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 January 18th, Thu

 January 18th, Thu


Our Gratitude Journal Challenge:

Share 3 things you're grateful for

5-minute exercise/meditation ⬇️ choose any 1 item from the list


Walk 4500 steps


Any form of fitness exercise for 5 minutes (including stretching)


Translation 开始翻译:

Meditate for 5 minutes🧘‍♀️


Read on WeChat for 10 minutes or 3 hours a week

Today's Highlight🌟:


Got up early today to check in at the driving school~ Working hard to get a Chinese driver's license so when Summer comes to China to see me, I can take her around to have fun.


The first step to getting a driver's license is the theoretical test, writing test. I did about 300 questions on the app, and that concluded today's practice


Got home and called Summer 📲 then fell into a deep sleep, slept for over three hours, making up for the many days of lost sleep.


After having dinner with mom 🥣, we went for a walk in Zhuhe Park 🚶‍♀️~ The park is beautifully built, it's just that there are fewer people coming for walks in the winter. This walk successfully brought my "daily step count" to over 10,000, happy 🥳


Got home an hour later~ Took a bath 🛁, and then did another 100 driving test questions before going to sleep 😪

Gratitude Journal😇:


Grateful for successfully checking in at the driving school today! Taking the first step towards getting a driver's license


Grateful for having the braised beef made by mom today and for the opportunity to take a walk by the river with her🚶‍♀️A pleasant life


Grateful for the opportunity to chat with Summer today~ Missing her🥰

Reading📚+ Exercise🏃‍♀️ (Sharing beautiful photos)

Gratitude Journal😇:

🛏️ A new experience of sleeping on the floor:

Today, I tried sleeping on the floor and it was surprisingly comfortable. When I got up, my thoracic spine and shoulder blades didn't feel as tight. Although the floor was a bit hard, I adapted quickly. I found that a firmer sleeping environment seems to be better for me. So, I adjusted my mattress to try and mimic the feeling of sleeping on the floor. It felt like I was opening up a new world, just like the Japanese! I had the chance to see this suggestion on YouTube – I feel like a very lucky person.

🏃‍♂️ Exercise and self-motivation during menstruation:

Although it's the second day of my period and I'm not feeling particularly comfortable, I decided to still get moving. I adjusted the amount of exercise and completed my morning workout as usual. Listening to motivational speeches and accomplishing daily tasks, I felt both physically and mentally good. This experience made me realize that difficulties are often psychological, existing in my mind rather than actually around me—an interesting insight.

🤔 Thoughts and decisions about the future:

The year 2023 is a year of great harvest for me. In the future, I consider continuing entrepreneurship, but currently, I am struggling internally. I find that I enjoy the time I have now for quiet contemplation and learning. I want to enrich my mind and knowledge before setting out, and continue to grow in my current field. I don't want to be just a "tool person"; I want to be well-prepared before exploring new areas.

💭 Self-sufficiency and personal growth:

I am enjoying a state of self-sufficiency, no longer overly dependent on external information. I am more proactive in thinking and absorbing information, applying it to my life. Last year, I proved to myself that I am continuously growing by keeping a journal, learning psychological techniques, and applying them to teaching. I feel that I still have a lot of room to grow and am not in a hurry to jump into new fields.

🧘‍♂️ Seeking less anxiety and more satisfaction:

I used to always feel that I wasn't doing enough, which made me anxious. In 2024, I want to try the opposite approach, learning to be content with less. I believe that future entrepreneurship will tend towards light assets and high efficiency, and I also want to try living such a lightweight life. Of course, I am also very touched by everything I have now.

Reading📚 + Exercise🏃‍♀️ (Sharing beautiful photos)

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