, Yuth Rally Youth Music Evening, who wants to meet foreign English teachers, is called every 3 months, and there is an English Bible study class focusing on the Bible every 3 nights. The Globe Hall, which was built from scrap lanthanum, called one co-worker after another to assemble into a missionary army.

Rescue Mission Office Building

In the era when computers were not yet commonplace, on the birthday of each co-worker, I would definitely write a birthday card in person, thanking them for the year they put for the Lord; At the end of the year, the bonus will also be given to the staff individually with Mr. Peng, and at the same time ask them about their work needs: because the bonus is rewarded by the Lord, as the steward of the organization, we just want to say thank you to the staff.

早在勞退帳戶尚未實施之前,救傳八年代便有退休金制度,最早是由同工的薪資裡提撥 5%,公司再提撥同樣的金額存入帳戶當中,同工離職或退休時,便可領走。有一次一位同工要到美國讀書,我一聽他的帳戶裡竟然只有10幾萬,這實在太少了,後來便將提撥金額改為 10%。對我來說,我是被主呼召而來的,每一位同工也是,盡可能的厚待,讓同工們沒有後顧之憂的服事,這些福利制度使得救傳有好幾年,人事流動率為零。
Long before the implementation of the labor retirement account, there was a pension system in the 80s, which was first 5% of the salary of the staff member, and the company allocated the same amount to the account, and the staff could receive it when they left or retired. Once, when a co-worker was going to study in the United States, I heard that he only had 100,000 yuan in his account, which was too little, so I changed the amount of withdrawal to 10%. For me, I was called by the Lord, and so was every co-worker, to be as generous as possible, so that the co-workers could serve without worries, and these welfare systems made the salvation mission for several years, and the turnover rate was zero.

Baby co-workers, as much as possible to let each co-worker's gifts be brought into play, in the kingdom of the Lord for the Lord's use, is my very important thinking and proposition in management, knowing that co-workers have difficulties, as long as there is an opportunity, I want to pat them on the shoulder to have confidence, strong courage. This is not a polite word, and that's how I came to serve in the past.

This attitude also extends to thinking in the workplace.

In 1988, the Rescue Office Building opposite the Globe Hall was renovated. The famous Christian architect Pan Ji was specially invited to design it. According to the building code, it could have been built up to seven floors, but wouldn't it be more economical to build more floors? But no, it was decided to build six floors, because it was neither an office nor a residence, and it deserved better quality as a place for the Christian army to live. In addition, the space is raised to avoid a sense of oppression and can be ventilated.

由於靠近國防部的預定地,基於國防安全的考量,在靠近國防部的那面,政府不准我們開窗。不料實踐大學正好也在蓋新教學大樓,當時實踐大學的董事長正是前副總統謝東閔。結果實踐大學的 大樓開了個窗,我們便請求比照辦理,這才使得2樓到6樓都開了窗戶,5樓多了兩個窗子,晚上開燈的時候,從公園或者國防部方 向看過來,正是一個十字架,這是象徵也是提醒,若沒有十字架,整幢大樓便沒有光。
Due to the proximity to the predetermined location of the Ministry of Defense, the government did not allow us to open the windows on the wall near the Ministry of Defense for reasons of national defense and security. Unexpectedly, Shih Chien University was also building a new academic building, and the chairman of Shih Chien University at that time was none other than former Vice President Xie Dongmin. As a result, Shih Chien University's building opened a window, so we asked for a comparison, so that the windows were opened from the second floor to the sixth floor, and there were two more windows on the fifth floor, and when the lights were turned on at night, from the direction of the park or the Ministry of Defense, it was a cross, which was a symbol and a reminder that without the cross, the whole building would have no light.

When the building was built and the hardware was completed, I always felt that there was a need for something artistic and humanistic to convey the spirit of salvation. Mr. Peng is a musician, I am a director, and we don't want to be too bad.

First of all, I found Yang Yingfeng, who is good at modernist abstract combination design, and Yang Yingfeng is a well-known contemporary sculpture master. The initial estimate is that the materials, design and production costs will be 2 million. 2 million 40 years ago was simply too much more than the budget. I can't talk about it at all. So I searched around, and finally found a fresh graduate at Taiwan University of Arts, whose works are the same as abstract and the use of lines, and the effect is also good. But it only took one-fifth of the price, so it was sold for 400,000 yuan. After signing the contract, we found out that the designer was Yang Fengchen, the son of Yang Yingfeng, and this was also his first work after graduation.

"Would you like to discuss it with your father?"

Naturally, the father wanted to help his son, and the manuscript designed by Yang Yingfeng turned out to be by Yang Yingfeng. The whole work has four main axes, God is the light of the world, so there is the sun; The mission of the salvation mission is to preach the gospel to the Chinese, so the whole image of China is extreme, and elements such as landscape paintings and Chinese-style robes have been added. Most importantly, there is sharing, there is prayer, kneeling or standing, there is dancing, there is, there is music, and it is not just to enjoy worship yourself, but to extend outward into the streets, outward to attract people with music and dance, and then to bring people to God from the outside.

第四章 廣播到電視
Chapter 4 Radio to Television

With the construction of the Global Hall and the Rescue Office Building, it is the continuous deepening of the broadcast teaching of the Air English Classroom.

由廣播起家,設備現成加上作業熟悉,還有一群認真收聽的聽眾。無論金錢人力成本,乃至信任成本都降到最低最低,低到單是雜誌收入便足以建構成繼續窩著不動的舒適圈。加上救傳從「天韻歌聲」起便有電視製作,隨著電視部成立,一直製作基督徒見證的 「迎新」節目。這使我們在理解廣播與電視兩者間製作之異。盡管電視頻道到了1994年已經開放「第四台」,一下子大把頻道瘋狂需要節目,以前要播出費,現在則完全不用了,播出時段還可以挑,正是把英文教學電視化的最佳契機。不過我們始終採取按兵不動的策略。廣播英語教學可以每天播出,要製作成每天播出的電視 節目,該需要多大的人力與設備啊?
Starting from radio, the equipment is ready-made, the homework is familiar, and there is a group of listeners who listen carefully. Whether it is the cost of money, manpower, or even trust, it is minimized, so low that the income of the magazine alone is enough to build a comfort zone that continues to stay still. In addition, Salvation has been producing television since "The Song of Heavenly Rhyme", and with the establishment of the Television Department, it has been producing the "Welcome" program of Christian testimony. This brings us to the difference between understanding the production of radio and television. Although the TV channel had opened "Channel 4" in 1994, a large number of channels were in crazy need for programs, and the broadcast fee used to be completely avoided, and the broadcast time could be chosen, which was the best opportunity to make English teaching television. However, we have always adopted a strategy of standing still. How much manpower and equipment does it take to make a daily TV program?

God knew someone would have to push it.

One day I received a call from Yan Lixing, the general manager of Chinese Satellite TV, and he came in person. Straight to the point, he said: The era of the old three stations is over, and now there are nearly 100 channels, and each channel has a different coverage rate with wavelengths...... I even thought about how to cooperate and how to create a win-win situation. In touching the thought that has been hidden in my heart.

So let's try to work together for 3 months first? There is a daily TV program, and we have to see if the existing manpower can withstand it.

那嚐試性的3月,回響極佳。重點是有些觀眾不見得會買雜誌,但是他在家看電視時,跟著字幕也總會學這麼一兩句──換句話說,觸及到的是一群雜誌並廣播之外的受眾。由商業利益來看,不見得短時間能夠增加雜誌的利益,不過卻可成為潛在的客群──基督徒的理念、宗旨與信仰,均可藉由電視教學與觀眾對話。焉知有一天他們不會前來參加「空中英語教室」聖誕音樂會?凡我所行不是 都為福音的緣故嗎?
It was a trial for 3 months, and the response was excellent. The point is that some viewers don't necessarily buy magazines, but when they watch TV at home, they always learn a sentence or two along with the subtitles – in other words, they reach a group of audiences outside of magazines and broadcasts. From a commercial point of view, it may not be possible to increase the benefits of the magazine in the short term, but it can become a potential audience—the ideas, aims and beliefs of Christians can be in dialogue with the audience through televised teaching. Do you know that one day they won't come to the "English in the Sky" Christmas concert? Isn't everything I do for the sake of the gospel?

就在華衛嚴總的推一把之下,空中英語教室電視化。加之華衛又與中華電信有良好的合作關係,在中華電信推動 MOD 之時,便把我們的英語節目納入其中。
Under the push of Mr. Hua Weiyan, the air English classroom was televisionized. In addition, Huawei has a good cooperative relationship with Chunghwa Telecom, and when Chunghwa Telecom promoted MOD, it included our English programs.

Soon, Public Television also noticed that the general manager of Public Television at that time was Li Yongde, and he launched a cooperation case with Rescue Chuan to "watch Public Television speak English". It's all the same, the other party provides the studio recording, channels and platforms, and we are responsible for providing the program and broadcasting it for free. Get the public to endorse and market our English-language magazine.

合作案毋寧說讓我們更加的正視電視英語教學節目的需求,最後乾脆整合人力與設備,「大家說英語」、「空中英語教室」以及「彭蒙惠英語」3電視節目全數拿回來在自己攝影棚裡錄影,到2010年時,救傳更是成為全台灣第一個引進 OREA 虛擬實境設備的民間企業。為了深 化相關的專業人力,還特別派同工前往美國深造學習虛擬實境的技術。認真做、全力做,預備把最好的獻上。
In the end, we simply integrated manpower and equipment, and all the three TV programs "Everyone Speaks English", "Air English Classroom" and "Peng Menghui English" were all taken back and recorded in their studios, and by 2010, Rescue Chuan became the first private enterprise in Taiwan to introduce OREA virtual reality equipment. In order to deepen the relevant professional manpower, we also sent staff to the United States to further their studies and learn virtual reality technology. Do it seriously, do it with all your might, and be ready to give the best.

第五章 荒年預備與祝福
Chapter 5 Preparation and Blessing in the Famine Year

As a missionary, Ms. Peng has always only paid attention to the promotion of the gospel ministry, and does not care about possessions, nor does she think that she should leave any possessions.

The increase in sales of English language teaching has undoubtedly made us much more financially comfortable. But a good year is a blessing from God, and so are a famine year. We must always be ready to obey His leading. In such a good year, should we not prepare for a famine year?

With the establishment of a branch office for group buying services, there was a real need for office space, so I began to pay attention to local real estate, so I bought a two-storey office in the Lek Building in Kaohsiung. Taichung, Tainan and Hsinchu all have their own offices. A new office has also been purchased near Dazhi in Taipei.

From 2002 to 2003, Taipei Neihu Science Park began to develop, and was initially positioned as a mixed industrial and commercial area, with the price of factories and offices mostly ranging from 20 to 300,000 yuan. Adjacent to Dazhi, it takes more than ten minutes to drive, and the house price is so different? We quickly bought two offices on Ruiguang Road in Neihu with confidence. The relatively large area is about 550 pings; The other is about 6 or 70 pings, and another dozen parking spaces were bought. Unexpectedly, the development of Ruiguang Road was faster than expected. There was a report in Commonwealth magazine that this was a beautiful mistake. When Ma Ying-jeou was mayor, Ruiguang Road was originally planned as a car repair shop, but he did not expect it to attract a large number of offices, and today, there are many technology and commercial office buildings and media centers, and the traffic problem during commuting time has become a hot topic in the mayoral election.

Around 2010, with the rise of the Internet and the explosion of information, the sales volume of Dax's paper media declined, which also slowly affected the sales volume of Kongying. There was a deficit and it entered a famine year. In response to the organizational adjustment, the office on Ruiguang Road in Neihu was sold, and the selling price was double the purchase price. Let the rescue pass pay off all the arrears to the bank in the famine year in one go.

It's a standard stewardship perspective of experiencing God; Both good and famine years are blessed by God, and the question is how to allocate and maximize resources.

The same is true of the Singapore office, which was founded in 1994 as an artsy house adjacent to the reservation. By the time it was sold, it had already risen by 1 times; The proceeds from the sale of the house are used to purchase an office in a new area; As soon as the purchase was completed, the real estate immediately rose again. Later, with the adjustment of the business, we sold half of this beautiful place, and the money was transferred back to Taiwan one after another, which was also used to make up for the deficit. Strive for more space for the transformation of salvation.

第六章 傳承
Chapter 6 Inheritance

After completing his military service and working as a teaching assistant at the Culture University for less than a year, he joined the ranks of the rescue mission, and spent three-quarters of his time in management positions. There were two spiritual elders who had the deepest and farthest influence on me. First of all, Lin Zhiping, the founder of the Cosmic Light Holistic Care Center, will always remind him at the right time in the spiritual aspect; The other is Ms. Peng Menghui, who is a mentor and a coach, constantly letting go and encouraging me to be brave enough to try.

Good. You go ahead.」彭老師對我的信任,就是這麼一句話。
「Good. You go ahead Mr. Peng's trust in me is such a sentence.

It wasn't until later that I realized how hard it was. The forerunners have accumulated their own experience and vision; In the face of the doubts and breakthroughs of latecomers, it requires great trust and open-mindedness.

I'm preaching the gospel a bit like I'm too active, and it's hard to stop. However, in 2008, when I found out that I was suffering from early-stage lung cancer, I began to think about the necessity of handing over the rod. Who can it be handed over? How to pay it? In 2014, I made another big move, which prompted me to face up to the need for handover and inheritance.

There are many examples in the Bible, such as Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, Paul and Timothy, all of whom have in common a period of co-work and running-in. After the baton is handed over, it is used as a spiritual covering.

Xie Guangzhe, the head of Tianyun, returned to Taiwan from Brazil to join Tianyun, and had the profession of dentist, but he gave up his work as a dentist that everyone envied and devoted himself to the ministry of evangelism. This is the same as when I gave up 20 times the director's salary to join the rescue of the legend, and I understand that it is not easy: not only do I want to, but I also have to face my family.

I pushed him to the front of the stage as best I could; encourage him to get involved in the kingdom work; It is only by participating that he is connected to many institutions in Christ, and he finds that he never refuses to serve during the day, night, or holiday. I vigorously introduced him to the leaders of the churches as the successor of the future salvation and saw that everyone accepted him and felt more confident in God's preparation.

After discussing with Mr. Peng, it was decided to start with the organizational structure. According to the business needs of the rescue, three vice presidents of production, marketing business and administration were planned, with Xie Guangzhe as the executive vice president, and the pastor was ordained. Form a dual-track system of business execution and faith teaching.

Although the future president is chosen, the handover should not be just one person, but should help build a team and let the two vice presidents help play in their respective areas of expertise. I went from being a decision-maker to being a participant or a consultant. Spend more time with the vice presidents in prayer and fellowship. In order to allow the baton taker to be able to get assistance if necessary. Then, in 2019, he officially handed over the baton of the chairman of the rescue mission to Xie Guangzhe. And I personally went from the front of the screen to the backstage.

During the handover process, it is inevitable that some noise will be heard. In the face of all the advice, I learned the wisdom of holding back and not speaking, and I also said to those who dissented, "It's okay, God is in control, let's pray together." Let everyone know about my support for the succession team. Didn't Mr. Peng do the same to me in the past? Didn't I also grow up from immaturity?

How can you wave your sleeves when you hand over the stick? I don't know how many times I still look at the Liba building in the Globe Hall and pray silently, "Lord, please give me a year to complete the change." This is the most loved salvation in my life, and I am reluctant to give it every opportunity to support it.

Section of the Staff's National Vision

第一章 跨機構連結
Chapter 1 Cross-Agency Links

I found it

When I joined the Salvation Mission, I was meeting in the Tabernacle Hall, where Pastor Lee Hsiu-chuen had just been ordained, and I was the first graduate of his baptism. Later, he came to the Boston Chinese Church in the United States to pastor the pastor, and Pastor Chiu Chi Kin continued the pastoral work. While shepherding the Tabernacle Hall, Pastor Chiu Chi Kin also served as the General Director of the School Mission.

In 1975, Pastor Chiu shared at a gathering of pastors in Taipei that the American School Missionary Society was promoting the "I Found It" movement, which received a lot of response.

After the baptism of two world wars, the United States has long been a world superpower; The problem is that the original Puritans' ideals of nation-creation have been slowly lost, and where is the unwritten rule that there is a fixed Sunday to go to church? The church began to close its doors one by one. Do you want to continue like this? At that time, the school mission was launched, which was to call on the church to join forces, no longer waiting for people to come to the door, but to take the initiative to go out and find someone to come in.

The state of Christianity in Taiwan is a different story. Due to the cultivation of missionaries in the United States and Canada, the unique forms of worship and meetings are different, so that the label of "foreign religion" cannot be torn off, coupled with the prosperity of folk beliefs, the church is completely weak, so that most pastors adopt the strategy of "Ann Nei", first take care of the inherent flock, conservative and closed, and the cooperation between churches is rare.

Doesn't Taiwan also need to encourage churches to go beyond the framework of pure gathering, connect with each other, and come together?

Radio, television and print media advertisements were extremely important in this evangelistic activity, and Salvation was invited to assist with media propaganda.

So in 1977, the New Life Movement was launched by the Lyceum Missionary Association and the churches. The four characters "I found it" are used as the main axis. In the first week of the event, you could see "I found it" everywhere, from the T-shirts worn by people to the advertisements on the buses speeding by. "What is this?" The unprecedented advertising model is so rare that everyone is asking.

By the second week, the "I found it, you can find it" proclamation appeared. The collective question was replaced by "What did you find?"

When we enter the third week, we will be: faith, light, and salvation of life...... The answer is revealed, and it turns out that we can all find out. Come into the church and believe in Jesus, and the church will open its doors and welcome you.

In this activity, Dachuan did play a role in the suspenseful atmosphere; Respond to the public's question marks in a timely manner. During this period, the concept of Christ as light sprouted in Taiwan.

"I Found It" is also the first interdenominational evangelistic activity in Taiwan, and the approachable appeal, collective and effective mobilization make this experimental activity very exciting. It also prompted the organization to cooperate with the church, and the model began to emerge. It can be said that it is the forerunner of future kingdom ministry. The function of the church is primarily spiritual building and faith; Institutions tend to be professional, such as Salvation, Cosmic Light, Tribune, and Far East Broadcasting Center...... They can carry out cultural dissemination in the field they are good at, so that Christianity can fly freely in society. Praise the Lord! I have had the privilege of participating in this joint ministry and have learned many valuable lessons.

The result of this event was too successful, and there were unexpected episodes. Unexpectedly, there were waves of "I found it" craze in the market. Advertisers are quick to find the most fragrant shampoo, the best razor, and the best sounding sounding sounds...... All of them are riding this wave of pandemic trains.

Christian Salvation Society


第二章 跨地域的視野
Chapter 2 Cross-regional perspectives

First trip to the mainland

1987年,我40歲。彭老師問:你要什麼禮物?後來她送我一份禮物。讓我可以回去大陸,探望我的故鄉。那時臺灣還沒有開放探親。我和李恩祺先生的次子(Don Haggerty。一起從香港轉機。第一站是廣西省的桂林。
In 1987, I was 40 years old. Teacher Peng asked: What kind of gift do you want? Then she gave me a gift. So that I can go back to the mainland and visit my hometown. At that time, Taiwan was not yet open to family visits. I and Don Haggerty, the second son of Mr. Lee Eun Kei. Let's transfer from Hong Kong. The first stop was Guilin in Guangxi Province.

We prayed together before boarding, and I couldn't stop crying. I was only 2 years old when I left the mainland.

By the time the plane landed, it was already night, and in the dark night, I could only vaguely see that a whole row of people at Guilin Airport were PLA, who were responsible for picking up the plane. I used a big truck to dump the luggage straight out. However, this humble airport is filled with a strong and compelling osmanthus fragrance, so strong that it is impossible to ignore its existence, and it is not until dawn that it is found that there are osmanthus trees everywhere, which is why it is called Guilin.

第一回家從不斷的租腳踏車開始。和Don 兩人迅速加入無邊無際的腳踏車潮當中,南京、上海、西安、北京到處都是腳踏車,等到了南京,才包了車,直抵蕪湖。Don是外國人,他只能留在城市,問題是蕪湖還不是我的終點,我要繼續往鄉下去,我的家在那裡呀。
The first trip home started with a constant cycle of renting a bicycle. and Don quickly joined the boundless bicycle tide in Nanjing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Beijing...... There were bicycles everywhere, and when I arrived in Nanjing, I chartered a car and arrived in Wuhu. Don is a foreigner, he can only stay in the city, the problem is that Wuhu is not my end yet, I want to continue to the countryside, my home is there.

每一天我都感覺自己好像走在中國的歷史、地理當中,這個地方我知道,在教科書中我讀過,在爸爸媽媽甚或眷村大媽大叔的鄉音裡,也都聽過。一路上我的手帕濕了又乾,乾了又濕。我向Don 介紹許多引以為傲的歷史和文化,但是也看到人心在世界中迷失的悲哀。從東南沿海開始的一小群人先富起來開始,一切向錢
Every day I feel as if I am walking in the history and geography of China, this place I know, I have read it in textbooks, I have heard it in the local pronunciation of my parents and even aunts and uncles in military villages. My handkerchief was wet and dry and dry and wet along the way. I told Don about a lot of history and culture that I was proud of, but I also saw the sadness of the human heart being lost in the world. Starting from the southeast coast, a small group of people got rich first, and everything rushed to the money.

It wasn't until I returned to the countryside of Wuhu that I saw that the development of house churches at that time was simply overwhelming, as if laying the foundation for China's upgrading to a powerful country. While staying in Wuhu, I had a relative who was the leader of a house church. In the same way, he was illiterate, but that did not hinder his love of Bible truth. The feeling of meeting for the first time is very strange, although we have the same blood, but because of the time barrier, this is indeed my brother and sister in Christ, we hold hands and pray, and bless our hometown together.

One of the highlights of that trip to the mainland was to meet my eldest sister and eldest sister. For the younger elder sister, who could have imagined that a trip to my grandmother's house would become a 40-year estrangement from my parents, let alone the eldest sister who was still in my arms—as soon as the boat I took docked, I saw the eldest sister. I am used to working all year round, and I have a large suitcase of luggage, but I saw her mention it slightly, so I picked up the luggage; I couldn't help but go up and hug her, and found that her palms were covered with calluses, and a thick layer was all over them.

Before returning to Taiwan, she took me to the pond, and a bamboo pole kept fishing under the pond, and it took a long time to fish out a jar with a blue "double Xi" pattern on it, which was the dowry of my mother's wedding and the only souvenir left.

"Hide it in a pond to avoid the Red Guards and the Four Olds." The eldest sister explained.

How has the eldest sister missed her mother through salvage in the past few decades? My whole heart is clenched together.

At that time, I knew that the continent was moving towards a drastic change. And we: more or less, we have to save some people. This is also the reason why the air English classroom has actively entered China after the opening of the two sides of the strait to visit relatives. Learning English satisfies people's aspirations and does help to get out of poverty and connect with the world, but it is only an opportunity to start, and English is definitely not the end.

Arbor & North American Ministries

In 1949, the war-torn government moved to Taiwan, and missionaries were forced to leave the mainland one after another. Some of them went back to the place, and Mr. Peng went to Hong Kong first with the association. When asked about her wishes, she only replied that when the Chinese are there, I will go there. When they go to Taiwan, I will go to Taiwan." In this way, when Ms. Peng came to Taiwan in 1951, she chose Hualien, the "back mountain", as the first stop of her mission in Taiwan.

At the beginning, Teacher Peng hurriedly picked up the small trumpet, went to the street entrance, and then played it like a street performer in schools and parks, so as to attract people, and then distributed leaflets and told stories...... I believe that one step at a time, you will always see results after a long time.

However, one night while walking, I saw that every household unexpectedly revealed a red light: red light? Isn't that the lamp of the sacred table lit during the worship? Why are you worshipping idols everywhere? Despite being busy spinning around like a top every day, the problem is that it's too slow to go door-to-door like this. It's not enough to just bury your head in the work.

Tell me, Lord, there's always a way to get faster.

Mr. Peng has always wanted to do it, and whenever there is a need, he will probe everywhere like a radar. Not long after, I heard the voice of the radio program from the neighbor's house: Huh, radio? At that time, listening to radio in Taiwan was the most common leisure and entertainment.

Did God want her to use the radio? Why not?

I couldn't help but say that I ran directly and knocked on the door of the radio station. I went every day, smiling and blue-eyed, and in the end, the staff of Zhongguang were afraid. One day, the director directly shook his hand and said: Give him whatever she wants.

In this way, Mr. Peng will reach the first broadcast period: 30 minutes. This is also the first gospel radio program in China.

First, it was recorded in the recording booth of the radio station; You have to book a recording time with the radio station first, but the speaker will inevitably be late, and you will have to play by yourself if you can't wait for someone. She was anxious and troublesome, so she especially asked the radio station to let her record at home.

It didn't take long to buy a second-hand tape recorder by himself, press it here and there, and tap it a few times, and directly record in a small room in his house. During the recording, everyone gathered around the mike hanging from the roof and hung straight above the tatami mat.

After the recording is finished, the recorded program will be sent to the radio station on a bicycle.

Soundproofing is the number one priority when recording; In the summer, the windows and doors must be closed; There was no air conditioning, so I had to find a way to make my own. Put the ice cubes in front of the electric fan and blow it; Sometimes it's so hot as a steamer that you open the door and jump into the yard to carve out a pool as a swimming pool.

Considering the convenience of program production and radio connection, Mr. Peng and a group of co-workers moved to Taichung first and set up a Far East broadcasting team. Did Mr. Peng ever think that one day he would become a common English teacher for the Chinese? Live like a beautiful lily grafted from the United States to Taiwan?

This gospel broadcasting team stayed in Taichung for a short time. The most important thing is that with the prosperity of the broadcasting business, it is found that everything must be reported to the coordination committee, and official documents are returned to and fro, which is really protracted and time-consuming. But it was at this time that Mr. Peng had discovered that the mass communication to which radio belonged was the call led by God. Therefore, it was decided to be independent from the Synergy. worked with Li Enqi, Tang Zhuqian, Zou Yuming and other co-workers, and then went to Taipei to found the Christian Salvation Broadcasting Group.

In the early days of Taipei, there were also several relocations, Shilin, Zhongshan North Road six to Dazhi, a group of co-workers followed with all their hearts, sometimes after work first go home to settle the children, and then go back to the office to work overtime, there is no salary, everything is shared, it is easy to come in a sum of money, there is a family to raise to use first, single people will talk about it later. Let's start a gang together, eat a big pot of rice, and until now, the "food allowance" item is also listed in the salary slip of the rescue staff to commemorate that period of time.

Chen Renchang, known as "Abo" by his colleagues, is a master of art design, and the four-open "way to save the world" is a very important external communication, and the masthead comes from him. He also experienced the green and yellow of the big pot rice period. Once, when he was really short of money, Mr. Li Enqi simply sold his motorcycle trailer and used it for salary. Ah Bo said that he took some money to make an emergency first and bought seven small fish: three for dinner with his family that day, and four for tomorrow's lunch. A large family should be raised, and the spirit of the early co-workers who insisted on serving will be remembered by the Lord.

When I joined Salvation, Abel was already the Director General. On the one hand, because his daughter is in the United States, he is applying for immigration for him, and on the other hand, the ministry has also begun to expand, and he is very busy. Finally, the time for the immigration was decided, and just three years before the family was preparing to emigrate, on the eve of the board meeting, Mr. Peng and Mr. Li hoped that I could take over as the director general.

"But Abel still has 3 years." Do you want me to rule over Abel over him? How can this be? What's more, the production and business work at hand requires long-term planning, so how can you give up halfway?

In addition, after all, he is too young and too shallow, and the rescue ministry has so many yuan, wouldn't it be reckless to take over? For me, it doesn't matter what position I am in; Power and position are not at all considered for joining the salvation mission.

"If I had to take over as Director-General, I would resign." I'm persistent.

After the discussion, Mr. Peng and Mr. Li chose to respect. Subsequently, the Board of Directors decided to add the post of Deputy Director-General. Let Abel take me to learn by doing in actual combat. It was only after Abel emigrated that I took over as the director general of Salvation.

  阿伯移民美國之後,也換了跑道,一開始是在加州的羅省教會(First Evangelical Church)服事。這樣一來,在救傳的行政與管理經驗豈不等同於被雪藏了嗎?事實上阿伯可說是實務上最了解救傳的人了。加上加州移民的華人也越來越多,最早設立的西雅圖分社難免鞭長莫及。委實有另外成立分社的必要。而阿伯正是最現成的人選啊。就在這樣的思維下,洛杉磯分社於1992年成立。還記得一開始是在洛杉磯的IKEA租了一個辦公室。交由阿伯全權負責。待到阿伯退休之後,再交給陳淑慎接棒。
After Abel immigrated to the United States, he also changed tracks, first serving at First Evangelical Church in California. In this way, isn't his administrative and managerial experience in rescue equivalent to being hidden? In fact, Abel can be said to be the person who knows the most about salvation in practice. In addition, there are more and more Chinese immigrants in California, and the earliest Seattle branch will inevitably be beyond the reach of the whip. There is a need for a separate branch. And Abel is the most ready-made candidate. With this in mind, the Los Angeles branch was established in 1992. Remember renting an office at IKEA in Los Angeles at first. Leave it to Aber's sole responsibility. After Abel retires, he will hand it over to Chen Shushen to take over.

The Los Angeles branch mainly serves local Chinese, which is convenient for purchasing gospel products in Mandarin and Taiwanese. At one time, "Everyone Speaks English" was used as a teaching material, encouraging Chinese who had just immigrated to learn English and read the Bible together. In the unique festivals of the Chinese people, festivals will be held, making dumplings and wrapping zongzi, connecting the Chinese people and sharing their faith. Of course, this is also a relay gas station during Tianyun's tour. Join hands with the Chinese church in California to spread the gospel in other places.

An unexpected journey

The rescue staff all know that Mr. Peng is full of creativity, his head is bright, and he has a new idea as soon as his eyes roll, and a new idea comes out on the second day. This makes us always resilient and innovative.

I became Director-General in 1979, and there are about 30 people in the whole organization, and the various ministries are carried out efficiently and are not afraid of change. As long as it is clearly communicated, it can respond quickly. Since then, the ministry has continued to expand and reorganize, and by the time I received the medal of 20 years of service from Mr. Peng in the morning prayer service, it had grown to 200 people. There is more and more work, and the division of labor is becoming more and more detailed and specialized.

The key is: with so many departments and so many jobs, how can it be easy to say that it will change? But Ms. Peng is still the same Ms. Peng, she has always defined herself as a missionary, not as a manager.

Sandwiched between the executive staff and Mr. Peng, who is constantly adjusting new ideas, I am sometimes really embarrassed, and I can't help but help the staff to react and fight for their ideas. On the other hand, when working with Mr. Peng, conflicts began to occur frequently. One day, I was arguing with Mr. Peng, and I was very frustrated, and suddenly a sentence rushed out of my mouth, "Mr. Peng, I may want to go abroad to recharge."

In the past, Mr. Peng would always answer: No, you are already teaching at the university, so you don't need it at all.

But that day, Mr. Peng looked at me fixedly, and suddenly said, "If you really think you want to recharge, I can help you." I froze suddenly, and it was difficult to ride the tiger.

We already had bureaus in Seattle and Los Angeles in North America, and we had a set of SOPs to do the work, and it didn't take long for the lawyer to receive my immigration information.

I have directed a lot of Shakespeare's plays, and in the United States it is a very special kind of professional talent. As a result, in less than half a year, the immigration application was approved.

Although the general trend has been set, I can't just clap my hands and leave, I assisted Ms. Peng to find a good friend she recognized, came to take over the post of Director General, and also promoted 1 Deputy Director General, forming a team, everything is ready.

In terms of families, we also handle the transfer of children; I dealt with a house in Taiwan, bought a new house in Seattle, started everything from scratch, was about to learn to adapt, and wanted to open my eyes to appreciate the beautiful city of Seattle, but I didn't expect that 3 months later, Mr. Peng actually went to the United States.

Simon, you have to come back .Taipei office need you.

The two daughters have just entered their new school, Kings, and are beginning to overcome cross-cultural difficulties.

It was easy for Sister-in-law Hong to properly place all the furniture in the position she wanted. How can I get back?

"You can come back once or twice a year, and they can go back and see ......."

Teacher Peng's words have always been difficult to refuse, and she is not only a boss, she is a teacher, but also a sister. He also made a special trip to the United States. My heart kept crying out to God, "Lord! Tell me your heart?"

Of course, Sister-in-law Hong is extremely embarrassed, she is unfamiliar with life in a foreign land for the first time, how can she deal with it alone? But she is weak on the outside, but in fact she has a very independent side, which is why I have been able to work hard without worries for the past 20 years.

「神給你有恩賜服事,你就服事,我就服事你的家。」後來她個人在西雅圖,除了顧家之外,就是全心陪伴兩個孩子,孩子在教會穩定,也很用功,大女兒在大學就拿到年度Intel scholarship , 除了每年供應獎學金直到大學畢業,而且保證畢業後的工作,小女兒大學畢業再讀牙醫4年,這都是洪嫂陪伴的功勞。
"God has gifted you to serve Him, and you will serve Him, and I will serve your house." Later, she was alone in Seattle, in addition to the Gu family, is to accompany the two children wholeheartedly, the children are stable in the church, and they are also very hard-working, the eldest daughter got the annual Intel scholarship in college, in addition to providing scholarships every year until she graduated from college, and guaranteed a job after graduation, the younger daughter graduated from college and then studied dentistry for 4 years, which is the credit of Hong's sister-in-law's company.

As a result, I returned to my beloved Rescue and began my career as a trapeze artist twice a year during winter and summer vacations.

I am an impossible immigrant, but somehow became an American immigrant with a green card, God has His own heart, He gave me half a year in the Seattle office "soybean oil", in fact, it can be said that my vision from the busy Taiwan every day, coupled with the previous trip to the mainland, so that I have a clearer vision of salvation and mission, globalization, internationalization: I know more clearly why the name of our organization was "Salvation Communication Association" in the first place. Taipei and Taiwan are of course bases and headquarters, and the key is that the significance of the base is a foothold, and it is the king to expand from the center of the circle like Kompasu, and the Association for the Spread of Salvation wants to preach the gospel to the Chinese, and wherever the Chinese foot go, it should also be the direction of ministry expansion.

Chapter 3 Going Out

Singapore Branch and Malaysia Branch

Salvation has been deeply cultivated in Taiwan for many years and is loyal to God's trust, but since it sees the need for an international gospel, it should respond. In 1989, Tianyun preached in Singapore, and one of the members, Jing Zhigang, offered to stay in Singapore to serve, and soon established a Singapore branch. The following year, he met Sister Yu Fung Sin from Sapara, East Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur, and in the mid-to-late 90s, he established a branch office in Malaysia.

雖然沒有幾年的時間,景志剛便去參加了新加坡工福,但是神卻奇妙的為海外拓展的福音工作,預備許多的人才。1981-1983 新加坡籍的楊秀珠姐妹,因為先生派駐台北的關係,而加入救傳行列,也就在那23 年的時間裡,培養出同工的默契,事奉的異也由此凝聚。有好幾年楊秀珠一直是救傳與新加坡教會聯絡的「義工」,爽朗而明快,聽到她的聲音忍不住微笑。
Although within a few years, Jing Zhigang went to Singapore to participate in Gongfu, but God has miraculously prepared many talents for the overseas expansion of the gospel work. From 1981 to 1983, Singaporean sister Yang Xiuzhu joined the rescue team because of her husband's dispatch to Taipei, and it was in those two or three years that she cultivated a tacit understanding with her co-workers, and the vision of ministry was also condensed. For several years, Yeo Siew Chu has been a "volunteer" in liaison with the Singapore church, and she is hearty and bright, and she can't help but smile when she hears her voice.

到了 1993 8 月救傳新加坡分社,便委由楊秀珠姐妹接下總幹事的工作;緊接著馬來西亞在吉隆坡也有了救傳自己的駐點。
In August 1993, the Singapore branch of Rescue Mission was entrusted with Sister Yang Xiuzhu to take over the work of the Director General; Immediately afterwards, Malaysia also had a station in Kuala Lumpur to save its own mission.

1994 年春,帶著看老朋友的心情,我特別前往探望。也討論看看救傳在新加坡、馬來西亞還可以做些什麼。談著談著,楊秀珠想到聖公會的鄭靈光主教,正是看著她長大的屬靈前輩。趕忙聯絡,鄭主教聽到我人在新加坡,忙不迭的邀請我們前去他辦公的地方「坐坐」。一見面開門見山,鄭主教就開口邀請,「天韻詩班,今年聖誕節,就來新加坡詩歌佈道吧?」我只好如實回覆:聖誕節在台灣是最好的傳福音季節,天韻行程滿檔,
In the spring of 1994, I made a special visit to see an old friend. We will also discuss what else can be done in Singapore and Malaysia. As she talked, Yang Xiuzhu thought of Bishop Zheng Lingguang of the Anglican Church, who was the spiritual predecessor who watched her grow up. As soon as I got in touch, Bishop Cheng heard that I was in Singapore, and hurriedly invited us to sit at his office. As soon as they met, Bishop Cheng invited, "Choir, this Christmas, will we come to Singapore to preach poetry?" I had to reply truthfully: Christmas is the best evangelistic season in Taiwan, and Tianyun's itinerary is full.

The chances of preaching abroad are low. But suddenly, the Holy Spirit moved me to make observations and suggestions about the church in Singapore at that time, "In the Chinese church in Singapore, there is actually a better time than Christmas, and that is the Chinese New Year."

新加坡華人基督徒的年齡大約 25 40 之間,都是年輕的家庭;其次,華人特別看重春節,有團圓共度的習俗。第三,長輩又特別看重傳統,教會要向他們傳福音很不容易。但是子孫來邀請可就不同,過年嘛,家團圓,乾脆以家庭為對象,搭固有文化的順風車,來傳遞祝福。何不就叫做:新春祝福晚會?!
Chinese Christians in Singapore are about 25 to 40 years old and are young families. Secondly, the Chinese attach great importance to the Spring Festival and have the custom of reunion and spending time together. Third, the elders attach great importance to tradition, and it is not easy for the church to evangelize them. But it is different for children and grandchildren to invite them, for the New Year, the family is reunited, and the family is simply taken as the object and the inherent culture is taken as a ride to pass on the blessings. Why not just call it: New Year's Blessing Party?!

The concept of the evening program is divided into new and old; There are two lines inside the church and outside the church. Tianyun has always been familiar to the church, and it is interwoven with Christian artists "outside the church" to weave into the content of the program. Such as Pan Xiuqiong, Qiao Hong, Sun Yue, Wang Jianxuan, Lin Yimin, Zhou Dailan, Tai Zhengxiao, Xi Xiulan, Huang Kaixin, Li Meixian, Tang Lanhua, Wang Zhilei, Yinxia, Xiao Dongshan, Huang Yanfang, Chen Songling, Dongfang Billy, Shu Zhan, Tongen, Liu Cheng, Liu San, Li Nanxing, Jin Zhijuan (doll), Hong Ronghong, Qiu Haizheng, Wu Qixian, Huang Guolun, Tao Zhe, Hong Jingyao, Ye Huan, Song Yimin, Cai Qin, these senior artists have been cultivating Xinma for a long time and have a certain reputation among the Chinese. They sang hymns, shared testimonies, and even called from the stage. Then the church will plan behind the scenes, mobilize, pray, and talk...... It is a division of labor and an organization.

於是便由吳有慶長老、鄭靈光主教、黃聰光會督和楊秀珠姐妹,邀請了聖公會、衞理公會、長老會、信義會「四宗」及新加坡教會、再結合其他教會以及救傳分社成立了新春祝福晚會籌備會,定調以大型舞台戲劇演出來進行福音佈道。 由於新加坡教會強力動員,加上晚輩對長輩邀約的策略符合預期,成功機率極高。我曾經以「決志者像潮水一樣湧到台前」來形容,那場景十足地說明了舞台實體的渲染力,也見證跨世代傳福音的果效。看到孩子們扶著奶奶爺爺們舉起手來,委實像是華人文化封印被打開般,那種感動久久無法自己。
Elder Ng Yau Hing, Bishop Cheng Lingguang, Governor Wong Cong Kwong and Sister Yeo Sau Chu invited the Anglican Church, the Health Church, the Presbyterian Church, the Lutheran Church and the Singapore Church, together with other churches and the Salvation Branch, to set up a Chinese New Year Blessing Party Preparatory Committee, which set the tone for the evangelistic preaching with large-scale stage and drama performances. Due to the strong mobilization of the church in Singapore, and the strategy of the younger generations to invite the elders is in line with expectations, the probability of success is extremely high. I once described it as "the decision-makers rushing to the stage like a tidal wave", and that scene fully illustrates the power of the physical rendering of the stage, and also witnesses the effectiveness of intergenerational evangelism. Seeing the children holding their grandmothers and grandparents and raising their hands, it was really like the seal of Chinese culture had been opened, and I couldn't help myself for a long time.

Soon the Chinese New Year Blessing Party became an annual event of the Chinese Church in Singapore and Malaysia.

19951996 年一連兩屆之後,我便向大會申請兩年舉辦一次。每屆總幹事都在腦海中牢牢記得:1995 年第一屆,由楊秀珠姐妹擔任總幹事;1996
After two consecutive sessions in 1995 and 1996, I applied to the conference to hold it every two years. Each Director-General remembers in the minds of the first Director-General: in 1995, Sister Yang Xiuzhu served as Director-General; 1996、

1998 年由聖公會蕭載平牧師擔任;2000 年、2002 年則是衛理公會的莊修先牧師;到了 20042006 年為新加坡教會胡耀興牧師;而至 20082010 年由長老會會正潘志成牧師出任;20122014 年的信義會盧元和牧師;2016 則由聖公會羅豫敬主教擔任…各宗教會輪流,那是何等美好的同工,弟兄和睦同居,為神的錫安也為基督的救恩。而我一直擔任節目製作人和節目總監。
In 1998, he was appointed by the Rev. Siu Zaiping of the Anglican Church; In 2000 and 2002, he was the Methodist Rev. Chong Xiuxian; In 2004 and 2006, he was the Pastor of the Singapore Church, Pastor Hu Yaoxing; In 2008 and 2010, he was appointed by the Presbyterian Pastor Poon Chi-shing; Lutheran Pastor Lu Yuanhe in 2012, 2014; In 2016, it was held by the Anglican Bishop Luo Yujing...... The religions will take turns, and what a wonderful co-worker it is, and the brothers will live together in harmony, for the Zion of God and for the salvation of Christ. I've been the producer and director of the show.

這麼大型的舞台演出,節目內容舉足輕重,每一屆從準備、策劃、邀約、協調和設計…光是排節目就極度燒腦。還記得有一屆是以「船」為主視覺,演出之際,神讓我看到那是要乘載得救靈魂的方舟──定意要全家團圓,共同蒙恩得救。新春祝福晚會的節目也擴大走到了吉隆坡的體育場、東馬古晉的Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK),甚至印華基也在棉蘭、萬隆、吉隆坡和,連續三年舉辦新春祝福晚會,成為東南亞各城市新春蒙福的盛事。
For such a large-scale stage performance, the content of the program is very important, and each session is from preparation, planning, invitation, coordination and design...... Just rehearsing the show is extremely brain-burning. I still remember one performance, which was based on the "boat", and during the performance, God showed me that it was to ride the ark of saved souls—determined to reunite the whole family and be saved by grace together. The program has also expanded to the stadium in Kuala Lumpur, the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) in Kuching, East Malaysia, and even the Indo-Chinese Foundation Union has held the Chinese New Year Greeting Gala in Medan, Bandung, Kuala Lumpur and Surabaya for three consecutive years, becoming a grand event for the New Year blessings in Southeast Asian cities.

栽種有時,拔出有時,天下萬物都有定時。2017年洪嫂在美國腦出血,我必須陪伴照顧,大會決定讓我休息,因此2018 年停辦了一屆;到了 2020年則因為舉辦前兩 COVID-19 疫情延燒,許多實體聚會停辦,因此晚會也只能宣布喊卡…晚會停辦的同時,新加坡教會開始線上佈道如火如荼的進行聚會。是的,不同的時代,神要興起不一樣的事工。共同點是屬神的眾教會,努力用諸般的智慧,勸戒各人,教導各人,要把各人在基督完完全全地引到神面前歌羅西書:28
There is a time to plant, a time to pull out, and everything in the world has a time. In 2017, Hong's sister-in-law had a cerebral hemorrhage in the United States, and I had to accompany and take care of it, and the conference decided to let me rest, so it was suspended in 2018; In 2020, due to the prolongation of the COVID-19 epidemic two weeks before the event, many physical gatherings were suspended, so the party could only be announced...... At the same time as the evening was suspended, the Singapore church began to conduct online evangelism. Yes, God will raise up different ministries in different times. The common denominator is that the churches of God strive to admonish and teach everyone with all wisdom to bring everyone to God perfectly in Christ (Colossians 1:28).

London Branch

During the establishment of the branch in 1994-1995, I was truly grateful for the staff that God had personally prepared. Pastor Tao Enguang was a member of Tianyun in his early years, and when he was touring before, he was always moved by the mission needs in Europe, and he also completed the seminary course according to the call of the Lord, and then moved his family to Frankfurt, Germany to serve overseas Chinese students. Mrs. Tao's wife, Zhang Zhiling, often cooked meat soup to entertain Taiwanese students, and Tao Enguang became the responsible staff when the London branch was established. He preached everywhere, shared visions of salvation, and hosted gospel radio programs, and later became a missionary to Europe.

Beijing Office

The first time I returned home, I saw the vitality of China: the thirst of an ancient civilization to find new hope. And everything related to Europe and the United States is providing a powerful reference. Europe and the United States, including Christianity. Christ Jesus had been waiting for a long time to stretch out his arms and embrace the Chinese.

I began to pray, paying attention everywhere.

In the 90s, there was a boom in westward expansion. A Brother Hui from Hong Kong invited me to Shenzhen, and at the same time visited the Shenzhen Radio Station. I shared my experience of broadcasting in the English Classroom in the Air, how to use radio programs as a channel, combined with print magazines and teachers, to unite the culture and concept with English as the center.

The director nodded violently and replied: Every year, all the radio leaders of various provinces will hold a conference in Chengdu, Sichuan, to exchange experience and discuss the direction of program production. That's an opportunity.

I kept this information in mind, and as soon as the date of the conference arrived, I asked Mr. Peng to make a special trip to Chengdu. At the end of the day, at 9 p.m., a temporary unit was added, and Ms. Peng spent 40 minutes talking about how to use the characteristics of radio to teach English. I had 15 minutes to share that I would like to provide the "Everybody Speaks English" radio program for the radio station free of charge, and at the same time allocate a budget for the promotion of the event if necessary, and arrange the workshop.

After the conference, a total of 15 radio stations contacted and signed a letter of intent for cooperation.

Exposure to the radio station is the first step; Then I met Zhejiang Education Press. In view of the mainland's strict control over published products, it was impossible for a Taiwanese magazine publisher to get a mainland magazine number, so in 1992, it cooperated with Zhejiang Education Publishing House, which was the publisher of the magazine "Everyone Speaks English".

When the magazine was published, it was really Luoyang paper. At the Xinhua Bookstore in Shanghai, there was a huge queue of people to buy from inside the store to outside the store, causing a sensation. Mainland English learners are really waiting for a relaxed, concise English textbook designed for the native Chinese-speaking population.

Soon we reported the rampant phenomenon of piracy through the radio station we cooperated, and it was estimated that for every one we sold, the pirated printing of the magazine would sell at least several times as much. However, the territory of the mainland is too vast, and we are in the open, and the pirates are in the dark, so we can't prevent it from being able to prevent it, and we can't catch it, so we can only survive the winter with snails and wait for relevant laws and regulations to protect our intellectual property rights.

Unexpectedly, in 1994, there was a radio unit introducing countries around the world, and in the Chinese explanation, when introducing South Africa, the sentence "South Africa is also a very important friend of the Republic of China" touched a sensitive nerve between the Taiwan Strait. In 1995, when the broadcast was replayed in Nanjing, an article in the newspaper pointed out that even the English-only program "Everyone Speaks English" had a poisonous political purpose. Such a big stick was struck, and as a result, the United Front Work Department spoke, and the radio programs stopped broadcasting one by one. No matter how much the listeners protested, it was still ineffective, and even the most bearable Beijing radio station was directly ordered to stop. Incidentally, the publication of the magazine can only be declared to be suspended. Years of hard work have come to naught. It can only be said that our political sensitivity is still insufficient.

The development of "everyone speaks English" has suffered a setback, but whether from the perspective of gospel or English teaching, the mainland is a market that cannot be abandoned. But after all, there is a gap, and if you want to directly entrust the business to the local area, you may have to go through a long period of friction, and you need to have your own staff stationed as a bridge. Therefore, I especially propose at the morning prayer meeting that the continent is a vision given to us by God, and we are to enter in the name of the Lord. If you are willing to go in the name of the Lord, please contact me.

After the morning prayer meeting's report, Zhuang Daren, who was working in the General Affairs Department at the time, responded to me that he had a burden and that he was willing. Or even the Old Testament prophet Isaiah's end in being torn apart by five horses is said. The other half of his work in the finance department, and he is experienced and familiar with accounting operations. In addition, according to the Bible, movement should be a family unit, and husbands and wives should be of the same mind, and the two should be able to complement each other's professions. So we rented a house near Chaoyangmen in Beijing, and lived in a home and office. Sometimes Christians come to visit and pray together in the office. In 1997, the Beijing office finally took shape.

Until 1999, he went to the Frankfurt Book Fair. In the book fair, I happened to meet Zhao Yuqiu, president of Changchun Jilin Science and Technology Publishing House. President Zhao lingered in front of our booth for a long time and asked a lot of questions. I found that the "Everyone Speaks English", which was all the rage in the mainland before, was a branch of the "English Classroom in the Sky" - at that time, in view of the fact that I did not know much about the mainland, I was cautious, so I would like to use "Everyone Speaks English" to provide services to test the temperature of the waters.

The most dramatic scene at the book fair was that when Mr. Peng heard that he could speak Chinese, he regarded it as his own family, and rushed forward to give his mother a big hug. Stimulate the enthusiasm of both sides to cooperate.

After the end of the book fair, President Zhao went to the Beijing office of the rescue mission, and the representative of Beijing at that time was Zhuang Daren, whose English name was Moses, so he was directly called Moses. At the other end of the office is Moses' house, which houses all sorts of audio-visual products.

Seeing that the conversation was energetic, President Zhao couldn't help but ask, "In addition to the English teaching magazine, there is also Tianyun, is there a church unit behind you?"

Ah, Christians can't lie, they can only nod their heads and say yes. "In Taiwan, we are a service-oriented foundation, and in mainland China, we just want to teach English with our hearts."

"Great." President Zhao kept nodding, "If you are all Christians, you are more trustworthy, and you will not be able to deceive." There won't be much private action either.

The cooperation with Jilin Changchun Science and Technology Publishing House was thus launched. In the past, "Everyone Speaks English" was not good, and due to the change of time, I changed to "English in the Sky" and started again. They quickly got the book number and took on the responsibility of editing and reviewing. If there is anything wrong with the content of the magazine, it will be removed. Once in December, the magazine naturally talked about the Feast of the Holy Order, and heck, will this Christmas cause them a problem? They responded that there is no problem, because Christmas is a foreign culture, American culture, Western culture, and it is okay to introduce culture, just don't ask everyone to go to church.

After the publication ceased in 1995, the defeated department was revived, and the air English classroom was finally able to officially publish it in the mainland again. It's a twist and turn. So far, it is still the only English teaching tool in Taiwan that has a book number, TV programs and online teaching in China.

Starting from Jilin this time, we also deeply felt that the local English teaching in the southeastern coastal provinces of the mainland has risen. Jilin, on the other hand, is based in the northeast, and if it wants to compete with the advanced southeastern provinces, it is relatively weak. However, our policy remains the same, which is to believe that English is a window to the world, so that students can understand the world through English.

In 2000, I learned that there was a brother Xu Jikang who was going to sell the building that he had purchased in the Tsinghua Teaching District of Peking University. When we met, he said: "He is a student of the English Classroom in the Sky, and he is willing to sell it directly to us with the money he originally bought. In those years, the whole real estate in Beijing has been hot, so the prime location can be shouted all over the sky. But God sent angels to buy for us in advance and then transfer them when we were ready. In this way, the Beijing branch took shape.

As for the pirated versions, it's not just TV shows. Later, he directly stole the Internet, and at this time, he finally had the strength to hire a lawyer to deal with it. The media began to pay royalties and no longer used intellectual property rights indiscriminately.

The first tabernacle was expanded

一個事奉神的神的人要有3學習:Vision , Compassion and passionVision ,清楚知道神給你的劇本,比如:當我知道「救世傳播協會」是上帝給我的託付,我就有目標委身,當我看見神的心意是國度,我就帶著救傳服事眾教會。「藝人之家」按立長老,「藝起發光協會~愛在四月天」參與「基督教救助協會」、「基督教論壇報」,「伯大尼兒少家園」每一段都有故事⋯⋯
A person who serves God of God should have 3 learnings: Vision, Compassion and passion, Vision, clearly know the script God has given you, for example: when I know that the "Society for the Spread of Salvation" is a commission from God, I have a purpose commitment, when I see that God's heart is the kingdom, I will serve the churches with salvation. "Artist's Home" ordained elders, "Art Luminous Association ~ Love in April Day" participated in "Christian Aid Society", "Christian Tribune", "Bethany Children's Home", each paragraph has a story...

第一章 藝人之家
Chapter 1: The Artist's House

The Artist's Home is my "mother association" after I decided to make a decision from the Bread of Life in Taipei and was baptized in the Tabernacle Hall. It shaped my faith, and I gradually sketched out the burden of the performing arts with the mindset of a servant of God, building a spiritual home for artists, and I watched God marvelfully build his temple.

In the early days, commonly known as the "Old Three Stations", television was the most popular entertainment in Taiwan. Taiwan Television, China Television and China Television are the main platforms for artists to perform. In the 80s, the first stroke of history came from a personnel transfer order. Li Shifen was transferred from the general manager of China Television Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "China Television") to "Central Film Company" (hereinafter referred to as "China Film") as the chairman of the board of directors, and has deeper contact with artists. From Li Shifen's personal point of view, the position of general manager who opened the station from China Television and promoted the effective TV series, and was transferred to become the chairman of China Film, who shouldered the production base of the national film industry. The spiritual elder immediately knew that this was no accident, and prayed to God in the chairman's office on the top floor of the Zhongying Building in Ximending: Lord, what are you going to do here? Believing that God wanted him to care about the lives of artists, he invited the late Pastor Zhou Lianhua, Pastor Chiu Chien-kin, Pastor Qiu Guangming and I from Huai'en Church in Taipei to pray together once a month in his office in China Film, and gathered a consensus on evangelism to entertainers.

Just imagine, in that era of great rumors, some artists were everywhere, and their every move was magnified and scrutinized, forcing them not to relax for a moment, and to be glamorous at any time. However, from a pastoral point of view, why didn't the artists shoot all night without even removing makeup; He even wore a hood and sat directly from the set into the church. It's home when you're at home and stress-free, right?

Yes, the "Artist's House" church originated from such a simple heart - to evangelize artists, to enable artists to evangelize, and to support artists in evangelism. With artists as the core, it will be extended to their relatives and friends. That's why the Artists' House only has Sunday services in the afternoon – how difficult is it to bring artists who are used to filming all night to church early in the morning? The Lord's Day is the Lord's Sabbath, and God's children naturally want to come to God's house happily.

God prepared Brother Ge Mingbao to start the first entertainer's dinner at the Brother Hotel, which later became the Good News Church. We never wanted to build a megachurch. For a long time, the pastor was "concurrently" by several pastors in Taipei: Zhou Lianhua, Shi Daxiong, Qiu Guangming, Liu Jiantai, Kou Shaoen, and Fan Daling...... They conducted their own congregation worship in the morning, and then went to the "House of Artists", whose names are still sweet as honey in the mouths of artists.

With the blessing of the Lord Jesus, five loaves and two fish fed 5,000 people; The simple burden of the soul also lasted for 40 years. Time is in God's grace and has done great things for the "Artist's House" church.

First of all, the result of preaching the gospel to artists, from the perspective of individual microcosms, the lives of artists have certainly become real and beautiful because of salvation; But how can a lovely entertainer Christian be satisfied with receiving the gospel? Almost desperately practicing Christianity through various platforms. They care about the society and devote themselves to public welfare. Among them, Sun Yue and Uncle Sun have turned from an old smoking gun to a public welfare ambassador, which is a model. There are also Wu Huan, Guan Yi, Meng Yuan, Zhang Aijia...... The famous director and the old drama bones, every move falls in the eyes of fans, and I don't know how much gospel energy has been accumulated because of this, and how to change the fans' three views.

As a result of the zeal for the gospel, joint action is formed. The "Love in April Day" collectively promoted by Huang Guolun, Song Yimin, Song Damin and Jiayin Church has received more and more responses from the Artists' House and the Eastern District Church, and has expanded from the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall to the Little Dome, or even physically synchronized with the Internet, and even broadcast to Chinese people around the world online. When the people who participated found out that the host turned out to be a big star, the surprised expressions of the people, scene after scene, one after another. Both physical and online. Every April day in Taiwan is closely connected to the love of Christ.

Looking forward to the zeal to be based on true knowledge, the "Artist's House" church also strives to take root in faith. In 2012, we began to invite teachers from Huashen to come and teach theology courses, "How many credits do you take?" "Oh, the homework hasn't been done yet......", indeed, there is pressure, and growth is even more.

With the support of Huashen, the brothers and sisters have been cultivated and edified in the field of theology, and the church has been able to ordain its own pastors in recent years, such as Song Yimin, Song Damin, Chen Aimei, etc. In addition, such as Li Mingyi, Li Xin, Lu Xiantian, etc., entered the ranks of preachers one after another. What was once a shining star on the stage is now a shepherd who serves the flock. Practice is no longer the truth of my faith.

Some people have love and friction, and in the artist's house, of course, we are also learning the lessons of life. In the meantime, due to the difference in arguments, opinions, and receptions, they have gone through several divisions and combinations. It's amazing that after each has grown strong, they are united in Christ because of the kingdom work. "Good News Church", "Art Star", and "Art Shine" each scattered ...... All of them are the most powerful back-ups that God has personally prepared for the "Artist's Home". Be prepared to do every good.

第二章 葛理翰與葛福臨團隊
Chapter 2 Graham and Graham Franklin's team

When I entered the rescue mission, President Chiang Chung-cheng had just passed away, and his will and short essays on the Bible were printed into a small DM, "I am very happy to persuade people to read the Bible diligently...... I don't know how many people read the words on the DM over and over again in the fog of tears.

就在同年9月,美國著名佈道家葛理翰牧師(William Franklin Graham)於台北市立體育館舉行佈道大會。9月的北台灣,一連3天滂沱大雨,但是照樣湧入十多萬名群眾,聆聽「誰是耶穌基督」的信息。所有教會全體動員了起來,當5000人的大詩班,在大雨中高唱祢真偉大時,也宣告著台灣屬靈加溫的大時代來臨,人心開放又渴慕。
In September of the same year, the famous American evangelist Rev. William Franklin Graham held a sermon meeting at the Taipei Municipal Gymnasium. In northern Taiwan in September, it rained heavily for three consecutive days, but more than 100,000 people still poured into the crowd to listen to the message of "who is Jesus Christ?" All the churches mobilized, and when the choir of 5,000 people sang "You Are Really Great" in the heavy rain, it also announced the arrival of a great era of spiritual warming in Taiwan, and people's hearts were open and longing.

葛理翰布道團負責亞洲事工的成員,和彭老師是老朋友,每到亞洲,救傳都是他必造訪的所在,寒暄、敘舊的同時,必然也會為台灣禱告。這段美好的淵源一直持續到葛理翰牧師的兒子:葛福臨(Franklin Graham),於2008年來台灣舉行的佈道會。
The members of the Graham Evangelistic Group in charge of Asia are old friends with Mr. Peng, and whenever he goes to Asia, he will visit the place where he will visit, greet and reminisce about the past, and will inevitably pray for Taiwan. This wonderful relationship lasted until Pastor Graham's son, Franklin Graham, came to Taiwan in 2008 to hold a missionary meeting.

When I found out that Pastor Graham was coming to Taiwan to hold an evangelistic meeting, I kept thinking about how I could really mobilize the church, and most importantly, to be able to invite more non-Christians to come. The profession of rescue and communication is in the big media, which can publicize and be responsible for programs, but mobilization is not our forte. What's more, such a large-scale event can never be eaten by a single salvation. After praying for a long time, I thought of Pastor Ha Chung Kin Evangelical Association, which not only has a close relationship with the churches, but also engages in after-school counseling and social assistance, and is actually reaching out to unbelievers.

After discussing with Pastor Ha Chung Kin, he found that from the perspective of faith, receiving Jesus is the greatest blessing in life, and we should rejoice and be happy, so I finally decided to be "festival". On the basis of traditional large-scale evangelistic meetings, it presents the liveliness, vitality and depth of modern evangelical festivals. The program design specially added elements such as street dance for young people, aboriginal dance, and praise exercises.

To enter 2008, mobilization, program ...... While all the preliminary work was in full swing, I found out that I had lung adenocarcinoma and was admitted to National Taiwan University Hospital within a few days. In the face of an unprecedented knife in my life, I kept talking on the phone, and groups of co-workers came to the meeting, and my whole heart hung in the imminent festival...... At the last moment, after I finished the program meeting, I threw the part of the program that I was responsible for saving the transmission to Wu Qi of the TV department. We prayed together in a desperate order, and the next day I was wheeled into the operating room.

「台北葛福臨福音節慶」(Taipei Franklin Graham Festival),於1030日到112日一連4日,在台北中正紀念堂廣場舉行。我為此整整忙了一兩年,卻無法親臨現場--真像廚子備辦好材料,連菜都切好了,卻沒能目睹人們享用一般。但是真沒有遺憾,我知道我所做的是為誰。
The Taipei Franklin Graham Festival was held from October 30 to November 2 at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Square in Taipei. I've been busy with this for a year or two, but I can't be there in person – it's like a chef preparing the ingredients and cutting the food, but not being able to see people eat it. But I really have no regrets, I know who I am doing for whom.

After that, I also became more familiar with the Graham team. I traveled to his hometown to attend their convention in New York, and on March 2, 2018, Pastor Graleham's memorial service.

When I thought about the year when Pastor Graham held an evangelistic meeting in Taiwan, I happened to be in Salvation. Where to think: God has drawn a blueprint for a supra-denominational evangelistic ministry in Taiwan; And I, how honored, bow to it. It was as if God was grabbing me by the collar and pulling me into the line in time.

第三章 華語有聲戲劇聖經
Chapter 3 The Bible of Chinese Audio Drama

第一次聽到「戲劇聖經」是2017年,從救傳5樓坐電梯下來。咦?正巧看見韓國籍的李相蘭牧師。並沒有事先約好,就這樣巧遇了。他身邊站著另一位韓國牧師。兩人前來參訪。一看到我,李牧師就很興奮的說:洪會長,我來給你介紹。這一位是韓國Grace and Mercy Foundation的牧師。正在做韓語的戲劇聖經。現在正是關鍵時刻,請你來為他們禱告吧。
The first time I heard the Drama Bible was in 2017, when I took the elevator down from the 5th floor of Salvation. Hey? I happened to see Pastor Lee Sang-ran, a Korean national. I didn't make an appointment in advance, so I met by chance. Next to him stood another Korean pastor. The two came to visit. As soon as he saw me, Pastor Lee was very excited and said, "President Hong, let me introduce you." This one is the pastor of the Grace and Mercy Foundation in South Korea. I am making a drama Bible in Korean. Now is the right time to pray for them.

When I heard the words of the Bible, my eyes lit up. I said, "I can bless them." But also ask them to pray for a set of Chinese audio drama Bibles in the future. That's it. In the lobby on the first floor, we blessed each other loudly.

1年過去了;其間沒有任何聯絡;2年時,李牧師安排了一團韓國牧者又到救傳參訪。參訪結束之後,便直接提說希望合作製作華語有聲戲劇聖經。他們的創辦人Bill Hwang 有特別領受的異,希望全球的人都能夠用母語來聆聽神的話。當時已經和製作英語戱劇聖經的單位合作,另外G&M已經做了韓語、日語、西班牙語。至於俄文、法文、越南文、印尼文,還有阿拉伯文都在如火如荼的進行中。早已期待能夠有華語版出現。
1 year has passed; There was no contact between them; In the second year, Pastor Lee arranged for a group of Korean pastors to visit Salvation Mission. After the visit, he directly mentioned that he hoped to cooperate in the production of the Chinese audio drama Bible. Their founder, Bill Hwang, had a special vision that people around the world would be able to hear God's Word in their mother tongue. At that time, we were already working with an English drama Bible, and G&M was already working in Korean, Japanese, and Spanish. Russian, French, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Arabic are all in full swing. I have been looking forward to a Chinese version for a long time.

Yes, the call of the Chinese Drama Bible is coming again. In two and a half years, nearly 100 Christian artists and recording professionals have been mobilized. It was officially released to the world on April 30, 2021. In about one year, there were more than 200,000 downloads on the drama Bible app and the micro-reading Bible app. But in the same year, I felt that it was not enough to just make this set of products. I hope to spend more time to make the gift of the Chinese drama Bible truly become a blessing to the Chinese church, and God has called Ambassador Ding Xiangji, who is very friendly to Taiwan and speaks standard Chinese, to be the chairman of G&M in Asia to read the Bible.

I believe in listening to God's Word and pushing God's Word with all my might, and the whole Taiwan ran thoroughly, once the car burst a tire on the highway, and barely drove off the highway interchange before finding roadside help. Yes, non-stop. There is so little time to work, and so many churches are waiting to receive God's gifts.

第四章 論壇報
Chapter IV Tribune

Newspapers closely follow the pulse of society, and in the early days of newspapers, the vast majority of Christians could only learn about important news in the church world through newspapers such as the Tribune and the Church Bulletin. There are even pastor transfers, personal marriages, moves, memorial services, etc., which are full of human touch. When the kingdom ministry begins to be promoted, the newspaper will become an important missionary channel.

That's why in the early 2000s, when I was invited to join the Board of Directors of the Christian Tribune, I immediately agreed. In particular, there are many old friends in the Lord, Zhou Lianhua, Zhou Dad, Jian Hongji, Uncle Jian, Sun Baonian, Sun Sister, and Lin Yiling, the president at the time; There are also many new friends like Wang Xiangqiao, Li Zhengyi, and Li Zhengxiong...... Unexpectedly, because the board of directors did not accept the concept of the daily newspaper, President Lin Yiling resigned and retired.

At that most difficult moment, I took over the eighth chairmanship and specially invited educator Huang Qingyi to take over as president. However, the media is changing rapidly, and in the face of the turmoil from the general environment, the president's burden is extremely heavy. Losing money every month; The original paper report on time no longer works; Even Christians are declining in reading, and less and less people want to read it. Huang Qingyi resigned after serving as president. Personnel changes at the top are definitely not good for the organization, but it is also worth taking it as an opportunity to ask who is suitable for the president and CEO? I was anxious about the Tribune and I couldn't stop praying. I suddenly thought of Zheng Zhongxin, Huang Qingyi, who invited him to the forum, and only a few short conversations, but I was deeply impressed. Could he be the right person?

The directors did not have a deep understanding of Cheng Zhongxin. In addition, the Tribune has undergone a series of changes, and the main affairs of the force must be taken seriously.

I communicated with the directors that we must use a big knife to break the big knife. The "Forum" should become more professional, and it should pay special attention to the use of media personnel. And Zheng Zhongxin's parents are both pastors, although he always laughs and says that he is the "black sheep" in the family, but this black sheep is rolling in the media circle, and the ups and downs of the media are all too familiar.

Finally, I told the directors that if the proposed candidate was not accepted, then I would have to resign.

The directors couldn't turn it around, so they had to pay; I continued to serve as chairman.

I have to give a solid account to the directors, and since Zheng Zhongxin took office, I have kept in touch almost every week, and whenever the directors ask, I have to be in the situation...... He was extremely conscientious, working day and night, and even the security of the building knew that he was often the first to come and the last to leave. But seriousness alone is not enough. After a period of time, I found that Zheng Zhongxin was extremely sensitive and sensitive to media changes. And there is also the concept of business management, and most importantly, there is no baggage, and you can do what you have to do.

As a result, the Tribune's rapid digitization and effective tandem with Christian businesses led to rising advertising volumes, and the deficit began to become less intimidating. Zheng Zhongxin always said that he could not preach, and the problem was that he was able to go to the church to pass on the burden of the forum. In particular, Kaohsiung's concept of maritime mission, he put forward many new ideas for the Kaohsiung Wuchang Church. The church is really like an ocean, with the insistence of truth, but also with an open mind and a willingness to accept all kinds of creativity. He also became a supporter of the A coffee in Southern Taiwan.

On the occasion of Tribune's 50th anniversary, Zheng Zhongxin served as the second president and chief executive officer. The fundraising banquet was held with confidence, which immediately drove the momentum of the entire forum, especially the influence of digitalization.

When the second term was over, he bought a Japanese bungalow on Qidong Street with confidence.

"Brother Hong, media mission should move towards cultural mission, this is the Forum Foundation, a very important base in the future, and it will go to Taiwan and the Chinese ......."

When I went to see it, he told me this.

早在黃清一任社長時,我就一直期待論壇報能夠走出台灣,特別是印尼這個以穆斯林為主的國家,都已經有福音報了,應該要借力使力,連結起來成為國際性的華人教會新媒體。鄭忠信執行長親自跑了好幾次馬來西亞和印尼,帶動當地教會的熱情另外印尼緊跟在後,正式成立了Impact Asia Alliance (IAA) 亞洲論壇影響力中心
As early as when Huang Qing was the president, I always hoped that the Tribune could go out of Taiwan, especially in Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim country, where there was already a gospel, and it should be leveraged to link up and become an international new media for the Chinese church. CEO Cheng personally visited Malaysia and Indonesia several times to drive the enthusiasm of local churches, and Indonesia followed suit by officially establishing the Impact Asia Alliance (IAA).

Rushing all the way forward, I, the coach and cheerleader, could only follow behind and cheer on.

In 2020, when the pandemic hit, digital and Zoom were just right for social distancing. As the pandemic slowed down, the 2022 IAA Annual Meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur with 100 Christian leaders from all walks of life under the title "The Storm Rises." The 2nd IAA Annual Meeting 2023 was attended by 300 church leaders. The topic is coming on the waves. It is planned to be held in Kaohsiung in November 2024, targeting 500 church leaders, with the theme of "Where the Water Deepes". Yes, that's the quality of the media, to see further, to be the voice of the wilderness.

May I be Andrew, and bring him to Jesus and be the rock of the forum.

第五章 伯大尼兒少家園
Chapter 5 The Bethany Children's Home

宇宙光全人關懷中心的林治平林哥,除了在中原大學教書之外,就是宇宙光雜誌與出版本業,但是領受從神來的異「在別人的需要上看到自己的責任」,每年就推動「送炭活動」,從早年送炭到泰北,到現在偏鄉教會課輔,只要看到需要,就去做。加上在機構裡輩份高,每個人遇到總要喊聲「林哥」,這使得他特別使人信服,機構往往會邀請參與治理監督。其中伯大尼兒少家園便是他投注很多心力的一個。先前在政大讀書的時候,他就常到伯大尼當義工;後來又從修澤蘭女士手中接下董事長一職,當我於2010年受他的邀請加入董事會之後,便不時聽林哥感嘆台灣孤兒是越來越少了,但是家庭功能超的,反而有越來越多受兒,還有隔代教養的,以及父母親入獄了,孩子只能交給親友照顧──看起來有家,卻是道道地地的類孤兒。伯大尼因創辦人小婦人艾偉德(Glady Aylward)從孤兒照顧起家,問題是現在的孩子需要什麼?
Lin Zhiping of the Cosmic Light Holistic Care Center, in addition to teaching at Chung Yuan University, is a cosmic light magazine and publishing business, but he received a vision from God to "see his own responsibility in the needs of others", and promoted the "charcoal delivery activity" every year, from the early years to send charcoal to northern Thailand, to the current rural church tutors, as long as he sees the need, he will do it. In addition, he is very convincing because of his high seniority in the organization, and everyone always shouts "Ringo" when they encounter it, which makes him particularly convincing, and the organization often invites him to participate in governance supervision. Among them, the Bethany Children's Home is one of the ones he has invested a lot of effort in. When he was a student at NCCU, he often volunteered at Bethany. Later, I took over the chairmanship from Ms. Xiu Zelan, and when I was invited by him to join the board of directors in 2010, I heard Brother Lin lament from time to time that there are fewer and fewer orphans in Taiwan, but the family function is super fragile, but there are more and more abused children, and there are more and more intergenerational upbringing, and the parents are in prison, and the children can only be taken care of by relatives and friends. Bethany's founder, Glady Aylward, started out as an orphan, and the question is what do children need today?

In 2013, Ringo put forward the idea of building the "Lai Lou": the Lord Jesus came to save the people of the world, so that people can have life and be more abundant. He also said: Don't forbid them to come to me...... "Come upstairs" can be the central point, calling Christian parents who are burdened to come along, so that these children can come back from school and their children like family, eat and chat with ....... The stable and warm interaction of "family-like" is carried out to meet the problem of children with imperfect family function in contemporary times.

The directors naturally agreed. After that, tedious public sector correspondence began, and finally a letter of government consent was obtained, and the project was immediately started.

Unexpectedly, in April 2020, the Bethany fraud case broke out, and the media reported it significantly, causing a social uproar. In addition to the financial aspect, it was also mixed with the private loans of Dean Bao at that time. Such a fraud is undoubtedly a bankruptcy of credibility for public welfare organizations that rely on donors and volunteers for human and financial resources. Not to mention the church institutions, the impact was even harder: a flood of protest calls poured in.

At the end of April, Ringo called me: "Shanqun, can you come out and be the organizer of the crisis team?"

It is simply incumbent upon institutions to encounter such a crisis. Not to mention that Brother Lynn is a spiritual brother, he is sick but gritting his teeth and working hard to serve, and everyone is looking at it. The only thing that made it difficult was that I had already bought my plane ticket and was ready to go back to the United States in June. Unexpectedly, since the beginning of May, the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the United States has exploded, and there are so many infected people that the medical manpower is about to collapse, so Hong sister-in-law and her two daughters discussed it together on Zoom, and they all nervously said, "You can't come back, you have bad lungs, and you are a high-risk group."

So the ticket was refunded, and God asked me to stay in Taiwan and give me time to focus on the Bethany crisis.

There is nothing hidden that goes unnoticed. Trying to cover up will only make the wildfires more and more burning; I tell all the directors, including the Bethany staff, that honesty is the best policy. It's to face it together sincerely, "don't hide anything, and don't exaggerate." The first thing to do in crisis management is to be honest, sincere and transparent.

The most important thing is the co-workers, who are all on the sidelines, and their faith is shaken very much; Coupled with years of unhired personnel – we had to reduce our manpower by more than a third.

Of course, there is also the huge debt that continues to accumulate, and everyone is trying to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, but what next? The staff and directors prayed together. In particular, Dean Bao has left his post, and someone has to take over, who can withstand the pressure, be professional, love the Lord, have a committed heart, have a national view, an international view, and an eternal view...

Dr. Jiang specializes in the field of children and families, and is an old staff member of the former rescue team. I have immigrated to the United States for nearly 30 years and have long since settled down. Over the years, he has been the head of the children's ministry of the Church of Seattle Mission. In fact, if you want to do a round, the probability is really small. But since he was a God-given candidate, he decided to call the United States and find Dr. Jiang Xiuquan to meet Bethany's needs with faith.

"Brother Hong, can we pray together?" Yes, how can you decide in a moment? She invited me so. However, just after praying at a distance between Taipei and Seattle, I heard from the show circle that her husband Du Junliang had looked at the map of Taipei. Junliang is the first violinist of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and has retired. Wouldn't it be more complete if we could walk together?

Xiuquan agreed, put down his lucrative and stable job, and moved his family to Taiwan four months later to take over the position of dean. It is the responsibility of reconsolidating the broken morale and sorting out the content of the ministry. We have also begun to communicate with supporters in Taiwan, Japan, and the United States to seek understanding and support again. In particular, the professional field is children and families, and soon Dean Jiang was invited to share and even hold online classes in different churches, hoping to make Taiwanese churches pay more attention to the needs of children, teenagers and families.

In November 2020, I took over the position of chairman of Bethany, but at first I was delayed by the pandemic, but I became the successor. How can Ringo's vision of a home for children received by God be further concretized?

My schedule has always been full, and driving is a rare time to think about things and be alone with God. One day, I drove the car out of Bethany and walked on Muzha Baoyi Road; It suddenly occurred to me that the 2,000 square meters of land in Bethany were sold to Bethany by Pierce, the founder of World Vision, for "1 yuan", which at first glance sounded like a mythical thing—the ministry of God did not allocate an abacus at all; Conversely, without the selfless generosity of the missionaries, where would Bethany be today? Not to mention that more than 200 square meters of land can be sold to build a "Lai Lou"? Yes, not only to heal the wounds and relieve the pain, and to stride forward, but also to find the original love and continue to write the chapter of love. After praying and discussing with Brother Lin and several directors, I went to visit Chairman Zou Kailian and Chairman Wang Weihua of World Vision, and expressed that during my term as chairman, that is, within five years, Bethany is willing to provide two floors of the "Lai Lou", with a total of more than 500 square meters of space, for the use of World Vision free of charge. Isn't the lease about to expire – but:

"Two floors are not enough, two floors are more than 500 pings, and more than 800 pings are enough. You can just move in the whole thing."

"The other floor is rented."

The agreement was reached quickly, as if God was holding hands and signing the contract, and He was all smiles. World Vision is stationed at Lailou as scheduled.

In addition, the original "Lord's Grace Building" also has vacant floors. "Angel Heart" is just looking for a base, Angel Heart is to serve a group of special needs of care of the baby, the Lord Jesus will definitely hold them on his knees and sit, and soon their board of directors decided to move in.

Every floor seems to come alive. It is not only Taiwan's first children's public welfare park, but also a gospel park.

The Bethany meeting hall was in the basement, and wheelchairs, cane-wielding, and long-legged young men with musical instruments could be seen sitting unevenly tall and tall — everyone needed the Lord. At the heart of social good is the Gospel of Christ.

The whole process was incredible—because of an undeniable urge to sit idly by and watch the institution of God almost disintegrate, so I said Yes to Ringo on the phone. I didn't think that we would experience the creation of a children's family garden, and sometimes we would get stuck in the mud and rely on Him to take us on a new path.

第六章 海角十字架
Chapter 6: The Cape Cross

Hear Gods words . Do the words.

一位僑居美國的趙美華Joyce 姐妹,在聽了美國馬鞍峰教會主任牧師華理克分享他的Peace Plan ,就立刻以行動回應她的感動,15年間竟然從美國前往非洲40趟之多,協助當地很簡易的發電,贈送潔淨水的設備。和組裝防震、清潔、經濟的房舍。當這些事逐漸告一段落了,她回到家鄉台灣,爸媽很早都不在了,唯一親近的哥哥也安息了,她整理老家,在她先生台灣的公司裡,聽見主對她說:回到台灣,做些福音工作吧。可是,我可以做什麼呢?她一直問神。正在尋求時,有一天約書亞管理學院的潘華庭姐妹,向我介紹了趙美華姐妹。
A sister Zhao Meihua Joyce, who lives in the United States, listened to the senior pastor of Saddleback Church in the United States share his peace plan, and immediately responded to her with actions, and even traveled from the United States to Africa 40 times in 15 years, helping the local power generation and giving clean water equipment. and assembling earthquake-proof, clean, economical premises. When these things gradually came to an end, she returned to her hometown of Taiwan, her parents were long gone, and her only close brother also rested in peace, she tidied up her hometown, and in her husband's company in Taiwan, she heard the Lord say to her: Go back to Taiwan and do some gospel work. But what can I do? She kept asking God. While I was searching, one day Sister Pan Huating of Joshua School of Management introduced me to Sister Zhao Meihua.

I encouraged her to be moved by the Holy Spirit and that it was time to do something in the kingdom for her homeland, Taiwan. The vision of the Golden Gate Cross came to her mind. At the beginning of 2022, the sister talked to Pastor Gong Jiancheng, the CEO of the China Mission Society, and said, "Go and see." jointly visited Kinmen. Unexpectedly, during the "see" trip, a series of "string" actions occurred unbelievably: Pastor Lee En-yao and Pastor Gong of the Kinmen Mountain Wai Christian Church introduced Brother Chen Yongqing, who was engaged in the hardware business in Taiwan, to make crosses; And I, on the other hand, have been entrusted with more connection and prayer for this good thing. In October 2022, Sister Zhao invited me and Pastor Gong to ...... A 15-meter-high cross was erected in the square of Pastor Lee En-yew's House of Grace, facing the Golden Gate Bridge and Xiamen, and it could be seen when the plane flew in.

Heaven and earth, eternity and transience, continent and island, shore and shore, the Golden Gate and Jerusalem, all the brokenness and estrangement from history and human hearts are all made perfect in the cross by the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus.

I was in prayer, and God gave me the word. This red cross, between the two shores, leaps into view before Kinmen Island, representing the heart of peace and the proclamation of salvation.

Big gold breaks thousands! Little gold breaks 100! That's also the front line that my dad used to do his best, his guardian, my prayer. The salvation of the cross is to be preached to all the islands.

With a beginning, God does not stop easily. Not long after, Sister Zhao Meihua and her husband, an industrialist couple, built a cross in Mexico. At the IAA Annual Conference held by the Tribune in October 2023, Sister Zhao once again conveyed that in Kaohsiung's Qijin: where the gospel was first introduced to "beating dogs", she dreamed of having another cross on the top floor of the Presbyterian Church behind the banner.

Light the lights in the city and place them in the highest place, and in the entire Kaohsiung Port City, as long as people look up and follow the line of sight, they will be able to find their way home.


The Fathers and Limbs of the First Division

第一章 父老們
Chapter 1: Fathers

Uncle Sun

Sun Yue, everyone is used to shouting "Uncle Sun", shouting like an official title for a long time. Be everyone's own uncle. According to the ethical generation of the Chinese, they are younger elders, who do not need to be too respectful, but trusting, warm and intimate.

In his early years, when he was still the "Sun Yue" period, he was famous for performing "Villains", and then he performed "Veteran", "If the Wine Is Dry", he sang all the sadness of the old veterans drifting in a foreign land because of military martial law and with the arrival of the Nationalist Government in Taiwan.

When he was waiting for filming in the theater all year round, he smoked one cigarette after another and smoked non-stop.

Unexpectedly, accepting Jesus became the key to life. The whole person has completely changed. It has become a representative of Taiwan's public welfare activities. From quitting smoking, quitting drugs, to telling teenagers to go home early, as long as Uncle Sun endorses it, it symbolizes the value and necessity of that public welfare activity. He was so sincere, so convincing.

Uncle Sun is the Golden Horse Award actor, and he has been in the entertainment industry; Because of the gospel, there is naturally an opportunity to cooperate with the salvation preachers who are engaged in the great evangelism.

In the 80s of the 20th century, "Bedside Stories for Children in Sleepland" was the first Chinese audio book recorded for children. Uncle Sun crossed the knife several times. In the story of "The Marshal Baths", he plays the proud General Naaman; In the "Magical Wedding Banquet", he is incarnated as the busy housekeeper Lebo; In "Little Two Come Home", he is a loving father who has been waiting; "The Secret of the Vineyard" vividly illustrates King Ahab's eyes. In "Good Samaritan", Uncle Sun became Sun Dacheng, a leather seller; As for "The Cunning Snake", he plays the role of a deceitful devil, and his role is ever-changing, and Uncle Sun is fully committed and enjoys it.

Around 2000, he was about to turn 20 years old at his baptism. Tell me: I want to do something to commemorate it. There are so many things that can be done, but what is the best way to express the impact of faith? So in 2001, Uncle Sun specially produced the album "Song of Old Friend Sun Yue" with Tianyun. In this CD, he appears to talk about his faith and life; And with four songs to express his gratitude. In this regard, he and album producer Liao Yahui and lyricist Ye Weixin have created a good relationship like family. Uncle Sun has the charm of super glue, and when he sticks it, he is sticky.

In July 2002, Uncle Sun, Ms. Chen Aimei and Pastor Qi Shaolin of the North American Branch of Salvation and Transmission started a 21-day preaching trip in 15 cities in North America. Before leaving, he had a wheezing attack and wrote a special email, saying, "Please pray for the asthma attack I started last night. Pray that the Lord will cleanse me again with His Blood. Pray that the Lord will use me. I beseech the Lord to protect us, the Lord's team." God heard the prayer, and the sermon went on as scheduled. Uncle Sun often said, "People who are out of breath are smart." He laughed as he spoke.

In 1996 and 2004, he participated in the "Chinese New Year Blessing Party" in cooperation with the Singapore Church. In addition to the performances, we also hold drama camps in Indonesia. I talk about acting, and he demonstrates it on the sidelines. Use the theatrical skills of the superstar level to encourage young people who are looking forward to using drama to evangelize.

In addition to the ministry, he is also a spiritual father in the "Artist's Home" church in Taipei. In the face of different opinions or noises, he constantly encourages and resolves ...... Uncle Sun hasn't seen anything yet? He has seen a lot of winds and waves, and his unique composure and calmness are telling that because there is a master on the ship, there is no need to panic or rush.

Brother Li

Li Zhengyi, Li Ge, founded the Olive Huaxuan Publishing House, which is an important center for the publication of church texts. We are familiar with the Tribune's ministry, and he joined the board before I did. In addition to his editorial work, Li Ge participated in various tasks as a volunteer, including loading a large volume of paper newspapers into envelopes, gluing and mailing them; Wherever the Tribune is in need, he is.

As the network momentum grows, it becomes more and more difficult for Dachuan Media to operate. Faced with the dilemma of the Tribune's business shrinking, everyone pushed me to be the chairman, but I have refused to accept it. "Don't be afraid, if you have any questions or needs, I will be behind you, you just need to say ......", this passage I have always kept in my heart. Brother Li, thank you.

In addition to the Tribune, Olive Huaxuan is the place where Brother Li spends the most effort. Once, when I returned to the United States, I saw the "Twelve Discipleship Training" translated by Elder Shen Bosong's wife, Xue Fei, in Seattle, and thought it was a great and practical discipleship training book. I couldn't help but pick up the phone and call, he agreed, and it didn't take long for the editor to contact me. In fact, Brother Li was sick at that time.

Every time I walk into the Gospel Book Room or the International Book Fair, Olive Huaxuan's books always occupy the most prominent and largest section of the Christian Publishing District – but as a proprietor, I know that in the rapid contraction of the print media market, there may be a large deficit behind each book. The key is to publish even if you know that the result will be a deficit.

At this time, mass communication was in decline, but it is undeniable that through the great preaching, it did nourish generations of Christians. Because of their own experience of being fed, brothers and sisters buy gospel books and give them to friends. How can one cry out without faith? If you don't listen, how can you believe? There is no other ministry that presents the author's faith as completely and transparently as the words.

Dad Zhou

Evangelizing the glittering artists was touched by Uncle Le Le Rich. But in 1980, Ge Mingbao led the artist Shi Song to make a decision, which can be regarded as the first chapter of the action. Later, the artists would meet regularly at the Holiday Inn, have lunch and then gather, and discuss the topic of faith in a relaxed manner. With the addition of Zhou Lianhua and Pastor Qiu Guangming, the participants began to take the meeting seriously. During this period, Ge Mingbao dedicated the basement of Yat-sen Road near the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei City and established the Jiayin Artist Home Church, so he was finally able to settle down steadily, and the church was full of God's love and a sense of home in the early days.

Pastor Zhou Lianhua served as the pastor of President Chiang's family after the Nationalist Government moved to Taiwan. He has a very high rank in the Taiwanese church. On the one hand, he has accompanied the artists in their gospel work, and we often pray together for the artists, saying that it is not an exaggeration to say that I have the love of father and brother spiritually. When he arrived, he began to devote himself to stage drama services such as Chinese Soul and Wen Tianxiang, trying to explore the gospel in Chinese culture and opera art, and also looking forward to timely reminders from spiritual pastors, so he invited Pastor Zhou Lianhua to serve as a consultant. He was the first lifelong volunteer of Salvation. We all called him Dad Zhou. And he called Teacher Peng "sister" and called me "Shanqun".

20世紀年代,也是國台語教會開始積極對話的時刻,周爸身負整合的重責大任,忙碌非常。但是知道電視部正在製作基督徒的「迎新」見證節目,深怕觀眾對見證的理解「走鐘」,周爸痛快的一口答應負責最後5分鐘的信息,好把故事連結到聖經。他曾說:救傳好像是台灣教會的好朋友和膀臂,伸出去reach out,也真的用行動來支持我們。
In the 90s of the 20th century, it was also the time when the Mandarin-Taiwanese church began to have an active dialogue, and Zhou's father was very busy with the heavy responsibility of integration. However, knowing that the TV Department was producing a Christian "Orientation" testimony program, and was deeply afraid of the audience's understanding of the testimony "Walking the Clock", Zhou's father happily agreed to be responsible for the last 5 minutes of the message, so as to link the story to the Bible. He once said: Salvation seems to be a good friend and arm of the church in Taiwan, reaching out and reaching out, and really supporting us with actions.

Television production is on schedule, and it is inevitable that the full story will not be given until the last minute. Sometimes you have to record several episodes in one go. But when recording, Zhou's father was always calm and relaxed, he didn't need to read the script, and he never NG.

"I admire you so much. If you twist it in your hand, it's a piece of good information." I remember very differently, preaching is certainly a pastoral profession, but how easy is it to speak short, to speak clearly, and to hit the bull's-eye?

"Shanqun, others see me as easy, but after 5 minutes on stage, it took me 10 years of hard work off stage." Dad Zhou replied. He put a lot of them in his study, called "Turtle Climbing Zhai", he felt that he had no talent, he walked very slowly, and hoped that he could work harder and climb more every day towards the benchmark.

Not sensationalizing, sharing the Bible in the most simple way, and basically no more than 20 minutes, is the characteristic of Zhou's father's sermon.

I remember my eldest daughter, Wenhui, when she was 10 years old, she saw that everyone was registered to be baptized. She said she wanted to.

"No, the church stipulates that baptism must be over 12 years old." I replied so.

Hearing the little argument between our father and daughter, Dad Zhou said, "Shanqun, let me talk to her." So the high priest talked to the little girl for nearly 20 minutes. When we were done, he told me that she knew all the truths, and that she could be baptized.

Wow, this breaks the conventions of the church, and it can also be seen that Zhou's father is not restricted and constrained by tradition. Lively, full of life and innovation, it is inevitable that people must set up frameworks in society, but God is never bound by frameworks.

Dad Zhou likes to drive, and he especially likes to drive fast. Every time I started driving, I put my hands on the steering wheel freely, and the corners of my mouth rose. When he was in his 80s, he was going to come to the Artist's House to preach, and I thought someone should pick him up. However, he still insisted on driving himself, and only needed to prepare a parking space. Later, we changed our ways, and there were many artists in the church who Dad Zhou watched "grow up", such as Thyme Fragrance was baptized by Dad Zhou himself, and after Thyme Fragrance returned to Taiwan from studying in Japan, the friendship became deeper and more mellow, and he would always find a reason to accompany Dad Zhou to drive to the church by the way. When Zhou's father was 96 years old, he suddenly felt unwell when he drove home after attending a party, so he slowly parked the car on the side of the road and rested in peace - he likes to drive, and he has just finished a party, but Zhou's father is not connected by one party after another in his life? Even death is so glorious and beautiful, so beautiful that it is so unreal.

Pastor Stadchon

The Taipei Jingmei Baptist Church, which is pastored by Pastor Shi Daxiong, is the church where his close friend Wu Qi gathers. In addition, he is Zhou's father's closest student at the Baptist Theological Seminary, so it seems logical that the title of the Artist's Home Church and Rescue Volunteer was buttoned up to him. In those years, the church moved around, from Renai Road to the basement of Zhongxiao East Road, and Pastor Shi would have an average of two weeks of pulpits a month. After presiding over the meeting in his own church, he rushed to shepherd the artists. And at least twice a year, I will pay out of my own pocket to officially invite artists to dinner. Hey, Pastor Shi has been volunteering to preach for many years, which is very interesting, and please have a big meal? Yes, there are such lovely shepherds.

Pastor Shi Daxiong and Father Zhou are very different typical pastors. Dad Zhou never reads the scripts of his preaching, and he is natural; However, Pastor Shi, who carefully prepares verbatim manuscripts for every sermon and organizes these verbatim manuscripts, so that a book will be published in 1 or 2 years, and he is a prolific writer in the church world.

has been suffering from bad respiratory tract for many years, and I still remember that when he came to rescue Chuan, he always carried a thermos cup with him. Take a sip of water every now and then. Later, due to cancer treatment and "chronic pulmonary obstruction", Pastor Shi was bedridden for many years. During this period, Salvation Chuan specially compiled his manuscript and published "100 Tips for Living in Faith": this may be Pastor Shi's last work, right? No, on the hospital bed, he used his laptop to type out one article after another, "The old shepherd talks to you". Whether you stand on the podium or not, no matter what your situation is, even if you have a way to use the resources at hand to convey ideas, ah, how can you not miss this predecessor who used his life to expound his faith?

Pastor Starchon's beloved son, Dr. Enoch, is a best-selling author. In psychiatry and occupational therapy, it is also used mainly.

第二章 手足
Chapter 2: Brothers and Sisters

Brothers of the Kou family

When I directed my first gospel film, "Two Brothers", Kou Shaohan and Kou Shaoen participated in the performance, in fact, the idea of the film script was originally from the first drama competition of Christ House Church in the first drama competition of Salvation.

The brothers are now all pastors, and when they first met Kou Shaoen, they were still in college, and they were very shy and quiet, but it was the elder brother Kou Shaohan who talked a lot. We asked Kou Siu-han to play the male lead of "Two Brothers", and Kou Shaoen to play the role of a delinquent teenager – the teenager who is least like a delinquent teenager.

In four or five years, the second gospel film, "Traffic Light", was ready to be filmed. The play needs to represent the spirit, soul, and body of the three characters, there is an artist representing the "soul", invited Kou Shaoen to play, the artist has been pursuing beauty all his life, and he has done his best for beauty, but in the end he was not satisfied and committed suicide.

One day, Kou Shaojie, the eldest brother of the Kou family, met me and said with a tight face, "Hey, our surname is Kou. How could I offend you?"

"No, how can you offend me?" It's a bit of a mess, and I don't know what to do at all. I think that it was Pastor Kou Shiyuan's sermon that made me decide to understand the truth, how dare I be offended?

"Then tell me why my two younger brothers, the first Kou Shaohan, were stabbed to death in your 'two brothers'. The younger brother Kou Shaoen was at the traffic light and finally committed suicide. Why does my brother end miserably in your movies?"


Among them, Pastor Korshoun has a particularly deep connection with salvation, and when he made the gospel movie, he was still in college. After graduating, he also worked in the broadcasting department to produce radio programs. Soon, he entered the TV industry as the news anchor of "Good Morning Today", and also took on the responsibility of hosting the 24th Taiwan TV Golden Bell Awards in 1989.

In the midst of the smooth wind, he talked to me about his struggles and wondered if he should serve in church full-time.

"You should be incarnate on TV. There is no shortage of pastors like you in the church in Taiwan today. But the media needs Christians like you to be more influential." I didn't approve of it at first time.

However, it turned out that the house of Christ was indeed in need, and that God was clearly calling. He decided to devote himself to the ministry of the church full-time. So I said, "No matter what you decide, I'll support you in the future."

Korshon is a full ten years younger than me. Seeing the younger generation plunging into evangelism is like a shot in the arm, and I wish the more people who join, the better. After serving full-time, he was busy, and the church flourished.

When Chairman Wei Huaxia stepped down and needed to hand over the baton, I immediately thought of Pastor Kou Shaoen. As soon as they discussed, almost without saying a word, he agreed to join the board of directors and at the same time took over the position of chairman. One is followed by two or three terms.

At the same time, the original pastors Shi Daxiong and Qiu Guangming of the Artist's Home Church fell ill one after another, and faced the need for pastoral support; In addition, I bought a building on Songlong Road in Taipei, which is considered to have my own church officially, and there is no stable pastor to build a church, so the church is expanding and developing, and it is best to stabilize it as soon as possible. During this time, Pastor Korshoen was ill and was in the hospital to recuperate, and I went to visit him; He was lying on the hospital bed, with a drip in his hand, and he couldn't run away even if he wanted to. When I talked about the situation of pastoral care in the artist's house, I saw that Pastor Kou's brows were getting tighter and tighter, and he nodded frequently. Seeing that the time had come, I suggested that the House of Artists and the House of Christ should be formed into a brotherly church, so that the problem of pastoral care of the House of Artists would be settled. Pastor Kou has his own church to take care of, and he is also a member of the board of directors of several organizations, so he is indeed unskilled, but I know that there are other pastors who can do it: "Lin Huijun can preach. She turned out to be a co-worker in the art department." The foundation of understanding established during the period of the art department is that if you come to shepherd the artist's home, the cost of trust is equal to zero.

"We pray, as long as Huijun is willing, we absolutely support it." Pastor Kou's answer is also my prayer.

As a result, Lin Huijun accepted, and then served as a preacher in the artist's house for ten years, and was also ordained a pastor here; During this period, she also traveled to Russia every year to preach to the Chinese.

One stick after another, with every need arisen, there will be a communicator, and the work of the Lord will be just right every step through the help of people to help each other.

Wu Huan

Most of the members of the Taipei Artists' Home Church are entertainers, all of whom have personalities, opinions, and mavericks. In the early days, Uncle Sun was considered a big elder, and he smiled and didn't need to talk much, he had a sense of existence. The other is Wu Huan. His performance of "Big Knife King V" was popular in the 60s of the 20th century with a flying sword. can play and sing, can write and martial arts, and soon hosted the show, and then screenwriter, director, producer, decathlon.

Not long after Wu Huan joined the Artist's Home Church, Li Shifen wanted to ordain a pastor, and the usual baptism ceremony was to take over the pastor. Seeing that the ordination date was approaching, and no one had registered, Wu Huan immediately signed up to be baptized. "Uncle Li dedicated, and it is morally necessary to give him a response." Wu Huan explained. The affection of the two sides of the sword actually drove him to officially step into the ranks of Christianity.

and Wu Huan really talked about everything. Especially in the 80s and 90s, the East Malaysian Methodist Church established the Daosheng Theatre Company. Every year, there will not only be gospel drama performances, but also drama camps, one time I found Wu Huan and Wu Qi to guide, laughing along the way, 3 big men also went shopping, shopping; In the process, he casually raised his eyebrows and skimmed his eyes, all in self-evident, and that kind of fit can only be said to be an extraordinary grace of God.

Wu Huan also served as the vice chairman and chairman of the artist's house, and there were all kinds of large-scale performances, which was the indispensable Tsubaki foot and firefighting team - once needed, he would stand up without saying a word.

Acting work has always been unstable, and Wu Huan's health has always been poor, and he has not filmed for a while, and his income is zero. Coincidentally, a drama appointment came, and it was a rather vulgar film. Directly pick out that he doesn't need to go out in person, as long as the honorarium is directly in the pocket. On the one hand, there is no filming with empty purses, and on the other hand, there is money to collect under the name, no matter how you look at this business. But Wu Huan always felt that something was wrong, and he talked to me. I encouraged him: We are Christians today. The work represents a testimony of life. You should be brave enough to shoot some valuable works...... There was no response on the spot. When I went back, I refused.

But not long after, the invitation of "Last Night's Stars" produced by China Television came, this small and fine, small and beautiful serial, Wu Huan handled it with great care, and the theme song also wrote the lyrics by himself, and invited Ma Zhiqin to play the heroine, regardless of the image, to play the old smoking gun mother, so she won the Golden Bell Award for Best Actress. Both the ratings and the reverberations show God's blessings.

When Salvation began to plan the production of the gospel series with China Television, we officially proposed a plan to General Manager Wu Shisong, with Wu Qi and I as producers, Wu Huan as the director, and Xia Meihua as the screenwriter. This drama is called "No Regrets in This Life". The opening film was shot directly at Jingmei Baptist Church in Taipei. also found Christian actor Tang Zhiwei as the leading actor. The ratings reached more than 20%, even in the era of the old three stations, which can be regarded as beautiful results.

In 2005, he sought medical attention with a long-term cough and was confirmed to have lung cancer. When his other half, Chen Chengcheng, attended the press conference of the Tung Foundation's "Quit Smoking and Win" event on his behalf, he mentioned that Wu Huan often stayed up late to film and write scripts in his early years to find inspiration while smoking, but he didn't expect that lung cancer would still come to his door after quitting smoking.

The three general managers of Neihu who were hospitalized were close to Dazhi, where the rescue was located, and I would visit him when I had time, and I would take his favorite poem "The Most Beautiful Blessing of This Life" with me, and every time I sang it, I couldn't finish singing it every time. The last time I went, I was going abroad on the second day, and I knew that he was not in a good condition, especially when I went for a walk at night, only to see that he was breathing slightly, and a quilt with a hospital logo was barely propped up. Ah, my brother.

"Huan, let's see you in heaven." He must have heard, and we will see you again.

第三章 跑場中
Chapter 3 In the Running Field

In the 80s of the 20th century, Professor Wang Shengshan, the head of the department, wanted to exchange professors at American universities. It just so happened that the semester was about to begin. Teacher Wang's class needs to change hands immediately. Especially in the senior year, the highlight is the graduation performance. He insisted that I go back and bring it. Question: It takes 8 hours a week. Not to mention the rescue mission, the administrative building is also being built, and no matter how much time is squeezed, it can't be discharged.

Hurry up and run to the face.

"Teacher...... I probably won't be able to go up." Thinking of the resignation of the Sutra to the salvation of the legend, it is equivalent to putting him together, and the voice is a little shy.

The teacher stared at me, this uncompetitive student, but there are many teachers in the department who are fighting for it. But he waved his hand and didn't say much.

Not long after, I received an audio tape, in which Mr. Wang's words are still vividly remembered:

"Shanqun, among my students, only you can go to my class, can you still make an effort to set aside time for my class?"

How can he be so affectionate and sincere, the teacher has said so, of course, he can only and must follow. With Mr. Peng's consent, in fact, what I will really use is 4 hours on Wednesday afternoon, and the other 4 hours will be scheduled on Saturday morning, which is my own time. In accordance with the tradition of full-time service, all hourly fees will be paid back to the accountant.

In this way, he was ordered to be in danger. Next to the senior year, with the hardest graduation performance of the next semester. But I didn't expect that as soon as the teacher went for 7 or 9 years, I myself started to take classes as if I couldn't stop being pregnant, one after another, until I took 97, and almost brought 7 classes to the graduation performance. All are classic plays by Shakespeare. Among them, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was performed twice, and the famous actors Ah Xi, Zhao Shun, Chen Jixia and the famous costume designer Jin Pingping were all classmates of this class, which not only performed in Taipei as a sensation, but also was invited to perform at the Taiwan Chinese Center; After a few years, I wanted to perform "A Midsummer Night's Dream" again, and I adapted it into a fashion play: "A Midsummer Night in Taipei"; In addition, Shakespeare's four major tragedies: "King Lear" and "Othello" are both directed by Mr. Wang, and I follow the rules. Another breakthrough is that Mr. Wang has not yet directed "Macbeth", and John Zhao, who plays Macbeth, later studied theology and pastored in Chicago; Zhu Zhenzhen, who plays the role of his wife, has been the planner of drama programs on Taiwan TV for many years, and he is also a professor of the art department. Later, I became interested in comedy, and directed "Twelfth Night", and then directed another Shakespeare comedy, "The Merry Woman of Windsor", adding Taiwanese elements, fashion, and Taiwanese Chinese's "Cheating Story...... No matter how busy or tired I am at work, I am elated in every class - when I was young, not only did I have the dream of directing, but I also wanted to spring breeze and rain, but I didn't expect to plunge into the institution, but God remembered it all, He made a detour, with a full measuring instrument, even the shaking and pressing, and the top and bottom all gave me everything.

Always smiling and excited, and the interaction between people is so wonderful, even if you know that I have been a teaching assistant for a long time, and the students still see me as a college president. I also know that I am in the work of saving and preaching, and I will tell me as soon as someone goes to church. When the rescue performance comes, like a new song presentation, they will report for support, turn on the lights, move props, and set up the scenery, "Teacher" and "Teacher" come and go, and the whole backstage is lively.

Another opportunity was that my junior Lin Qingliang went to Huagang Art School as the director of the drama department, and the principal Liu Xiaopeng was also a senior, so he also asked me to direct the drama for the first graduating class. Su Huilun, Tianxin, Lin Zhiying, Fan Guangyao and other kings and queens-level celebrities are all from that department, and the first play I directed "Qiao", the second year "Leave a Light", "That Road"...... It is a script written by Pastor Korshoon for the Heavenly Arts Fellowship, which is very easy to bring out the values of the gospel message, stimulate the actors and make the audience think more about the problems of life, and the theater is the best place to sow seeds and do gospel preparation.

After Huagang finished teaching, he seamlessly went to the Department of Social Education and the Department of Christian Education of Taiwan Theological Seminary, and offered courses such as "Church and Drama" and "Mission and Communication...... It is no longer limited to drama, but extends to mission and dissemination. Later, the classes at the Baptist Theological Seminary and Huashen Seminary, as well as the Jiayin Theological Seminary that is still taught today, are also related to media missions.

對著學生,想到未來都是群羊的牧者,怎麼看待媒體?使用媒體?讓媒體成為教會與社會的橋梁──踏出去把人帶進教會。我教得極為用心,戲劇是我的愛,媒體宣教則是我的使命與負擔,每堂課我都認真準備,嚴格把關,教授的內容一定要自己說「」。常常越說越快、語調越來越激昂,得提醒自己down一點、再一點。有1年在台神的研究所開課。那一個碩士班總共有7個女生,於是特別針對教會婦女事工來設計課程,那時剛好「working girl 上班女郎」正在上映,我請這一班女生去看,然後用戱劇的方式加上各個角度的討論起婦女事工的困境、重要和可能的改變,這後來成為她們碩士班的論文發表。
When you look at the students and think that they will be the shepherds of the flock in the future, what do you think of the media? Using media? Let the media be the bridge between the church and society – go out and bring people into the church. I teach very hard, drama is my love, media education is my mission and burden, I prepare carefully for each class, strictly control, and the content taught must be said "like" by myself. I often speak faster and faster, and my tone becomes more and more passionate, and I have to remind myself to go down a little more. For one year, he held a course at the Taishin Research Institute. There were a total of 7 girls in that master's class, so I designed a course specifically for church women's ministry, and at that time, "Working Girl" was being released, I invited this group of girls to watch it, and then discussed the dilemma, importance and possible changes of women's ministry in the form of drama and various angles, which later became the thesis of their master's class.

The media is so important: for 2,000 years, God has been prepared for oral transmission, written transmission, and finally great transmission, and if he can't make good use of it, isn't it tantamount to putting God's good intentions aside?

In the late 90s, Lin Zhiping Lin Ge served as the dean of the School of Humanities at Chung Yuan University, "Shanqun, you can also open a course in the general education class."

Ordinary college students, this dare is good. The question is what? What does it take to get a college student? Don't you feel "this is the case again" and repulsed? Professor Lin Zhiping's class is "Life and Death", and when the topic is finalized, it is called "Talking about Life and Death from Dramatic Art". There is only one class per semester, two hours. After Lin Zhiping retired from Chung Yuan University, Professor Ye Shuzhen, who took over the baton, invited me to take a course on "Building Dreams - Dramatic Life" in the "Life Management Lectures" series.

Professor Yip compiles the content of the students' reports every semester, and many of the students' responses rank my class in the top 3. I am very grateful to see the students have gained, these two hours are not only drama but also can discuss faith from the issue of life and death, which is equivalent to the most essential part of my life, often I have to forget the time in class, and when the bell rings, every pair of students' eyes are shining, and they don't want to get out of class; I had to drag it out until the last minute, and then finish it in a hurry, and some students were still unsatisfied, and then continued to talk to me, and I was always happy to do it. I didn't expect it to last for nearly 10 years as soon as the course started at Chung Yuan University.

As a teacher who is always on the scene, I don't actually have much time to give my students. But the feedback was beyond imagination. In 79, when I was filming "Two Brothers", I asked students from the Drama Department of Wenda to play 3 little Taibao, including Yu Daren, Kong Xiangguang, and Wan Cilong. Kong Xiangguang Wan Cilong is a Christian, and Kong Xiangguang's father is Pastor Kong Fanpei; After graduating from Wan Cilong University, he worked as a director on TV.

Chen Jixia was also an early student. Assisted with behind-the-scenes recordings while the two brothers were producing. also became a Christian, but I didn't expect to become a dubbing diva in Taiwan in the future. In 2017, after a gap of 40 years, when I wanted to make a Chinese audio drama Bible, I asked her to be the sound director.

"Can you give God and teachers two years without taking any cases? Just concentrate on making the Bible for drama?"

She agreed with her actions. Nearly 100 artists interpret the voices, expressions, emotional tensions, and even breathing frustrations of the Bible characters, all of which are managed by her, day and night.

In the drama department of Culture University, there is also a student Wang Lijun, who participated in the youth mission conference held by the campus fellowship during the summer vacation. When I saw it, the speaker turned out to be me, and I happily ran to say hello. After graduating, he joined the planning department of the Salvation Communication Association. I also used what I learned in the drama department in front of and behind the scenes during the performance. Very conscientious and responsible, when I was pregnant and was about to give birth to my first child, I knew that I had begun to have labor pains, so I hurriedly ran to the office to hand over the work again.

As the director of Tianyi Fellowship, I have come into contact with many young people who are willing to commit themselves, and it is really like taking students, from their youth to adulthood, I can especially see the growth of their lives, and Song Wensheng is one of them. Music is alive in his hands, and it can resonate with anyone who understands music or not. Every time I direct, whenever I have a need for music design and sound effects, I will look for him. He even simply asked him to read the script first, design the music, and after I listened to it, I grabbed the feeling, and then directed the play, there was a spark in his music. In 2006, the 7th Huafu Conference was held in Macao, and one of the programs of the conference was the recitation of Brother Bian Yunbo's dedication to the unknown preacher, Lin Zhiping was the producer, and I was in charge of the main song and director, that is, Song Wensheng was in charge of the music design. In the venue of thousands of people, the music should control the atmosphere and grasp the rhythm of the mood, so that the entire chant can be completed in one go, which is a demonstration of authentic hard power. In the end, the campus publishing house published the book "Dedicated to the Unknown Preacher", but they said bluntly: Huafu's live effect is too good, and they dare not publish another audio version.

The background sound effects of the Chinese drama Bible are also from the hands of two masters, Song Wensheng and Brother Xiong of the music rhythm. The 69 books of the old and new Bible, the historical changes of thousands of years, the background of writing, the understanding of the lives of the characters, what kind of people are saying things, and how the music should be set off...... Or even have to change it again and again from the feedback, and there is no displeasure at all because he is already a master of sound effects. The work is the manifestation of life, and the attitude is even more.

The first heart-warming moment

第一章 爸爸
Chapter 1: Daddy

一直是我心目中的英雄。特別是 823 砲戰,單打雙不打,子彈滿天飛,那真是身先士卒、槍林彈雨。沒有國哪有家?這些話在他的軍旅生涯中發揮到極致,而做什麼像什麼,絕不打折扣。而回顧我人生前期,也的確滿滿了他的影子,連打架鬧事,都拚盡全力,打破額頭,連哼一聲都不肯。
Always a hero in my mind. Especially in the 823 artillery battle, there were no single fights, and bullets were flying all over the sky, which was really a pioneer and a rain of bullets. How can there be a home without a country? These words were taken to the extreme in his military career, and what he did was like was in no way compromised. And looking back on the early stage of my life, it was indeed full of his shadow, even fighting and making trouble, I tried my best, broke my forehead, and refused to even snort.

On the front line all year round, the Chinese New Year is the day when he will definitely go home. But the sadness is not the same as Kyushu, the king set the Central Plains Day in the north, and the family sacrifice did not forget to tell Naiweng. He misses his grandfather and his hometown in Anhui...... And a group of little radish heads followed him, and they didn't dare to make a mistake at all, standing neatly, knowing that this was a fatal moment.

After we got married, he naturally cared about his children and grandchildren, but he was more concerned about the country when he was in the pain of broken mountains and rivers, and in the face of various political disputes, he kept sighing: "You don't understand."

"Loyal to the party and patriotic" and "worried about the country and the people", these anachronistic adjectives are exactly the portrayal of my father's life. The most indelible memory is that he always solemnly took it for every election, prepared all kinds of documents the night before, and went out early the next morning to cast his "sacred vote".

Ah, my father, my hero, as I grew older, preaching the gospel to him became a burden on my heart.

Despite his retirement, General Hong still has the power to do so. Before you preach the gospel, your heart is always in trouble.

finally swallowed and swallowed, and finally spoke, but Dad didn't look at the TV without moving.

It's just looking down at the newspaper. No response at all.

"Hey, Dad, the gospel movie I made is going to be shown today..." I stopped reading the newspaper, put my reading glasses on the table, turned around and went to change my clothes, and hurriedly went out to read.

At the Tianyun new song conference, I was talking about the information on the stage, and he sat in the audience, and his eyes couldn't help but glance at him, and he confirmed his eyes as soon as he saw it; Dad always had that look on his face and didn't react.

What impressed me the most was that after I immigrated to the United States, he and his mother planned to go to the United States for two months. The third sister's family also took out a special time to accompany them - the third brother-in-law is Pastor Wang Yunzheng, the third sister Cuiyun is kind and rational, and the two grandparents have watched them grow up.

No matter where they go, driving, partying, and fellowship, they naturally turn their heads and ask, "Dad, do you want to go?"

The old man wears clothes and shoes, and the true character of the soldier is distressing. As soon as the time came, he stood by the car, and even his children and grandchildren were not allowed to wait.

The problem is that he participates, but he is always a spectator, with a straight waist and a just right smile on his face, but he is always a spectator from afar.

For the last week in the United States, I thought to myself: just taking my dad to a party like this will not work. Finally, on the last Sunday, I arranged a fellowship in my own home. I was in charge of comprehending that my two daughters and my third sister's two sons formed a small choir.

"Why is the sky blue, why is the grass green......" is immature and a little incomplete, what sound is more like heaven than the singing of grandchildren falling on the ears of grandpa?

The third brother-in-law also tailored a piece of information. The family affection index at the party exploded.

I couldn't help but ask, "Dad, do you want to take this opportunity to make up your mind to believe in the Lord Jesus?" Knock knock, heartbeat as if the eardrums were vibrating with it.

He stared out the window. Not even a single muscle of the face moves.

"Hey, you dead old man, the kids are waiting for you." Even my mother couldn't help but be anxious.

Silently stood up, slammed the door shut, and locked himself in the room all the time. Everyone cast their eyes on the third sister Cuiyun, and there were still twelve hours left on the plane back to Taipei, and she took over the task with her eyes. Wait until the plane lands safely in Taiwan. The text message came with four words: "Mission failed."

Another basin of cold water poured down: I really don't want to be reconciled. Lord, can you give me a gift as I have lived my life for you?

Is it true that the prophet is not accepted in the homeland? Can't you say anything about your own family? The question is who else?

A few months after returning to Taiwan, my father became ill. Osteoporosis, the spine of the neck is about to loosen, and you have to install steel nails to hold it up again, which is considered a major surgery.

When he was admitted to Taipei Veterans General Hospital, the Tianyun choir and familiar pastors went to visit him and prayed for him. The corners of his mouth rose slightly, and he nodded, "Thank you, thank you." Politeness is distance, and the more polite it is, the more desperate it is.

In addition to evangelism, the practical aspect is that with such a long hospital stay, it is not enough to rely on one's own family to take care of it, and in a hurry, I cannot find suitable care, so I have to ask for help from my brothers and sisters in the church. Arrange for people to take turns on duty.

One day, I was about to return to Dazhi when I was handed over to Mrs. Ke Qiumin from the Neihu Walkway Association, and I couldn't help but yawn while driving. Less than ten minutes after leaving, the phone rang.

"Brother Hong, your father has made up his mind."

What? The car turned around on the way back to the hospital, and I was like a dreamer.

"How did you bring my dad to make a decision?" How can it be? It's obviously more difficult than climbing to the sky.

Mrs. Ke's mother, Sister Ke's father, also didn't believe in Jesus yet. So when I left, she said, "I know very well how they feel, and I really hope that they will come to heaven, and you are not absent."

"I do, I've wanted to say yes." Unexpectedly, Dad spoke. In the sickbed, facing such a kind "outsider", there is no need to hold it, and the whole person is soft.

啊,那是幾十年來他心頭的千百般揪結,從大陸出來的時候,爸 爸已經答應過爺爺,不管到哪裡,一定要帶著祖宗牌位,有一天還要 帶回家的呀。
Ah, that's a thousand knots in his heart for decades, when he came out of the mainland, his father had promised his grandfather that no matter where he went, he must take the ancestral tablet with him, and one day he will bring it home.

"If I believe in Jesus, what about the tablet? How do you explain it to the old man?" It turned out that the root cause was because of the problem of ancestor worship. Dad's promise before the family traveled; For a long time, the heavens and men in his heart were at war.

「我們當然要紀念,但不是要把祖先們當鬼神啊。不是不孝順,是基督徒用另一種形式來紀念。」追念先人在心不在型。知道 他的問題在哪裡,就可以回答。這問題我不知在講道裡講過多少回,探討過多少次,莫不是就為了這1天的到來嗎?心,滿了起來。
"Of course we want to commemorate them, but we don't want to treat our ancestors as ghosts. It's not that it's unfilial, it's that Christians commemorate it in another form." Remembering the ancestors is absent-minded. Knowing where his question is, he can answer it. I don't know how many times I've talked about this question in my sermons, and how many times I've discussed it, isn't it just for the sake of this one-day coming? The heart was full.

Later, my father accompanied my mother to the Zhonghe Walkway Church and was baptized. Through reading the Bible, we know that all human beings are created and that God alone is worthy of worship.

Dad's love is restrained and subtle. Every year on my birthday, that is, after I immigrated to the United States, he finally called me at 6 o'clock in the morning on that day, and when he picked up the phone in his sleep, his father's strong local voice came from the other end: "Shanqun, happy birthday"! After his death at the age of 95, the phone has not rang at 6 a.m. since.

第二章 還不完的戒指
Chapter 2: The Ring That Doesn't Finish

Dad is a soldier, in Taiwan, where he has no relatives, he has to raise six children with just one salary, how can he not tie 24 knots for 1 yuan? When I was a child, I wore shorts made of flour bags made from American aid, and it was like this in the military villages, which was not a problem at all. When I got older, I put on my father's military uniform. The military uniform is khaki yellow. The trouser cuff is too long to be cut off, and it is folded up directly, anyway, the child is tall fast, maybe he can continue to wear it next year...... The shoes are also the military's vinyl shoes, which are already my signature, everything will be done, but I am used to it.

So I didn't buy any clothes in junior high or high school. When I entered university, the situation changed dramatically, and I no longer had to wear a uniform, and what I wore suddenly became a matter of concern. In particular, the school atmosphere of the cultural university is open, and some people are already wearing jeans and bell bottoms. Who wants to wear any khaki pants? The soil is all gone.

有一次和媽媽逛夜市,看到一件夾克,和普遍的黑色、靛藍色外套截然不同,那麼明亮的黃色:我眼睛饞得不得了,一看就愛上了。快 快快,讓我試試吧。咦,很合身,就像是特別量身訂製的。
Once I went to the night market with my mother, and I saw a jacket, which was completely different from the usual black and indigo coat, so bright yellow: my eyes were so hungry that I fell in love with it at first sight. Hurry up, let me try. Hey, it fits perfectly, like it's specially tailored.

No matter, I'm going to buy it.

「多少錢呢?」口袋裡裝錢的是媽媽,語氣有點遲疑,像是可以商量似的。誰知一個轉過頭,突然下定決心似的說:「不行不行, 算了,你脫下來吧。」
"How much?" It was the mother who had the money in her pocket, and her tone was a little hesitant, as if it could be discussed. One of them turned his head and suddenly made up his mind and said, "No, no, forget it, take it off."

付錢的說不肯,便沒輒了。還當著攤販的面呢,超級丟臉的。回到家後便賭氣關在房裡。多年的委屈一湧而上,是啊,平日安份得很,知道當大哥的,就是要讓著弟弟妹妹們,也從來沒有為自己要過一件 什麼的;何況都已經上大學了,我一把扯下床架上的舊衣服,我恨透了卡其色,一輩子再不想碰。
Those who paid said no, and there was no return. It's super humiliating in front of the vendors. When he got home, he was angry and locked up in his room. Years of grievances poured in, yes, I am very safe on weekdays, and I know that being a big brother is to let my younger brothers and sisters have never asked for anything for myself; Not to mention, I was already in college, and I ripped off my old clothes from the bed frame, and I hated khaki so much that I never wanted to touch it again for the rest of my life.

Usually eat first. But he was angry and angry, gritted his teeth, and refused to do anything. Let my mother shout and shout, and the rice is cold......

When it was time to fall asleep, my mother knocked on the door again: "Come out to eat, you have bought your clothes."

True or false? Mom won't lie to me. But...... Pie in the sky? Half-convinced, surprised and delighted.

As soon as the door opened, the clothes hung on the doorknob, between bright yellow and goose yellow, and a warm halo under the light bulb appeared, the more you looked at it, the more lovely it became.

"Look at it." The sisters who didn't know anything clapped their hands vigorously. I hurriedly put it on, and the hem pulled

Pulled, happy and awkward.

Noisy children have candy to eat. Really.

Hmph, every time it's like this, it's just the beginning of the month and shouts that there is no money. I almost missed out on such a beautiful jacket.

"You lied to me that you didn't have any money, but you obviously have."

Mom wanted to say and stopped.

"I really don't have any money, how can I buy it back?" I didn't have such a good throat and continued to mouth.

Later, my mother stretched out her bare finger and said bluntly: I went to sell the ring. It was the only thing of value on her. It's a very thin and very small circle. The problem is that no matter how difficult the days are, they will never leave for a moment.

My whole body jumped. Take off your jacket immediately, and impulsively take it back and return it.

"It's all sold, and the clothes are bought. Leave it alone. Let's eat." Mom only cared if I had enough to eat.

When I got a scholarship to Hong Kong Shaw Brothers in my junior year, the first thing I did was buy a ring for my mother. Pocket money for military service should be saved and then bought; And the first salary as a teaching assistant......

"You don't want to buy any more rings~~" The words were regretful, "I only have 10 fingers."

But what to do? I owe my mother something that I can't pay off for the rest of my life.

第三章 二妹與手足
Chapter 3: The Second Sister and the Siblings

There are many children in the family, and the resources allocated to each person are limited, and the children find their own ways to grow savagely. My third sister and I were the first to believe in the Lord, I studied drama, and I have worked in churches and institutions all my life. The third sister, Cuiyun, started as a small accountant, and later became the treasurer of the rescue and the wife of the church; 4. Sister Caiyun has also become a preacher after several setbacks; As for the baptism of my parents in old age, it is a grace that I could not even dream of.

Faith is a pair of eyes given by God to look at the world differently, the second sister Qingyun has been working in the nursing field, and because of the continuous contact with the issues of birth, old age, sickness and death in her work, she deeply understands the limited and small knowledge, and she has already shown that she accepts faith, but there is no way to stabilize the gathering because of the work relationship. Plus she has a very independent personality, so I've never worried about her. suddenly received a gaffe shout from the third sister on the phone: "Brother, come quickly, Qingyun was hit by a locomotive and ...... in the emergency department of the hospital." rushed to the emergency room of the hospital, her coma index was very low, although life and death were the first line, but it was very far away... everything was too late, and she never had a chance to say goodbye to her second sister.

The second sister was born in Changhua, the second daughter born to her parents after coming to Taiwan, when the front line was full of smoke and smoke, saber rattling, and her father specially named the newborn baby girl "Qingyun" - I also know how worthy of celebration it should be to be able to get together as a family and have a tile to cover my head.

表面上大喇喇的、直來直往。事實上二妹既體貼又懂事,面對攸關一生發展的升學,自願去考護校──早年護理專業尚未受到尊重,護理師工作老是被形容在幫病患「端屎端尿」,也大多來自貧寒人家的子女方才會就讀。慶雲自然知道自己來自貧寒人家──先莫論軍人薪俸如何, 她後面可是還有3弟妹要長大呢。這使得她就學過程往往必須工讀,學程要比一般家庭的孩子更來得曲折。畢業後先是進入三軍總醫院體系,後來任職於中心診所,其間還兩度隨同中沙醫療團赴沙烏地阿拉伯吉達醫院工作。最後才在和信治癌中心醫院擔任麻醉護理師。她最怕癌症病人索取止痛針藥:給或不給的兩難;為了更切實 的理解麻醉護理,以使患者可以得到最適量的藥劑,把痛苦減到 最低,還特別就讀台北醫學院麻醉護理研究所。
On the surface, it is loud and straight. In fact, the second sister is considerate and sensible, and in the face of lifelong development, she voluntarily went to a nursing school - in the early years, the nursing profession was not respected, and the work of a nurse was always described as helping patients "end feces and urine", and most of the children from poor families only went to school. Qingyun naturally knew that she was from a poor family - not to mention the salary of the soldiers, but she still had three younger siblings to grow up behind. As a result, her schooling process often has to work and study, and the learning process is more tortuous than that of children from ordinary families. After graduation, he first entered the tri-service general hospital system, and later worked in the central clinic, during which he also went to work in Jeddah Hospital in Saudi Arabia twice with the Sino-Saudi Arabia medical team. Finally, she worked as an anesthesia nurse at Washin Cancer Center Hospital. She is most afraid of cancer patients asking for painkillers: the dilemma of giving or not giving; In order to have a more realistic understanding of anesthesia nursing, so that patients can receive the most appropriate amount of medicine and minimize pain, I also studied at the Institute of Anesthesia Nursing at Taipei Medical College.

The second sister's life seems to have been stabilized with difficulty, where did she think that the daily action of crossing the zebra crossing was knocked down by a speeding locomotive, and she fell into a coma. The only thing I could do was to hold her hand and call out the name of the Lord Jesus in the intensive care unit. And during the prayer, her fingers, facial muscles, and even her brain waves reacted strongly. How I wish she had suddenly opened her eyes and shouted "Brother" as usual; But I also know that I am unconscious on the surface, but I always grasp salvation in my consciousness, ah, a mixture of sorrow and joy. It's hard to describe how I felt at that time.

昏迷兩個禮拜後,到了最後一刻,我奉父子聖靈的名,為二妹施洗, 那是我按立長老1年之後的第一次施洗。明知道主早已預備了,卻又痛徹心扉。那是信仰的課題。
After two weeks in a coma, at the last moment, I baptized my second sister in the name of the Father and the Son's Holy Spirit, the first baptism I had done one year after I had been ordained an elder. I knew that the Lord had prepared for it, but I was in pain. That's a matter of faith.

Growing up in a military village, we moved many times before we had tears in our eyes, so we had to get to know our new neighbors. The second sister is especially quick to adapt, she will say goodbye with a smile on the spot, and start to shed tears when she gets in the car. Ah, in Christianity, I know for sure that this time is really different, that I am moving to the Father's house, and there is no more eternal and beautiful move.

There are many children in the family, and the resources allocated to each person are limited, and the children find their own ways to grow savagely. My third sister and I were the first to believe in the Lord, I studied drama, and I have worked in churches and institutions all my life. The third sister, Cuiyun, started as a small accountant, and later became the treasurer of the rescue and the wife of the church; The fourth sister Caiyun has also become a preacher after several setbacks; As for the baptism of parents in old age, it is even more unimaginable grace; On April 6, 2024, because of the tomb sweeping on the Qingming Festival, the younger brother Shanzheng went on a business trip to Southeast Asia and rushed back to Taiwan, and he actually made up his mind while drinking coffee in Danhaitang, which is really like a special gift from Heavenly Father to me for 50 years of service: Child, I am more worried and more concerned about every thing you worry about.

第四章 洪嫂與女兒們
Chapter 4 Sister-in-law Hong and her daughters

When I was in college, I made a girlfriend, very outgoing and active, I thought that the mountains and the sea oath, love is stronger than Jin Shijian; Unexpectedly, when he served in the Air Force, a mutiny occurred in only half a year.

服役的最後半年,我又在臺南機場認識了現在的太太──台麟。她, 委婉而含蓄,完完全全另外一種典型,相處起來如細水長流,不溫也不火。
In the last six months of my service, I met my current wife, Tailin, at Tainan Airport. She, tactful and subtle, is completely another type, and gets along like a long stream, neither tepid nor hot.

In the second year of joining the salvation mission, he was ready to get married. The problem is that Tailin is not yet a Christian. Teacher Peng keeps reminding you to slow down? She knew that her partner, if she was not a Christian, might not be so supportive of the gospel ministry and might cause problems in her ministry.

But I insisted. Isn't that so? You can change her after getting married, if you can't even preach the gospel to your other half, how can you spread the word to the people? What's more, this is also a kind of expansion realm... Anyway, I'm getting married anyway.

After marriage, Tai Lin became "Sister-in-law Hong"; "Sure enough," Chi Chi had no interest in faith. Not to mention being baptized. Compared with the vows I made when I was going to get married, I couldn't get off the stage more and more; The whole person is also becoming more and more impatient, arguing, cold war, and all kinds of means come in handy, but no tricks work. The outside is soft and the inside is rigid, in fact, Sister-in-law Hong has a very strong opinion.

I've been depressed for a long, long time.

One day at a party at the artist's house, she didn't expect her to run to register for baptism.

What's going on? Pleasantly surprised and unexpected, I hated to pick her up and spin her in circles.

It turned out that before my sister-in-law got married, she promised my mother-in-law that she would not "join the church" just because she married a Christian. In addition, after marriage, I always troubled her because of her faith, baptism, etc., and she didn't see anything in me living Christ or anything like that.

But it is different in the church, especially the change in Uncle Sun's life, which is so natural, sincere and sincere, that is what she wants; So he decided to be baptized, "If I want to believe in Jesus, of course I have to show my attitude." To put it for granted, only I know that I don't know how many "human" methods I have used.

受洗之後,洪嫂開始理解為什麼我會忙得沒日沒夜的。有了理解便能夠體諒,也會全力支持。有1年救傳設計部的同工林慧君, 到美國小住時住在我們西雅圖的家。回台北後,林慧君特別來向我致謝,也提到洪嫂的一段話:「上帝沒有給我太多的恩賜,但是洪哥有,那麼我就服事他的家,讓他無後顧之憂。」阿們,阿們。
After being baptized, Sister-in-law Hong began to understand why I was so busy day and night. If you have understanding, you will be able to understand and fully support. Lin Huijun, a co-worker in the design department of Rescue Mission, lived in our home in Seattle when he came to live in the United States. After returning to Taipei, Lin Huijun came to thank me and mentioned a passage from Sister-in-law Hong: "God didn't give me too many gifts, but Brother Hong did, so I will serve his family and let him have no worries." Amen, amen.

After immigrating to the U.S., I basically went back to the U.S. twice a year, with an average of 3 months before and after. On the one hand, he rested and spent time with his family, and on the other hand, he was more involved in the connection between the Salvation Mission and the North American church. When I returned to Taiwan, Sister-in-law Hong took care of the children by herself. Drive to and from school every day; personally make bento boxes for them; Accompany to church. Take care of it with heart and ask for high standards.

When encountering children with special needs, such as the youngest daughter's church going to Canada for a retreat, or a winter camp for teenagers, etc. Sister-in-law Hong gave a straight face not to approve the instruction, but gave a proviso - ask Dad: If Dad agrees, I will agree.

Every time I receive a call from my daughter, I cry when I hear a thick nasal voice. I am willing to object, naturally according to the tacit agreement with Sister-in-law Hong: be a good person.

"Daddy help you go talk to Mommy."

In the end, they were all able to go. So our family is a standard loving father and strict mother. My daughters would tell me anything. I believe that when they need it, Dad will even pick the moon in the sky for them.

is often away from home, and understands the importance of making a good ball for her father to handle, which is the wisdom of Sister-in-law Hong.

也因著洪嫂嚴格管教,大女兒文惠在華盛頓大學二年級時,就拿到Intel 的獎學金,那是每1 Intel 只提供給學校的唯一名額。
Also because of the strict discipline of Sister-in-law Hong, the eldest daughter Wenhui got a scholarship from Intel when she was a sophomore at the University of Washington, which was the only place that Intel only provided to the school every 1 year.

大女兒爭取時,要面對著另外兩名競爭者。而她的成績不過是3人中的第3名,另外兩位成績都要比她來得更優秀。Intel 特別提供了機票,邀請3位大學生前往舊金山接受主管面試,這麼的鄭重其事嗎?她有點忐忑的對我說:「爸爸你要為我禱告喔,我好緊張。」
When the eldest daughter fights, she has to face two other competitors. She was only the third of the three, and the other two were even better than her. Intel specially provided air tickets and invited 3 college students to San Francisco for an interview with the supervisor, is it so solemn? She said to me a little nervously, "Daddy, you have to pray for me, I'm so nervous."

"It doesn't matter, be plain, God will be with you."

面試的結果,她成為唯一的錄取者──那個名額還一直給到畢業,連暑假、實習還有薪水可拿。畢業以後,又提供了 Intel 的工作機會。這完全是上帝的恩典啊。
As a result of the interview, she became the only one who was accepted - a place that was still available until graduation, including summer vacations, internships, and salaries. After graduating, I was offered a job at Intel. It's the grace of God.