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Filling the Blanks

( ) is the process of converting text, numbers, sound, photos, and video into data that can be processed by digital devices.Digitization 数字化
( ) 是将文本、数字、声音、照片和视频转换为可由数字设备处理的数据的过程。数字化数字化

( ) is an ongoing process of social, political, and economic change brought about by digital technology.Digital revolution 数字革命
( ) 是数字技术带来的社会、政治和经济变革的持续过程。Digital revolution 数字革命

A ( ) is a multipurpose device that accepts input, processes data, stores data, and produces output, all according to a series of stored instructions.computer计算机
A( ) 是一种多用途设备,它根据一系列存储的指令接受输入、处理数据、存储数据并生成输出。computer计算机

The ( ) is one of the fastest computers in the world.supercomputer超级计算机
( ) 是世界上最快的计算机之一。supercomputer超级计算机

The purpose of a ( ) is to serve computers on a network by supplying them with data.
( ) 的目的是通过向网络上的计算机提供数据来为它们提供服务。

server 服务器

Bitmap images 位图are made up of thousands of dots called ( ).pixels 像素
位图图像位图由数千个点组成,称为( )。pixels 像素

( ) provides access to information, applications, communications, and storage over the Internet.Cloud computing云计算
( ) 提供对 Internet 上的信息、应用程序、通信和存储的访问。云计算 云计算

Data goes into a computer, it is processed, and then it is output. This process is called ( ). data processing数据处理
数据进入计算机,进行处理,然后输出。此过程称为 ( )。data processing 数据处理

(), (), () are the characteristics of computers in the data processing phase.
( )、()、() 是计算机在数据处理阶段的特征。

huge complexexpensive

( ) are a kind of input device.Keyboard ( or mouse, scanner)
( ) 是一种输入设备。键盘(或鼠标、扫描仪)

Computer ( ) is whatever is typed, submitted, or transmitted to a computer system.input 输入
计算机 ( ) 是键入、提交或传输到计算机系统的任何内容。input 输入

( ) is an area of a computer that temporarily临时 holds data waiting to be processed, stored, or output.Memory 内存
( ) 是计算机的一个区域,它暂时临时保存等待处理、存储或输出的数据。内存内存

Computers manipulate data in many ways, and this manipulation is called ( ). processing处理
计算机以多种方式操作数据,这种操作称为 ( )。processing处理

20.2510 = 210100.01

101001011.101B = D331625
101001011.101B = ( )D 331.625

The ASCII code for character “0” is 48D, and the ASCII code for character “5” is ( )D.53
字符“0”的 ASCII 代码为 48D,字符“5”的 ASCII 代码为 ( )D. 53

The ASCII code for an uppercase A is 41H, and the ASCII code for an uppercase E is (). 45H
大写 A 的 ASCII 代码为 41H,大写 E 的 ASCII 代码为 ()。45小时

1B = ( ) bits8
1B = ( ) 位 8

Data that arrives at a printer along with its printer language instructions requires ( ). Memory
到达打印机的数据及其打印机语言说明需要 ( )。记忆

( ) converts all the statements in a program in a single batch. Compiler编译器
( ) 将程序中的所有语句批量转换。Compiler编译器

A microprocessor微处理器 have two parts, include ( ) and .control unit控制器 ALU运算器
微处理器由两部分组成,包括( )和( )。 control unit控制器 ALU运算器

( ) refers to the number of bits that a microprocessor can manipulate at one time.Word size字长
( ) 是指微处理器一次可以操作的位数。字字长

WebChat is a kind of ( ).application software 应用软件
WebChat 是一种 ( )。application software 应用软件

() are application software.WordWebChatapps
( ) 是应用软件。Word WebChat 应用

(), () and () are system software系统软件.Windows 7iOSAndriod
( ), () 和 () 是 系统软件 系统软件.Windows 7 iOSAndriod

( ) converts one the statements in a program in a single batch. Interpreter 解释器
( ) 在单个批处理中转换程序中的一个语句。Interpreter 解释器

A set of computer programs that helps a computer monitor itself and function more efficiently is ( ). system software 系统软件
帮助计算机监视自身并更有效地运行的一组计算机程序是 ( )。system software 系统软件

( ), () and () use magnetic storage technology 磁性存储技术.Hard disk硬盘, Floppy disk软盘, Tape drive磁带
( ), ( ) 和 () 使用 磁性存储技术 磁性存储技术.Hard disk硬盘, Floppy disk软盘, Tape drive磁带

( ) optical storage technology光学存储技术 performs most similarly to a hard disk drive.RW
( ) 光存储技术光学存储技术 性能与硬盘驱动器最相似.乌尔曼

( ) technology can write data to the disk once.Recordable
( ) 技术可以将数据写入磁盘一次。可录制

technology can write data to the disk many times. Rewritable
( )技术可以多次将数据写入磁盘。可重写

( ) are high-level programming languages高级程序设计语言.PythonBASICJAVACC++C#
( ) are high-level programming languages高级程序设计语言.Python 基本 JAVA C C++ C#

( ) can be directly executed by the processor’s circuitry电路. Machine language机器语言
( ) 可由处理器的电路电路直接执行.Machine language机器语言

C, BASIC, COBOL, and Java are examples of high-level ( ) . programming languages
C、BASIC、COBOL 和 Java 是高级 ( ) 的示例。编程语言

( ) refers to the number of bits that a microprocessor can manipulate at one time.Word size
( ) 是指微处理器一次可以操作的位数。字数

If you see an ad for a computer with a 64-bit processor, you can assume that 64-bit refers to ( ).Word size 字长
如果您看到的广告是搭载 64 位处理器的计算机,则可以假定 64 位是指 ( )。字字长

The speed of a computer network connection计算机网络连接的速度 is usually rated in ( ).Mbps
The speed of a computer network connection计算机网络连接的速度通常以( )为单位。Mbps的

The 2.4 GHz i5 processor处理器 has two cores, giving it the equivalent of ( ) performance.
2.4 GHz i5处理器处理器有两个内核,使其具有相当于( )的性能。

4.8 GHz (2.4×2)

The 1.6 GHz i7 processor has four cores, giving it the equivalent of performance.
1.6 GHz i7 处理器有四个内核,使其具有相当于 ( ) 的性能。

6.4 GHz1.6×4

A data storage system 存储系统has two main components: a storage medium存储介质 and a ( ).storage device存储设备
数据存储系统由两个主要组成部分组成:存储介质和( )。storage device存储设备

1 GB = ( ) 210MB
1 GB = ( ) 2 10 MB

I uploaded a high-resolution 8 ( )- graphic.MB
我上传了一个高分辨率的 8 ( )- 图形。兆字节

My iPhone has 8 () of storage space. GB
我的 iPhone 有 8 ( ) 的存储空间。国标

You can download my resume简历; the file is only 8 ( ).KB
你可以下载我的简历简历;该文件只有 8 ( )。知识库

(), ( ) and ( ) are all input device. Keyboard mouse scanner
( )、 ( ) 和 ( ) 都是输入设备。键盘鼠标扫描仪

( ) is a kind of output device输出设备. Monitor 显示器 printer 打印机

( ) is the result produced by a computer.Output
( ) 是计算机生成的结果。输出

In a computer, most processing takes place in a component called the ( ).CPU
在计算机中,大多数处理发生在称为 ( ) 的组件中。中央处理器

is a special-purpose microprocessor that is built into the machine it controls.microcontroller微控制器
( ) 是一种专用微处理器,内置于它所控制的机器中。microcontroller微控制器

( ), ( ) and ( ) are Character encoding standards字符编码标准. Unicode EBCDIC ASCII
( ), ( ) 和 ( ) 是 Character encoding standards字符编码标准.Unicode EBCDIC ASCII

( ) is the measurement in inches from one corner of the screen diagonally across to the opposite corner.Screen size 屏幕尺寸
( ) 是从屏幕的一个角斜对面到对角的测量值(以英寸为单位)。屏幕尺寸 屏幕尺寸

(     ) is the world’s largest chipmaker. Intel
( )是全球最大的芯片制造商。英特尔

The number of colors a monitor can display is referred to as ( ).color depth色深
显示器可以显示的颜色数称为 ( )。color depth色深

The number of horizontal and vertical pixels像素 that a device displays on the screen is referred to as , such as 1360×768. screen resolution屏幕分辨率
设备在屏幕上显示的水平和垂直像素数称为 ( ),例如 1360×768。screen resolution屏幕分辨率

( ) is the distance in millimeters between like-colored pixels — the small dots of light that form an image. Dot pitch 点距
( ) 是相似颜色的像素(形成图像的小光点)之间的距离(以毫米为单位)。Dot pitch 点距

QQMusic is a kind of ( ). application software
QQMusic是一种( )。应用程序

Windows 10 is a kind of ( ).system software
Windows 10 是一种 ( )。系统软件

Character encoding standards include ( ), () and ().ASCIIEBCDICUnicode
字符编码标准包括 ( )、( ) 和 ()。ASCII EBCDIC Unicode

A computer ( ) is an output device输出设备 that produces computer-generated text or graphical images on paper. printer打印机
计算机 ( ) 是在纸上生成计算机生成的文本或图形图像的输出设备。打印机打印机

( ) refers to the process of copying files from your client客户端 computer to a server服务器. Upload上传
( ) 是指将文件从客户端计算机复制到服务器服务器的过程。Upload上传

The term ( ) refers to the process of copying a file from a server to your own client computer. download 下载
术语 ( ) 是指将文件从服务器复制到您自己的客户端计算机的过程。download 下载

The Internet is the world’s largest ( ).WAN万维网
互联网是世界上最大的( )。WAN万维网

LAN stands for . Local Area Network 局域网
LAN 代表 ( ). 局域网

To connect to a LAN, a computer requires network circuitry, sometimes referred to as a ( ).network interface card 网络接口卡
要连接到 LAN,计算机需要网络电路,有时称为 ( )。network interface card 网络接口卡

School computer labs and home networks are examples of ( )s.LAN局域网
学校计算机实验室和家庭网络是( )的例子。 LAN局域网

Without ( ) in the system unit of computer, the monitor显示器 cant display images.
在计算机的系统单元中没有( ),显示器显示器无法显示图像。

graphics card 显卡

      is a type of memory circuitry that holds the computer’s startup routine(启动程序). ROM只读存储器
( ) 是一种存储计算机启动程序(启动程序)的存储电路。ROM只读存储器

CPU ( ) is special high-speed memory that allows a microprocessor微处理器 to access data more rapidly than from memory located elsewhere on the system board. cache高速缓冲存储器
CPU ( ) 是一种特殊的高速存储器,它允许微处理器比从位于系统板上其他位置的存储器更快地访问数据.cache高速缓冲存储器

A computer ( ) is a group of computers linked by wired or wireless technology to share data and resources.network网络
计算机 ( ) 是一组通过有线或无线技术连接起来以共享数据和资源的计算机。network网络

(  ) is the amount of data a storage device存储设备 can move per second from the storage medium to the computer.  Data transfer rate数据传输率
( ) 是存储设备存储设备每秒可以从存储介质移动到计算机的数据量.Data transfer rate数据传输率

If you see an ad for a computer with a 6 ms hard drive硬盘, you can assume that 6 ms refers to ( ).the drive’s access time 访问时间
如果您看到带有 6 毫秒硬盘硬盘的计算机的广告,您可以假设 6 毫秒是指 ( )。The Drive's Access Time 访问时间

( ) is the average time it takes a computer to locate data on the storage medium存储介质 and read it.Access time 访问时间
( ) 是计算机在存储介质上定位数据并读取数据所需的平均时间。Access time 访问时间

The ( ) acts as a central distribution point中央的分发节点 for getting data to its destination. router路由
( ) 充当中央分发点中央的分发节点,用于将数据传输到其目的地。路由器路由

( )stores data as microscopic light and dark spots on the disc surface. Optical storage光学存储器
( )将数据存储为光盘表面的微观光点和暗点。光学存储光学存储器

A( )is the smallest unit of time in a microprocessor’s universe. cycle
A( )是微处理器宇宙中最小的时间单位。周期

Every device on the Internet has an assigned ( ) such as address IP地址
Internet 上的每个设备都有一个分配的 ( ),例如。IP 地址 IP地址

In binary, the IP addresses are ( ) bits long. 32
在二进制中,IP 地址的长度为 ( ) 位。32

In the Web address “www.qq.com”, “qq.com” is called ( ).domain name域名
在 Web 地址“www.qq.com”中,“qq.com”称为 ( )。domain name域名

Whereas RAM 随机访问存储器is temporary and volatile, ( ) is permanent永久 and non-volatile.ROM
RAM 随机访问存储器是临时的和易失性的, ( ) 是永久的和非易失性的.只读存储器

In a PC, the contents of ( ) are sometimes referred to as the BIOS.ROM
在 PC 中,( ) 的内容有时称为 BIOS。只读存储器

(     )is a  temporary临时 holding area for data, application program instructions, and the operating system. RAM随机访问存储器
( )是数据、应用程序指令和操作系统的临时暂存区。RAM随机访问存储器

If a program exceeds its allocated space, the operating system uses an area of the hard disk, called ( ),to store data files they are needed. virtual memory
如果程序超出其分配的空间,操作系统将使用硬盘的一个区域(称为 )来存储所需的数据文件。虚拟内存

A microprocessor微处理器 that contains circuitry for more than one processing unit is called a ( ) processor. multi-core多核
包含多个处理单元电路的微处理器称为( ) 处理器。multi-core多核

A ( ) is a set of rules规则 for interacting and negotiating. protocol协议
A ( ) 是一组用于交互和谈判的规则规则。protocol协议

Windows Internet Explorer is a kind of Web ( ).browser浏览器
Windows Internet Explorer 是一种 Web ( )。browser浏览器

Wi-Fi refers to a set of ( ) networking technologies defined by IEEE 802.11 standards.wireless无线
Wi-Fi是指IEEE 802.11标准定义的一组()网络技术。wireless无线

( ) is a set of specifications for creating documents that a browser can display as a Web page. HTML
( ) 是一组用于创建文档的规范,浏览器可以将其显示为网页。[HTML全

Within a computer, data travels from one component to another over circuits called a ( ).
在计算机中,数据通过称为 ( ) 的电路从一个组件传输到另一个组件。

data bus

Each connection point on a network网络 is referred to as a ( ). node节点
网络上的每个连接点都称为 ( )。node节点

( ) can be used to link devices in a PAN.Bluetooth蓝牙
( ) 可用于链接 PAN 中的设备。Bluetooth蓝牙

A ( ) could be used to transmit data from a smartphone to a wireless headset.PAN
A ( ) 可用于将数据从智能手机传输到无线耳机。泛

The Web is short for . World Wide Web万维网
Web 是 ( )的缩写。 World Wide Web万维网

The key protocol for most of today’s computer networks is ( ).TCP/IP
当今大多数计算机网络的关键协议是 ( )。TCP/IP

Every Web page网页 has a unique address called a ( ). URL 统一资源定位器
每个网页网页都有一个唯一的地址,称为 ( )。URL 统一资源定位器

What kind of e-commerce does Taobao belong to? B2C and C2C
淘宝属于什么样的电商?B2C 和 C2C

Online banking is a most widely used ( ) applications.B2C
网上银行是应用最广泛的( )应用程序。B2C(英语:B2C)

( ) is the transmission capacity of a communications channel. Bandwidth带宽
( ) 是通信信道的传输容量。Bandwidth带宽

A Web ( ) is a program designed to help people locate information on the Web by formulating simple keyword queries, such as Baidu.search engine搜索引擎
Web ( ) 是一个程序,旨在通过制定简单的关键字查询(例如百度)来帮助人们在 Web 上查找信息。search engine搜索引擎

is text, numbers, graphics, sound, and video that have been converted into discrete digits such as 0s and 1s. Digital data 数字数据
( ) 是已转换为离散数字(如 0 和 1)的文本、数字、图形、声音和视频。Digital data 数字数据

A ( ) is a 0 or 1 used in the digital representation of data.bit
A ( ) 是用于数据数字表示的 0 或 1。bit位

A ( ) is a program that provides access to Web resources, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. browser浏览器
A ( ) 是一个提供对 Web 资源(如 Microsoft Internet Explorer)的访问的程序。browser浏览器

The most widely used audio-input device is ( ). Microphone麦克风
使用最广泛的音频输入设备是 ( )。Microphone麦克风

The python's built-in(内置) integrated development environment is (). IDLE
python 的内置(内置)集成开发环境是 ()。怠

if s='abcdefg',then s[3]=(   ).d
如果 s='abcdefg',则 s[3]=( )。d

The type of the return value(返回值) of the input () function. str或字符串
input () 函数的返回值(返回值) 的类型。str(或字符串)

Which variable names(变量名) are correct in Python. _list 3xy sum2ab
在 Python 中哪些变量名称(变量名)是正确的。_list 3xy 和 2ab

In Python, the expression 9%2 is evaluated to ( ). 1
在 Python 中,表达式 9%2 的计算结果为 ( )。1

Ture or False
ture 或 false

Numeral like 2 exists in binary system. False
像 2 这样的数字存在于二进制系统中。假

The binary number system has only two digits: 0 and 1.T
二进制数系统只有两位数字:0 和 1。T

The Internet is a global computer network.T

The process of retrieving data is often referred to as reading data, loading data, or opening a file.


The op code in a machine language instruction specifies the data. False

A microprocessor’s performance is only affected by clock speed主频. False

Higher MHz front side bus前端总线 speed will increase computer performance. True

The i7 1.6 GHz processor is slower than the i5 2.4 GHz processor.F
i7 1.6 GHz 处理器比 i5 2.4 GHz 处理器慢。F

A large CPU cache cannot increase computer performance. False
较大的 CPU 缓存无法提高计算机性能。假

CPU Cache capacity is usually measured in MHz.F
CPU 缓存容量通常以 MHz 为单位。

Computers usually have more memory than storage.F

Memory can hold data permanently.F

Hard disk is a kind of peripheral device外设.False

Volatile RAM holds data even when the computer is turned off.F
易失性RAM即使在计算机关闭时也能保存数据。 五

FSB speed (technically its frequency) is measured in megahertz. True

A drive with a 6 ms access time is faster than a drive with an access time of 11 ms.T
访问时间为 6 ms 的驱动器比访问时间为 11 ms 的驱动器更快。

Most personal computer systems are equipped with a monitor as the primary input device.False

The higher the storage speed, the more data is stored. False

A hard disk drive with a 57 MBps data transfer rate is faster than one with a 50 MBps transfer rate.T
数据传输速率为 57 MBps 的硬盘驱动器比传输速率为 50 MBps 的硬盘驱动器更快。T

A MAC address is a unique number assigned to a network interface card. True
MAC 地址是分配给网络接口卡的唯一编号。真

A computer’s sound card sends signals to speakers, which can be external devices or built into the system unit. True

Printer resolution is measured by the number of dots printed per linear inch, abbreviated as dpi. True
打印机分辨率通过每线性英寸打印的点数来衡量,缩写为 dpi。真

Recordable optical technology (R) can write data to the disk once.T

The Web is just another name for the Internet. False
Web 只是 Internet 的另一个名称。假 is an example of an IPv4 address. True 是 IPv4 地址的一个示例。真

USB flash drive is a type of optical storage which is available to today’s consumers. False
USB 闪存驱动器是当今消费者可以使用的一种光存储。假

A smaller dot pitch means a crisper image.True

Data refers to the symbols that represent facts, objects, and ideas. True

A high-bandwidth communications channel can carry more data than a low-bandwidth channel. True

Display devices with fast response rates display a crisp image with minimal blurring.T

A microprocessor that contains circuitry for more than one processing unit is called a multi-core processor. True

The higher the dpi of printer, the better the quality of images produced.T
打印机的 dpi 越高,生成的图像质量越好。T

Laser printer is slower, but less expensive to operate than ink jet printer.F

Python is not case sensitive(区分大小写).F
Python 不区分大小写(区分大小写)F

Upload refers to the process of copying files from your client computer to a server.T