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Wen'an County Blue Shield Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

尊敬的客户 您好/ Dear Sir!
Dear Customer, Hello/Dear Sir!

Thank you for your support to our company, and now combined with your company's product requirements, we will provide the relevant equipment parameters and configurations to your company for reference and selection.

Thanks for your support and trust to our company. The equipment parameters, configuration in accordance with your requests as below, for your reference.

One. Equipment quotation


The name of the device






Hollow blow molding machine

LDA80-15L single station

(Continuous extrusion die)



注;本价格为出厂价,含13%增值税,有效期壹个月。设备生产周期 60
Concentrate; This price is ex-works, including 13% VAT, valid for one month. The production cycle of the equipment is 60 days

价格含义:Price connotation

The scope of this quotation does not include the following:

The price is not including the details below:

(1). Wiring, piping and materials other than the machine.

Beyond the wiring of the machine

(2). Raw materials for commissioning.

Commissioning of raw materials, lubricant, with hydraulic oil etc.

(3). Transportation and insurance costs.


2. Delivery time: Delivery

双方确认合同中所有的技术和商务条款,并收到预付款后 60 日内交货。
Both parties confirm all the technical and commercial terms of the contract and deliver the goods within 60 days after receiving the advance payment.

Confirm the contract all the technical and commercial terms from both sides, and receive advance payment within 60 days of delivery.

3、付款方式 :Payment
3. Payment method :P ayment

The contract comes into effect after the equipment receives 30% of the advance payment, and 70% is paid before the factory accepts the qualified equipment and is shipped.

Equipment received in advance payment of 30% after the contract, in the factory acceptance of qualified equipment to pay 70%

3、质量保证:Quality guarantee

Equipment warranty: one year. During the warranty period, the problem caused by the quality of the equipment manufacturing itself shall be solved by the supplier free of charge. However, the damaged part must be exchanged for a new one, please cooperate with the user.

The machine is guaranteed for one year .During the period of guarantee,the seller will solve the problem caused by the machine itself for free.But for the damage of other spare components,the buyer should cooperate with the seller.

4、售后服务:After sale service

We sent an engineer to buy a house factory to install and debug the machine. The buyer shall be responsible for the engineer's food, lodging, and all normal expenses in the buyer's country.

We sent two engineers to buy a house to buy a factory to install and debug the machine. Buyers should be responsible for the food, accommodation, and in the buyer's country.All normal expenses.

1. Equipment introduction

1. Hydraulic system:

1.1 台湾台达驱动+韵升伺服电机+意大利SETTIMA品牌泵。
1.1 Taiwan Delta Drive + Yunsheng Servo Motor + Italian SETTIMA Brand Oil Pump.

1.2 台湾油研品牌液压阀,移模位移采用日本OMRON光电开关控制,换向迅速,柔和无
1.2 Taiwan Youyan brand hydraulic valve, the mold displacement is controlled by Japanese OMRON photoelectric switch, the reversal is fast, soft and non-existent


1.3 液压胶管、接头和密封件选用英国 Hallite 美国固特异品牌
1.3 Hydraulic hoses, fittings and seals are made of Hallite and Goodyear brands

2. an electrical system;

2.1 壁厚控制系统:飞天瑞
2.1 Wall thickness control system: Feitianrui

2.2 温控组件采用进口自动温控模块
2.2 The temperature control component adopts imported automatic temperature control module

2.3 法国施耐德接触器
2.3 French Schneider contactors

2.4 变频器选用深圳阿尔法 3、挤出部分:
2.4 Inverter selection; Shenzhen Alpha 3, extrusion part:

3.1 螺杆、料筒采用 38CrMoALA 优质合金钢并离子氮化处理,耐磨、
3.1 The screw and barrel are made of 38CrMoALA high-quality alloy steel and ionized nitriding treatment, which is wear-resistant,

Corrosion-resistant and long-lasting.

3.2 螺杆型式采用渐变,带销钉混炼头,使原料的塑化均匀,混色效
3.2 The screw type adopts gradient and adopts a pin mixing head to make the plasticization of raw materials uniform and the color mixing effect

The fruit is significant, and it can be equipped with different screw types depending on the raw material.

3.3 主电机变频器调节控制,比普通电机节电约 40%以上,无噪音。
3.3 The main motor inverter is adjusted and controlled, which saves about 40% more electricity than ordinary motors, and has no noise.

3.4 主机整体可自由升降,前后可适当范围内调整,以适应大小不同
3.4 The whole host can be raised and lowered freely, and the front and rear can be adjusted within an appropriate range to adapt to different sizes

molds and achieve the optimal length of the scrap edges.

4. Storage die head and blowing system:

4.1 储料模头芯棒螺旋叠加式,料坯强度好、壁厚均匀、换色快。
4.1 The storage die mandrel is spiral superimposed, with good billet strength, uniform wall thickness and fast color change.

4.2 吹气系统专业化人性设计,吹嘴可全方位调整,可三维调节,以
4.2 The blowing system is professionally designed with human nature, and the mouthpiece can be adjusted in all directions and in three dimensions

Hollow products suitable for different shapes.

5. Mold clamping part: German experts optimize the design, in line with European standards

5.1 曲臂式合模导向,采用双平移高精度双直线导轨(阻力小,速
5.1 Crank-arm clamping guide, using double translation, high-precision double linear guide (low resistance, speed

Fast degree, high guiding accuracy, long wear resistance life)

5.2 曲臂式锁模结构,移模速度快,锁模力大,稳定可靠。
5.2 Curved arm clamping structure, fast mold transfer speed, large clamping force, stable and reliable.

5.3 自润轴承代替传统合模铜套,避免设备润滑油的污染。
5.3 Self-lubricating bearings replace the traditional clamping copper sleeve to avoid the pollution of equipment lubricating oil.

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1. Automatic hollow blow molding machine

设备基本配置及参数 ;LDA80-15L单工位
Basic configuration and parameters of the equipment; LDA80-15L single station

1、基本参数 General Issues
1. Basic parameters: General Issues

1.1 所有页面应有中英文
1.1 All pages should be in both English and Chinese

1.2 设备操作说明包括液压、气动、操作系统、冷却
1.2 Equipment operating instructions include hydraulics, pneumatics, operating systems, and cooling

1.3 最大制品容积15L
1.3 Maximum product volume; 15L

1.4 设备重量8.2ton
1.4 Equipment weight: about: 8.2ton

2、开合模 Clamping Unit

2.1 合模装置为曲臂式,容模空间大且更换模具方便
2.1 The clamping device is a curved arm type, which has a large mold space and is convenient to replace the mold

2.2 直线导轨运动
2.2 Linear guide movement

2.3 锁模力:126KN
2.3 Clamping force: 126KN

2.4 模板尺寸 W x H 580X470mm, 移动模形成600mm(采用高速刹车油缸)
2.4 Template size W x H 580X470mm, moving mold forming 600mm (using high-speed brake cylinder)

2.5 模板开距:340-790 m
2.5 Formwork opening distance: 340-790 m

3、模头 Die Head

3.1 连续式结构模头
3.1 Continuous structure die

3.2 先进先出
3.2 First in, first out

3.3 储料缸容积:
3.3 Storage cylinder volume: none

3.4 口模直径:190mm
3.4 Die diameter: 190mm

3.5 200点轴向壁厚控制
3.5 200 points axial wall thickness control

3.6 热电偶类型:K
3.6 Thermocouple type: K

3.7 模头加热功率4.7 KW
3.7 Die heating power; 4.7 KW

4、挤出系统 Extruder System
4. Extruder System

4.1 适合加工原料:HDPE, PP
4.1 Suitable raw materials: HDPE, PP

4.2 螺杆直径:80/25mm(舟山淡化螺杆)
4.2 Screw diameter: 80/25mm (Zhoushan desalination screw)

4.3 机筒、螺杆氮化处理
4.3 Barrel and screw nitriding treatment

4.4 塑化能力:70-105kg /h
4.4 Plasticizing capacity: 70-105kg/h

4.5 进料段有冷却水套强制冷却
4.5 There is a cooling water jacket for forced cooling in the feed section

4.7 热电偶类型:K
4.7 Thermocouple type: K

4.8 挤出电机功率:30KW
4.8 Extrusion motor power: 30KW

4.9 陶瓷加热器,加不锈钢外包
4.9 Ceramic heater, with stainless steel outlay

4.10 加热功率:7.5 KW
4.10 Heating power: 7.5 KW

4.11 7 组风机冷却
4.11 7 sets of fans for cooling

4.12 料斗有检测原料水平面视窗
4.12 The hopper has a horizontal window for detecting raw materials

5、吹气装置 Blow System
5. Blow System

5.1 根据模具要求专用吹气装置
5.1 Special blowing device according to the requirements of the mold

6、自动取出装置 Take out system
6. Take out system

6.1 取出装置行程 600mm
6.1 The stroke of the take-out device is 600mm

6.2 采用直线导轨副和同步传送链条的电机实现进退
6.2 The motor of linear guide pair and synchronous transmission chain is used to realize advance and retreat

6.3 取出卡钳带水冷功能
6.3 Remove the caliper with water cooling function

7、伺服液压系统 Servo Hydraulic System
7. Servo Hydraulic System

7.1 伺服电机:韵升伺服电机 -15KW
7.1 Servo motor: Yunsheng servo motor -15KW

7.2 伺服驱动器:台湾台达
7.2 Servo drive: Taiwan Delta

7.3 伺服阀:日本MOOG
7.3 Servo valve: Japan MOOG

7.4 伺服油源:4KW
7.4 Servo oil source: 4KW

7.5 齿轮泵: 意大利SETTIMA

7.6 主阀:台湾油研
7.6 Main valve: Taiwan Oil Research Institute

7.7 伺服油泵电机功率:15kW
7.7 Servo oil pump motor power: 15kW

8、气动系统 Pneumatic System

8.1 气源过滤减压
8.1 Air source filtration and decompression

8.2 气缸:亚德客
8.2 Cylinder: AirTAC

8.3 气阀:亚德客
8.3 Air Valve: AirTAC

8.4 气动元件最大使用压力:10 bar
8.4 Maximum operating pressure of pneumatic components: 10 bar

8.5 气源压力:8 bar
8.5 Air pressure: 8 bar

8.6 有独立的高低压吹气功能
8.6 It has independent high and low pressure blowing function

8.7 耗气量:1.0m3/min
8.7 Air consumption: 1.0m3/min

9、电控系统 Control System
9. Electronic control system Control System

9.1 控制系统:日本OMRON
9.1 Control system: Japan OMRON

9.2 伺服壁厚控制系统:日本MOOG
9.2 Servo wall thickness control system: Japan MOOG

9.3 German Siemens 10 inch touch screen

9.5 紧急停止按钮
9.5 Emergency Stop Button

9.6 总进线:AC380V 50Hz 三相四线,控制弱电 DC24V
9.6 Main incoming line: AC380V 50Hz three-phase four-wire, control weak current DC24V

9.7 总功率:约 75 KW
9.7 Total power: about 75 KW

9.8 平均功耗:37KW
9.8 Average power consumption: 37KW

9.9 部件:(空气开关,接触器)施耐德; 中间继电器: 施耐德
9.9 Components: (Air Switches, Contactors) Schneider; Intermediate Relay: Schneider

9.10 直流调速器 ETD
9.10 DC Governor ETD

9.11 电位尺:GEFRAN
9.11 Potentiometer: GEFRAN

9.12 接近开关:日本OMRON
9.12 Proximity switch: OMRON in Japan

10、 冷却水 Cooling water

10.1 模具、模头、吹气、油箱冷却单独控制
10.1 Separate control of mold, die, blowing and oil tank cooling

10.2 冷却水用量:15 m3/h
10.2 Cooling water consumption: 15 m3/h

11、设备整体 Machine frame
11. The overall machine frame of the device

11.1 合模装置有一定位移以便于更换模具
11.1 The clamping device has a certain displacement to facilitate the replacement of the mold

11.2 设备挤出机平台有电动升降功能
11.2 The extruder platform of the equipment has an electric lifting function

11.3 设备颜色可根据客户提供喷涂
11.3 The color of the equipment can be sprayed according to the customer's customer

11.4 设备的外形尺寸约:LxWxH4.9m x2.85m x3.5m
11.4 The overall dimensions of the equipment are about: LxWxH4.9m x2.85m x3.5m

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