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Article Title: Rebirth in the End Times: True Family

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The end of the world is coming, my parents pushed me out to protect my sister.

I was torn to pieces by zombies, feeling the stench coming at me.

In this life, I have decided to sever all ties of love and affection.

What family affection, all go to hell!

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In the previous life, during the zombie outbreak at the end of the world, my "parents" pushed me into a pile of zombies to protect my sister.

I was brutally killed by zombies, along with the stench on their bodies.

When I opened my eyes again, I realized that I had been reborn before the zombie outbreak. This time, I decided to cut off all romantic relationships and let family ties go to hell!

I just didn't expect that in the end of the world, I found my biological parents and became the favorite of my brothers and sisters?


The fishy smell of blood still lingers in the nose.

I moved around a bit and found that my body felt much lighter.

Am I already dead?


Once dead, there's no need to face those things anymore, it's just a bit of a pity, the appearance of death is not very pleasant.

"Nina! You lazy girl, what are you slacking off for?" A sharp and piercing voice came through, I opened my eyes and saw my mom standing by the window, scolding loudly, "Do you think you're some delicate young lady? Get up and wash your sister's clothes right away!"

I was stunned, then gave a bitter smile.

Do I still have to work even if I'm dead?

How miserable is this?

Anyway, since I'm already dead, I decided to act indifferent, turned over, and ignored my mom.

The things before my death have already made me not want to hear them say anything again.

"Mom, Nina might be a bit tired. Let her rest for a while before she continues, anyway it's all her work."

I was closing my eyes, trying to block out the sounds of the outside world, when I heard another voice.

That's Wanda, my younger sister.

I heard that on the day she was born, my dad found me in the bushes. Originally identified as a boy during the examination, I turned out to be a girl. They believed that I was born under an unlucky star, causing them to lose a son.

So I became the most unwelcome person in the family.

Wanda is surrounded by stars, but I am left out in the cold.

Finally, it was at the end of the world that they pushed me out to protect Wanda, and I became a meal for the zombies.

No, listening to this sound, I rolled out of bed in one go, picked up the phone on the table, and glanced at the time.

On December 18th, there is exactly one month left until the end of the world.

In the previous life, it was also at this time that I got beaten up because I refused to help Wanda with the laundry.

I clenched my phone, bit my lip tightly, and forced back the tears.

Since heaven has given me a chance to live again, I will not be held hostage by family ties anymore.

In this life, I just want to survive.

I ignored the curses of my parents and Wanda's pretense of kindness, grabbed my clothes and ran out.


Because I never had pocket money since I was a child, I developed the habit of working part-time to earn money early on. After leaving the Smith family, I checked my savings.

Only ten thousand dollars.

This ten thousand dollars in the apocalypse, I'm afraid it's only enough for me to buy instant noodles.

I was a little disappointed, so I packed up and went back to school.

Even if I die, I don't want to die in the Smith family.

At school, I remind my roommates as much as possible to stock up on some supplies early for emergencies.

They laugh at me for thinking too much, saying that winter vacation is just a few days away, who would hoard so many things at school.

I have repeatedly emphasized that the epidemic is serious now, it is always better to stock up a little for preparedness.

They rarely see me being so serious, so they agreed.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

I found a supermarket to do part-time work for another month.

Even if a zombie outbreak really happens, we should be able to survive for a few days in the supermarket.

On the first day of work, I counted all the items in the supermarket, knowing which ones have a long shelf life and which ones are prone to spoilage.

But unexpectedly, when there were still five days left before the end of the world, my mom called.

"Nina, have you been very busy with your studies lately? Why haven't you been home for so long?"

Her rare smile raised a red flag in my heart.

In the previous life, when the zombies surged to the doorstep, she was also like this, unprecedentedly gentle, but in the end, she used all her strength to push me out of the door.

I collected my thoughts and continued speaking along with her words: "It's fine, I just found a part-time job and want to work a few more days before going back."

I know she will be happy to hear such words.

Because after I finished the college entrance examination, she forced me to take on a part-time job.

And I use all the money I earn to buy luxury goods for Wanda.

Later, I became more shrewd, no matter how much money I earned, I only reported half of the amount.

"Part-time jobs are so tiring, please come back soon, Mom has cooked your favorite dishes." Her unusual behavior made me furrow my brow.

What should I do if I am called back at this time?

I politely declined: "The boss doesn't approve leave, let's wait a few days."

I thought she would scold me for not knowing what's good for me, but to my surprise, her tone softened a bit: "Your sister misses you too, come back soon."

Abnormal occurrences are signs of supernatural activity.

But even so, I still decided to go back once.

Not for anything else, just because there is something very important to me in the Smith family, this time I must get it back.


I just got home and saw two men and a woman sitting on the sofa, with delicate features and good temperament.

I stopped in my tracks: "This is..."

Will it be another attempt to "buy" me?

I just finished the college entrance examination, and my mother was eager to find someone to marry me off for a good dowry. It was only by threatening to kill myself that I dispelled her idea.

As an exchange, I have to work part-time to earn money for my family.

The woman on the sofa stood up, walked up to me, and smiled satisfactorily: "Indeed, she is our daughter. Look at these eyebrows and eyes, she looks as good as me."

I took a step back, still not understanding the situation.

She saw that I was not speaking, so she took off a bracelet from her wrist and said, "You wear this first, and when we get home, sister will buy you a new one."

Another man on the sofa frowned slightly: "Don't scare the little sister."



"What's going on?" I couldn't help but ask.

My "sister" explained, "Those are your eldest brother and second brother. I am your sister. You were kidnapped by human traffickers when you were born. It took us many years to find you."

"You must have suffered a lot before, but it's okay, with us here, no one can bully you."

Wanda was so jealous that her eyes turned red on the side.

Big brother stood up and gently patted my shoulder, "Let's go home, mom is waiting for you at home."

I asked, "How do you know that I am your sister?"

I did pick her up, but I never thought I was lucky enough to become the daughter of a wealthy family.

The other man on the sofa raised his eyebrows and said, "Of course it's because of your pendant. If I hadn't gone to your school to film that day, you still wouldn't have found it."

I looked in the direction of the sound and saw a familiar face.

The popular young actor Simon recently filmed at our school. In order to make money, I also signed up to be an extra.

I glanced at the Smith family standing beside me and asked, "When are we leaving?"

It doesn't matter whether they are my relatives or not.

The important thing is that I must leave the Smith family now.

My sister suddenly became happy and hugged me: "Indeed my sister, so straightforward."

I went back to the room and took the pendant without giving a glance to anyone from the Smith family.

As soon as I stepped out of the door, I saw an extended version of a Rolls-Royce parked at the entrance, and the neighbors cast envious glances.

"The girl from the Smith family is flying up to the treetops!"

"I don't know if the Smith couple regret it so much that their intestines have turned green, hahaha."

The eldest brother personally opened the door for me, and after I sat down, he and the second brother sat opposite me together: "Nina, this car will be yours from now on. When you get home, see if there's anything missing, and I'll have someone take care of it."

My sister also said, "Yes, sister has prepared a super large dressing room for you. If you don't like it, I will personally design it for you. Anyway, our family's Nina is so beautiful, she is simply a natural clothes hanger."

Second Brother also unwilling to show weakness: "Nina, I have prepared a house for you in the city center. When you have time, I will take you to see it."

Looking at their concern, a warm current flowed through my heart.

I took a deep breath and said, "Big brother, second brother, sister, I have something to say, you must believe me."

When I saw my second brother's face, I remembered everything.

In the previous life, the last news I saw before I died was that the richest Martinez family was robbed, and no one in the family survived.

Thinking of this news, I made up my mind to protect them for sure.

Even if it is just for their brief warmth to me.

"You tell me, whatever you want, big sister will give it to you." My sister took the lead.


I took a deep breath and tried to make things sound more believable: "In five days, a disease will break out in our city, infecting people who will lose their minds and bite humans indiscriminately."

Second Brother laughed heartily, "Little sister, have you watched too many movies?"

He won his first Best Actor award for starring in a movie about apocalyptic zombies.

At this moment, listening to me say this, you may find it ridiculous.

Big brother also looked at me with concern: "Nina, that only exists in movies, don't be afraid. When you get home, your older siblings will protect you."

Seeing that they didn't believe me, I gave up on explaining further and simply said, "Then please promise me one thing, big brother."

"Please help me, big brother, to buy a house nearby. It doesn't need to be too big, but the renovation must be sturdy, and it needs to be fast. Also, please try to stock up on food and daily necessities as much as possible."

After I finished speaking, I noticed that my eldest brother's expression was still off, knowing that he didn't believe me, so I turned to my sister for help.

My older sister held my hand and smiled at me slightly, saying, "I believe."

Seeing her say this, Second Brother quickly followed: "Big Brother, if Little Sister wants to buy it, just buy it for her!"

Just pretend it's playing house.

Anyway, it's not like we don't have this condition.

The eldest brother fell silent for a moment, nodded: "Okay."

I breathed a sigh of relief.


Once back at the Martinez family, a woman dressed as a noblewoman rushed over, tears falling like beads off a broken string.


Zoey, the name I should have had.

Elder sister supported mother and gently comforted her, saying, "Mom, younger sister just came back, don't scare her."

I looked at the woman in front of me, her makeup was exquisite, but she couldn't hide the exhaustion on her face.

My heart softened, and I shouted, "Mom."

Mom cried so hard that she could hardly stand, repeatedly saying that it was her fault that allowed others to take advantage of me.

I glanced at the time, pursed my lips: "Mom, in a few days we will move to the suburbs together, remember to pack your things these days."

I didn't expect that I really became the leader. The two brothers looked at each other and ultimately remained silent.

I'm sure they must think I'm out of my mind.

But it doesn't matter, as long as I can protect my family, even if they say I'm crazy.

I just got home, and my mom was naturally very accommodating: "Okay, we have a mansion in the suburbs. If you like it, we can move there in a few days."

Is there still a manor?

I didn't expect that.

If we have a manor, our chances of survival are greater.

Second Brother exclaimed, "When did we have a manor? Why don't I know about it?"

The eldest brother looked at me and smiled slightly, "It was a last-minute purchase after Mom and I found out that Zoey was coming back."

"I was worried it might be a bit remote at first, but as long as Zoey likes it, it's all good."

Elder sister quickly raised her hand: "Me too, me too! I decorated everything inside!"

Second Brother widened his eyes.

Goodness, is he the only one who doesn't know?

Only the second brother's achievement of being injured has been accomplished.

I nodded, "Mom, my sister and I have something to do, we need to go out first, and we'll be back to accompany you later."

Now the most important thing is to survive, everything else can be put aside.

I took my sister out because two girls wouldn't attract too much attention.

Thinking of the tragic incident where the Martinez family was robbed in the previous life, my eyes were determined.

I will never let them repeat the same mistakes again.

My sister and I went straight to the largest supermarket in the city, ordered three hundred boxes of mineral water, and forty boxes of various types of instant noodles and similar items. Thinking that they might not be used to eating these things, I also ordered a ton of pork, beef, lamb, and other meats.

Elder sister watched me order meat, thought for a moment, and called to instruct someone to convert one of the large bedrooms in the manor into a freezer.

In my previous life, I died a bit early, and I don't know when the zombies will be completely eliminated.

So I bought flour, rice, seeds, and fertilizer, HeatMax.

In addition, I also ordered two hundred power banks.

In the end times, electricity is also very important.

My older sister is also very capable, and immediately arranged for some large generators to be brought in.

Only use this when it's safest, otherwise the huge noise will definitely attract zombies.

At the checkout, the supermarket manager couldn't help but ask, "Miss Zoey, what are you going to do with so many things?"

My heart skipped a beat.

Oops, I was so focused on hoarding things that I forgot this is too flashy.

If news of the Martinez family hoarding supplies gets out, the robbery will happen again.

Just as I was thinking about how to get through it, my sister flicked her hair and said with a smile, "It's almost Chinese New Year, time to give out benefits to the employees."

"So that's how it is, the employees of the Martinez family are really lucky."

I turned my head to look at the truckload of things and suddenly thought that this excuse seemed somewhat unbelievable.

With the Martinez family's style, how could they distribute such benefits.

So I added, "Sister, what is your branch office like?"

My sister looked at me suspiciously, quickly understood, and replied, "The newly opened company is not yet established, and I don't want to rely on my family. The benefits can only be this much, haha."

This is said to the supermarket manager.

I don't know if he believed it or not, but when my sister and I came out, our backs were already soaked with cold sweat.

To be on the safe side, we went to another large tool supermarket and bought a lot of weapons such as hoes and picks.

To prevent zombies, and also to prevent people.


When I got back home, my eldest brother and second brother had already gone to work on reinforcing the manor.

I'm not sure how much they really believed what I said.

But in case it's just to fool me around, we will still have to face a disaster in the end.

My sister seemed to sense my worries, she smiled reassuringly and then called our eldest brother. She said she received news from her friend abroad to reinforce the manor in advance, always being prepared for any situation.

My sister's words obviously carried more weight, and a few days later, I went to see the manor, which was three stories inside and out.

Every layer is double-layered glass, and it is also anti-peeping.

Afraid of revealing the address would bring trouble, I specifically instructed the delivery person to unload the goods one kilometer away, and then have them brought back by our own car.

It's not that I think badly of others, but after experiencing past lives, I dare not trust anyone anymore.

At the beginning, wealthy merchants and households with abundant resources were robbed every day.

In the end, people with combat experience will push the people around them out to attract the attention of zombies and fight for their own survival.

Unfortunately, I am the one who is sacrificed.

But out of humanitarianism, I still sent a message to the Smith family, saying that the recent epidemic is resurging, so they should stock up on some groceries for unforeseen circumstances.

This message was sent out and fell on deaf ears, and I didn't pay any more attention to it.

In order to gain more time, my mother, who has never worked before, was also caught by me to be a laborer.

I took a look at the family beside me, and finally felt a lot more at ease.

Just then, my older brother received a phone call and was about to leave.

I grabbed him and said seriously, "Brother, you can't go out. At least for an hour, you can't go out."

In one hour, the zombies will break out.

I let my older brothers and sisters take a New Year holiday as an excuse to dismiss all the staff and security guards.

Big brother paused for a moment, then patted my head: "Zoey, be good. Big brother has to go to a meeting, I'll come back to accompany you after the meeting."

I shook my head and held onto my big brother's sleeve tightly.

Mom couldn't bear to see it and advised, "Sister wants you to stay at home, so just stay there. Can the company still run without you?"

Sister also agreed, "Yes, Zoey has finally trusted us, you can't leave."

The eldest brother had no choice but to call the company to inform them that he would not be going.

I huddled on the sofa, trembling all over, and in another two minutes, the news of the zombie outbreak will be released.

Even though I was fully prepared, I still fell into deep fear.

The scene from the past life appeared in my mind again, and I couldn't help but glance at the family beside me.

Will they also push me out like the Smith family members?

Big brother was the first to notice my abnormality, and he put his arm around my shoulder: "Are you feeling unwell somewhere? Let's go to the hospital."

I shake my head.

Hearing the movement, my older brother, sister, and mother all gathered around, reaching out to touch my forehead one after another.

"What's wrong with Zoey? You can't tough it out if you're sick."

"Yes, please speak up if you feel uncomfortable anywhere."

I shook my head again, trying hard to suppress the trembling of my body: "I'm not going anywhere, as long as you guys are with me, it's fine."

Mom didn't know what had happened, so she just came to hug me, trying to give me a little warmth.

The next second, the big brother received a phone call.

"Boss, our company suddenly has a lot of..." the person on the other end said urgently, then suddenly exclaimed, "Ah—"

The eldest brother frowned, fed several times in a row, but still did not get any response.

He got up and was about to go to the company to check the situation.

I quickly got up and grabbed him, but because the speed was too fast, I almost fell to the ground.

"The city has an outbreak of an unknown virus, with some residents infected with mutations, starting to bite passersby..." Second brother read the news on his phone and suddenly looked up at me.

"Zoey is telling the truth, there are really zombies." The second brother's hand holding the phone was trembling.

Almost instinctively, my mother and older brother shielded me behind them.

My mother asked me with her head down, "Zoey, how did you know?"

I know what she is thinking.

I am just an ordinary college student, and I have no way of knowing any information.

But I really have no way to tell anyone about the rebirth in the current situation.

I dare not gamble.

The eldest brother patted my back soothingly and said, "If Zoey doesn't want to talk, then she doesn't have to. What should we do now?"

After the zombie incident came true, they no longer doubted my words.

I naturally cannot betray their trust.

I first got up and pulled all the curtains closed, then tightly shut both doors.

Although this is privacy glass, there is no guarantee that light will not leak out.

There is also because the time is too tight, only time to add another gate, I do not know if it can withstand the attack of zombies.

I pretended to be relaxed and said, "Maybe it will be over by dawn. Let's go to sleep first to avoid causing tension among everyone."

The manor is so secure that nothing will happen for the time being.

My sister also helped persuade, "Yes, if it weren't for Zoey letting us stock up, we would be at a loss. Everyone listen to Zoey and go to sleep quickly."

As if to call everyone, the older sister returned to the room first.

When everyone left, I sat on the sofa, constantly checking the information on my phone.

The zombie tide is getting more and more turbulent, not only here, but even the three or four neighboring cities have fallen.

This is only the first day, and a vicious robbery has already occurred.

This further strengthens my determination to cheer up and protect everyone's thoughts.

At this moment, the phone rang, it was Wanda.

She shouted at me excitedly, "Nina, do you know something? Why else would Mom be hoarding goods?"

I took the phone a little further away.

At this moment, she was not thinking about how to save her own and her family's lives.

Instead, come and scold me first.

I really don't know what he's thinking.

"I don't know," I denied, "I was just reminding you."

Wanda simply didn't believe it, and shouted, "Where are you now? Where?!"

"Hurry up and send us supplies, do you hear me?"

"If you don't bring it over, I'll have my parents kill you!"

"I will let the whole world know what kind of person you are!"

I frowned and hung up the phone.

In the previous life, it was Wanda who persuaded my parents to push me out.

I don't have that much patience to deal with her.

Send supplies?

Do you want a slap in the face?

I hung up the phone and saw my sister standing behind the sofa, which startled me: "Sister? Why aren't you sleeping?"

After a moment of silence, my sister finally spoke and asked me, "Zoey, you have been reborn, haven't you?"


My heart suddenly clenched.

Did I show it too clearly?

I watched her vigilantly, not knowing how to respond.

Say that I am reborn, I do not know everything about the end of the world.

After all, I died early in my previous life.

Long time no see me speak, she pursed her lips and said, "Don't be afraid."

"I was actually reborn too."

I was stunned.

Is reincarnation mass-produced these days?

She moved closer to me and whispered, "Actually, I understood when you said you wanted to hoard supplies that day. Fortunately, I found you earlier in this life and didn't let you die a miserable death."

I can't speak.

Have they also looked for me in their past lives?

Isn't it said that the Martinez family was robbed and no one survived?

She seemed to know what I was thinking and continued, "On the day of the apocalypse, we found out about your whereabouts, but we were quickly trapped."

She said that at that time, my mother was very emotional and insisted on going out to find me.

But they were not prepared in advance in their past lives, the house was not strong enough, and the supplies were not sufficient.

It was on the tenth day of the end of the world that someone broke in and stole things.

But those people did not expect that the zombies would follow closely behind.

In the end, the eldest brother, the second brother, and the mother sacrificed their lives to protect their sister.

In troubled times, she had nowhere to hide, and she just wanted to fulfill her mother and brother's final wishes.

That's picking me up and taking me home.

My sister touched my head, tears seemed to shimmer in her eyes: "I finally managed to find you following the address, only to see your body."

Think about that scene, I suddenly feel a little sorry for my sister.

Carrying the dying wish of the whole family to find his younger sister, he only saw a pile of limbs.

I changed the topic: "And you, how did you die?"

Whenever this is mentioned, my sister, who is so noble and elegant, is so angry that she grits her teeth.

"It's those two annoying people from the Smith family!"

I already know what happened without you having to tell me.

In order to divert the attention of the zombies, even the daughter who has been raised for twenty years can be pushed out.

Not to mention my sister, this "unlucky person"?

I wonder, "Since you are reborn, why didn't you stock up on supplies and reinforce your house earlier?

"Aren't you afraid it's too late?"

Reborn, the goal of life cannot just be to find a younger sister.

This kind of thing doesn't seem like something my wise and intelligent sister would do.

She glanced at me sideways, dropped the dried fruit in her hand, and waved at me, "Come with me."

We walked in the dark for a while, and she turned on the light.


I was shocked.

Under this manor, she also dug a tunnel, filled with supplies.

The quantity is hundreds of times what we bought that day.

With these things, it shouldn't be a problem to last for five or six years.

She said, "When buying a house, everything has already been arranged, as for accompanying you to buy things."

She touched her chin and smiled, "First, it's not a bad idea to stock up on supplies, and second, I'm glad to see you thinking about the family like this."


Too much.

I thought I was fully prepared, but it turned out my brothers and sisters were just teasing me to make me happy.

I asked again, "Do Big Brother and Second Brother know about this place? And also about your rebirth."

My sister shook her head: "Both my older brothers don't believe in these things. If I were to say it, they would think I'm mentally ill."

"That's a true statement, and I know it." She looked at me mischievously and said, "My reason is that I found out about my sister's preferences and heard that you like to go on adventures."

The whole family has no demands that I do not meet.

Apart from feeling that this younger sister is a bit strange, I'm afraid I can't think of anything else.

Put down the big stone in your heart, we came out of the tunnel and planned to go to sleep.

Just then, the outermost gate sounded the alarm.

We looked at each other and felt a tremor in our hearts.

This estate is located in the outskirts of Beijing, how was it discovered so quickly?

We walked hand in hand to the monitor and watched the situation outside.

At this sight, I furrowed my brows.

I didn't expect the crisis to come so quickly.


The monitoring screen shows the Smith family of three standing at the door, vigorously knocking on the door.

Loudly shouting, "Nina, get out of here!"

"You actually dare to hide here by yourself, heartless scum!"

"What a waste to have raised you for so long!"

Facing the person who directly killed me and my sister in the previous life, I turned cold.

Their shamelessness far exceeds my imagination.

The sound of the alarm woke up the sleeping mother and two brothers. They hurried downstairs, pulling me and my sister back to the living room.

Second Brother looked anxious: "Are the zombies here? It's okay, you two hide quickly, I'll protect you!"

The eldest brother gave him a disdainful look, feeling somewhat speechless.

"Not zombies." He pointed in the direction of the monitor: "It's those people from the Smith family."

In this life, they were able to be guided by their older sister to find me early, so naturally they also knew about my situation in the Smith family.

At this moment, when the Smith family saw them, the second brother rolled up his sleeves, picked up a hoe, and was about to rush out.

"I can't believe they still have the nerve to come looking for my sister. I'll hammer them to death!"

The big brother grabbed him and turned up the volume of the monitor.

Wanda crossed her arms and looked at her parents arguing with impatience, saying, "I've said it before, spreading the news about the Martinez family's estate here will only attract trouble for us. What's the point?"

My face turned pale.

I have never mentioned this to anyone, how could the Smith family know?

How did they get the accurate address?

I couldn't help but shiver.

The big brother stared at me for a few seconds, suddenly as if understanding something: "Zoey, do you have something brought out from the Smith family?"

I couldn't help but tremble: "My phone, and the pendant my mother gave me."

Apart from these, there is nothing else.

Because the Smith family members will not allow me to take it away.

After listening to my words, the big brother immediately took out the computer and checked my phone.

Second Brother urged from the side, "Have you found anything?"

Mom and sister stood by my side, gently patting my shoulder.

"Zoey's phone has been installed with location tracking software."

I feel like I've been struck by lightning.

No wonder, Wanda's mom always used to know exactly where I was before.

One time I refused to give Wanda money to buy luxury goods, and she directly caused a scene at the place where I work part-time.

In the end, I lost my job and had to pay a large sum of money for damaging things in the store.

I just thought I had accidentally leaked my whereabouts at that time.

But I didn't expect them to be so crazy!

Second Brother gritted his teeth and slammed his fist on the table: "These scum!"

At this point, everyone can guess.

The Smith family members have known from the beginning that I have been shuttling between major supermarkets and manors, but there has been no movement.

Until the end of days comes, they only then remember what my positioning truly means.

If they are not dealt with, they may really attract zombies and large crowds.

"Big brother, can you help me adjust the location on my phone?" I looked at the big brother in front of the computer.

Based on memories from my past life, I know that my eldest brother is not only the actual leader of the Martinez family, but also a computer genius.

The eldest brother understood, his ten fingers flying across the keyboard.

Before long, Wanda's voice came through the monitor again: "Located one kilometer away! She must have taken advantage of our inattention and run away. Let's hurry and chase after her!"

Wanda's father hesitated a bit: "It's so dangerous outside, we should still find a way to break into this mansion."

Why chase Nina when there is a ready-made estate in front of you?

What if I get bitten by a zombie, then everything will be over, right?

Wanda stared and said loudly, "As long as we kidnap Nina, are you still afraid that the Martinez family won't let us in?"

Facing their precious daughter, the two of them have no temper at all.

Hurry up and get on the car to find me.

And I sat on the sofa, opened a bottle of cola, and browsed the news outside.

At this moment, the phone rang.

I picked up the phone, it was Wanda.

Still nauseatingly pretending to be kind: "Nina, where are you right now?

"The outside is too dangerous, Mom and Dad asked me to call you home."

"Where are you? I'll come pick you up."

I sneered, if I hadn't heard their plan with my own ears, I would almost believe it.

I give an address: "I am on Stone Street."

There are fifty boxes of instant noodles that I left for them as a token of gratitude for raising me.

If they stop here and go home to seek refuge, I will not blame them.

But if they still remain obstinate.

So unfortunately, I am not a kind person.

If you want my life, then suffer the consequences.


On the tenth day of the end of the world, the entire city lost power.

The news online is getting updated slower and slower.

From the limited reports, I learned that the situation outside is very grim.

Robbery is just a piece of cake. Some people, in order to survive, lure others to appear in front of zombies until they are bitten.

I thought that since the Smith family hasn't appeared for so long, they must have gone home to take shelter.

Who knew that on the eleventh day, they appeared again.

They responded fairly quickly, knowing that I had changed the positioning, so they no longer relied on it.

Just standing at the door, shouting incessantly, "Nina, come out quickly, or I won't be polite!"

The eldest brother switched the monitor's screen to a location one kilometer away from the manor.

His face turned serious as he said, "These zombies are probably attracted by the Smith family."

On the screen, a group of zombies are spinning around like headless flies.

Very strange.

They brought the zombies over, but they were unscathed?

In the screen, Wanda held a speaker and a blood bag in her hand, and shook them towards the camera: "Nina, if zombies come, do you think you can survive?"

This is crazy.

Wanda's mother, who was standing on the side, although pale, still cheered for her daughter: "Nina, hurry up and let us in!

"If we hadn't found you in the first place, would you still be alive now?"

I chuckled.

It's hard to believe she still has the nerve to say such things.

If they had not deliberately concealed my whereabouts, I would not have suffered for twenty years outside.

Wanda saw that there was no sound coming from inside for a long time, so she opened the horn and punctured the blood bag.

I took a deep breath and looked at my family: "Shall we take a gamble?"

They nodded.

The zombies have already started moving towards the mansion, I opened the first door.

They immediately rushed in, trying to open the second door.

I opened the dialogue function of the first door and said, "Only one person can come in, you choose."

In the past life, they pushed me out without hesitation.

This time, I want to see who will be sacrificed in the end.

Wanda said loudly, "Of course it's me, hurry up and open the door for me!"

After fleeing outside for so many days, she had long lost her glamorous and beautiful little princess image.

She knows there is food and electricity inside, so she will come in no matter what.

Through the monitor, I clearly saw the disappointment on the faces of the Smith family parents.

As the zombies got closer, I spoke again: "Forget it, I changed my mind. As long as one of you can lead the zombies away, the other two can come in."

Zombies are what they brought upon themselves, now deal with it.


Wanda's eyes lingered on her parents, suddenly saying, "Mom and Dad, I still have blood on my hands. As long as you pretend to be zombies, nothing will happen."

She glanced at the monitor and deliberately lowered her voice: "Once I go in and kill Nina, you can go in."

My brothers and sisters and I almost couldn't help but burst out laughing.

They may not know that the microphone of this monitor is so good that they can hear even when they speak close to their ears, right?

Good sounding abacus.

My mother shook her head and said, "This girl is both cruel and selfish."

The fact proves that even if they are clear about what kind of person their daughter is, they are still willing to sacrifice themselves.

After discussing it together, the two of them decided to go out together.

Just as they were about to leave, Wanda suddenly closed the door.

She made such a thing, and she still pretended to look pitiful: "Sorry, Mom and Dad, it's all Nina's fault!"

"It's all because of her forcing me! If you want to blame someone, blame her!"


Do you really think of yourself as a tragic female lead persecuted by the antagonist?

Two people stood at the door, turned over their backpacks, and found that there were no blood packs at all.

The zombies have arrived in front of them, and they are trembling all over.

I don't know if they regret sacrificing two innocent lives in their past lives for Wanda at this moment.

At a critical moment, I opened the door.

They also reacted quickly, rushing in immediately and closing the door before the zombies came in.

I leaned closer to the microphone and continued speaking: "Last chance, nominate someone to leave."

This time, there was a struggling look on the couple's faces.


Wanda also understood what she had just done, and quickly knelt down to apologize.

"Dad, mom, I'm just too scared, I didn't mean to."

I opened my phone, played a recording, and held it close to the microphone.

Wanda's voice came through clearly: "My parents are sick, why did they bring Nina back out of the blue?"

"It's pretty stupid, though. Every time I pretend to be wronged, they beat up Nina."

"And then when my mom was hospitalized due to illness, I took that ten thousand dollars. They really thought it was Nina, so stupid."

"Anyway, Nina hates them, it has nothing to do with me. If there's revenge, it's not my turn."

I clearly saw the faces of the Smith family's parents gradually turning pale.

My mother listened to these recordings and hugged me tenderly.

I repeated, "I'll give you thirty seconds to consider. When thirty seconds are up, I will immediately open the door."

Wanda kept kowtowing and said she was wrong.

Unfortunately, the hearts of the Smith family parents have already turned completely cold.

Because that hundred thousand dollars was Wanda's mother's life-saving money, she almost died when she lost that hundred thousand dollars.

Now I know that it was my own biological daughter who did it.

Just thinking about it makes you realize how desperate it is.

"Three." I count down.

The two of them gritted their teeth and pointed at Wanda: "She's out!"

Wanda looked at the two of them in disbelief.

I smiled slightly, watching as the Smith family parents opened the door and pushed Wanda out.

Through the monitor, I saw Wanda being bitten by the attacking zombies, the screams were deafening.

Wanda's mother's body trembled, several times wanting to rush out to save her precious daughter.

In the end, Wanda's father stopped her: "We don't need a daughter like this. Anyway, we are still young. We can have another son, who can take care of us in our old age."

I couldn't help it and burst out laughing.

Just as his biological daughter was pushed out by him, he was already thinking about having a son.

Calling him scum is really giving him too much credit.

The retaliation against Wanda has ended, I used a drone to lure the zombies away, and then opened the first level gate.

"The zombies have left, you can leave now, there are supplies in Stone Street, take them and go home."

This is also considered my final bit of kindness towards them.

They looked at the second floor gate unwillingly and left.

After all, they can't come in.

I took a long breath.

Retaliating against Wanda is because all my misfortunes from childhood to adulthood stem from her instigation and scheming.

The Smith family parents.

I don't not hate them.

I just don't want to spend the second half of my life carrying baggage.

So I let them go, whether they live or die, it's all up to fate.


The sixtieth day of the end times.

After the weather warms up, it cools down again.

Although many insulation measures have been taken in the manor, the heating has stopped, and everyone is shivering with cold.

My sister and I took out the generator and prepared hot pot.

Our current supplies are still very abundant, so we can afford to be extravagant once.

Hot air rises, I raise my glass: "Mom, eldest brother, second brother, and sister, thank you all."

Thank you for unconditionally supporting all my decisions.

My older sister is already a little drunk, crying loudly: "Thank you for still being alive."

Everyone thought she was scared by the end of the world.

Only she and I know.

What we are grateful for is that we have avoided the tragedies of our past lives and protected our families.

Although I do not know when the end of the world will come.

But as long as we are by each other's side, as long as we are united, it is enough.